4.8.20- The Corona Update.

Due to the time we have now found on our hands, we'll be repleneshing the site with new material as often as possible!

Email Lego Ant at for suggestions or questions!

6.28.19- We're going to be redoing a lot of the weekly nooz.

Due to our inability to consistently update the various sections of the nooz, we are updating to a more blog-based site, through the sections of W's Blog and Lego Ant's Transmissions. W's Blog focuses mainly on events in W's life, while Lego Ant's Transmissions log will cover a variety of articles of different subjects.

Once articles become more regular, and start to fit into more clearly defined sections, we may switch back to the original organization- until then, be sure to read these main two sections for information- you never know what you'll find next.

If a topic is of utmost importance, such as an announcement, it will either be stated at the top of the home page, or the top of the home page will show you where you need to go.


If you have any article requests or suggestions, or you have a question you would like us to answer in the form of a brief article (anonymously or publicly, please specify), contact Lego Ant at


It doesn't take much to contribute a cent or two, just open the weekly nooz ad page everytime you open your computer, we'd appreciate it!

Thanks! --Lego Ant and W