Not much happened today. Today is the first day I'm writing in this, though. Looking forward to Xmas.

To be honest, I just like writing in this shade of pen. School was fine. Boring. But at least it was a short day--1 hour 30 minutes less of school than MTTF.
|| My district has short days on Wednesdays, and we probably still will when we go back to in-person school.

Sad today 'cos it didn't snow like the weather said it would. But still, what was I expecting?

SNOW DAY!! SNOWMEN!! ALL THE FUN STUFF THAT COMES WITH A SNOW DAY! finally... all those taunting us in the seattle area [scribble mark] how much it won't snow got payback! JA!

Normal Saturday. Nothing much happened.

Today we decorated Xmas tree. 3 strands of lights werent working.

If I could rank today on a quality scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 0.24, because SO MANY THINGS WENT WRONG TODay. -it's a monday -I didn't get my run today - I got a 2 on my SS assignment -TALENT SHOW AUDITIONS WENT HOOOORRRIBLY --stuttered alot --had to cut it short --guess what- when my audition was over, I went out in the hall to start on my homework. Right? But then I forget A pencil, and remember that the audition room has one. So I go and get one. But the teacher who teaches in the audition room¹ goes, "oh, you probably shouldn't talk about whiskey in that line." this one [arrow] ... while drinking whiskey, although risky, 'cos he'd spill it on his pants" [massive text]: I MEAN, REALLY, WHAT'S UP?? [small text again] when some innocent child includes ONE word that doesn't even promote drugs in his song, and then he's getting a pencil, expecting nothing, 'n then you pull it on him-- [massive text] THAT'S JUST SAVAGE! [small text again] And when the kid is 9/10 to the way to bawling, then he looks back at you, do you keep a straight face as if it doesn't matter? [really massive text] NO! [small text again] I'm planning to not perform in the TS to make her feel bad.
¹| Mrs. S[-----] will be mentioned later.
|| Good lord, I really was thin-skinned in 5th grade. However I do remember this day, and it really was especially awful. Although I did seem more like a jerk than I remembered.

I kept listening to this remix of "12 days of Christmas." There's one line that says "What's a partridge? And what's a pear tree?¹ Well I don't know,so please don't ask me! But I can bet those are terrible gifts to bri-i-ing" Wow, finally someone agrees with me.

[taking up the entire space] MEH :|

I'm kinda anxious about the recorder lessons that are coming up in music. I'm worried 'cos¹ I don't want anything like Last year's to happen. Last year's recorder lessons went something like this--first few days our teacher was really nice, laa-tee-dah, a-note, b-note, c-note, la-tee-dah, oh here's a test, really early in lessons, that will decide every thing else in lessons to come... (she didn't actually say thos exact words) and I thought, "WHAT?? if you only teach 2 days, then say, oh, this test will decide everything else to come, WHY??" ¶ And of course the teacher puts me in the "group that will need excruciatingly long lessons of tedious practice for those first 3 notes you already learned, and while that other group is actually learning something, you'll be treated like babies." So basically how we did on that 1 song decides whether we're stuck practicing 3 notes over and over and overagain for the rest of eternity or another group that the music teacher treats like rightful adults² and learns something. ¶ Sound fair? [massive, scribbled text] NO. ¶ And it gets worse, too. ¶ After she splits us up, she says, "OK, Recorder Group 1, here's a sheet of notes; go practice them." And the Baby Group, group 2, gets their sheet of notes, along with me. And guess what? This is what It looked like. -->
[I forgot the name of the song :) )]
first line --> ♪♪♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪♪
Do ou see how it's 3 notes? Well, I do. ¶ And the other group got papers that had, like, 7 notes, which Mrs. S[-----] just assumed they knew, based on a 3-note song. And Mrs. S[-----] actually said, "group 1, go over there and practice." and "OK, group 2, you stay here and practice more." ¶ So you can kinda see why I'm not looking forward to Recorder this year. ¶ Oh, AND while we were practicing, the teacher was like, "oh, that's not the way to do it, blow softer" or "no, that wasn't good at all, 2 of your notes out of 15 you practiced were a bit offpitch" and while the RA (rightful adult) group was having a hayday-- •taunting us •playing as many offpitch notes as they liked •taking big braths, then blowing loud notes (and the teacher didn't notice) WE were being drilled on "correct pitch."
¹| I loved that word in 5th grade, the "'cos". I suppose it was me trying to be quirky, although it was very useful at times.
²| Adults? I guess I had a very strong sense of self and/or ego back then. We were ten years old in that class.
|| I do remember this, and it really was as bad as I described. I still do not know why my teacher thought it was a good idea to teach the unit like this.

XMAS BREAK STARTS [massive text] TODAY!!!!!!!!

1st day of break. Enjoying freedom but not overusing it 'cos then it gets old.

Break's chuggin' along fine..

So today we went to the mall to get Santa pictures. And after that we went in this playplace. And I had brought 8 quarters. For gumball machine purposes. And¹ at some point, the little package I wrapped them up in fell out of my pocket. So you can imagine I was looking for them. And then some baby near the climbable plastic Sandcastle found the package and ripped it open. And so now quarters were spilled in front of the sandcastle. And, lucky me, my mom was looking quietly at her emails. I didn't want to say in front of everyone, "ok, those are mine." because (1) the parents would thing (and say), "why were you carrying money around?" but of course I had a countertactic, "evidently you're ok with kids 6 months older than me (12-year-olds) doing it," (2), my mom would find out and (3) people would think, "who cares about $2?" Luckily, I convinced my mom to get us out of there, quick.
¹| All these "and"s make this read like the Bible, with all the fullstops and such.
|| Somehow I remember being worried about the baby choking on the quarters and me getting in trouble for it, although apparently I just cared about my quarters.

[massive text] WOO 5 DAYS TILL XMAS

Right now I'm feeling a kind of passive excitement, where you know Xmas is coming, in a couple days, but you're not really excited.

Now that it's nearing Inoggeration¹ Day, and that means Trump is prez soon, I'm worried. Can't believe he got elected.
¹| Inoggeration? Good lord.

Today my sister said that "I am actually pretty good at chess." even though She didn't know how to play when asked. That liar. She also had never actually won a game.

Minutes feel like hours. Hours feel like days. Days feel like years.
|| I think this exact sentence was in a Horrid Henry book I read at the time.

I got $40 in gold today. I'm happy. I also got $3 in quarters, each worth $3. A merry Christmas.


Now I'm waiting for new year's.

|| I think all of these short entries were me on the 30th filling them all in with something only superficially meaningful.

OK. Think back to when I had school. (I forgot to write about this). At school, on Wednesday, we had library. And at libray, we both (1) checked out books, and (2) our librarian taught us stuff. That usually wouldn't be a problem. but those lessons are a pain in the anus. They were all about "internet safety", which apparently includes going to our school district site and then our school site, then clicking on something there and typing our stuff in. That wouldn't be a problem, except if this [arrow] sometimes happens, and
[search bar] Ship the colonists went to America in
[result] How to Juggle [button to go to site]
[result] Thanksgiving
You can just Bing it and get it in 3½ seconds. [massive text] BUT NO. ALL OF DIS GARBAGE INSTEAD.
|| I do remember this, as well. The librarian, and most likely the district as well, condoned and even encouraged usage of this hard-to-access, school-approved Google replacement that we only used when we really had to. What ticked me off about this was that they treated it like it was just as good as some of the popular browsers, and thought that us kids weren't capable of sorting out the bad results from the good ones.

I get to stay up late today!