We've recieved countless requests for a sports section recently, mostly from one of our fans (you know who you are). And so here it is.


Brought to you by Lego Ant

To be honest, I don't follow sports that much. Sure, I watch football when there's nothing else to watch. I mean, that's really the only sport I kind of pay attention too. And even that was mostly because the home team, the Seattle Seahawks, were really good a few years ago. And by the start of this season, the only decent player they still have is the QB. That sucks.

But we listen to our fans, and our fans (mostly that one fan) wanted us to follow sports. So here we are. But I'll really start writing things here once football starts. Since only that's even moderately interesting.

Oh, turns out the preseason already started. *sigh* Well I'm too lazy. I'll start covering it from the first Seahawks game.


Brought to you by Lego Ant

Would you look at that- finally there's some interesting sports. For all of you who don't know, the Antialympics is kind of like the Olympics but better. It's more like the Hunger Games, really. It begins this Friday, August something. There's 10 teams- Cascadia, Nesbittlandia, Friyilon, the Void, Marvel, the Upside-Down, Gravity Falls, Hogwarts, Jurassic World, and one final team that you readers get to vote on. Vote quick! By the way, each competing faction consists of players and variables. The arens is separated into 11 parts, one with each set of variables, and one with a mystery variable. Coverage begins this Friday. Stay tuned.