Random Things!


How to check when google earth was last updated:

Go to the Pacific Science Center (in Seattle, Washington) on google earth, and go to street view inside using the person thing. Then turn around until you see one of those huge exhibit posters on the walls. Search up when that exhibit was there, and ta-da!


UHHH… WHAT?! (4/17/18)

So I was searching up ‘the weekly nooz’ to see how high the result was in the list of results. Some of you readers may have tried this by now. You would think no one else would write nooz instead of news, but lo and behold, WE WERE THE THIRD RESULT! The first was some Santa Barbara news website called noozhawk, but the second was some website called ‘Cutestat’ TALKING ABOUT OUR WEBSITE! It pretty much just says how old it is, and that it exists, yet somehow it comes up before the result that is actually our website. WHAAAAAT???!!! Now it’s up to you viewers. Make our website result #1. WE CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS!

-Lego Ant


Animal of the week

Now here’s an animal to make you sound smart:

The Zebu! That’s right, Zebu, not Zebra! You know how people who think they’re better than everyone ask people random questions such as:

“Name an animal that starts with z!”

And you can only say zebra or maybe zebra fish. Now you can say Zebu! A Zebu is a red or brown humped cow in South Asia with horns and large ears. The majority of Zebus live in India and Brazil. They were taken to Brazil to use as cattle because they cope well with tropical environments, unlike most European cattle breeds.