El Hee Hee Transmission Log

Log- December 8th, 2020

I did an oopsie

In all honesty, I sort of forgot this existed.

I got an email a couple minutes back, from Google analytics. '22 users viewed your site this month!' or something.

I, myself, have not viewed this site since what, June?

But Eli's been messing around on here, props to him for the commitment. I've been super busy with a lot of other things- in fact, I should be working right now, but oh well.

I notice Eli's finally slapped his name up on the site, connecting it to his Twitch I guess, which is super cool. I, on the other hand, know I'm going to look back at my terrible, terrible 'content' from these past three or four years and cringe real hard. Maybe laugh a little.

So I'm going dark. El hee hee, I'll be called.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to write right now. I guess... I just wanted to say...


I can't say I'll be hanging out on here a whole lot, if at all. I've got a lot of projects I'm working on at the moment, and have been staying busy.

See ya round,

p a r d n e r .


Log- April 8th, 2020

Hey! It's... day 26 or 27 of Coronabreak, I believe. I've lost track of time as you can tell.

The Nooz is BACK! Updates across the board, from both W and me!

I'm working on adding some new content (uploading old documents of mine and such) as well as revamping the aesthetics on here, and W's been helping out a lot.

As a result, I'm not going to be writing a whole lot in here- to be frank, I'm not going to be writing in here for at least the next few weeks, if not months- if ever again.

The reason for that is, these 'transmissions' started as a half-hearted way to upload content onto this website that, let's be real here, no one was reading through.

A good website needs more attention and more care than that, and for that reason, I'm going to be focusing more on uploading actual content rather than these short, mindless ramblings.

By the way- my second book, 'Within', is out! I'll add a link on the Antian Altiverse page!

What I'm saying is this- there's a lot to come. This just isn't the right way to present it.

But as for the rest of the site- stay tuned. Because we've got plans (;


Log- June 28th 2019

It's been a while, hasn't it?

It's good to be back.

The Weekly Nooz editing thing hadn't been working for me since last summer, so it was really hard to directly get my stuff on here. But now that school's over for the year, and I have access to this once again... prepare yourselves!

So, a lot's been going on since the last time I was on here... Endgame came out (LOVED IT- BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME IN MY OPINION), the school year ended, and, uh...

yeah honestly I think that's about it...

Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure stuff happened. It's just... Engame makes everything else seem so irrelevant...

Ok fine honestly I'm just too lazy to type it all out.

Well then. Now that I'm back... it's a bit anticlimactic, am I right?

Ah frick, i gotta go! Sorry! I'll try to actually type something of some worth tomorrow! I'm currently working on my second book, Within, by the way- I've dragged myself into writing 2500 words every day, so by the time I open the nooz, I'm just so bored with typing for the day that I just CANT

I'll hopefully be done with it soon though, so maybe in around August you guys will get the Golden Age of the Weekly Nooz. I'll do my best!


Log- April 23rd 2019


Ok I know itís a bit late, because Endgame comes out in three days, so I really hope Eli puts this up TODAY. ELI PLS

Okay letís start with death predictions.

So we can definitely assume all the people who disintegrated are coming back after Endgame- Marvel canít just randomly kill off half of its characters, especially all the new ones with movies slated for release in the coming years. (Of course, thereís always those theories about going to an alternate universe, but Iíll avoid those for now- theyíre always a possibility though). So whoís still alive in Endgame? Tony Stark, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Nebula, Rocket, Bruce Banner, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Valkyrie, War Machine, Pepper Potts, and Harley- AKA Iron kid from Iron Man 3. Okoye also survived Infinity War, though it doesnít look too well for Shuri. We can safely assume Wongís going to be back though. Now, whoís going to die? Nebula has got to survive (she still has a lot of character potential left), but Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Gamora will remain dead, Ancient One (yes, she already died, but sheís in the castingÖ), Rocket, Vision will stay dead, and Thanos- Thorís going to go for the head. Now, to explain how Iron Man dies, Iím going to have to explain whatís probably going to happen in the movie. First, Tony Stark is going to get out of space (itís shown in one of the trailers that heís working with Nebula on fixing the ship). Next, once heís back on Earth, the Avengers are going to meet up (of course, Captain Marvel with them), and theyíre probably going to train a little bit, as shown in the trailers. Theyíre going to hear about a rogue threat in Japan, and theyíll discover itís Hawkeye/Ronin. Next, using Pymís research, theyíre going to make quantum suits and go to the past events in the marvel cinematic universe, to retrieve infinity stones as they come in contact with Earth. Theyíll have to fly to Xandar for the power stone, and theyíll need to go to Vormir to get the soul stone- which Cap will sacrifice himself for, dying in the process. Once they have all the infinity stones, Tony will make a gauntlet with either Nidavellir or maybe just vibranium, if it can hold the power. The Avengers will go fight Thanos- Thor will go for the head and kill him, but heíll die in the process. Tony Stark will then snap to reverse Thanosís snap, but being a mortal, he wonít be able to sustain the power of all six stones, so heíll die. Hulk will hopefully survive- he still has a some way in his story arc to go, as far as I can tell- and I want to see some more Professor Hulk! However, heís not in the Thanos-fight trailer shots, which doesnít bode well for him. Maybe he sacrifices himself to weaken Thanos? We canít be sure until the movieís out. And remember, no discussing it until two weeks after the 26th! #DonítSpoilTheEndgame


Log- March 27, 2019

No Mission Report today- preoccupied with urgent tasks. Tomorrow, perhaps?

Log- March 26, 2019

Article 13.
Dread it.
Run from it.
Article 13 still passed.
What does this mean?
Well, for all you who donít know, article 13 is this thing the EU passed today that declares that no copyrighted information can be used, even for non-monetized purposes, without asking the original creator or owner.
Say goodbye to memes, edits, all that good stuff.
Goodbye, Europe.
The good news? Itís probably not actually going to go into effect for a few months, maybe even a few years.
But something needs to be done about it. Sign petitions, raise awareness, get something done. Weíve got to spread the word. SAVE EUROPEAN CONTENT CREATORS!!!!
Well anyways, now that thatís out...
Iím not going to be writing very much today- I've got a lot of work. Currenlty working on my movie poster for my short film- boy, I love photoshop.
Anyways, what did I say I was going to write about yesterday? Ooh, yes... thereís a new middle school being built in my area. Why is this of any importance? Well, it intersects with the boundaries of our current school, so about half of the students at our school this year are being forced to transfer to the new school.
And itís great. For them.
Itís state of the art, three stories tall, giant windows everywhere, and rumor has it that they have a FREE PERIOD where they get to go do WHATEVER THEY WANT. And even better, they have this gathering space, like a central hub, which is basically just a room where people can relax and do whatever the hecc they want.
Now just think about how much money this all costed.
Whenever all us older schools beg and plead for money to fix our facilities, the district complaisn about itís lack of funds.
And now this?
These funds could have been going to much more important issues. For example, there are 13 parts per billion of LEAD in my schoolís drinking water. 15 is declared unsafe by the EPA, and the only reason weíre below that is because they have to flush the pipes EVERY NIGHT.
And yet making a state-of-the-art totally unnecessary new middle school is prioritezed above this?
Thatís reaaaally wrong.
Email me with your opinions, you know where- maanitgoel@gmail.com
Iím just spamming my email all over these log transmissions.
In all honesty, I donít know how long these transmissions will last. Iíve got a lot of work each day, and it takes away precious time to type this much.
Iíll try to keep it going as best I can, even though chances are no oneís even reading this.
Email me if you are, you can get a shoutout if you want.

Iím truly desperate here.
Also, stay tuned- if my computer actually lets me access the nooz files sometime, Iíll try to upload some very strange photoshop files up on here, so theyíre accessible by internet.
Very exclusive, many of those monstrosities have never been seen before.
Hmm... what else should I talk about...
Well, Iím running for student Treasurer at my school- speeches and voting are this Thursday. I had this awesome speech with a bunch of Thanos references (ultra-radical lit 100 bruuuh) , but I had to cut nearly everything out because apparently our speech can only be one minute.
In a desperate attempt to get votes, Iím going to end my speech with Ďremember, subscribe to pewdiepieí.
This is not going to go well.
Wish me luck, Iíll need it. Iíll really, really need it.

I know I didnít write much today, and Iím sorry T-T.
Iíll try to do more tomorrow, but that might not happen.
So this is goodbye, I guess.
ďPart of the journey is the end.Ē


Log- March 25, 2019

Heyo, Iím baccckkk!
Letís see, what should I talk about todayÖ
Itís a weekday, so Iím not going to be able to write as much as yesterday of course.
Oookay, how about my opinions on entertainment options?
First of all-

Okay, before I say anything else, I just need to make sure you all know about the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer- came out like last week. Most of you probably know Iím obsessed with Stranger Things- Iím assuming most of you know that, because most likely if youíre reading through this site, you know me in person.
It looks pretty cool- you canít really tell much about what the conflict is this season, but from the way the last two seasons progressed, my personal theory is that the Mind Flayer has made its way to Hawkins.
Okay, as for Netflix suggestions, I loved the show One Strange Rock. Itís this great scientific glimpse into our planet, and I highly suggest it. The astronauts who are featured in the episodes got me interested in space, and I really think you all should try the show out.
For a more fictional show, I absolutely love the Umbrella Academy. Iím only on episode 4 or 5 so far, and though I originally judged for being some cheesy Netflix attempt at making a superhero show.
But this is the greatest superhero show Iíve ever seen, no joke. Thereís not many shows like this.
Trust me, try it out. Even for most of my absolute favorite shows, I couldnít really watch more than one episode at a time without getting bored.
This show, I would binge the whole season in one go if my parents would let me.
Okay, thatís enough for Netflix.
Next, my suggestions on

These are based a bit more on personal preferences, but I have to say- thereís not a single Imagine Dragons song I donít like. Believer and Thunder and Natural and those songs are seriously overplayed, so they get a lot of hate simply because so many people like them for these generic songs.
The treasures are the ones you donít normally hear, like ĎBleeding Outí and ĎDreamí.
I also love Twenty One Pilots. Theyíre called an emo band a lot, probably because they have songs about depression and suicide and stuff. On the other hand, Tyler Joseph wrote a song called ĎTaco Bell Sagaí. One of the lines is, and I quote, ĎHow is it that I just ate and now I have to poopí.
Itís a great song. Go listen to it.
Panic! At the Disco is also great (I recommend the death of a bachelor album)
And Iíve got to give a shoutout to the song Mr Blue Sky by Electric Ligth Orchestra, which you might recognize from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
As for books, well, of course I have to recommend Parallel by Lego Ant, which I definitely have no connection to whatsoever. I also really liked Enderís Game, which I just read recently for a second time- we had to do it for a novel study in class.
Ohhh, the Enderís game novel study.
Dread it. Run from it. Bad grades still arrive.
But as a book, I think itís really good, especially if you stop to analyze the different parts of whatís happening. Or, if youíre not the analyzing kind of person, itís still an exceptional read.
Iím bored of typing today, sorry- I finally finished typing out my exhausting 20 page short film movie script. So tomorrow, Iím probably going to write about my campaign for student Treasurer, and the new school being built not so far away- and itís affects on our student body here at my current middle school, along with probably a few more assorted topics.
See ya later,
Lego Ant


Log- March 24, 2019

Well, well, well. Look whoís back.
Looks like W is making some sort of blog thing so I guess Iíll try to do a daily update too.
Now, I havenít used this site in forever. After multiple reconnaissance missions and risky expeditions, my team has discovered off-the-charts cringe levels in most sectors of this lost site.
But now, this website is going to get some major uphauls.
Okay, so a lot has happened since the last time I typed a word on this website, so where should I start?
Well, first of all, my computer isnít letting my access the website code for some reason (hecc you, computer), so Iím just typing this in the Nooz archive. If youíre reading this, Wís put it up on the website (thanks for that).
Okay, now that re-introductions are mostly over, time to get in to some real information.
For all of you who have read my account of the Antian Events so far, ĎParallelí, volume 2 is scheduled to come out later this year. The Altiverse is expanding.
Iím also working on a short film about a boy with superpowers, a hidden Splorp, and quantum nanotech from an alternate timeline- when Iím done with that, Iíll probably slap it onto my youtube channel.
Iíll try to put a link on later, but for now, search Lego Ant, filter by channel, and it should be the second or third result- the one with around 20 subscribers. Iíve got a few vids on there already, such as my Antian Rewind 2018. Because we all know how the actual Youtube Rewind turned out.
Now, since Iím already talking about youtube, of course Iíve got to mention Pewdiepie vs T-Series (T-Series has overtaken Pewds at this point T-T).

Though W is a T-Series supporter, I support Pewds- not because I absolutely love the channel (itís a good channel though), but because T-Series CANNOT keep the #1 spot. This represents a big shift in YouTube, a change weíve already been seeing in recent months. YouTube is shifting its policies in favor of big corporation that pump out like twenty videos a day just for the profits, even though it was originally meant as a creator-based platform where anyone could just talk about whatever and find a following. So itís not Pewdiepie vs T-series, itís creators vs. corporate YouTube.
Letís seeÖ what else is newÖ
Oh, yeah!

Endgame Trailers were great, email me at maanitgoel@gmail.com with your thoughts on the Quantum Suits! Did you like them? Do you think they were absolute trash?
If people actual email some responses Iíll post an update with your thoughts!
Also, email me with some of your theories!
Personally, I think Tony Stark (Iron Man) is going to forge an Infinity Gauntlet and wield it, though the power of all six stones together will kill him. Thereís so much evidence behind this- ever since the first movie, Tony Starkís left arm always gets injured, and itís always emphasized. Even in Infinity War, after Spidey disintegrates (donít worry, heís not dead), Tony is shown holding his LEFT ARM.
It canít just be a coincidence that the Infinity Gauntlet is worn on the left arm.
And additionally, it would complete a major character development arc for Stark. In his first few movies, Tony was this self-centered egomaniac. In the Avengers, Steve Rogers (Captain America) commented that he wouldnít be the one to make the sacrifice play.
And then Stark ended up taking the nuclear missile through the portal above New York, and almost died.
Stark was also the one who kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in Infinity War, he had this whole one-on-one thing with Thanos on Titan- and he was the only one to draw Thanosís blood. It would very fitting for him to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and save the day- through the Ďsacrifice playí of having the six infinity stones kill him in the process.
Of course, theyíll have to get the infinity stones first. In Endgame, the Avengers are going to travel through time using quantum time vortexes (briefly mentioned in Ant-Man and the Wasp)(hence the Quantum Suits in trailer 2) to retrieve the infinity stones from all over the Marvel Timeline.
But one issue- the soul stone isnít just lying around somewhere as the rest of the stones were at some point.
The soul stone is on Vormir before the events of Infinity War, and as such would require a sacrifice.
Who better to make the sacrifice than Cap himself?
Itís already painfully obvious that heís going to die- A few months ago, he even sent out a tweet about him pretty much leaving the MCU.
So email me with your theories, tell me what you agree and disagree with, and your responses might be posted on here!
Now thatís probably enough for today. Hopefully Iíll have time to write some more tomorrow. Hopefully I havenít bored you to death. Yet.

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