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04/20/2019, 14:44: VIDEO RELEASED, YAY!

I managed to get Media Encoder to work. Here's the link (it's my first video so go easy on me): copy and paste that into Chrome or something and it'll show up. Man, that Media Encoder thing was a nightmare...

04/19/2019, 08:55: I’m bored again in first period

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: The last time I updated this blog was on Tuesday, which also happened to be the day of my NJHS induction at my school. Now, I’m no nerd, but my parents wanted me to sign up for it. So I did. And somehow I got in. So suddenly, in eighth grade I will be tasked with both a lot of homework, pressure for getting into a good high school, AND ten hours of service each semester. Now, I’d like to clear something up. I don’t exactly think community service is bad, and it gives me a good feeling when I give back to my community, but it is just too time-intensive. Wednesday was my birthday—I am thirteen whole years old now—and my mom is already scared about me being a teenager. Wednesday was also the day that I got back into “Factorio,” the factory-building/tower defense game. I had forgotten how good the game was and kind of wasted my afternoon and morning with it. Factorio is very fun and if you can afford it, you should buy it. Thursday nothing really of note happened, and today, of course, was the great big press coverage day about the Mueller Report. I only glance at the newspaper and don’t read terribly many articles, but today I plan to read a lot of the summary of the Mueller Report.

04/16/2019, 08:30: Batteries, MP4s, and other cool things that I didn’t write about

On Sunday, I found a very big stash of used batteries that were kept in a sandwich-size Ziploc baggie that was on the top shelf in the laundry room. A very sealed-away place, to be honest. The batteries smelled funny, most likely because they were stowed away for that long. So I took them out and tried to figure out if they could still be used. The triple A’s were easy, as I had a pocket “Sudoku” machine that ran on AAA batteries. I used LED lights to test the other ones. I’ve also been trying to upload a video I spent a few weeks on to YouTube, however I’m having trouble with Media Encoder. The video is complete, but Media Encoder is being a jerk.


Well, I'll tell you what happened. I went with my family to go to [EXPUNGED] city, and saw my grandma there. We went skiing and mostly just laid around the house. However, one notable thing did, in fact, happen over that trip. A rather painful notable thing, acually: I got sunburned. All over my face. I got it from skiing and not wearing sunscreen below my goggles, so it left a nice "5 o' clock shadow" (as described by my grandma) on my face and lips. My lips are now red and ugly and swollen, and chances are I'll never hear the end of it at school. The dead skin is peeling off now, and my face is in much better condition than it was yesterday, so I suppose that's good.
WHAT'S ON MY MIND: I was reading an article yesterday about how four sweat bees lived in a woman's eye for four hours until the woman got them removed. Thank goodness there wasn't an accompanying picture, but the article described the woman's eye being all infected and full of pus. The article was hidden in the bottom right corner of page A3 of The New York Times, perhaps the editor put it there so that readers wouldn't see it. And yes, of course I saw the black hole picture, all of the media was obsessing over it like every girl in my class obsesses over a puppy. Speaking of puppies, I have a dog (this isn't a new establishment, I've had a dog for like six years). I just thought that would be worth pointing out. If you read the post before the last one, the one about my Geometry Dash account, and you actually looked at my account page, then you'd notice I'm decent at the game. Which is why I'm trying to make money off of it in two ways: One, a YouTube channel (I've already made the video, I just have to convert it to mp4 and upload it) and two, making a business out of completing people's levels for them before school in the commons. I've done it for free before--I usually hold up a sign that says "IF YOU'RE PLAYING GEOMETRY DASH, I CAN COMPLETE SOME LEVELS FOR YOU" before school, and of the slim percentage of people who actually walk up to me and test their luck, I complete maybe Clutterfunk or Electroman Adventures in one attempt and they're like "WHOA DUDE YOU'RE SO GOOD" and then I make friends with them. So now, after my decentness at GD has been publicized, maybe I can get away with charging $0.50 for every level I complete, prices increasing according to the difficulty, and subtracting 5 cents from the total for every failed attempt. Another thing that's on my mind (heh, sorry if this post is a long one) is the NJHS induction that's happening on Tuesday (today is Friday, so that's about 4 days away). If you're in middle school like me (or maybe even the exact same school as me--that's where I get most of my views from) then you'll know what NJHS is; it stands for National Junior Honor Society. It's a wannabe National Honor Society. A few hours ago I went shopping with my very nice mom to go to a clothing depot and get some nice clothes. As I am 5 feet 9 inches at the age of 12, all of the nice clothes that my mom got for me when I was 11 are five sizes too small, so we had to go shopping again. I acquired a nice shirt and some very comfortable slacks, as well as two ties that I learned to tie a few minutes ago.

04/01/2019, 10:58: I’m bored in WOODSHOP this time! Woo!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: We’re learning how to use the band saw in woodshop today. I paid attention. It seems like safety videos more like scare you than actually help you. When our class was watching the chop saw safety video, the video people made the tool sound more like a tool of mass destruction rather than a tool to cut wood. They were like, “Make sure you do this, and this, and this, and don’t forget about this, or else you’ll lose a limb and die from blood loss.” I must admit, they weren’t that blunt about it, but there still was that message. The safety video for the band saw, however, was much less worrying, even though the band saw is a scarier tool. Perhaps it was because that video was by a different author.
My friend in woodshop was reading Lego Ant’s IXl rant, and he couldn’t find the skill—R.5. I told him to shrug it off, and showed him the best IXL skill, the one in third grade math where you multiply by 0. All you have to do is just put in 0 and then press enter, and you’ll win in under a minute. I used to do that over and over and over again in sixth grade for no apparent reason. I regret that.
I just got back from taking a drink of water, for some reason the water fountain in the North Wing doesn’t work. I don’t understand why. I signed out from class with, I kid you not, the stubbiest, most sorrowful pencil I’ve ever seen in my life. It was precisely half an inch long.

03/27/2019, 15:20: W has a Geometry Dash account!

Yes, that's right, I do have a Geometry Dash account. The username is "Elemeno" (capitalization on the first "e" only) even though it'll show up as "HaiHowzYerDay" when you click on it. I made the first username, "HaiHowzYerDay," when I was in the second grade--I hope that explains the immaturity of it. So yes, if you are an avid Geometry Dash player like me, feel free to go and look at my account and play my levels.

03/27/2019, 08:42: Do I even have to explain this one?

I don’t have that much work to do. I feel like I need to say that considering I mentioned it last time.
WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Yesterday, after I finished my test in Language Arts, I started making a flowchart that was supposed to make choosing what to do after school easier for me. It began with a simple question: “Is it a Friday?” and kind of spiraled downward from there. I’ll post a picture of it soon—it has two sides, and it took a lot of work to fit all the bubbles into the first side.
There’s this one person who’s in 8th grade—a grade ahead of me—who has 11k subscribers on YouTube. Everyone in his class almost worships him. I don’t understand why, and the whole thing kind of annoys me.
In first period (just so you know, I have first period science) we’re learning about how to make new energy—the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. I came up with an idea for a car that runs on its own exhaust; I could put little wind turbines at the end so that when the smoke goes up, it turns the turbines, creating energy. It would be a tiny bit of extra power, but most likely enough to make a difference.
Yesterday I burnt “Hedwig’s theme—loud” onto a CD. I wrapped it in paper and labeled the paper “DON’T PLAY THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS, PLEASE!!” I plan to play it in the middle of next period, because that’s the only class where I have access to disk readers. I’m almost positive that when I was downloading the mp3 (from a YouTube to mp3 website) I downloaded a virus, but I checked with Reddit and it seems safe. YouTube to mp3 websites are illegal, as well, but I’m assuming it’s fine because I’m not passing it off as my own. Also, anyone can get those mp3’s… Arrest the website creators, not me!

03/26/2019, 08:44: I’m bored again in first period…

This one will be shorter because I have work to do.
WHAT’S ON MY MIND: It’s been really sunny for all of last week. Yesterday and today have been kind of cold and rainy. I thought the weather was supposed to be sunny in spring, and the days are supposed to be nice and long and sunny. Yesterday, because it was raining, after my guitar lessons we got takeout from a pho place. It was actually really tasty, because on an overcast day at 6:45 PM, all you are hungry for is some nice hot food. I was thinking about how I could patent my own brand of pho, naming the restaurant “Pho King” and our slogan being “Wow, this pho is so ‘Pho King’ good!” I might get sued for when small children try to pronounce the name, but I still think it’s a fairly good idea.
A few months ago two of my friends were convincing me that a third friend was going to space. Here’s how it went down:
W: Hey, where did F1 go?
F2: He’s going to space.
W: Wait, really?
F2: Yeah.
W: Ha-ha. Funny. Where did he actually go?
F2: No, I’m not kidding, he actually is going to space.
It kind of went on like that for a while, him trying to convince me that F1 was going to space—sort of like that “you’re a wizard harry” video that got taken down from YouTube. Then I eventually started asking for details, thinking that that would take down their argument. Long story short, it didn’t. They made up names for the other kids who were going to space. At the end of the two periods that we were arguing about it, I came away thinking that my friend was going to space. It was only two weeks ago that I asked him and he said “wait, you believed that??” and then I realized it was all a hoax. They seemed so convincing.
Change of subject: When I was in fourth grade (my friend tells this story better) I was vegetarian. I don’t remember why I switched, but by the start of sixth grade I started eating meat again because I needed the protein (and meat is delicious). So it would make sense that I had picked the slice of bologna off my sandwich and put it on my plate—I had just eaten the cheese and bread. Suddenly, disaster struck—my milk spilled—chocolate milk, all over the table. I was too lazy to get the napkin, and some kind soul had already gotten out of their seat to get a napkin. You’ll never guess what I did instead of using a napkin—I picked up the bologna and rubbed it around in the chocolate milk, under the delusion that it would mop it up like a towel. It didn’t. Then, as my friend describes it, I picked up the soggy piece of ham and ate it, then exclaimed, “MMM! Tasty!” however that can’t be true because I was vegetarian at the time.

03/25/2019, 09:08: I’m bored in first period so I may as well write this blog

We’re supposed to be doing worktime, but I’m so edgy that I don’t do work during worktime, unless I really need to. Over the weekend and on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, I was grinding homework almost all day and got exactly 7 hours of sleep each night (except for the weekends… thank goodness for weekends.) So I felt like I could be able to relax a tiny bit and write this. Now, the first thing on my mind is that why the heck do pop songs overuse the word “baby”? Whenever I turn on my pop music radio station, the first word I hear is either a conjunction, “love,” or “baby.” Then I usually shudder, cringe, and turn on NPR to listen to who got kicked out of the white house today and maybe how the Mueller investigation’s going. Speaking of which: I heard that the reception of the Mueller investigation was this: NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION. It’s really underwhelming. I was hoping for a bit more.
Every day after lunch, I go to my locker—it’s shared with my friends. We can usually stuff three or four backpacks in there at once, which is impressive, considering how my locker is one of the half-size ones, like 3 feet tall. Maybe I can make money by renting my locker out to threesomes who want to use it for like $1.00 a backpack. I could buy other people’s lockers, too (if they were willing to sell, of course) and I could create a locker empire. At my school, lockers are kind of up-in-the-air; not many people use them except for classes with teachers who don’t like backpacks.
Oh, right now in my class we’re discussing how Victoria, Canada is getting shoes washed up on their beaches—but here’s the catch—the shoes have feet in them. I don’t want to call it “creepy” and overuse that word like I did in fifth grade, but it’s creepy.

03/18/2019, 15:45: I feel bad for Jeff Kinney

Everyone knows the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. If you're in 7th or 8th grade like me, then you know how many people read those kind of books. For me, I never really saw what everyone liked in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I don't see any fun in seeing a poor kid get beat up and get embarassed in front of everyone and just do plain dumb things. Unlike a lot of people who read the books, I don't like watching the world burn. Sure, I liked the books in 3rd grade, but they were more like easy reading for nights that I couldn't sleep to make my eyelids tired. I never enjoyed reading about suffering. However, I'll bet there's someone whose salary depends on it, and that's the author of the series, Jeff Kinney. I have no personal relationship with Mr. Kinney, nor do I know how he feels about the series. But I do know that it must not be the best job in the world to write about a poor kid's sufferings all the time. Now, one of the many possible careers I have is a novelist, and I can say that I enjoy writing stories and novels. However, Mr. Kinney has dug quite the hole for himself by writing the first few installments in the series. Because the first three books were so good--even I can agree on that--Mr. Kinney's audience wanted more books. So the author was forced to write and draw more, trapping this poor Gregory Heffely in middle middle school (by which I mean the middle grade of middle school) and making poor Greg suffer over and over. This explains why the quality of the books deteriorated over time; either because Mr. Kinney was running out of good ideas or he just wanted to stop writing about this poor kid. I haven't read the latest few books in the series, and I'm not that sure I want to. By the time that I read about this kid getting teeth knocked out and eating garbage stew at a hellish summer camp in the tenth book (or was it the eleventh...?) I knew the series wasn't for me anymore.

03/15/2019, 22:13: People do this way too much, and it annoys me

A few days ago I was walking through the halls of my middle school with a pair of jeans on. Now, that might not sound that bad, but here's the clincher: my fly was unzipped. Having one's fly unzipped is quite a fashion faux pas, and usually I try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't usually wear jeans, but on the rare occasion that I do, I often leave my fly unzipped.
At my school, people are usually polite and there aren't that many intentionally mean people. Someone who had looked at my crotch could have just said, "oh hey dude, your fly's unzipped" and I would have blushed and zipped it back up. But, alas, someone just told me, between third and fourth period, that "oh hey dude, you know your fly's unzipped, right?"
Now I REALLY don't want to sound spoiled, condescending, or lazy in any way, but I absolutely hate it when people say things like that--things like "you know you're wrong, right?" and "You know your shirt's inside out, right?" and, of course, my example of an unzipped fly. What am I supposed to answer in response, something like "oh yeah, it's just a fashion choice, makes my jeans look more jean-y"? No, because it is socially incorrect to walk around with your underwear showing. Like, if I knew that my fly was unzipped, I wouldn't hesitate to fix it. Again, I don't want to sound like a terrible person (which I kind of am), but when people say stuff using the "you know you're [bad thing], right?" format it just sounds really condescending and impolite. I try to avoid using that format, usually just by straight-out saying "you're wrong" or "your shirt's inside out," but still that seems condescending and impolite. There really doesn't seem to be a good way to tell someone that they're doing something right... What do you do? Send answers and complaints to !

03/14/2019, 19:08: W isn't dead! Yay!

Now, yes, I know you all have been simply begging for me to do something like this (you know, the handful of you who read the website) so here I am. I thought I might do something special for the 3rd birthday of the Weekly Nooz. It sure isn't much, but by now I know how hard running a newspaper can be. Especially because in early 2016--right about now except three years back--Lego Ant and myself were in the fourth grade, and we were bored. Sure, we had enough homework, but we felt like we needed a greater purpose in life, a greater meaning to fulfill. So we just shared a MS Word document between the two of us, and started writing about whatever we felt like. Lego Ant chose the border, which I still use to this date whenever i create something for fun. To begin with, the Nooz was printed out, I still have a crisp memory of myself stapling all the copies of the first Weekly Nooz edition into 20 packets, asking Lego Ant "are you sure these are gonna sell?" They didn't, of course, because they were free. Then the Apocalypse happened.

Even though it wasn't an actual apocalypse, there still was an aroma of fear surrounding the whole thing. By "the whole thing," I mean the email chain Lego Ant and I used to distribute the Nooz to everyone in our 28-person class. It started humbly, with only making an email once every week so that everyone could read it (we stopped printing it out because printing was too much work), but then people quickly realized that they could reply to things and, to be frank, it went straight downhill from there. For most of the school year in 4th and 5th grade, Lego Ant and I released an issue of the Weekly Nooz every few weeks, sometimes months. We forgot about it over the summer of 5th grade, then soon revived it in January of 6th grade. We then made the website in the summer of 2018, and have been editing it daily (usually) ever since.
There, that's an overview of the Nooz. I'll probably be back with more tomorrow, hopefully a longer post.