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06/14/2022, 21:20: Stay tuned

Please!!!! School ends on the 27th, and likely then I will have a whole lot more time to do more things such as writing this. The thing at Jamba Juice has been working out well, and I have been in fact perfecting the craft of making smoothies; at least, that is what I have been telling myself. I have also stopped showering in the evening after sweating a whole lot one night and not wanting to wash the bedsheets for the second time in a week. Hopefully I will be able to write more of this eventually, but for now I have to shave and go to bed.
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06/07/2022, 20:59: The insane and life-changing development

Yesterday, I impulsively washed and dried my bedsheets and showered in the evening, with the anticipation and plan of not showering the next morning. For the past four or five years, I have always showered in the morning; it made me feel cleaner than usual and once I had started doing it I never really questioned it. This year, however, I have been vacantly wanting to shower in the evening rather than the morning, but never actualizing it. This is for a few reasons; in the morning, I have been being more or less overwhelmed with this strange sticky feeling, which I think may be because of drying my hair or just drying in general after showering. It was theorized that this sticky and strange and dry feeling would subside if I did not shower in the morning. I also felt like I was more awake directly after waking up than I was after showering, which was for the most part true. Showering had become enough of a routine that I kind of turned my head off when doing it, and it was a strange state between being asleep and waking up that may have just lulled me back into sleep or feeling tired. It was also more of a pain to dry my hair after showering in the morning, as I just feel weak at that time of day and everything was more labored. After washing the sheets and putting them on the bed, I took a shower and vigorously used the lufa on my legs and chest. With soap on, of course, so it was more like a loose sponge that I could rub over my body.
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06/05/2022, 15:03: Only three entries in May???? Criminal

There have been quite a few things that have happened since the last time I wrote here, and even many things that happened before or during then that I just did not write about. First, though, I would like to address the fact that I am likely less "on top of it" when writing here than I used to be. It is clear that I am just writing here less, but I am also more out of practice when it comes to vocabulary and everything else. This is for a few reasons, but hopefully I will be able to roll with it and not address it too much after this.
Anyway. A few weeks ago, I impulsively applied to a job at Jamba Juice, now modernized to simply be known as "Jamba", via Indeed. I was just looking for places to work for the rest of the school year and over the summer, perhaps into the next school year, and remembered that a store I go to quite a bit used to have a Jamba Juice inside of it. Their smoothies were not bad, and I thought it would be worthwhile to work there and get to tap the smoothies into the plastic cups; this was the part that had the most allure to me as a young and fresh eight-year-old. I applied, and less than thirty minutes afterwards I got a text saying that they wanted to interview me; that I was talking with the manager of the closest Jamba Juice whose name and surname ended with the letters LS. I told him that a decent time for an interview would be Tuesday, May 24th at 4:00 in the afternoon. He then texted back saying that I should be at a certain Jamba Juice location other than the one I was going to work at at that time; I thought this was weird, but bided my time over the weekend and on Monday. On Tuesday, after getting home from school, I put on black cargo pants and a belt to make me look less like a loser. I then sat in traffic for forty minutes to get to the location, barely making it at the time that I said I would be there. I sat down on one of the cushy chair things that they have for people to sit and wait on, and texted LS that I was in fact there. I waited there for thirty minutes and only occasionally looked at my phone in case someone did come, so that they did not catch me (s)lacking. I texted LS a few more times, and once three quarters of an hour had passed I got up and went back to where the car was parked. On the floor, where my feet had been resting when I had been sitting, there was some sort of sticky substance that might have been juice or some benign gall. This meant that my shoes always stuck a little bit to things that I stepped on, and while it thankfully was not the gas pedal, it was far from pleasant to walk throughout the mall on the way back. The whole experience left me slightly confused and dazed, and I did not hear back from that number for a week. A few days ago, I think on Wednesday, I got a text back asking if I still wanted to interview. My first thought and inclination was "hell no", but I realized that I might as well give it a chance. After accepting the opportunity, it was explained to me that there was a new manager and that I could come in any time that was convenient for me. I chose the next day at 4 in the afternoon, and went to the store that apparently I was going to be working at instead of the one that was across a lake or two. I came in a few minutes early, then went in at the time allotted and asked for the manager person. We then went outside and he did the functional equivalent of checking my pulse and making sure I was alive and breathing, however instead of using a stethoscope or pressing my back he just used words to do it. I was polite mostly because it is my habit when talking to a stranger or an older adult, and I was likely overly polite and heavy-handed when mentioning the Smoothie Making Field. I found it very funny, which was a result of a combination of many things including how blunt the manager person was with me. I don't know. It likely becomes actually difficult or worthwhile to present your best self on interviews when you have more than two years of high school under your belt, i.e. applying for a job after college or doing anything other than making smoothies. I did not get an actual physical written offer, even though the manager person said he was going to hire me word for word; I asked a friend of mine later that day and he drilled me on a whole bunch of words of advice he had regarding offers and employers and paychecks. Things like reading your offer, understanding the break policy, tracking your hours in an Excel document or the like, and so on. This whole thing is very much a new world to me, but it is something I will have to get accustomed to if I want to substain myself in college and probably later. The manager person said he would call me at noon today, and did not do it, so I asked about the offers and things to the person on the other end of the text line who told me that the manager person was out of town for the weekend. It is all very up in the air, but I am going in tomorrow directly after school for onboarding.
Another thing that has been relevant is me thinking about movies. I watch quite a bit of them, astoundingly more frequently than I watch television, and only now am I realizing the reason I like three movies in particular. The three movies are Twelve Angry Men, Reservoir Dogs, and The Breakfast Club. These three movies likely seem unrelated, and to a large extent are in fact unrelated.
I was going to explain a whole lot more, but more or less lost motivation and then stopped writing. I am dearly sorry for this.
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05/24/2022, 20:08: More more more more more things

First I will probably just talk about the weekend, and then eventually go into the more recent things that have happened in the past day or so. This weekend was nothing short of absolutely slapping, which was for a few reasons. One thing that happened was me moving my computer/setup two stories upstairs to its new location in my room, which was because the whole family is trying to clear out the room that it used to be in so that people can remodel the room. This is not exactly frivolous, as the room currently has slightly ugly brown carpet and pastel-colored walls, which combined with the everpresent subtle smell of dog vomit makes it a somewhat unpleasant place to be. The main reason I frequently went down there in the past was to use my computer as well as sit around; it was a nicely secluded place and the smell of dog vomit was all too suble so I really did not notice it that much. I also had around half of my relevant worldly possessions down there, and because we were cleansing the room of any and all foreign objects that were not built-in furniture, those had to go as well. Transporting my computer upstairs was really not all that hard; all that was required was unplugging everything and carrying it all upsatirs in pieces. The prerequisite for this, however, was having my desk in my room cleaned off. The desk is less of a desk and more of a personal heirloom that has been collecting dust, and all that was really necessary was to take everything off of it, relocate the things or put them in a box, and take the entire top off of the desk to vacate room for the computer. By "top," I mean the whiteboardy part that had a few shoddy drawers that I did not use that often except for putting things in that I had no other place for. The whole computer, consisting of two monitors and the boxy thing that the actual hardware is stored in, fit/fits rather snug in the current desk in my room. I also had to clear out the rats' nest of the inside drawers of the desk, one of which I have not fully excavated yet, but I have found good uses for the two that I have cleansed and put things in them. For the most part, I did the actual computer lifting and relocating on Saturday, and the bringing up of all of my wordly possessions located in the basement on Sunday. The rest of the time on Saturday was taken up by going to a rock show, as I was invited by one of my friends and was no less excited for it when he told me it was a thing for minerals rather than a rock band performing a concert. I am dead serious. I am not even really gung ho about concerts in the first place, and have never been to one, but from what I have seen and heard they are very loud. There are a few music artists, though, that if they come to a city near mine I will most definitely attend their concerts. Which, I think, is the reason that many people go to concerts; because the people performing are bands that they like quite a bit. I suppose I will not knock it until I try it, though, and try not to sound too judgemental about people who go to concerts. Anyway. I was instructed to be at a park on the west coast of a certain lake at 3 in the afternoon on Saturday, which I was forty minutes late for because of traffic. I left at 2 in the afternoon, expecting to be slightly early due to Google Maps predicting it only taking forty minutes, however I am very glad I left at 2. The place that I live has one main highway that runs to the east that many people use to get out of the town. To get to the location, it was necessary to go on that highway until it ended, merge to the right onto an existing interstate highway, and take an exit from the interstate highway and go through some local roads. This seemed like a not bad thing to do, as I had done similar things in the past with parental scrutiny, however to do it by myself was rather stressful however enjoyable and a cool experience. Things were going alright until I had to merge onto the interstate highway. The highway was thinned down to only two lanes, one getting onto the interstate to the north and one to the south. I had to get onto the northern one, which required being in the right lane and just sitting there. The problem with this, however, was that half the population of Earth also wanted to merge to the north. This meant a long line of cars in the right lane, and a whole bunch of stragglers in the left lane who were confused on whether to try to get in or to accept their fate as merging south. I was one of the people who waited in the entire fucking line before merging right, and was dead set on not letting anyone in. There is a world in which I merged left, then tried to get back into the right to cut the line, but I was not really in a rush at the time and had music and things to keep me from going insane with boredom. When I was midway through the long line, I saw a cop or some other entity of law enforcement forcibly pull over a car using the little girder thing that cop cars have at their front. There was a little screen that the cop car had near its windshield, with an arrow on it to I suppose direct the victim car to the side of the road. The only reason the cop car had to use the girder thing was because the car on the receiving end was not cooperating to begin with. Eventually, after what seemed like a very long time which is not really saying anything, I made it to where the merging place onto the interstate highway was. Because all of the other cars who seemed to know what they were doing instead went on an exit fork to a downtown area of a city, I followed them. Which might not have actually been as grave of a mistake as I had feared, because the actual interstate highway seemed very backed up anyway and I got to see some cool things by traversing the city. This does not mean that the traffic was not absolutely horrible, though; it was a mess of hills and street signs and narrow streets that was rather a nightmare. It was absolutely packed, as well, and I almost got caught in intersections on multiple occasions. If I was driving a larger car, I might have figuratively or literally shit my pants. I was using the Google Maps guidance directions thing throughout all of this, and it at one point instructed me to turn right onto a certain street. There was a sign that appeared to indicate multiple ways of getting onto said street; one way which was just turning right and one way that looked like a loop-the-loop. Because, again, everyone else was taking the crazy loop-the-loop way, I impulsively merged right and did the same. It turned out, to my dismay, that the loop-the-loop way looped downward onto a street level that was lower than the one I used to be on, as well as lower than the street I was instructed to turn on. This ushered in a hellish labyrinth of traffic lights, road closures, and university buildings that I did not have the displeasure of looking at or experiencing before. For the past year of my life, all I had had to deal with when driving was suburban streets, highways, county roads, and occasionally stop-and-go traffic. I had never had to traverse a city before, and I am just surprised I emerged unscathed. Eventually I did make it to a quieter, two-lane road that took me right to where I was supposed to be going, being the park on the west coast of the lake. The parking lot had no visible lines, and somehow I found a vacant spot. It was a very nice day, nicer days than this area usually gets in May or even June, so everyone was outside and enjoying the park. This meant that many more people had to park at the park, but actually parking was not as big of a problem as I anticipated it being. After a while of standing around near the kids' playground that was near the parking lot and desperately trying not to look like a groomer as well as walking around and talking with another one of my friends who came, the person who we were at the rock show for showed up. The actual show was more of a flea market, with the catch that instead of selling fleas they sold rocks; the mineraly kind of rocks. Somehow I thought it would be a large tent where people sold gravel and cool shiny stones they found on the ground, but these were professional geologists who dug up minerals, observed their properties, and sold them for at times astoundingly high prices. It was cooler than I thought it would be by far, which I suppose may in part have been because of the low expectations I had of it, but I am still very glad I went to it. The Rock Specialist (RS) absolutely fucking knew what he was doing; he had brought a UV flashlight/blacklight as well as a magnifying glass with multiple scale resolutions, which I thought was pretty darn cool. He chatted it up with many other rock people who were selling their things there, and used so many terms that I really could not keep track of them. I took a whole lot of pictures, and may upload them eventually, but the text for the rock labels is illegible at times and kind of destroys the point of the rock labels and my taking pictures of them. We went around the whole warehousey place that the vendors were selling their rocks in, and RS made one purchase from a guy that looked very similar to him. The vendor guy only had one tooth that was almost completely in front of two other teeth, similar to Pennywise's teeth in the movie It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019). This guy wore a lapis lazuli pendant around his neck, and talked about chakras and things and sold rocks to RS. I have said this before, but I feel like if you look at the Venn diagram of rock people and weed people, it almost completely overlaps. Weed people, at least in my head and the people who are very into weed, also seem like chakra people, and it was later pointed out that the teeth guy's area kind of smelled like weed. Eventually, RS got all of the rocks that he came there for and we looked around some more, and then left the area.
I really doubt I am making sense. I think I will call this entry here, and write more about the weekend as soon as I can. Tomorrow, regardless of the weather, I am planning to go biking on a certain trail for as long as I can endure, and then ride it back. I do not know why I am doing this on a day with school, but it was something I impulsively thought of and committed to on Monday, so I suppose I will talk about that as well. I apoligize way too much, so I am not going to say that I am sorry, but I certainly wish I have been writing here more. I might just write here again, with an equally long entry recounting different things, tomorrow.
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05/15/2022, 20:16: Either a lot or a little

I have really been slacking off when it comes to writing here, which is something that I say at the start of every entry now, but I used to have something of a ticking internal clock that reset whenever I wrote here. If the clock exceeded five or so days, I felt like I had betrayed everyone who had/has been reading this. Eventually, though, I will be able to write here more; I really do not know when that is, but the time will eventually come. Last week I tried to fix the ads on this page and not make them absolutely useless and not working, however more or less hit a wall. In February, I think, many entries had an ad in front of and behind them. Until late March, the ads worked, but now are simply a white space between the entries. I used to be indifferent to this, as I thought it would just solve itself with time as the reason the ads were decommissioned was due to me failing an identity check that I used an old passport for. However, I did not recieve an email to re-verify my identity when Google said there would be one. After an afternoon's worth of looking at things and trying to find decent support threads for people with the same problem, it was found that my AdSense account had been put in a strange state of limbo because I was not above the age of 18. The only location in which it was said that there was an age requirement to use the Services was in their Terms of Service, which I suppose is reasonable as they assumed that everyone had actually read them. I am not one of those people, though, and usually just assume things not to do when I am using a company's software or online service. These are things like not to make death threats, not to moneylaunder, and not to broadcast pornography, which I have not been doing with AdSense. Because I was below 18, Google barred me from resubmitting the identity verification, which explained why I could not do it. One of the requirements to run ads, once you make a certain amount of dollars via ads, is to have your identity verified with Google. Because I was unable to do this, and unable to get it fixed, I could not have ads run. There is a way in which you can restart the whole process, and have your Google account and AdSense account unlinked, however I was unable to do that as well because I did not have my identity verified. Everything kept me from doing everything else, and I eventually found out that it was because of my age after rifling through many discussion boards and finding one that was exactly the issue I had. If I had submitted a question myself, onto the Google forums thing, I doubt that would have been any better; I would have been answered by people in their mid-thirties with facial hair who surf around on Google forums as a slightly fetishistic hobby. I decided to deactivate the AdSense account, and reactivate it or simply make a new one when I turn 18 so I can actually legally run ads here.
I suppose the most interesting thing that happened in the past 48 hours was me going to Walmart. Where I live, the nearest Walmart is 24 miles away, which means driving to it. Due to me recently getting a driver's liscense which somehow I did not mention here, all I had to do was commit to going to Walmart and make the drive. I really did not know how to get there, and had to rely on the Google Maps navigation thing to get there by myself. I did not want to take the freeway due to not being under time pressure and generally disliking freeways, so I looked at a map and made a route in my head about generally which way to turn where to stay off the freeway for as long as possible. This did not go badly until I no longer knew which way to go, and then started to rely on the navigation guidance. This led me to the freeway for a total of one exit's worth, and I got off and continued following the guidance to the Walmart. It kept asking me to turn left in places with no turn bay, and into places that looked very fucking far from a Walmart, so I followed the directions into the back parking lot of a car dealership. It was a parking lot without lines, haphazardly parked cars, a lot of signs that said how little Walmart access there was, and a small car marked "SECURITY" that had its windows bashed in and looked like it had been looted. I wanted to spend as little time there as possible, so I figured out directions to the Real Promised Land of Walmart as it was very close and within the same block. I eventually got there, and parked next to a white van with some mattresses in or on it and green tape that said how they were on a witch hunt and people should not mess with them. There was someone in it when I pulled in, so I tried not to make eye contact and instead pull forward more into another vacant spot so I would not have to back out of it or be next to the van. I kind of regained my bearings and tried not to be frazzled, and then walked into the store. Mostly, the reason I went was out of just curiosity, becuase for sixteen years I had not been inside a Walmart and just wanted to see what it was like. Apparently, after walking around in it for a bit, it is very close to a mix between Target and Costco. There is the breadth of goods that Target offers, as well as the grey floors, warehousey feel, and large package sizes of Costco. I suppose that is why the store has been so prolific across the globe, because it does both things well and is generally a seamless system. All of the aisles had well-stocked goods; except for the one thing that I was there for, being Pepsi Nitro. It is supposed to be this soda that is as smooth on your mouth as silk is on your skin, and drafted with nitrogen or something to have less bubbles but still the same amount of carbonation and flavor. The way they have marketed it is either all completely bullshit, or actually worth trying, but really in any case the marketers have warranted me to buy at least one pack or unit of Pepsi Nitro. Walmart did not have any of it, and the way that some of the shelves were marked "Pepsi Nitro" clued me into thinking that they used to have it, but it either sold out or got otherwise damaged. After walking around for a bit, and seeing how they sell men's underwear behind glass and lock and key, I found this massive bag of offbrand Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries Cereal that looked like it could feed an army for a month. Likely not that actual volume of people that that actual duration, but perhaps something close to it in both metrics. I also got a flavor of Mountain Dew that I had not had before. Checking these two things out took quite a bit of time, largely because the checkout line was just that large. I used the self checkout, and accidentally scanned the massive bag of cereal twice, so I had to void the item and call the self checkout attendant person over to assist with the item void. The recipt-checker person who is at the exit at most Costcos did not even bother to check my recipt, because I was only carrying two items. I then made the drive back without the navigation guidance system thing because I was honestly slightly sick of it and I wanted to see how well I could navigate myself. Not well, as it turns out, and I was even not that good at following signs to the state highway that I was trying to get onto. I made a few, non-catastophic wrong turns, and I was very glad to miss all of the freeway traffic that I got a glimpse of when I drove on it on the way there. It was not a trip I regret taking, but I strongly doubt I will go again from how very far away it is and kind of inconvenient it is to reach.
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05/05/2022, 20:35: How the first AP Exam went

Yesterday I had the first "real" AP Exam I have taken so far, being for Computer Science A or CSA. The one I took last year around this time, for Computer Science Principles or CSP, did not count I think for a few reasons. The first is that CSP is already a balls-easy class and test. By some method of divine intervention I got a 4 on that test, even though all of the questions could be inferred simply from looking at them and nothing else and because I had already done decently well on the performance task that took place earlier that year. The second reason is that the test was taken remotely, meaning that anyone with access and a few neurological connections could cheat on it and achieve a higher score without extra knowledge or any authorities knowing. I do not know how the hell that test took two months to grade/get scores back, because as far as I remember it was all multiple choice which is known to be relatively easy to grade en masse. Yesterday, though, was something that I had kind of been wondering about for a few years. My mother has had experience proctoring AP Exams; not for my school, however, but for some other group that required special needs. It seemed like the AP Exams were a big thing in 2019 and before, which they really were, however I did not understand the true breadth of that extent until yesterday. The exam yesterday was at 12 noon, or at least is tarted then. We had to be there and checked in by 11, and had to be in our seats and ready for proctoring by 11:30. I got there at 10:20ish to find the unique AP barcode things that are used to identify each answer sheet. These were confided in the small room between my first/second period and the classroom adjacent to it, in a filing cabinet. The packet was found in a folder that had my name written on it, and I took it out and carried it back to the main commons place where all of the exam takers were coagulating. The only things that you were allowed into the exam room--this being the gym--were pencils, pens, the label sticker barcode sheet thing, and a form of identification. I was very close to not bringing the form of identification; in fact I had only brought it because I thought it would generally be a good thing to bring and not because I knew that it was required. This was only a pleasant surprise, however, and did not invoke any panic. I mulled things over with some other people until 11, and at that time they began rolling everyone into the gym and giving people their seat number. Some proctors or chaperones were at a few tables outside the gym to give everyone their numbers, sorted alphabetically by last name. I got mine fairly seamlessly, as not many people were there at the time, and entered the gym and found my desk. Inside the gym there was a smattering of many desks, a make and model which was unfamiliar to me, and a smattering of chairs to accompany the desks. There were two chairs per desk, as each desk could fit two people and thus two chairs. There were two hundred and something total seats, meaning one hundred and something total desks. It felt like quite a bit more, however, and I will never know for sure unless I count. I had desk 49, which was near the back and towards the left-back side of the gym. It was more than kind of surreal to me because I had never seen the gym that way, and had never been a part of a test that large--it was later acknowledged that the CSA test was one of the bigger ones, but not absolutely the biggest one. After talking with some people for a bit, it was time to return to our seats and listen to all of the shpeal about the exam. Some of this was things that had been common knowledge about taking tests, but others not so much. Hats and hoods were prohibited, and you could not bring an eraser with you other than the one on the back of your pencil. Eventually, after a long while of listening, Section I of the test started at 12:04. This was multiple choice, and for all but two questions I felt very good and confident about it. One of them I knew for sure that I missed, as looking at material later in the day made me realize that I was in fact wrong, and the other was just an absurdly tedious question that I had to work out for five minutes, but I think I got it right or at least one bubble letter away from being right. I liked how sterile the formatting was, and how sterile the whole test was; this made the material contained in the test all the more interesting and memorable. The booklet paper was coated with some substance that made it not feel like normal printer paper, and the multiple-choice answer sheet was similar to ones I had used before for the PSAT. Eventually, time was called, and we were released into this little gated-off area for a break and to eat snacks. There was not even fucking room to bend over to sneeze from how close people were packed, and I was lucky that I was not crushed to death trying to get the snack and water. The ten-minute break quickly elapsed, and we all sat back down for Section II, being the free-response section. Instead of having a bubble sheet, we had an entire ass packet to fill out, with a blank sheet per page and bubbles at the top to indicate which question we were answering. Rather than forty multiple-choice questions, we had only four free-response questions, which turned slightly hefty with three of them having a part a) and part b). This turned out to be manageable, and I felt quite solid about all but a few of the parts. The test itself really was not bad, and I feel like I will get a 4 or a 5 on it, but it was very tedious filling out all of the preliminary form things. I did not mention this; before we could begin the test, we had to fill out all of our information on the obverse side of the bubble answer sheet. This took more time than I am willing to admit, and I do not have a terribly long name. It really was a solid test, although it left me sapped of energy and drive for the rest of Wednesday and a lot of today. In the meantime, though, I have been getting very good at Bad Piggies (I have three-starred every level other than the dungeon ones in When Pigs Fly) and Jump King. I should likely invest more of my time into Geometry Dash, but it is hard with all of these enticing new games at the ready. There is still more to talk about, but it is getting rather late and I should go to bed so I will not be completely dead in the morning.
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04/27/2022, 07:57: Yeah

I am very sorry for naming this entry something that is so shit and carries so little meaning, and I am also sorry for not writing here nearly as much as I should or have in the past. For the past two days, I have just been very tired; this is likely for quite a bit of reasons and I am not very sure about any of them. If you would like a deeper, more “straight from the horse’s mouth” kind of account of the things I have been doing over the past while, I recorded a very long podcast and it is now up on Spotify. It is easier for me to put things on Spotify than YouTube, so I just put things here and hope that people look there rather than YouTube. I suppose people also more commonly look for podcasts on Spotify, which is convenient and gives me the chance of people listening to it who are not in my immediate friend group. Anyway. Today I woke up with a bloody nose, or rather I had a bloody nose twenty or so minutes before my alarm rang and kind of bled on a pillow and some tissues without realizing that it was blood rather than snot. This caused me to have black stuff in my nose for most of the morning, which was interesting to some extent but mostly cumbersome and not great.
I am writing this part on Thursday the 28th, as I am a horrible person who cannot commit to things. Yesterday, the bloody nose day, math/precalc/math analysis was the only good period of the day, with a substitute teacher telling us about cosecant and secant functions and with us having an hour of the period free to do whatever we wanted, provided we felt confident enough about the functions. Cosecant and secant functions are just sine and cosine functions but more swoopy and in the opposite direction, thus not terribly hard to garner proficiency at. This meant that me, and a few other people, just played card games for that time of the period. A popular one that got old quick was Egyptian Rat Slap, being kind of bullshitty due to the fact that if you played a jack you instantly got all of the cards, but still had elements of skill and luck in it which I think made it a fairly balanced game. It did not seem very balanced, though, because the same person won all three of the rounds we played, but she just had a lot of skill and experience. Spanish sucked less ass than it likely had the potential to, as we just presented a project that we had been half-working on for the past few classes. The main words that have been on everyone’s lips are the AP Exams, which start next week with AP Chem on the 2nd of May. I have three, being CS A, World, and Physics 1, the latter two of which are on the same day which means that I have to pick one to throw if I would like to get a decent score on the other one. There is a chance that I will not have to do this, but right now it seems like one or the only possibility if I would like a high exam score in one of the subjects. CS I feel somewhat confident about, mainly because I did very well on the most recent learning check thing that happenens once each week.
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04/14/2022, 18:37: Back, and more things

Right now I should be laying in bed, but I am instead on my computer downstairs and writing this. There would have been a completely alright method of writing this in bed; using my school computer and just typing it out. I am not too up for getting it all the way out of my backpack to just sit in bed and probably look at my phone for that portion of time, and I have also not used this keyboard that much in the past week so I am trying to get more used to typing on it. The main fact of the matter over the past few days to a week is that I have been sick. Not dry heaving and bedridden all day sick, but not sick for the only sake of staying home from school and nothing else. I was sick enough to not go to school on Monday, or at least I thought so, but I went to school the rest of the week and including today. This has not quite been rocking my world, but is more of an inconvenience and kind of a large one. I would rather be able to go to track, for example, and run in the meet and cheer my teammates on, but I am instead home with a sore throat and a cough and bare feet. Because I missed Monday, as it happens, I missed something in my physics class that took up an entire fucking free response question on the test. This was rather a bummer, and there is a chance I will still get a decent grade, but it just made me feel very dumb that I did not know how to do it until I asked someone and it was established that it was covered on Monday, the one day that I missed class. I could have been responsible and looked at the slides for that class, but multiple sources said that there was nothing interesting done on Monday and that it was only review. It is alright, though, and the reason I was at school on all of the days other than Monday. I have mostly been wondering if I am in fact too sick to go to school, but am still going to school; I have not been at track most days other than Tuesday and if I feel unwell enough to not go to that, it might make sense to bail on school as well. However, school is a much bigger priority to me than track, maybe not much much but I would still like to go to school if I am not being shackled to the floor or roped to a tree. This is not to say that I like school, and am someone who runs to the bathroom during class so that I do not miss much, but I would rather not miss days at a time. People also noticed my absense, which makes sense as it is my first this year, which was kind of unexpected but very welcome.
Wednesday was, frankly, an awful enough day for it to be mentioned here. I was already kind of sick, and feeling worse than the previous day but did not realize it until I actually got to school and realized how physically miserable I was. There was really no choice I had, though, as I had a test that day that I wanted to be there for and still two classes that were likely worthwhile. I took the test, and then sat around for a bit, to find that our math teacher had a planned absence for three weeks due to a surgery. My math teacher is someone who only tells us these things the day and minute before it happens, and in this case the day and minute before the surgery became relevant was the last fucking minute of class. For a substitute teacher, we had an old woman with an accent thicker than cake shellack who did not simplify her denominators half the time and moved too quickly. We are expected to finish the whole obverse and reverse sides of a worksheet on graphing sine and cosine functions by Friday, and she has only taught us how to do a few problem types with most of the worksheet being the same tedious slow-walk. I ended up doing nothing but hear about how my tablemate stopped running track to pursue volleyball, a sport he has played for only nine months but is already prodigious at. My other tablemate complimented the sweater I was wearing that day, which was something and always good news on a otherwise slightly shit day. Mostly the reason I dislike Wednesdays and Fridays is because I have an hour and a half of math directly followed with an hour and a half of Spanish. If I did not have the math and Spanish teachers I do, I do not think I would mind this that much and perhaps enjoy it. Sitting through three hours of just nothing and expecting to react to it always feel like a chore, however, and the lectures my Spanish teacher does often seem to last for hours rather than just one and a half of them. Still, through all of this, we had another sub for Spanish, making it less of a class and more of just time to work on a worksheet. By some heavnely force, larger than life, my Spanish teacher managed to make a worksheet that not only took sixty minutes, but was the first one of a new unit and required us to actually read a Spanish text instead of just inferring what the words meant. I hope it was graded on completion, and even if it was not it is put in such a minute category that I would not mind it. Today was slightly better than Wednesday, but not by a massive margin and with school just feeling longer because it was, in fact, longer. I think I would have actually enjoyed school this week and gotten a lot more out of it if I was not sick and contantly having my energy sapped by nearly everything I am doing, but I feel well enough to write this blog which I suppose is saying something. I am sorry if I seemed like I was not in a very good mood this entry, because frankly I am and was not and would just like to feel better. My birthday is also soon, so I just hope feeling better happens soon. I suppose I am not even in a bad mood, just wishing I had done things differently that might have aided in my slow recovery.
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04/02/2022, 08:28: The reason for inactivity over the next few days

I am going somewhere for spring break!!! I will be seeing family in New York City. As if I was not inactive enough here until now, I will be a hell of a lot more inactive until around next week. I am very sorry for this.
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03/31/2022, 08:18: I am very very dearly and deeply sorry

I have not written an actual “full-ass” entry for at least a week, which is something that I am rather ashamed of. I like to think that I pride myself on being good at sticking to this blog, and not writing here for a good bit of time while a hell of a lot is happening more of something to be ashamed of. Anyway. For a good time now I have been mainly playing Jump King, which sounds very silly as it is not that long or spectacular of a game, but I enjoy it as I can feel myself getting better at it and it is truly high-stakes platforming. Getting Over It required me to move my mouse too much, and seemed rather random from how my character was lined up. Jump King is raw skill; only holding and releasing and one directional input. The game feels good to play, somehow, and even though the only sounds are jumping and clicking and falling the sounds contribute to how good it feels. I completed the main mission/”Main Babe” a while ago, and quickly got bored of the second mission as I did not want to deal with the wind that early. The third mission DLC thing I am playing right now, and features and absolutely ass second area. Likely, I am not making sense for anyone who has not played the game, but I would still rather talk about it as it is maybe the only relevant thing I can talk about other than track. The second area is called the Bog, and is coated with sticky ground that prohibits lateral movement. This would not be a problem if the area also was functionally played at 50% speed, throwing off the timings. It is just long, and any missed jump results in a fall back down to the very bottom of the area due to all of the slopes. If you manage to escape it, it is especially easy to fall back down and have to rewire your timings to cope with the slowness. This makes playing the game all the more rewarding, as I can feel myself almost mastering the mechanics of both the slow area and the rest of the game, but it is just very time intensive and frustrating at times. I am enjoying it more than Geometry Dash at the moment, which may be because it is a lot less stale than Geometry Dash at the moment, but likely I will get back into Geometry Dash. I don’t know. Part of me feels very guilty for not playing Zodiac as much, in fact a lot of me does, but I know in the back of my head that I will eventually beat it before I inevitably grow old and die, or perhaps die without the growing old part. Somehow I feel demotivated, but not in general and only for GD. This is fine, and I expect I will get back into it with time.
I have also been reading the two short stories of Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger, who has a very funny signature writing style. The usual convention, as it goes, is to show rather than tell. What I like about Salinger, and what I liked about The Catcher in the Rye as well as this book, is that he deadpan tells instead of shows. He will introduce a room, such as the Glass family’s living room, with paragraphs upon paragraphs of details that not only set the scene better but tell the reader more about the Glass family and its tendencies. This is true of characters, as well; introducing Holden Caulfield himself or Zooey or Buddy or Lane. This kind of storytelling, to me, is much more descriptive and world-buildive than a lot of things that showing and not telling can dish up, mostly due to the directness of it and how it also builds the author's writing style.
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03/25/2022, 09:05: Silly Little Man writing his Silly Little Blog

Right now I am mulling over the fact that my math teacher gave us a test on the day before winter break of 2021, or at least the class before winter break. This was both awful and possibly generous with good intentions, as he knew that if we took the test after winter break we would forget everything there was to forget about the topic. My math teacher, as I have probably mentioned a few times before, is not quite my favorite person, but really not someone I despise. For an hour and thirty minutes two times a week, he displays his raw talent and prowess at a subject that does not go very deep at this level. We are learning about the unit circle, and have a test on it on Friday, and it is just manageable and makes sense but is not deeply interesting. If deeply interesting is something that I am after, I do not think I should be seeking it in high school, however.
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03/22/2022, 11:04: More school things

Or really perhaps not school things. I am writing this at school again, as I have the chance to, and as of now it seems like everything is happening in slow motion in not a great way. My 16th birthday is not too far off, and I still do not know what to do for it. It is not like I plan these things multiple months in advance, but it is also not like my desired result is to not have a party, or have the party that does happen be absolutely shameful and worsen every participant’s mood.
I suppose the most relevant and interesting thing at the moment is the dictionary app that I recently downloaded, a Merriam-Webster one if that means anything, and it is actually pretty darn useful to have on my phone. This will sound absolutely terrible, but there are these vocabulary quiz things that you can do via the app, formatted with one word and four possible synonyms; it is just a slightly fun and slightly sterile game for me and I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy it. Of course, no one will buy it if I say that the most interesting thing I have been doing is partaking in fucking Merriam-Webster app vocab quiz things, so I should probably recount the recent track meet that happened on Friday with haste. First I think I will stream of consciousness a little bit. I am sitting in fifth period right now, on my ass as usual, and we have just spent 25 minutes going over a six-question in-class handout. We got the first ten minutes to do it, and then a further ten minutes was spent waffling over whether we should go over it yet or not, and then one minute of me actually doing it, and then four minutes of going over it. It is about this concept of an Intermediary Channel Member, or something that we in the business call a "Middle Man".
I profusely apologize. It is now Wednesday the 23rd, with time very hastily draining away, and I have not written a whole hell of a lot of this. I will start with the recounting of the track meet, however, with no fluff or anything dumb like that before it. The track meet was what is called a Jamboree, consisting of my school and two other schools and only a few events. The whole roster was the 4x800, 100, 400, 1600, and 4x400; not including the field events, however. The whole team enjoyed watching the 4x800 people do their thing, as it was a cool event to watch and most of us including myself had never seen a 4x800 ran before. It is kind of an unconventional thing to do, with it being an awkward distance and an awkward amount of time to complete it, but because there were so little other events and dependencies an exception was made and we got to watch it. One absolutely insane freshman guy got a sub-60 first lap, which is unheard of even for running a 400 and not an 800. Anyway. The people doing the 100 then went, and there were a total of fucking 20 heats of the boys' 100. This meant 20 times of eight people lining up on the track, getting their starter foot things calibrated, actually starting, and then waiting for them to get off of the track. It was not spectacular, but fun to watch I suppose as some of them were going scarily fast. There is one guy on the sprints team who I saw wearing baggy sweatpants (and the reeboks with the the straps) with a fucking back pocket. It was clear that he had run in them, and as it was more than 65 degrees I really do not know why he was wearing them. There is also the guy that wears pajama pants to track every day, but he is not on the distance team so perhaps he is a decent person and I do not know it. I have found that, instead of inwardly judging myself, I am just outwardly being critical of other people without really knowing them that well. This is strictly not a good thing, and I would rather simply not judge anyone else harshly or myself harshly. It is very hard, though, to not cast some sort of contempt in any direction, so I think I will take what I can get with it not being towards me.
Anyway. My LA/SS class finished watching the movie Schindler's List on Tuesday, and while I certainly did not dislike it, it seemed to me more of a film than a movie. Like the kind of thing that a critic would call a film rather than a movie; similar to how a chef would call a dish artisnal cuisine rather than food. The movie is a solid slightly more than three hours without credits, and was breathtaking in more ways than one. All of the class was silent for a few minutes after it ended, and I really do not have anything else to say about it other than it being worth watching albeit maybe not in one sitting. It is not a boring movie, in fact far from it, but three hours is quite some time to be focused on something and to be witnessing all of the things that happen in that movie. I am not really thinking clearly, though, as it is kind of late, so I think I will head to bed. I doubt I will write here more than I currently am, but once a week seems like a decent pace if I can commit to it and get off my ass frequently enough.
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03/16/2022, 20:23: I am true to my word

There is, as it might be able to be guessed, a whole lot of things that have been happening. Very similar to last week, actually in the abundance of things; mostly I am writing this now so I do not have to face the music of rewriting an essay by hand for LA/SS. It was something that we did in late February, and our teacher passed back only on Monday with no one getting more than a 4 out of 7 and with very little explanation as to what specific people did wrong. Which was fine, but I am just not very jazzed about rewriting the entire thing to get perhaps a 3 out of 7 rather than a 2 out of 7. I can still say I did it, though, and it will be better practice for when I have to do it again. Mostly the things that have been happening are too strange or specific to talk about here, but there are still other things that I can mention. The first track meet of the season is on Friday, which I will likely write about extensively like I have with the other track meets, maybe as an exciting "T&F Meet Day I: The Return" title or something. I am not nearly as good of a runner as I was at the peak of the cross country season, but from here the only way to go is up and I will likely be running consistently more until next winter.
The main issue that I cannot believe I have not mentioned yet is that the indoor mask mandate lifted on Saturday, which means a number of things. So far, after three days of masks being optional, it seems like only the people who were itching to take their masks off have taken them off. The kinds of people who wear them incessantly under their nose or who cut the filter out of the inside or wear grated ones that you can see through. The kinds of people that wear flannel pajama pants to school, and bring wet wipes in their backpack so that they can polish off their $200 Nike shoes if they step on a mossy rock the wrong way. These kinds of people seem like they make up about a fifth or sixth of the school, which makes a whole lot of sense because that is roughly the portion of the school that is not wearing masks. Most if not all of the people who are still wearing masks are doing so out of their own safety or the safety of others, which is a very good reason that I am glad people are adhering to. I should probably do that myself, but I have gotten so very sick of wearing a mask over the past yearish that I was kind of itching to no longer have to wear it, even though it did not manifest itself physically that much. There are many other reasons people have been keeping their masks on, all of which seem fairly reasonable as well. However, some part of me thinks that surely there are some people who keep wearing a mask due to the status symbol of it in a way, that they are a bona fide hero if they keep a piece of fabric between their nose/mouth and the outside world. The kinds of people that get some pink ass drink from Starbucks and bring the cup to school just to drink it slowly in class; not because they like the drink, but because they like the concept of going to Starbucks and shelling out $7 for some fruity milk water with ice and letting the world know this. There is something deeply wrong to me about doing this, of keeping a mask on due to feeling socially higher and buying Starbucks due to feeling socially higher. Perhaps it is worrying to me because it lets on that these people are comfortable enough with their current environment, and take enough things for granted, that they are trying to push that threshhold of grantedness and introduce some sort of new status quo. I don't know. It just seems like people do a lot of things, that seem like everyday activities, in reality only to build their optimal personality and optimal character that they deem fit. Like they are trying to fit some mold that they have created for themself, and the only way to assimilate and fit nicely into it is to do certain things and behave in certain ways. Things like wearing clothes that fit a style to me is fine, because it is not undermining who you are as a person and only an outward-facing, extrinsic characteristic. Having to augment your personality to fit some sort of archetype is the worrying thing, and somehow I feel like people are doing that with wearing masks and going to Starbucks and all of that. To a certain extent, perhaps the people who clean their shoes a lot and bite their lip a lot and scroll quickly through Instagram are doing this as well. There is a very good chance that I am doing this myself; slowly and surely and unknowingly changing some of my essential characteristics to become the optimal representation of my goal persona. Like trying to become someone I, at the very base level, am not; and what is worrying to me about doing this is that it is impossible to reach this pure persona state. I think I should stop talking, as I have started rambling and really not making sense. I might collect my thoughts and write a whole manifesto about this issue, because after some thinking it might be the reason for so many of my observed commonalities at school and other places, but I really cannot think right now due to how late it is. Please have a good next few days, and contact me if this does not make any buttfuck sense so I can attempt to explain it better.
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03/14/2022, 21:46: 8 days????? Surely you are joshing

Unforuntately I am not joshing. Too much shit has been happening over the past, well, eight days for a timely proper entry, so I am putting this here in hopes that people will understand or sympathize until I can actually write a full entry. This may be tomorrow, or even as late as Wednesday, but I will not forgive myself until it happens. Thank you for your possible forgiveness, and I am hoping that I will not forget about this blog although that hopefully will not happen.
It has also been a whole ass 3 years since I wrote the first entry here!!! This is something that I have only just noticed, and whch is quite a cool detail.
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03/06/2022, 16:29: Actually detailed entry

To be very honest, a hell of a lot of things have been happening over the past week, which is the reason why I have not been writing here nearly as much as I should. Last week was the week that track started, and I am fairly certain that it goes for upwards of two months, so I will just have to live with it and manage my time better like I did during cross country. There are quite a bit of things to talk about regarding track, and quite a bit of things to talk about regarding school as a whole as well as social things. I suppose I will start with the track things; so far I am feeling pretty decent about the state of my fitness and the state of track in general. The vibe is slightly different than cross country, which is really not a bad thing; mostly because not everyone is in it for the same cause and not everyone is doing the same thing. In cross country, we were all aware that everyone else was suffering just as much as we were; in track, some people are actually having fun or doing things that bring joy other than running. In the moderately sized and isolated group of distance runners, everyone is in fact doing the same thing, which helps recreate the vibe a little bit. It is just slightly strange when I ask people whether or not they are in track and they say yes, and they are not doing distance, but I think I should stop being prissy and conceited and be glad that I am in track in the first place. I also got some new running shoes today; they are black Hokas, as I have heard a lot of good things about the brand and wanted to try them out. So far, they are very light and pleasant to wear, but this unfortunately means that they will wear out in about a heartbeat. They also make me look slightly less like a loser than the ones that I previously had, but that was likely just because the previous ones were thoroughly worn out and had begun to develop holes in the sides. I drove both ways to the shoe store, and it was absolutely flattering when my mother did not hold onto the seat brace thingy during the car ride. She used to hold onto it so tightly that her knuckles began to whiten, but recently she has been putting her hands in her lap and looking at ease. I take this as a very good thing, as I do not have my drivers' liscense yet and will hopefully get it in mid-April, only having to endure one more required drive, then the written assessment, and then the actual drivers' test, and then taking photos at the DMV or something. It is all a very convoluted and vague process, and I am not worrying about it too much at the moment because I think it will just naturally happen if I keep storing things that have to do with it in the back of my head, where I am passively aware of them but not taking action on them.
The only slightly catastrophic thing happening in school is my Spanish class and my grade in that class; I went on a rather long tangent about it on the 24th and it is really a class that I dislike currently. It feels like we are being coddled somehow, when we are all sophomores or juniors in high school (anyone above 30 reading this is likely in tears from laughter). This results in me trying a whole lot less than I should in that class, not even doing important work at times while I know that doing it will take less than five minutes and burn less than ten calories. Perhaps it is because I internally label the assignments as not necessary, even though they are more than necessary and not doing some of them has resulted in my grade falling to slightly above 80. Still not bad, actually rather good, but in contrast to the rest of my grades it is kind of a blemish. The rest of my classes have actually been going quite well, with me getting the first perfect score I have had on a math test since 7th grade on Friday, which I am very happy about but fearful that I will get overconfident and do badly on future tests. Physics is also actually going very well; we had a test on Thursday and I doubt I will care what my grade is on it due to how excited I am for the next unit. It is the most ready I think I have been for something in school in a long time; it is the unit on rotational kinematics, where it is just like translational kinematics but with different variables. This by itself is not interesting, but there are many more gimmicks and cool things that you can do with it, as far as I know, that make it worth learning. It is also likely the last actual concrete unit before we get into the irrational and vague things like waves and magnetism.
On Friday, I also downloaded Cut the Rope, which was hard because I was doing it in school. The reception at my school is so unbelievably ass that it restricts SMS texts sending at times, being even worse with things over Snapchat. Downloading an app took a very long time, more than 40 minutes, and once I got it I turned on airplane mode so I would not be bombarded with ads. It is a very good game, somewhat limited by being a mobile game, but still very fun and satisfying to progress through. If it did not have an ad in every possible place for one, I would play without airplane mode on, but the sheer quantity and volume makes it a chore to play. There is not a lot else to say about it other than just how good it is and how I remembered it being. I have also been slowly clawing my way through Jump King, a game I bought with my hard-earned Steam store credit. It is similar to Getting Over It, but with a different art style and different gameplay. It is a platformer at its base, with the main gimmick being that you cannot control your jump midair. This leads to gameplay consisting of holding the jump key and praying, which I honestly like because it is skill-based and rewarding. There is the potential to fall great distances if you screw up a jump, which is also the allure of the game as it is actual high-stakes platforming, where you are undoing your hard work by screwing up.
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03/03/2022, 21:05: It is March

Somehow February is over again, and now March is here with still very little sunlight and the same schedule as February. In seventh grade I realized that months could be classified by the amount you had to subtract from Sundays to get a multiple of seven, which will give you the overall pattern of the month and what numbers of days are on what days of the week. Because March directly succeeds February, and February usually has 28 days, March has the same general pattern as February due to 28 being divisible by 7. Anyway. The main issue is that track season has started, specifically starting on February 28th and continuing for who knows how long, presumably into June. I have been hoping that my running endurance has not been dwindling over the past while, due to me not running as much, but it has just more or less stayed the same. I am not really improving, though, which is fine.
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02/24/2022, 20:47: My goodness

I am very sorry that these entries have been undeniably progressively shorter. I like to think that I still have a fair bit of free time, albeit a whole lot less of it than this summer or the year before due to in-person school, but still more free time than I would have if I had a job. This means, intuitively, that I should probably be writing here more. My free time has stagnated, however my motivation to get off my ass, or in this case on my ass, has decreased. The result of this is not a whole lot of text-writing coming from me in the past week, with the addition of me going somewhere for a few days of it. I think I should not be pinning the blame on myself, but rather the aether or somewhere that I do not have to worry about it, as it is not a very big deal in reality and I am in fact writing this right now. First I would like to clarify that Tuesday, even though I might not have said it then, was not a very spectacular day and I probably should have stated it then. Wednesday was solid, and so was today as a matter of fact, but Tuesday kind of sucked shit. I was just not very awake in the majority of the periods, even though I got seemingly enough sleep, and it was like every possible bad thing that could have happened converged and mixed into one day. There was enough snow to make it difficult to get to school, but not enough to cancel it; on top of this it was twenty something degrees Fahrenheit so walking somewhere for lunch was chilly and unfulfilling. Next to none of my friends had a whole lot of energy that day, either, so I had no source of outside pep. Wednesday was not bad in a large part due to the length of it, and I only had to sit through three classes instead of four. There was a project for Spanish in which we had/got to paint on a t-shirt with a crazy and kooky design about some environmental problem happening in a Spanish-speaking country, so I did all that was required beforehand and then winged the actual design. It did not turn out badly, actually, and I am fairly happy with the result and how centered it is; due to the permanence of paint, there were no second chances for drawing things. Spanish is a very funny class in a bad way to me, in the sense that seemingly everyone there can actually sit through it except for me and probably some other people. It absolutely boggles my mind that upwards of twenty reasonably sane teenagers can sit and focus for an hour and a half on a very slow presentation that is 50% in English and is meant to teach Spanish. I mean holy shit. This came to its zenith, or at least I hope so, last Wednesday when the entire fucking 90-minute period was filled by our teacher speaking and a PowerPoint presentation complete with clipart and all of it. She is really not a bad teacher, and I am grateful every day for not having The Bad Spanish 3 Teacher who snaps at kids and swears in Spanish, but I am just craving rote memorization and simple vocabulary tests on memorized words. This sounds terrible to say, and I am more than happy to get 95s on all of the tests by just thinking about it, but I really do not currently feel like I am learning Spanish in that class. And I do not have to, I suppose, if I am already passing, but it seems like kind of a missed opporitunity because I have been taking a few years of it. I do not even expect to get a little bit fluent in the language, just to learn and understand more of it than last year. This kind of stagnation is exemplified with this t-shirt project; it was planned out a month ahead of time and is moving at a slowish pace, and it feels like I can just BS all of the checkpoint things from how shallow they are. The whole project is in English, as well, and is for a school-wide language week thing. I suppose I am not complaining about the project, just the things behind it and how we could actually be learning things but instead sit through lectures and paint on shirts. I don't know. The alternative of forced vocab memorization is likely even worse than the current situation, so I think I should shut up about this topic.
It might also be a good idea to talk about where I went over the three days that I was gone!!!!! Which is unfortunate because I do not have a whole lot of time left. I am dearly sorry.
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02/22/2022, 21:39: Twosday

Sometime in like 2018 I looked forward on the Windows calendar until right about now, and thought it was very funny that today was a Tuesday with all of the twos in the rest of the date. Now it is here, and I think I owe everyone and anyone reading this a summary of how everything else went. But first I think I should talk about today; today I felt very standoffish, not towards anyone in particular, but just in general which was not really a good thing. It felt like I was just cutting everyone's possible conversations off, rather than constructively contributing to them, but if my goal in talking to people consists of contributing to conversation I think I am simply asking to be known as a narc or a similar dry adjective. Other than and I suppose including that, today was not great but certainly not terrible; I had a computer science test which was just an hour and a quarter of tedium and stress. Today was the first time in a very long time that I have felt some manifestation of stress; usually it is not fully formed, but I was just very nervous during that test and in that context I think it can be called stress. Stress the word has not made very much sense to me outside of the context of taking tests, as it just seems like a reason/excuse not to do anything rather than starting on doing things, but right then and there it made a whole lot of sense. The test itself went fairly well, though, even though it was just long and could have been more pleasant. There was also the issue of someone in my LA/SS class having developed an audible anxiety tic, which they were very open about and I minded a whole lot less than I thought I would.
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02/17/2022, 10:50: In denial

Depending on how you slice it, it has been more than a week since I have written here. This is not too catastrophic, but still rather catastrophic as it means that I cannot stick to writing things. I did hand-write something in math class yesterday, but I doubt I will be able to upload it and have it be decently accessible. To be very honest, a hell of a lot of stuff has happened over the past week, which is part of the reason why I have not written here since last Wednesday. First I suppose I will mention something that I have been thinking about today, and then go into all of the things that happened over the past week.
While in the shower, I had some very coherent thoughts/revelations regarding whether or not gender is a social construct. This is a phrase that I have heard stated as objective fact by a few people, and mainly it made me think about whether or not it was the case. Gender and sex are two very different things, which is hopefully something that has either already been established or already been agreed upon. However, to a certain extent, I believe that gender is influenced by biological sex. People with a Y chromosome are more likely to identify as male and do classically male things; such as going to monster truck shows or something and being all testosteroney. This does not mean that anyone with a Y chromosome must be male, but that people who are assigned male at birth are more likely to exhibit these behaviors. This, however, is hard to actually discern because there is a very large chance that I am just second-guessing myself, because for as long as I can remember people with a Y chromosome have done this kind of stuff and acted this way. It is really hard to tell how much of gender identity is genetic and how much of it is really actually up to the person to decide, but in the end I am not sure it matters. Whatever gender someone presents as should not affect how they are perceived, even though it usually does, and a lot of this has already been thought about and solved by other people. I think I will shut up and talk about some other things.
Yesterday I was very bored and was not in the mood for a lot of things, so I decided to put on a sleep mask and walk around the house. This was meant to be preparation for walking home from my bus stop blindfolded/sleepmasked.
FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I am leaving in most likely a few minutes to go and see some mountains and a rainforest for three days, which will be nothing short of breathtaking but also mind-numbingly uneventful. I have not even gotten halfway through what I meant to write about on this day, because I am someone who cannot stick to a task for apparently eight hours, so I will likely leave this here and perhaps update after those three days. I am very sorry about all of this, but I would be quite a bit more sorry if I forgot completely about this blog.
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02/09/2022, 17:46: Explaining some more

I greatly apoligize for the last comedic video (#159) not being funny; I have exhausted all of my folders of videos, and to find a suitable video I just scrolled through Twitter until I found a video that might be funny. I did not even listen to the audio for it, so for all I know it might be the hard-r multiple times in a row. Likely not, though, and hopefully there are more relevant things to talk about. This week is registration week, where everyone in the school is sent into a weeklong feeding frenzy of trying to figure out which classes to sign up for, and it is really like finals week all over again. I am not sure if I have mentioned this here before, but during finals week the only fucking thing people mentioned at first was finals. Every conversation would start the same way, with one person asking the other how finals are going, and then the recipient of the question saying "nah i only have a few/no finals" and then the asker of the question saying "yeah me too". It was fine for Monday and Tuesday, but very much got on my nerves for the other part of the week. I might have had the same conversation upwards of twenty times that week, and it was all the dry kind of conversation that was mostly in passing and never actually meaningful. This time around, though, the conversations are actually relevant, as the classes someone is planning to take is an ever-changing attribute during this time; rather than the drab stagnation of the quantity of finals someone has. The one interesting thing that I have not mentioned was Monday; on that day I did cross country practice and really did not know what to do afterwards. My mother was at my sister's basketball game, so she was unable to get me home for another hour or so. This meant that I could either walk home, or find interesting things to do. I went to the store and bought some hot pockety things from the freezer aisle; they were very similar to hot pockets, but slightly cheaper and a different brand and French toast flavored. I then talked with a few people for a while, which is really not the most specific sentence ever but I would not like to be all that specific. Some other things likely happened between Monday and today, but either I cannot remember them or they are not that important. I will waffle over my classes some more before the week is over, certainly, and then make a decision and waffle about it on here after I have made it. Junior year, the grade I am going into and signing up for, is supposed to be the hardest year of high school, but the main issue is figuring out how many AP classes to take. This is a long discussion that I will hopefully have another time, but I am very very pumped about AP Physics 2 next year as well as the remainder of AP Physics 1 this year. It is a hard class, but if you think about it enough it starts to make sense.
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02/07/2022, 18:30: Today and yesterday and also the day before

No shit. I really do not know what I am going to title these, with the exception of the Valentine's Day entry ("Valentine's Day") and the entry that I will hopefully do on the 22nd of this month ("Twosday"). These are not even very clever names, and I should really be worrying less about what I am naming these and instead worry about the parts that people actually pay attention to. Some keen pairs of eyes might have noticed that the ads on this page have stopped appearing, which is indeed true and not just a local browser error. Unfortunately, I tried to verify my identity with Google by submitting an image of my valid American passport, and they turned it down and cut off the ads; only supplying a twenty-something long list of possibilities that the reason could be. I hope I will not have to troubleshoot each and every one of the reasons, but I am too much of a lazy ass to resubmit the identity and risk it happening again, so I suppose I will be stuck without ads until some sort of miracle happens. I also hope that this entry does not sound prissy thus far, as well as in the past; there are days that I feel like I am being conceited, but today is a day where I feel I am being especially conceited. There is a good chance, though, that I am just not being, but there is also a chance that I actually am coming off as a horrible person. This is not my intention, even though I do not think anyone wants to come off like that, and hopefully the intention will bleed through into how it is perceived. Anyway. This weekend was actually pretty darn good, today included I suppose. I played poker again on Friday, and lost only $5.50 compared to the $20 from a few weeks ago. This is progress, and if the trend continues I will come out in the positive the next time we play poker. It was just a very fun event, with people that I enjoy spending time with, and at the end one of them played piano for like ten minutes. I am still thinking about those ten minutes, and they were very good at piano, and somehow they put feeling into the music in a way that came through when you listened to it. There were also brownies there, and I only ate one but they were worth it on the whole due to the fact that one guy would not have come if there were not brownies. Saturday was also not bad, with me not leaving the house except to take a walk at like 10 in the evening. The walk was only because I thought leaving the house would be a good idea, as staying at home all day makes me feel rather slimy. On Sunday I went on a bike ride to an area near my school's track that is, allegedly, called The Aisle. The source was someone named S[-----], who has a French accent and a streak of bleached hair and kind of leans into you when talking to you. I was told that she went to this area on request of a kind of gross and manipulative guy, and so she went and there were strange things there. I also heard from a different source that there were used needles, presumably thrown over the fence from the track by athletes, however this seems too absurd. I went over there and found my way into the area, without any hopping of fences, and found to my disappointment that it was nearly all just wetland. There was a thin layer of ferns and mulch and things, and past that it was just wetland with cattails and all of the accoutrements. I did not poke around any more, as the area I was in seemed like the most accessible area, but I did walk along the fence to see if there was anything notable on the other side. There was not, and I only found used cans instead of used needles. I cannot say that I was surprised, though. After looking around, I went to the store that was nearby and tried to think of what item would bring me the most long-term joy from consuming it or using it, and eventually I settled on a gallon of ice cream. This was the result of going through nearly every aisle in the store and looking for things that would be worth it, and realizing that if I wanted something that gave long-term satisfaction, I should look in a place that does not specialize in perishable groceries. I bought it and put it in my bag, and then biked back to my house and had a bowlful of it. This was not great, in tandem with the fact that I did not have lunch that day it made me eat more ice cream than was probably healthy for me. I felt like shit for the rest of that day, and it all subsided by the morning, which was very relieving.
As a matter of fact, I am so much of an ass-sitter that I did not even get to Monday the 7th on this entry, and right now it is the 9th, so I will probably just end this here and talk about Monday soon/eventually.
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02/02/2022, 21:15: Semi-late feverish entry

Today, so far, has been rather strange, although not explicitly bad or good; I felt more disgusting than usual today by swallowing loudly and grunting occasionally. I was sitting in my room a few minutes ago and had a vast outpouring of very good, clear thought, and had the realization that it would be very nice to have access to the blog so that I could write it all down. A few of the thoughts were about the popular “oldie” singer Buddy Holly, and how I should listen to more of his music, and a lot of the thoughts were more me dwelling on my identity. I was thinking about how, no matter what I do or attempt to do, there is no way to change the state I was born as. Specifically, biological sex and race. These two things, although vastly editable using hormone therapy, melanin (probably), and other methods, are/were concretely set in stone when I was born. There are other characteristics that are less set in stone, such as the number of fingers I have, or my sexuality, or my eye color: these can be changed without too much effort, but with possibly detrimental consequences if I cut off a finger or something. Right now, I am able to experience the way the world is from the perspective of someone with green eyes solely by going to a store and buying a pair of green contact lenses. Or brown, or grey, or even pink with stripes and polka dots. Literally anything, because this is a characteristic that I can change, and that if I do, no one will bat an eye. I can also experience the perspective of someone with four fingers on both hands by amputating both of my pinky fingers; while this has the aforementioned detrimental consequences, there is still a way for me to have an “outsider’s” opinion by modifying myself slightly. If people having green eyes and four fingers was somehow sizably relevant to the way they were treated in society, I would be able to become a flawless empath by experiencing their point of view for myself, and thus having the ability to actually understand their point of view. However, some problems arise when it is realized that the world does not work this way: in modern society, all of the things that impact the way you are treated are things that you cannot control and things that you are simply born with. Things such as the qualities of biological sex and race, and to a certain extent sexuality and gender identity. I will never ever ever ever be able to experience the authentic point of view from the perspective of someone with darker skin, and similarly I will never be able to experience what it is like to have a different reproductive system. This may be the reason that I think about my identity so much, and why it bugs me so much, is because I know that I will never have a relevant point of view on so many of these things. Who cares what a white guy thinks about how black people are treated?????? Not many, or not many people honestly would, because the white guy does not know what it is like to be black and vice versa. I suppose, then, that this is the reason that it is necessary for people to share their experiences and learn from them, and the reason that civil rights is the way that it is today: because people in the minority group informed the majority about what it was like, and the majority was so stricken by it that they changed the laws. This is the main problem that I have with being in the solid fucking majority in every demographical/psychographical area, is because it means that I am high rolling and will never have to experience the definite bad things about being in the minority. And also some of the good things; but saying this makes me realize that everyone has this problem to an extent. It brings some consolation to me that I might have been a Hispanic, French-speaking, physically handicapped, lesbian woman in some past or future life, and I might as well get as much out of this one as I can. I don’t know. It seems like there is some very deep itch in my brain that I will be able to scratch at if I put the right words together in the right order regarding this topic, and evidently that has not happened yet. I think, to a certain extent, everyone gets tired of living in their own skin sooner or later, and wonders about how things might have been like if they had been born different. I did not even draw the short straw when it comes to identity as well, and perhaps my point after all of this is that everyone feels like they drew the short straw and that the best you can do is be comfortable with who you are. This includes things like being trans and the vast quantity of combinations of X and Y chromosomes humans have the potential to have. This is all just part of everyone’s identity, and it seems bland and drab and awful to everyone because they are the ones experiencing it and it is local to themselves. I should shut up. Hopefully you have found this at least understandable and maybe even interesting
Anyway. Over the past two days I have started progressing through a certain Steam game called Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World, a cuteish little indie platformer about a mushroom princess with blue hair and with a lot of sprites that look like cats. The main gimmick thus far is that all of the walls are bouncy, so it is a balancing act of purposefully bouncing against walls to gain speed, and avoiding them so you do not bounce out of control. There is also a minigame of Tetris, in a way, every time you open your inventory, which I thought was a fun system and which has not gotten old yet.
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01/31/2022, 21:05: I am now a cheapskate

Today I realized that I could possibly be making some extra dollars off of this website, specifically this page in particular. I do not know how much time I have put into writing this, but it is likely over a few tens of hours or perhaps even hundreds. I realized that I had made an AdSense account for this website a while ago, and was only running ads, quite without profit, on the page designed specifically to house ads. This was good, for the purpose of allowing people to more or less voluntarily give me free money, however was ineffective at actually giving me fat stacks. If fat stacks are what I am craving, I think I should instead get a job rather than writing on a sad little website, but on the other hand I very much enjoy writing on this sad little website. This meant that, since this page is quite possibly the most traveled-to page on the site, if I put ads here I would make money every time people looked at the page. I was thinking about this all throughout school today, and I found that a good compromise was to put ads here, but sparingly and with a button to turn them off. This would earn me a few cents per view this page gets, possibly more if the viewer scrolls some more, but one bannerish ad per entry seemed modest and not over-the-top like some websites. The biggest problem that I have with ads here, especially on a blog like this, is that the person looking at the page consciously knows that they are giving me money by viewing the page. This might make them reload the page some more, which is good because in that case I get more money, but there is something inherenly scummy by putting ads on something personal. I compensated for how awfully scummy this is by making a snarky message display if you turn off the ads, which will hopefully either make people not turn off the ads or just begrudgingly deal with it. If you absolutely hate the ads, please contact me wherever is convenient and I will certainly consider removing them or at least making them more scarce.
Anyway. The past three days in particular have actually been quite good, with today being not as good as the weekend but still solid for a Monday. The main highlight was cross country, wherein I ran a little under six miles and enjoyed the sunlight. My dick got less cold than the time that it caused me to piss blood for a few days, which is something, and it was generally a nice time because of the weather and because I was running again. I did end up feeling like shit for a few hours afterwards, because I suppose my body was not used to doing that and had kind of a stomach ache. It was not rote, unquenchable agony though, which I was glad about. Sunday was very good as well, with me doing nearly nothing other than going on a drive and doing my laundry. I also changed my bedsheets on Sunday, or at least the layers that touch my skin, and did that and folded my clothes while listening to synthwave, which was not a bad experience at all. Saturday I went to this gathering thing that had a few other people, two of which I knew very well and a few I did not know as well. It was a very fun event, and allowed me to just have a good time and talk and get to know people better. I could go into more detail, but I am only willing to go as far as admitting that I had a slice of pizza and two marshmallows and a few cups of water. This is the kind of thing that I wish happened more frequently, or that I wish I was invited to more frequently.
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01/27/2022, 15:15: More of finals week

Currently I am at home, and questioning the word choice of the "comedic video of the day". Not even the comedic part, as using that word rather than funny inherently makes it funny, but the "of the day" part. This implies that I write here every day, or so I thought; if it said "daily comedic video" this would be very different. Instead, I like to think of it as the comedic video that happens to be on the days that I write here, and usually this is less than once a day, so it makes sense that it is "of the day". I hope. I am not thinking terribly clearly right now, but I could have sworn I was a few minutes ago. Today was another finals day, with the second period final first, and then a sixty-minute break period, and then the sixth period final. Each final was 110 minutes, and I really only had one final today and only two this week. This final was the second period one, where our teacher gave us some tasks and then took it upon himself to chew the rest of us out about how we misinterpreted his directions for the previous day's final. Sixth period was Spanish, and we had a speaking test wherein the teacher pulled us in randomly selected pairs out of the room, and we were supposed to talk to each other in Spanish for three minutes. It was not that bad, as we had the previous units' worth of studying, as well as having known what the talking would be about ahead of time. I was crossing my fingers in my pocket whenever our teacher was selecting the pairs, as there are two people in that class that I desperately do not want to be grouped up with, and luckily they feel the same way. I did not, in fact, have to suffer the three minutes of unbearable agitation that would have resulted in being paired with them, so I consider this a net gain. I was paired with someone who knew their business, and who was rather good at speaking Spanish on the whole, so we had a decent enough conversation without feeling like we were carrying each other. Our class then watched a movie about people making instruments out of garbage in slums in Paraguay, and eventually the time came to be out of school. A lot of my thoughts today, as well as yesterday night, have been devoted to how on Earth this one guy is still single. He is someone I have been talking more with as of recently, and I know a few people who know him better than I do. He wears fitted shirts and fitted jeans, and plays soccer and has a fair bit of muscle and is in general good-looking. He seems like the exact kind of person who would be in a relationship, but he is not for mysterious and unknown reasons. His friends say that it is just because he has bad taste, and does not like a lot of people romantically, which I suppose makes sense. He is just perfect in every way to do that kind of thing, and it is surprising to me that this is not happening yet. I do not even know him that well, and I have heard from multiple sources that he projects a personality that is not what he is really like, but I think I should stop focusing on it. He is not even a bad guy, either, and I do enjoy talking with him. School today ended at 12:25, and the buses came at 2:45 because the rest of the middle and elementary schools are not on a shorter schedule. This meant that I could either hang around at school until the buses came, or do something else. Because it was a very nice day, with above-average temperatures for January and a cloudless sky, I decided to walk home. The walk is not very short, but not absurdly long; if I were to guess it was a little over two miles and took me an hour to walk all the way. It was incredibly pleasant, and would have been a better walk if I did not have to carry around a backpack. I am glad I did it, and I got home earlier than the bus would have dropped me off, so this is more reason to have done it other than my own personal benefit.
But yes. That is I think all that is immediate and happening, and I will maybe do some more things this weekend. There is a chance I will do something on Friday or Saturday, that being playing poker again with some people. I played poker with four other people last Saturday the 22nd, and I lost $20, but I would be willing to lose another $20 for the sake of a good time and a good story. There is another thing that I may be doing on Saturday, but this is a very big maybe and I have not been formally invited so far, but if it does happen I think it will be fun and cool. I hope I will be able to post/write here again in the next few days, and I most likely will, but there is a chance I will forget or just not get around to it. It is very impressive and perhaps worrying to me that I only wrote here a few times last January, and I am just trying to not let that happen again. I have also realized that, for the entire calendar year of 2021, I have been writing here. Hopefully 2022 will be the same way.
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01/25/2022, 08:16: This man has bad priorities, look at him and scoff

Today I wore all of the Loom bracelets that I mentioned yesterday. I likely could have covered wrist to shoulder on both arms, as well as from my ankles to my thighs on both legs, if I still had all of the bracelets that were thrown away, however they are long gone by now. There was one guy who absolutely hated them, and many people who were indifferent towards them, but I thought they were amazing and wore them with gusto and pride. By now, I have taken most of them off because they are itchy and restrict blood flow, but I have kept two of them on that are not too tight and rather good looking. One of them is even rather meaningful; a rainbow bracelet that looks like some beads strung together. I found it in the gym of my elementary school a little less than ten years ago, and to me it is still a feat that it has not condensed or disintegrated into latex ash by now. I will certainly keep wearing that specific one with pride, as it is kind of large as well and fits loosely on my wrist. The other is just a boring old rainbowish one that I made myself, however it is good-looking enough and antique enough that it is worth being kept on.
Today is also the first real deal day of finals week, and I was going to have a final today in my math class, but it was called off due to so many kids being absent. I have two formal finals, in my language arts and history classes, and two tests in other classes. I feel like I am fairly well-prepared for all of the tests, except for the history one, but this requires a lot of reading and a lot of intuitive thought. I think I will just read over the chapters necessary for doing well on the final over the next few days, and hope and pray that it is enough to do well on the final. It being finals week does mean that school gets out an hour and a half earlier, or two hours depending on how you look at it, which allows for doing things and general merriment after school on a few of the days. So far I have been just thinking about things, such as how terribly foggy it is outside or the familiar website Asci Art Farts or a large sum of other things related to how I perceive myself and how other people perceive me.
It is now almost time for the period which would have been my math final, but is now only a very long review session. I have been thinking very hazily and waffling over where to start for the daunting task of studying for the history final, and getting absolutely none of it done. Some of this may be chalked up to me being kind of tired, but I think it can all be attributed to me being lazy and not in the mood to do any of it. Instead of what I should be doing, or instead of coming up with conscious, decent thought, I am just taking in my surroundings and trying to learn things by osmosis. I am in a classroom with many other people, most of which are familiar, and a good number of which I know the names of. I just feel rather lethargic at this time, and this is not even a bad thing; today was not even a bad day up until now. Today will likely become drastically better, but I think I am scattered for nearly no reason.
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01/24/2022, 18:04: About to do absolutely nothing other than writing this blog

It is not really that I have nothing to do; even though this is the case, I am planning to do nearly nothing other than committing time to write this. I had started reading The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13¾ for the third fucking time, however decided against it after reading the Wikipedia page for the series and realizing that his saga extends for thirty more years and until he is middle-aged and has children. I am not even kidding. I thought it would be a slightly repetitive book series, even though I have only read one of the books, but it it more like a sitcom or a reality TV show due to the fact that it progresses in real time. The author of the series, Sue Townsend, unfortunately died in 2014, but I thought the first one was a very good book and have been considering buying some of the other ones for almost a year now. I have actually mentioned the book before on this blog, which I suppose just goes to show how desperate I am for reusing content. Anyway. The two biggest things that are happening at this very minute are me wearing a pair of cargo pants and me being generally in a solid mood. The cargo pants I do not wear frequently, and try to not wear more than once in a week, but I always somehow end up wearing them on Monday or Tuesday due to how very excited I am to put them on. They are kind of thin, though, and kind of expensive which means that the manufacturer tried too hard to make them, but they are still cargo pants. I do not know where this train of thought was supposed to go, but I was instead reminded of all of the Loom bracelets that I found in my closet a few days ago, so to be very blunt about it I have just spent an hour and a half finding all of my remaining Loom bracelets and being transfixed by them. I used to have a hell of a lot more Loom stuff, but most if not all of it was donated or otherwise cleansed a few years ago. The bracelets I could find, though, were quite cool, and if I wear them all they stretch almost from my wrist to my elbow. I also found a very long string of bands, all connected together, and hung it up in my room by coiling it around the string of lights there. I quite like the look of it, even though it reminds me in a possibly unnecessary way of my previous hobbies, but I think it is good to remind myself of how things were in the past as well as not dwelling on it. This took up most of my time, actually, since I started writing this, and rather than being around six in the evening it is now around eight in the evening. I am a pretty darn big fan of doing these impulsive things, except of course if they are physically addictive, in which case I will simply not try or do said things. This has not happened yet, but if I feel the impulse to smoke a cigarette I will hopefully immediately quench it.
To be very honest, it has been kind of hard to write these blog entries because there is so much shit happening compared to the summer, so all of the usually-bombshell shit is quashed into minutiae. This leaves nothing but absolutely huge shit and things that are scantly on my mind to talk about, of which there is very little. There is also still the thing that I mentioned on the 11th, but I doubt I will talk about that until I am in my thirties or something; honestly this has been taking up a lot of my thoughts, which is not a bad thing, but it just leaves less room for other things. Something I have been mulling over for the past few days is the movie that I recently watched with my father, Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. The movie is very good, and I can recount a detailed synopsis, but I doubt I will here because it is such a good movie and caught me so off-guard when I watched it that I do not want to ruin that experience for anyone else. It is still a baller ass movie though, mostly because of all of the dialogue and confusion and blood and psychopathy, and is somehow available on HBO Max in addition to other places. I have also recently procured this equally sick ass candle that is tall and cylindrical and has this heavenly-looking guy named St. Jude on it, and I have been lighting it and blowing it out for the past few days. It brings me comfort, and I suppose that is what matters, but it is still a nice-looking candle and even has a decent smell. Dude!!!! I almost forgot. There are actually two things that I just did not mention, the first of which being that my acne is clearing up slightly. This is because a certain benefactor suggested that instead of just slightly scrubbing my face with warm water, I completely vigorously scrub and perhaps even "get jiggy with it". This has made my forehead nearly completely clear up after a week of doing this, except for two small scabs that are very noticeable against the peach-colored backdrop of the rest of my forehead. There is still a lot of it under my jawline, and unfortunately a lot of people I meet are shorter than I am which requires them to look at it. This is still being worked on, and I think if I just scrub like this every day and every night I will be in much better shape when it comes to clogged facial pores. The other thing is at least ten times more exciting, but is something that I will likely forget about in a while. It is that the grocery store that I live close to was selling a cake that looked identical to the transgender flag, except on a cake. It was four dollars and fifty-nine cents, and I bought it today with my own hard-earned cashola and it was worth nearly every penny. It was very filling, and although it did not fully fulfill my expectations after looking at it so many times and thinking about how tasty it would be, it was still a very good cake and I think it is just very funny that it looks like the trans flag. I do not know what estrogen or testosterone taste like, but they might have been baked into that cake. I think that is really all that has been in my head for the past while, and I more than likely missed some things. I was in a very poetic and cold mood today, as far as my thoughts go, and I think a lot of it bled over to this.
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01/18/2022, 18:12: Remote school still sucks shit

In case anyone was wondering!!! I updated a little bit about this in a different place, but Wednesday and Thursday of last week were rather uneventful, with Friday being fully remote and synchronous learning. Neither of the days were particularly interesting in the fact that I did nearly absolutely nothing on Wednesday and Thursday, and sat through remote school on Friday in a hampered state of mind. I had honestly forgotten how terrible remote school was, until I was confronted nose-to-nose with seven hours of it on Friday and grew awash with deja vu and general discontentment. The previous seven days have felt like they have lasted longer than they should have; in part due to the thing that was mentioned last entry, as well as the general slower pace of everything. I really am not minding it so far; of course in-person school is vastly preferred to this shadow of learning, but it is not like I am having my fingernails pulled out. I am not in unbearable agony every minute of every day, and until that happens I feel comfortable in saying that I am enjoying it. I am not really in agony a lot of the time, even: the main pangs I felt of it was when I pissed blood a few weeks ago. Those were short, physical bouts of agony, and I have not felt absolutely terrible since then. Even mentally, I think I am doing better than I was a year ago, if I even was doing worse a year ago. It is honestly very hard to tell, and likely better overall if I do not worry about it.
Today I took another bike ride, not quite as long as the one last week but still longish and enjoyable. I used to like taking bike rides a whole lot more, and then I practiced actually driving. It is not that I prefer driving to bike riding, which I do if the goal is to get somewhere and not to recreate, but that there was the slow realization that bikers are very very annoying when you are driving. As a biker, you are the scum of the roadway; even on trails and places that there are no cars, the mere whisper of the phrase "on your left" will send any sane person into hysterics. It becomes, then, a dangerous tightrope walk of trying not to be a dick to people walking, but also trying not to be a pain in the ass to cars and the people inside of them. This is not very easy to do, and luckily in most places there are sidewalks. The purpose of the bike lane is, if you ask a city planner or someone who does not use them, to serve as a lane for bikes. The real purpose of a bike lane, however, is to serve as a buffer between the lane that cars are in and the sidewalk in ideal circumstances. This means that, if the bike lane is being used by someone on a bike, the risk is ran of a car hitting the biker, or the biker hitting someone walking. The people who call themselves "cyclists", though, mistakenly use this buffer lane even if it has a little bike symbol in it, and even if it is as thin as a pencil. These are the same cyclists who wear the skintight uniforms to show the world their love handles, and the same cyclists who will hold up miles of traffic to assert their dominance as Someone Who Doesn't Use The Sidewalk. These people are despised by nearly everyone except themselves and their loved ones, and are even farther down the roadway food chain than people who call themselves bikers. The general rule of thumb that I like to use when I am biking is to Always Yield To Buttfuck Everyone Unless I Have A Death Wish. This includes people who walk on the sidewalk, people who waddle on the sidewalk, people with dogs, other bikers, and people driving cars. This way, if I make sure to get out of everyone's way and always look over my shoulder before doing so, I offend no one and garner the middle finger from no one. This is also not very easy to do, and makes riding my bike make me sweat more than it probably should. It is a small price to pay, though, for social respect from people I will never see again. Anyway. The bike ride itself was quite pleasant, but it would likely be quite a bit more pleasant if there was no one else on the sidewalks or roads. This is impossible, though, and I think I should learn to deal with it rather than complaining about it and hoping for the problem to subside.
Also!!! Another thing that has come up recently is a small slug drawing that I made over the summer and instantly forgot about. It is one panel, with very thick outlines, and only depicts a slug saying "i am disgusting". After drawing it, I just looked at it for a while and sighed a few times. I have recently taped it to my wall so that I can look at it more, and so that it can fuel thought. The phrase "i am disgusting" holds more meaning than is probably healthy for me, as frequently I say it to myself and then kind of disregard it afterwards. The phrase bounces around in my head after I lick ranch out of the bottom of a single-serving plastic cup, after I find out that I have picked my nails to the point of bleeding, and when I dry myself off after showering and realize that the towel already smells like myself. After cleaning my facial pores with a pair of tweezers, after looking at my leg hair, after realizing that my hair is frizzy on certain days, after remembering that I spent most of last summer and the summer before that in my basement ruminating, and after cleaning my bathroom sink drain. It is very easy for the phrase to be connotated negatively, and in fact it does bear a negative connotation when you get down to it, but if you look at it the right way it is slightly reassuring. To remember that humans are not just bags of meat, and feel impurities and dissatisfications, is a somewhat comforting fact. Mostly, after finding the drawing again and looking at it, I felt a lot of the same way that I did over the summer. That is, I felt like I belonged nowhere by belonging everywhere; being a cisgender, heterosexual, 6'0", neurotypical, able-bodied, white atheist male. After thinking about it and mulling it over for almost two years at this point, I feel at least a little bit confident that that is my identity. This is not really a bad thing, and I do not want to sound like I am playing the martyr or the victim because I sure as hell am not; I am quite priveleged and experience many things that someone of less privelege or different identity would not be able to experience. I don't know. I just feel like some somewhat recent social interactions I have had would go a little differently if I was not 6'0" and male. It is more likely than not that I am overthinking this, so I think I will stop and instead worry about other things.
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01/11/2022, 10:46: Mercy

Right now I am sitting in business and marketing, which I have fifth period, in the hope that writing this will make the fiery and unquenchable agony slightly more bearable. The class is really not that bad, in fact kind of nice as I can just zone out and be lost in my thoughts for an hour and thirty minutes; as of yesterday, though, there are so many things to think about that I would rather have it all play out than think about it. There are quite a few things to talk about and to fill in, such as the fact that I attempted writing here on Sunday but instead watched Christopher Nolan’s Inception for the third fucking time. I think I only wrote two lines of filling-in, without it communicating much as it may have just been me wallowing. Saturday and Sunday, or I suppose the 8th and 9th of January, were actually quite solid. I had nearly nothing to do on Saturday for a few hours, so I decided to ride my bike down to a nearby city so I did not rot from boredom. It took perhaps an hour and a half one way, and when I got there I spent another two hours waffling over what to do. I settled on going to this used book store that sold used books as well as other forms of entertainment, such as movies and records and tapes. After looking around, I realized that there was a clearance section that had very cheap movies, and it was there that I got Inception, Blade Runner, Garden State, IT, Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Volume 2, the second season of Lost, and the first season of Battlestar Galactica. I thought it was a very good list for all being in the clearance section, and I did in fact watch Inception on Sunday and Monday. I am especially excited for the Kill Bills, as my father has talked a lot about Quentin Tarantino’s work and there is a chance I can watch all of it before he releases the 10th movie. The other main thing that happened on Sunday was that one of my friends and his family came over to my house, for the purpose of making up for New Years’. This was quite a good time, and we played some card games and talked, as well as playing an old Mario game. I was quite tired by the end of it, however, and nearly instantly went to bed after it. I do not really have a lot of interpersonal stamina--I suppose a way of expressing tolerance when talking to people--especially if I do not talk with them a lot or if it is a late time in the day. There are certain people that I am able to spend fourteen hours straight with and not get bored or go insane, but these people are few and far between, and this brings up the whole other issue of their personality integrating into mine after that long.
Sunday was not bad either, with me going for a two hour-long drive with my father and generally enjoying it. I am slowly getting better at driving, and hopefully there will come a point where my father does not have to hold onto the car door handle thing whenever I am taking turns. I also got to take the bigger car that we have, the SUV I suppose, that has a nicer engine and more seating. This means that it is larger, as well, but it is quite a bit more fun to drive than the other, smaller car. Nothing else really happened on Sunday, or at least nothing else that I think I should mention thus far.
Monday the 10th was actually a very stacked, very good day for a few reasons. The first was that we did not do a whole lot in school, and the few things that we did learn/do were actually stimulating and made intuitive sense. In math we are documenting rational expressions, which are just polynomials but with fraction bars everywhere, and I like to believe that I am at the point where moving all of these numbers around actually makes sense. In physics, we continued the discussion that we started on Friday about momentum and impulse, and did a cool lab with these plastic carts to show it and deepen the understanding. The other reason that Monday slapped hard is a reason that I will probably mention here eventually. It is the kind of thing that is amazing in the moment, but will likely make me sad when I am remembering about it a few years from now. This blog will stay up on the website for as long as I can foresee, and if it does go down I will still have the HTML file. This means that anything I write here has a chance of being read by my future self, a future self who might want to forget about certain things, which is why I am hesitant to write about it. It is also the kind of thing that I do not want the whole world knowing, and as the whole world has access to this blog I am not sure that I should talk about it. This thing left me in a slightly dazed state for the rest of Monday due to how much it promoted thinking about it. This brings me to today!!! Today I am feeling tired and still slightly dazed, although it is dazed due to sleeping wrong or off-schedule rather than dazed due to too much thinking. I woke up an hour earlier than I usually do for the purpose of looking things over for the Physics test I have yet to take, and after finding out that I do in fact feel good about the unit I made coffee and took a shower. I am very glad I did that, and I think it was worth it so that I will, hopefully, have a higher test score; it just made me very tired for the rest of the day. I am still quite tired, and writing this is numbing the gut-wrenching agony of fifth period a little bit, but I am still not having a great time today. I mean that very literally; meaning that today is not as good as yesterday, but still not a completely awful day. For a very good reason, “not great” is usually said through gritted teeth and meant to mean “actually buttfuck terrible”, so that people do not have to say that they had an actually buttfuck terrible day out of politeness, but I think it is more useful to say things literally and use the terms literally. One bright spot is that at the end of the day, I will hopefully be able to go on an exhausting three-mile run, probably between two half-mile warmups and cooldowns. I have not been running in a while, but have been taking ample walks and have been doing enough other things to make me not feel guilty about the lack of running. It will be great to get back into it, though, and to hopefully sharpen my edge some more before track starts in I think March.
RIGHT!!!!!!! On Sunday, I finished watching the movie The Shawshank Redemption And holy shit. It seemed like a random sequence of events in prison for about two hours, however the last twenty minutes were amazingly satisfying to watch and were exactly what I was hoping to happen for the movie. It is the kind of movie that you watch, and then think about for the next few days; or at least I did, because I am still thinking about it. I do not want to spoil too much about it for anyone reading this, as I think the best way to experience movies and TV shows is firsthand rather than reading a synopsis, but the movie stuck out to me as being exceptionally good.

I am now writing this after the entire day, and there are a few things of importance to fill in on. The first one is that I think I absolutely nailed the physics test that I took today, the one that I woke up early to look things over for. This was not too big of a deal, and was mainly just very satisfying to be done with and to rest assured that I do not have to retain the information for much longer. The second thing that happened was me taking a run for the first time in quite a while, which was kind of a rude awakening due to it being rainy and cold, but still a rather good run. It also allowed me to connect more with my mainly cross country friends, and adjust more to running before track starts. This I have already mentioned, however. The third thing is that my school is returning to remote learning, at least for a week. Currently I am in denial of this, although tomorrow I will wake up and it is going to be a reality. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be asynchronous, and the school days until the 20th will be synchronous with classes taking place on the normal bell schedule. This might actually be a little less ass than remote learning last year, as I now know most of the kids in my classes and there will be less stigma around people talking and speaking up. The part that I will certainly not mind is the new opporitunities for hanging out with people; the reason we are going remote is not because students are getting covid or its new variant, but that there is a staff shortage. From this logic, it is more than alright to still hang out with people and lead a social life while school is remote, as the reason is not to prevent students spreading it to each other but just so that teachers can actually teach.
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01/05/2022, 18:00: Well shit

I guess I cannot be trusted to write a blog entry without shackling myself down. This is not to say that I have done this in the past, the shackling part, but it certainly seems like it from how short the last entry was and from how much I have tried and wanted to write here but have not gotten around to it. I will eventually get around to all of the things that I clued into last entry, but there are some slightly more pressing things that I think it would make sense if I mentioned first. For example, currently I am listening to the Frank Sinatra Christmas Album, or more specifically "A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra". On vinyl, as well, which means that I am getting his pure voice. I have wanted to listen to it for a while, but today is the first day since Christmas that I have felt like making the vinyl player work again, even though it is quite too late for Christmas music. There is something about how far across the room the record player is, as well as the slight echoing quality of Sinatra's voice, combined with the fact that it is January 5th, that makes listening to it a rather unsettling experience. His voice is accompanied with very cheery violins and things like that, and it really should make listening to the album cheery as well, but he sounds slightly sad when he is singing, and the instruments seem like they should be a key up. I think a lot of it is in my head, and the fact that it is kind of an old record makes something in me perhaps want to perceive it as somehow intimidating or foreboding. It is still quite a good album, and was probably liked better when it came out due to it being more recent then. It is certainly a lot better than the Christmasy kind of grinding metal that I had to endure on the bus all of last month, likely because it is Frank Sinatra and he has an incredibly good voice that has aged like fine wine.
Anyway. The first of a few things that I would like to discuss before I catch up on all of the loose ends that I started yesterday was a certain person who I have known for some time, but sticks out to me in some way. This person is named C[-----], and is one grade below me, and who was in my 5th grade class. While I was in 5th grade, he was in 4th grade, and the class we were in had both 4th and 5th graders. I do not talk to him a lot, but he is I think the sweetest person I have ever met. He instantly recognized me on the first or second day of school, even though we had not seen each other in years, and whenever we see each other in the hallway we aggressively wave to each other. I think this is very endearing, and makes me feel like I have someone who respects me and who I respect back. He wears this slightly funny gray and silky mask that straps around his whole head, and wears it well; not being ashamed of it. Masks that strap all the way around the head are usually very unattractive; they do not make the wearer less attractive, but whenever I see someone with that massive ass strap on the back of their head I do a little bit of a double take. C[-----] absolutely rocks his mask; I do not know how or why, but the reason might be related to the fact that he is already quite a good person.
The second thing that I would like to mention is my morning routine, which I have almost gotten down to a science. If anything that I touch or use before 6:30 in the morning is out of place, the whole routine is thrown off and I will be confused and dazed. The system works, though, even though it is slightly unseemly. When my alarm goes off at 5:40 in the morning, I methodically flip the covers of my bed over so that it does not make a mess and so that I can get out of it quickly. I then turn off the alarm, with the purpose of making it shut up permanently rather than hitting the snooze button which only shuts it up temporarily. I wait for my pupils to contract while I adjust to the light, and then try and pick out a decent set of clothes so that I do not look like a cretin. This is rather hard when you are only a third awake, but it is not too bad when all of the clothes are at least a little bit neat. I then take all of the clothes that I plan on wearing into the bathroom, near the shower, and turn on the hot water. Stepping into the hot water, I try not to flinch because there is a chance that the knob has been jostled a little bit; my shower has a very specific sweet spot when it comes to hot water but not scalding water, so I must be very careful when turning on the shower. I then actually do shower, using conditioner on days that are not a multiple of three and using shampoo on days that are. This makes my hair softish, but not too softish, and dry, but not frizzy. As I have exhausted the bar of soap that I used to use to scrub my body, I instead use 3-in-1 to wash my body. This seems immoral on several different levels; the first being using 3-in-1 to begin with and the second being that I am only using it to wash my body. It works, though, and I suppose if it washes down to my pubes it does not hurt to shampoo them or something. After I turn off the water in the shower, I open the curtain and grab the towel that I use to dry my body. This is different than the hair-drying towel, and I am sure to replace them both at least once a week so that they do not get rank. I dry myself very thoroughly with the body towel, and then use the hair towel for my head hair. The body towel I hang on a hook so that it can dry off and lose its nastiness a little bit before I have to use it again, and the hair towel I put in a little bin. After I dry my hair, I scrub off the mirror where it has misted over so that I can see my reflection; I then try to part my hair as well as I can without making it look weird and scraggly. This sometimes has good results, and quite frequently it is not parted well and kind of looks crooked when I try to force-part it. I think I worry too much about this. After parting it, I dry my hair some more with the towel, and then comb it, and then dry it some more after that. I absolutely despise having wet hair in the morning, but I am slightly unwilling to stoop low enough to use a hair dryer for it. I then scrub my face with a washrag and put cold water all over it, to close pores and make me feel refreshed. Then I put my shirt and pants and deodorant on, and exit the bathroom. After I get some socks and my phone from the bedroom, there is not a lot else to do, but it is quite a bit to remember to do every morning. By mid-September most of it has become habit, and I rarely forget to do things by now.
Fuck!!! Right. I still have to talk about all of the goings-on in Texas. It was really not a bad trip, although rather strange as I said last entry, but the coolest non-specific thing that we did by far was going to this convenience store called Buc-ee's. It was like a drugstore or 7-eleven, but slightly mixed with a Trader Joe's and a Costco. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, and it even had quite a few gas pumps beside it. It was massive, hence the Costco aspect, and had some slushies as well as coolers, hence the 7-eleven aspect, and had a lot of self-branded goods, hence the Trader Joe's aspect. My family got a few t-shirts with their gopher mascot on them, as well as some gummy worms and a hot fucking pink cup with the gopher mascot. I thought it was all very funny and interesting; there were a hell of a lot of other things that we did on the trip, but I think they would be all too location-specific. Anyway. This January I will hopefully write here more than four times compared to last January.
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01/02/2022, 21:52: Guess what year it is

Holy shit!!!! It is 2022. I have gotten so used to the fact that this year succeeds 2021 that I will hopefully have no trouble assimilating into the year and writing "22" on my pages rather than "21". There have been a few things that are interesting enough to talk about here, being the trip I took to Texas hence the gaping hole in the consistency of these blog entries, as well as some other things. The Texas trip was rather strange, but still worthwile I would say.
Around now is also the time when, after I have come back from other trips, I notice that my tone is slightly different and panic a little bit. However, I am going to try to just roll with it because worrying and bitching about these kinds of things is not very worthwhile if the problems will simply fix themselves. Therefore, rather than worrying and bitching, I am going to keep talking about what happened on the Texas trip, even though it is rather hard to discuss without getting too specific.
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12/21/2021, 12:16: The other things

Right now I am listening to VideoSongs, Vol. 2 by Jack Conte; the whole thing, because Kitchen Fork was just that good, and the rest of the album seemed worthwhile. I should do this for more albums, I think, ones that have only one great song but the rest is probably solid. If I had a choice, I would listen to albums that have many good and popular songs rather than just one, but I suppose that is the reason I am listening to the whole thing, to see if the rest of the album is any good. It snowed yesterday, which was kind of unusual as my area does not get a lot of snow, but it did not stick to the ground so it might as well have been cold rain. I also saw the new Spider-Man movie yesterday, the No Way Home one. It was not the worst movie I have ever seen, and certainly not the best, but it was still a solid ass movie. Maybe a 8 or 7.5 out of 10 if I had to give it a rating. The plot was good, the acting was good, the special effects were good, the chase scenes were very good, but Zendaya's mouth was too big on-screen. Like, it took up half of the space below her chin. This is uncanny to me because I thought her mouth was not that big, and I suppose I did not see too much of it in Dune, but it was very offputting and almost ruined the flow of the movie. Had her mouth been a reasonable size, the movie would be a solid 8.5 out of 10. Nothing else really happened between the 18th and today, which might be a good thing. I am just hoping for a relaxing winter break, and so far it is just that. On Sunday my father and I drove for an hour both ways to try and get the gun again, and the background check took a very long time again. But I did get some more flannels and one pait of sweatpants, which I am unreasonably happy about because they do not have branding on them. I also walked around quite a bit on Sunday, going into this large forest network that I found by going the wrong way on a trail. This forest network is hilly, unmaintained, and has many branching paths, but it is fun to just go there and walk around and think about things.
Something that has been very much bugging me lately is that I am not as devoted to Geometry Dash as I was a few weeks or months ago. Ever since the school year started, I have been playing progressively less and less of it, and feeling worse and worse about how good I am at it. I am still pretty darn cracked, but just not as cracked as I used to be over the summer. This is especially hard to deal with due to Zodiac still being unbeaten, and me being so close with the 96%. There is no way in hell I will beat it before 2022, and maybe even 2023, but I have been pursuing other endeavors such as playing NecroDancer and having human interactions. This kind of stuff is likely more important than beating Zodiac, but part of me feels guilty for leaving the level to rot and getting progressively worse at Geometry Dash. I will certainly get back into it at some point, but for whatever reason I feel like all the time I spend playing Geometry Dash goes to waste, even though I am very good at it and slowly getting better. It really does not go to waste, though, as the community is exciting enough that there are fresh new things to think about and play daily. I am also kind of lacking on streaming, and I feel even worse about that because I am fortunate enough to have an active community that will go to shit if I do not stream that much. As of now it has been 17 days since I have streamed, which is probably the longest I have gone without streaming. This feels horrible, but at the same time I am glad about doing other things.
Somehow, it feels like there is not a lot to say. There was a whole lot of stuff that happened last week, when there was school, but a lot of it is very petty and I might give it a few more weeks before complaining about it. It just feels like time has been going so quickly in the past few days, which I do not mind, but it is a little bit scary. It may be because I am waking up so late; usually on weekends I do not sleep in past 8:45, but I have been consistently getting up at like 10 for the past three days. It is going to be the worst feeling in the world when it is the Sunday before school starts and I have to set my alarm again, but that will not be for a while. Two weeks of winter break is a very long time without significant social interactions such as school, but then I remember about last year and feel a whole lot better about it. I surivived last year, which means I can survive a lot of things. Before I end this I would also like to discuss the slightly bullshit project that I have been doing in computer science. It is not completely bullshit, and is actually a very fun and cool project, but only slightly bullshit because of some of the elements of it. We are/were supposed to create a fraction calculator, straight up, that accepts two operams and one operator. All answers must be reduced, and in the form of [whole number]_[numerator]/[denominator]. It was very hard to make it intuitive, and I only have very bare-bones logic for the reduction, and it does not work with negatives too well, but it works for a lot of things. The bullshit part of it was that our teacher made it seem rather easy, which it was not; we had learned all of this stuff about parameters and if-statements and loops, and then were expected to synthesize all of it with little to no help. Parsing the input was not too bad, and neither was parsing that, but doing the actual operation was near hell, especially with negatives. I have been thinking about it, and I could probably rework a lot of it to be okay with negatives, but it is still a balls-hard project that it seems like everyone around me is doing just fine with. I do not know. I think I have a solid understanding of the material, but it is all of the nitpicky things such as string equality and concatenation that I have a hard time with. I am still keeping up with the class, too, and taking notes, which I am very glad about. It is not like I have fallen completely behind, it is just this one project that I will likely get a 75% or lower on.
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12/18/2021, 18:56: Results of The Piss Test among other things

The past four days have not actually been cripplingly, horribly bad; even though they have possessed the bad elements of the last month, they had some pretty darn good parts. On Wednesday the 15th, I went to a doctors' appointment to check out the blood-in-urine thing. I wish I could say that they knew exactly what it was, but after asking me some questions and prodding around my back, they could not tell what it was that was causing the blood to be in my urine. So they had me piss in a little sterile plastic cup, and said that they would try to grow the bacteria that was in it to see if I had an infection in my bladder. The test results came back yesterday, and they were almost as concerning as test results can be. There was indeed microscopic blood in my urine; not as visible as it was on Monday and Tuesday, but still there. The most concerning thing, though, was that there were white blood cells in it, which meant that my body was/is currently fighting off an infection. They could not grow the bacteria, so it is either a viral infection or something else that is just as concerning. I am going back to the doctor on Monday to piss in the cup again, and they will run some more tests on it and see if the blood cells are still there.
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12/14/2021, 19:31: The past 30 hours

It is not that the past 30 hours have been especially interesting, in fact they were pretty darn normal. However, I have been in a strange state of almost-agony for 30 hours. This is because, somehow, after getting back yesterday from taking a run, my dick was cold to the touch. This was fine, until there started being searing pain in that general vicinity. I had never experienced anything like it, really nothing anywhere close to it, so I did not know what to do. For a few hours I got searing pains in my lower abdomen every two minutes-ish, and they were hard to ignore and did not lower in intensity. After a while, though, the pain eventually went away, and I thought that whatever the problem was, it had run its course. Until I went to take a piss, and noticed that it was all brown and cloudy. This was less shocking to me than it should have been, and it is not like cherry-red blood came out, but it was painful enough and worrying enough that I made the conclusion to tell some people about it the day after if I was still having trouble. It is now the day after, and every time I take a piss, usually near the end of it, there is that searing pain. There was also visible blood that had sunk to the bottom on one occasion, which made me rather worried and made me start leaning on doorframes and frowning. I have told my parents about it, and my father has never had this kind of problem however he did have a list of things it might be: 1) Absolutely nothing, as in there is just blood in my piss. This is apparently a common occurrence among distance runners, and as I belong to that group it is not too surprising that I am experiencing these symptoms. 2) A kidney stone, possibly caused by not having enough water. Kidney stones can also be caused by having a lot of energy drinks, as far as I know; I have only had one Red Bull over the span of two days because I could not handle it all in one day so I think it is safe to rule this out. 3) Testicular or prostate cancer. Having this at my age would be absolutely terrible, and equally as unlikely. But not impossible, unfortunately, although it is probably not this. I leaned on some more doorframes, and decided to go for a walk to clear my head and because I had not gone outside of my house for a purpose other than school yet today. I went to my elementary school, or at least the one I went to for the majority of the years before middle school. The school used to be painted a nice, unassuming shade of cornflower blue. It is now painted this unseemly shade of neon fucking green, for the purpose of blending in with the trees around the school. I am not sure if they plan on painting the trees around the school neon fucking orange, but unless they do the color will continue to look horrid. I do not know why, but I like walking around that elementary school. Even though it is kind of ugly, it is a good reassurance that this nation is still capable of constructing new buildings. There has been a certain area of a city near mine that seems to have been working on building the same few city blocks for at least a few years. The cranes may be just props. I also like going there because there are more streetlights than necessary there, and it is like the sun never sets in that parking lot. There is a trail that used to connect the school to the road next to it, but the trail was blocked off to protect the ferns that live there. I have never seen any plant on that trail other than a fern or a blackberry bush, which made me question its worthiness to gate off. So I enter the trail from the street, and then come out the other end of it near the school and hop the fence. It is like commiting arson or property damage, but for people who are massive massive pussies. Usually I walk around the fire lane of that school, and go up to the park that is near it. The park has a big toy, which used to actually have caution tape around it in the spring of 2020 so that no one could spread the coronavirus. The caution tape is off now, probably because people wanted to use the big toy. The thing about that park is that there are absolutely no streetlights in it, nearly to the point that I could whip my cock out for at least a few seconds and not get called out. It was not like there was anyone there, either; I like to go to that park when it is dark out and shine my flashlight around and look for drug dealers. There were none, and if I was a drug dealer I would not be standing alone in a park that was close to an elementary school. I walked through some of the dugouts that were in the fields, and then went into the bathroom and looked for a video camera. There was not one, only a motion detector to turn on the lights, so I wiped off the perspiration on the mirror and looked at my dimple for five minutes. I only have one dimple, rather than zero or two, and it is on the left side of my mouth and makes me look like the Roblox man face when I smile. Parks like this are very good places to do things like that. I checked behind the bathroom for drug dealers, and found only some oranges that were stuck to the awning. So far, I do not think I am schizophrenic, mainly when it comes to the drug dealer thing. I just think it is funny that if I look hard enough, there is a chance I will find someone even if it is not a drug dealer. I would guess that drug dealers who have high schoolers as their clients would instead work out of their own homes, or cook meth in an RV or something similar. I then walked back from that park, and it was not too eventful. But it did make me think about two of my best friends in second grade, and where they are now.
My two best friends in second and, hell, even third grade were named A[-----] and D[-----]. A[-----] had kind of a triangular face, and we were absolute homies with each other. More than once a week, I would go to his house after school and watch him play things on his Xbox and Wii and it was the greatest thing ever in second grade. He was the youngest of four kids, the other three being girls that were quite a bit older than him, and the lower floor of his house had this drawer filled with protein bars that we would reap from every once in a while. He had this slightly shitty little diary that was made out of a few sheets of A4 paper and stapled together, and we both thought it was the coolest thing ever. I do not know the total time I stayed at his house for, but I still remember the layout of it and where all the windows were located. D[-----] I also went to the house of, and we were solid friends, but not as good as me and A[-----]. I also know where his house is, and I had a few very hype sleepovers there in third grade. The best thing though, by far, was that the three of us would go after school many days in second grade, on that trail that I mentioned previously that was near the school. It was not blocked off by a fence then, and we would look for the little BB ammo things that BB guns used, and pick them up and collect them. That trail seemed so very much larger in second grade, and some days after it rained a lot it was like seeing the repurcussions of some massive flood. We garnered large BB collections, and then did nothing with them. There were mostly white ones and yellow ones, and occasionally red and black and maybe green ones, all in varying shades of their specified color. They were also almost always covered in dirt, and we had to clean them. There were probably more in the other parts of the trail, but every day we went, there were more BBs to find. After third grade, I went to a different elementary school and met some more people there. I did not see A[-----] and D[-----] a whole lot after that, up until this year. This year, they have completed their metamorphosis and have struggled out of their cocoons to become white boys with shaggy hair and midparts, who wear shorts in December, who wear their masks below their noses, and whose idea of fun is going to a school football game or getting more than 100 views on a Snapchat story. I really do not know what happened to them, and I am also not sure if it is a bad thing that they have changed in that way. Some of my friends at times talk about D[-----], and how much a bitch he has been, and I then say that I know where his house is. Which I do, and I walk by it sometimes and see movement in the windows. I suppose I miss the people that A[-----] and D[-----] used to be, if that makes sense, even though they have really just grown up the way I have from second grade. They used to be cool, and have their own personalities, and now they are white boys. This makes Spanish slightly more of a living hell, as A[-----] is in my class, and every time I see him I wonder if he remembers who I was to him and if he no longer likes me. But he does not and has not acknowledged me yet, which hurts a whole lot less than it probably should. But it is fine, I think, because I have friends who are not devoid of personality.
Oh my goodness gracious that sounded really really pompous and pretentious. I am sorry. I would pick my current friends over A[-----] and D[-----], but it is not like I hate them. I am just surprised at how different they are from the people they were in second grade.
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12/13/2021, 08:22: Another kooky and crazy story idea

I am not sure if I mentioned this on here or only on that podcast, but two weeks ago I had a rather baller story idea. Of course, it is not actually that good, but the premise is this: Everyone above the age of 18 dies, maybe by a disease or alien abduction or something, and all of the young people in the United States become very polarized and belligerent. This leads to a massive civil war between young democrats and young republicans, which is decided by diplomats from both parties to be a nation-wide game of Capture the Flag. The Mississippi River is the middle boundary, and the democrats’ flag is somewhere in Seattle and the republicans’ flag is somewhere in Florida or Alabama. Whoever gets the opposing teams’ flag across the river wins the game, and gets to indoctrinate everyone who disagrees with them. I do not know who wins, but it seems like the democrats have an advantage from how vast the left half of the country is. But that is only the first story idea! The one that is kind of old and I have already thought quite a bit about.
The new one is this: A young guy who is still in high school gets genetically tested and realizes that he has absolutely perfect genes. Race, eye color, and hair color do not matter, but he has an IQ of 160, is athletic, and has zero genetics-based syndromic illnesses such as bad eyesight or bipolar syndrome. This guy realizes this, after the genetics test, and one day in the shower he realizes just how expensive his sperm might be, and how much people would pay for it. The only problem is that he is rather young, and he reasons that if people realize that the sperm they are buying is from a high schooler they will be a lot less likely to use it. This leads to him faking his age and telling a sperm bank that he is the age of 30, and him eventually making loads of money from the pristine state of his genes. This works well for many years, and he is able to pay for college from this money alone, until a few decades pass and he realizes he must live with the consequences: a whole generation of people a little bit younger than him, that are related to him in some way.
The more I think about it, the more this plot sucks shit, partly because the repercussions are not that bad and because it is rather gross to think about.
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12/12/2021, 17:02: Dude

Yesterday was weird as hell, and today was even more weird as hell. What seemed like it tipped it off was something that happened on Saturday morning. I find joy in tying events to other unrelated events; for example the lack of berries in my Special K and me sobbing about it for a few minutes ("The Special K Incident") being associated with this new era of a few people ignoring me. Those two events were not correlated at all, but I liked to think of them as such because there were no other ways to explain them. A similar thing happened on Saturday, being that I was walking my dog and she had diarrhea, twice. Luckily it was not in anyone's yard, but because it was a sensory overload on at least four of my senses, I had to clench my jaw for the next hour to keep myself from dry heaving. That happened at maybe 11 in the morning on Saturday, and because I had not a whole lot else to do, the day before I had promised someone to be at their house at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. This was because they had to hang a door hangar paper thing on every door handle in their neighborhood, a task which takes him eight hours without any help. But because he had asked for help, the job was a lot easier. At 2:00 most people arrived, and by 2:10 it was assumed that everyone who wanted to be there was there. The guy who lived in the house doled out some donuts and apple cider, and the task was divided up between the five of us. The neighborhood was centered on this main road strip, with other roads branching off of it, which made our job very easy to plan out. Two people would go to one end of the neighborhood, two people would go to the other end, and they would put the door hangars on doors, working inward until they met. The fifth person would drive around and see how everyone was doing, and accept phone calls if people got confused or lost. This actually worked out rather well, and we had bikes, which made the job quicker and easier. The first few houses were very enticing, but everything after that was a very boring slog. It only rained for around half an hour, which was a lot better than if it had rained the whole time we were door hangaring. Eventually it became a methodical few-step process; the person I was working with was on the right side of the street, and I was on the left. I would just ride my bike into a driveway, go up the stairs, and put the door hangar on the door. He would do the same, and if we could both see each other, we would advance to the next few houses. If one of us saw a cul-de-sac, we would make it known to each other, and then divide up the work in that cul-de-sac between us. After around two hours, we met up with the other group that started at the opposite end of the neighborhood, and rejoicied. A car was called to the spot that we were at, and after a few minutes we were all back at the guy's house. This guy is more than just a guy, in fact he is my friend, but for most of these purposes he is just a guy. We finished off the donuts and most of the apple cider, and took turns blowing on one of the tennis balls that was hanging from a string in the garage. This got old very quick, and we realized that we were literally blowing bacteria into each others' mouths, so we stopped. Some other things happened, and I eventually got home by maybe 6:30.
The rest of the night was pretty darn weird, mostly because of one event that did not directly involve me that I suppose is still ongoing. Just like all of the things like this, such as the thing that happened in early July, I will probably think about it for a while and then write about it here, or the more likely case where I will just not write about it at all after thinking about it. Today was not too bad and not too interesting so far, with nearly fucking nothing of note happening between when I woke up and right now. Which may be good, because it is a Sunday, and it is likely a bad thing to have things to worry about all seven days of the week. Mostly I am both looking forward to as well as fearing winter break, because it is just hard to not talk to people for that long of a time. But there are things being planned for the first week of winter break, and for the second week my family is going to Texas. I have already recieved some condolences from people at school, because next to no one goes to Texas for any sort of vacation, but it is the one area of the country besides the midwest that my family has not gone and done things in. Apparently, according to my father, there are at least two or three things to do there that will not make us hit the ceiling from boredom, which I think is a good thing.
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12/10/2021, 09:19: More bitching and moaning, probably

I do not think it is fair to call what I do here bitching and moaning. Maybe complaining, but bitching and moaning seems to be too harsh of a phrase. Right now I am sitting in the somewhat free period known as Flex, where us kids can choose to go to whichever class we would like and do things there. There are not a lot of other places I have interest in going, so I nearly always go to my fourth period and sit in silence with other people I do not know. There is one guy here who is also in my fourth period, and, out of coincidence and perhaps misfortune or supernatural punishment, was in both my first grade class and my third grade class. His name is J[-----], and I had the privilege to watch him chew bananas with his mouth open during snacktime nearly every day in first and third grade. Back then he wore the exact same puffy jacket to school every day, and this year he is still wearing the exact fucking same jacket every day. There are fold lines on it to indicate that it has been hung up with care every day. He has painfully pure skin and painfully nice and wavy hair, and carefully makes sure to wear identical-looking jeans to school every day and to wear alternating masks. Every time he hits a key on his laptop, he hits with the force with the ability to shatter glass or to break a bone. I have neve seen him use a mechanical pencil, and I have never seen him use anything but the blue pencil bag that, likely, he has had since elementary school. He is not, as it might be able to be guessed, my favorite person on Earth, and I have always held a large amount of cold and bitter contempt for him since elementary school. This, however, is just the cold kind of contempt. I would throw a pillow at him, or perhaps a tomato, but if he was tied to the tracks of an active railroad I would without question untie him. I would be overjoyed if he moved away, but I would certainly feel awful if he died.
There is indeed one kid that none of this is true for. Myself and one of my friends call him Potato Kid, because his face has the appearance of being sculpted and molded out of mashed potatoes, but if I am right his real name is M[-----]. Potato Kid is on the same bus as I am, and he is at the same bus stop as someone that I have a lot of liking towards. That person, though, is rarely on the bus in the morning, however without fail every morning I see Potato Kid’s cheeky, pompous face without a mask on at 6:45ish in the morning when he gets on the bus. Everyone is half-dead in the morning, except for the people who wake up earlier to apply makeup which I have quite a bit of respect for, and Potato Kid is no different. Luckily I only have to endure looking at his face for a few seconds in the morning, because he is too tired to do anything else; too tired to bestow upon the rest of the bus the true wrath that is enshrined in his flesh. My first period is directly adjacent to his; meaning that when I exit my first period, sometimes I am unlucky enough to exit the door at the same time as he does, meaning that I have to look at him for a few more seconds and to once again contemplate the scientific wonder that his shortness is. If it is rainy outside, which it very often is, he will squeak his shoes on the floor in hopes of making people like him. It is like the mating call of birds, or maybe a few mammals, but instead of sounding like a song it actively damages your ears. I have never seen Potato Kid with his mask anywhere above his chin, which is very crucial to stopping the spread of coronavirus as it means that the molecules will not leak out of his neck. Maybe two or three times a week, I am walking to lunch with some of my friends and am forced and coerced to walk directly behind Potato Kid and the sack of meat that he considers a friend of his own. This is weird, because one would think that anyone who expresses anything close to chumminess with Potato Kid would be a victim of telepathic control or a similar method of making someone conform to any whim. If we are especially unlucky, myself and my friends get stuck behind Potato Kid and his victim because of their slow walking speed. The real wrath of Potato Kid, though, is unleashed on the afternoon bus. What he will do is shove his ass into the bus, even if there are people currently trying to get on it, and will occupy one of the seats near the back. He thinks that making high-pitched moaning noises, or, hell, really just noises in general, is the funniest thing ever. So that is what he spends the bus ride doing; making everyone else's trip on the bus a living hell. My stop is before his on the way home, which makes it a little bit easier to endure. Potato Kid is the first person that I actually vehemently hate, and the current strategy is to try to talk to him more so that I will have less of an urge to rip his intestines out.
The rest of today, as I am writing this in the late afternoon to early evening, was rather a mixed bag. Sixth period, which used to be my favorite period, is now absolutely awful, which I have probably bitched and moaned about here before. But directly after school was actually quite nice!!! Due to the fact that I talked with some people who I really would like to get to know better for twenty or thirty minutes, and then went to my bus nearly right on time. I do not remember all of what we talked about, but it was a very good time and made me remember how cool that kind of stuff is. After the bus ride and shortish walk back home, I found that the dog had thrown up what looked like chicken scraps and brown sludgy liquid, which soured the mood a little bit.
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12/09/2021, 08:33: The Matrix on a large screen

Yesterday was pretty darn good for a Wednesday, with school being painfully average but with all of the things after school being very fun and baller. First I think I should mention the abnormally large amount that I am using the words “cool” and “crazy” lately, and it is bordering on unhealthy. It is as if whenever I do not know how to describe something, I habitually say that it is crazy, which is what does happen a lot of the time. I suppose that as long as I am aware of this that is good enough, as I do not want to turn into Syobon Action Guy. Syobon Action Guy, or SAG for short, was someone I had the displeasure of being around when my family went to an east coast beach. There was an arcade kind of thing on one street there, and myself and my father went there and played skee-ball for a very long time. Skee-ball is the arcade game where you throw balls on a slope that turns up at the very last part, and you have to get the balls into holes of varying sizes that are inside of a cage, so that you cannot access the holes without throwing the balls up the slope. I did not know that game was called something like skee-ball until recently, and is very fun and probably has an international standard of some sort. Anyway. In this arcade there were around ten skee-ball lanes, eight of them being empty. Myself and my father were playing on one of them, and SAG and another guy were playing on another. The thing about SAG was that every single time he shot a ball up the lane, he said the phrase “Syobon action.” Maybe he thought it was some sort of quirky catchprase of his, but the main thing about it was that it was skin-rippingly annoying. I do not even know the name of SAG, and I have never exchanged words with him. But I do know that he said the phrase “syobon action” more than it is healthy to. I aspire to not be that guy, and fortunately I am far from it. I hope.
I honestly could not tell you where I went on that tangent from, but sixth period yesterday was the only moderately interesting one. Specifically, the last twentyish minutes of sixth period. The first 70 minutes of sixth period were rote shit, just being a presentation with some questions. Our teacher then asked us to draw something, and we were allowed to work in pairs. Myself and another guy that I quite enjoy the company of drew a duck out of triangles and rectangles, and although we did not get around to coloring all of it, it still was a fun endeavor. The main redeeming quality about Wednesdays used to be sixth period, as I used to sit next to two people that I really liked talking to, and now those three people have been ignoring me for a little over three weeks; this is because we changed seats four weeks ago, and I now sit next to two people that make the period a living hell. The redeeming quality about Wednesdays has now shifted to the grilled cheese that they serve for lunch. For lunch, I usually have a lukewarm piece of meat between two buns. The flavor of the piece of meat varies, and is sometimes chicken and is sometimes beef. On Wednesdays, though, there is this grilled cheese that is served. This grilled cheese is really my guilty pleasure, because by definition it is kind of disgusting and I should not like it. There is also a very good chance that this is not the first time I have discussed and/or lusted over this grilled cheese. It is two pieces of bread that no one knows the source of, that is sold in no stores and irregularly sized, that is cooked to perfection and with a little bit of butter on it. The cheese that is between the bread likely is not even cheese, but it tastes enough like cheese that I would not be surprised if it has dairy in it. On the ridge of the sandwich, the cheese is hard enough so that it does not leak out the sides. On the inside of the sandwich, though, invisible to the naked eye, the cheese is all melty and is quite a bit more tasty. Occasionally tater tots are sold in tandem with the grilled cheese, making the meal nothing short of something supernatural in a good way. This grilled cheese in particular was not too different from the ones I have had all the other Wednesdays, meaning that it was very very tasty. After this, I went with a few people to a store and watched them buy donuts and Takis. Around this time was also when I learned to my dismay that fries don’t go terribly with mayonnaise. I thought it was a cardinal sin to dip fries in anything but ketchup or even Utah fry sauce, but mayonnaise works just as well; it has a different taste, but not a bad taste. I walked back to school with one guy who had very thick and well-defined eyebrows, and talked about how cold the weather was among some other things. The reason we went back to the school was so that we could take buses; my bus driver is the nicest person alive and it seems like I would be committing a crime if I did not see him a good amount of times each week. My bus was almost half an hour late, something about the bus having to pick up other kids and missing them was supplied as the reason. I got home, thought about what to do, and ended up reading a little bit of the To Kill a Mockingbird graphic novel that I got for Christmas last year and doing nearly nothing on my computer.
But then!!! At 5:30, my father and I were graciously picked up by my father’s friend, as well as his son. Their family has a Tesla, and this was actually the first time that I had been in one. The thing about Teslas is that they are like a status symbol that you can drive, and are generally obnoxious. My next-door neighbors have one, and whenever I hear the sound of the engine I feel like twisting a screw into my skull. All of this seemed to be a necessary sacrifice to be in one, and it was not a bad experience at all. It just felt rather embarrassing to get out of it, because it is a very very expensive car. The four of us went to a restaurant to have dinner before the movie, which was thoroughly uneventful, although a pretty good experience. The movie part was quite funny. The theater was more empty than movie theaters usually are, so we all found our seats and sat down. After sitting through some ads, and then some trailers, the movie at last started playing. However, it was not The Matrix, it was Dune. I really do not know why. The Matrix 4, or Resurrections or whatever, is not out yet, so there should not have been any confusion. But we watched the first few minutes of Dune, and eventually someone in the theater got up and told the elves running the projector that we were supposed to be watching The Matrix. And eventually, after a while of switching videos and even having the operating system’s desktop show on the big screen, the correct movie started. I have already seen The Matrix maybe three times, and this time was really just as good, if not better than the other three due to how big the screen was. I could not tell if it was upscaled or not, because I am not too familiar with the movie to begin with--three times is a lot for a movie, but my father has seen it at least fifty times due to him watching it every night over the summer of 1999 when he was in college. Seeing it in 4K or even 8K did make Morpheus’s face look a lot more like a wet sponge, which was rather funny in some of the parts. It really was and is a good movie, and I am also one of the people who are more than willing to advocate for the other movies in the series. Absolutely jack shit happened for the rest of Wednesday, mainly because I got home very late.
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12/07/2021, 10:59: More enticing “eliblog @ school” action

The reason I am writing this at school again is because my business and marketing class has had a substitute teacher for today and yesterday, meaning that she will just sit there and play Duck Life 3: Evolution or something while us kids allegedly work on a project. Today is the second day of it, and I really do not mind it, because it is a balls easy project that I can get done with if I just hop to it. This also allows us kids to do whatever we want on our computers and phones for 90 minutes.
Lately I have been feeling like I should wear some sort of pants that are not just sweatpants. There are two pairs of sweatpants that I have that fit me comfortably, and that I can feel decent about wearing, and the rest are either the “fuckboy” pants that are very tight near the ankles or very old and no longer useful. A friend of mine recommended a store that is a decent place for buying clothes at a decent price; a certain place that is near a movie theater. Eventually I think it would be a good idea to go there and block out some time, and actually try on clothes rather than just guessing the size that might fit, like my mother likes doing. I do not know why, and she still takes a very long time when shopping. The goal is to find some pants that have zero branding, are comfortable, and are not too tight or too loose. This could mean jeans, or cargo pants, or really anything that doesn’t have a massive logo or slogan on the side. Mostly this is because of the Theorem of Wearing Brands: “If It Isn’t Nike, It Makes You Look Really Fucking Stupid.” This has been seen proven true on multiple separate occasions, both with myself and how I perceive other people. There is also the Theorem of Wearing Shorts: “If You’re Wearing Shorts To School, You Either Don’t Care, Are A Football Player, Or Both. Unless You Wear Long Socks With Them, In Which Case They Look Sick.” Perhaps I should start writing these down, so that I know which sorts of things are conventional wisdom. And, lastly, there is the Theorem of Wearing Sweatpants: “Feminine Sweatpants Look Great, And Masculine Sweatpants Make You Look Like A Poser And/Or Loser.” This is the main motivation for me to find some different leg garments. Ones that do not have stripes down them, are comfortable, fit me, and do not make me look like an idiot. They may not exist, but if they do, I will certainly buy them. Even jeans, too, would work, as long as they fit well and do not kill my legs. There is a chance that the perfect leg garments might not exist, but from the fact that I have already found the perfect abdomen garments (flannels), I think there is still hope. Oh well. I just feel rather embarrassed wearing slightly shitty sweatpants to school every day, except for maybe two or three days a week, and I would rather wear something that is nice and pastelly than have to be a walking billboard for a brand. The thing is, brands that make good clothing like to smear their logo all over the clothing. And, really, they have no reason not to; if they make clothing that people like, they might as well promote their brand. My complaint is that I do not think anyone feels any kind of obligation to support Nike or Adidas or Puma as brands, because they already have a very good consumer footing, and could sell a blender or something and people would still buy it. Therefore, people just buy clothes because they like how they look and feel, and if there is a massive logo on it, that is alright because the clothes still feel alright. That is the exact intention of the branding, then. I may be going in circles here.
This morning was actually really rather shitty. Not the waking up part, and not the usual feeling of disappointment that has been constant for the last two weeks and six days, but the bus ride. Everything was average or maybe even good until I got on the bus and remembered all of the reasons that I had for disliking it. The same fucking radio ads that I have been hearing for the past three or four months played for ten minutes, and then some moderately bad Christmas songs played. Not even the good kind of Christmas songs, with Bing Crosby’s voice and all of that; the bad kind with the strange high-pitched talking segments. It would have been much, much worse if the ten minutes of radio ads had come to a close and we were only greeted by Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits, in which case I would likely have found a way to throw myself out the window and end the misery. There is just something about radio ads, especially having to listen to the same ones for months, that triggers the primal response instinct of grinding your teeth and making tight fists. People are trying to sell their products that may be too good to be true, such as cash-back credit cards, an instant way to sell cars, and a pill you can take to stop the progression of a certain kind of breast cancer. All of these products seem like they are trying to pull the consumer into something that they would be better off without, and then framing it as something good and rattling off the small print in a fast voice near the end of the ad. At the very least, the bus I take does not have too many loud kids on it, especially in the morning, which makes it quite a bit more pleasant.
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12/06/2021, 12:00: How the weekend went

I suppose the only thing worth talking about that happened last weekend was the meetup that I had with some of my friends on Friday afternoon/night. On Wednesday, Monky made a Snapchat group with eight people, with the message “winstop friday at 6:30”. Absolutely nothing else. People eventually realized what it meant, and to more fully find out the meaning of the encoded Monky-speak, we asked him some questions on the Snapchat group. Apparently his plan was for the eight of us to go to Wingstop, a restaurant that sells chicken wings and not much else, on Friday at 6:30. Which could have been inferred from the original message, but it was so short and concise that he easily could have fallen asleep on his keyboard and sent it by accident. Very soon, the plan was amended so that we all would come to his house at 7:00 on Friday, where he would then have the wings pre-ordered, and we would dine on them and talk and play some games afterwards. This did in fact happen on Friday, although the specifics are not as simple. Two people of the eight could not in fact make it, which was alright because one of them I am not the biggest fan of. The other I really would have liked to make it, but he just had such a shitty day on Friday that he was not able to be there. Once all six people who could make it made it, we all got some plates and filled them with chicken wings. This was not the most exciting part, although the wings really were good. The friend who was hosting the event had these milk-tea things that looked like Dananimals drinkable yogurt, and each small, tablespoon-sized plastic container contained quite literally the sweetest substance I have ever tasted. It did not make me high, but it was almost too sweet to not be addictive. I had two, and I unfortunately cannot remember the brand of them. If I do remember the brand, and they are inexpensive, I think it would be fun to host a contest where everyone keeps drinking them until everyone gives up or passes out except one person. They were sweet enough to the point that they might cause kidney stones or some horrible side effect after long-term use, similar to how Monster/Red Bull energy drinks are very tasty but cause kidney stones over a few years. My friend’s mother also made these delicious marbled brownies that were vanilla-y in some parts but chocolate-y in other parts, which were similarly tasty. After having the dinner, we all sat around on the couch and did some Smash shenanigans. These kinds of things become more fun with more people, and because there were six of us, it was quite a blast.
Something else that happened on Friday was that a few orders I had placed earlier arrived. I thought it would be fun to have some sort of daily calendar for 2022, so I found one that seemed good enough. It was published by this guy named wint (@dril on twitter), who muses nearly daily about the most random stuff, and who has amassed a following of multiple millions. I like what he does, and I think all of the muses are funny, so I bought his DRIL 2022 “SIMPLE AS HELL” DAILY PLANNER. Every page has one piece of artwork on the left, and then seven days on the right, with the type of paper suitable for writing on. When it shipped, I was struck at how damn small it was, about the size of my two hands overlapping each other, however this may be a good thing from how inconvenient a large daily planner is. I can notify myself of future tests in style, by whipping that book out and going to town. The one I have for this year is a Pearls Before Swine calendar, where every page is one day and you rip the days off, kind of like the calendar from the Phineas and Ferb intro. Kind of. The kinds of calendars that you see in movies, that probably do not actually exist, but they did have daily comic strips for me to look at and occasionally chuckle at. Because the dril one is paperback, it will surely experience some wear and tear if I use it for a year, but I doubt I will be carrying it in my bag all of that time; maybe just keeping it at home. The other order that arrived was one I made for some t-shirts, from a brand called Sports Brand USA. I do not remember or know how I came across their website, but they have really fucking funny clothing that I do not blame myself for indulging in. I bought three different shirt designs, all in XL size; the first was red and had the text “STOP LYING TO ME” embroidered on the top-right. I just found it funny that it was embroidered, and the text was a message that I felt comfortable conveying all the time. Another was white, having large text saying “PROPAGANDA” in comic sans across the top, with a shitty drawing of baby yoda on the bottom. I feel indifferently towards baby yoda, and more often than not I find him irritating and annoying in pop culture, but they named him something really ugly in the second season of the show so I think it will work itself out. The third design I bought two shirts of, a light pink shirt saying “IRONY GETTER AND JOKE EXPERT” in massive comic sans across the whole shirt. The second one was for my friend, as his birthday was last Monday the 29th, so I thought it would be a good present. He has not worn it yet, but he is the kind of guy to not wear shirts like that in public. The t-shirt order felt like it took a very long time to ship, which was alright as it still did come, but I would have vastly preferred it if it came a few days earlier.
Saturday and Sunday had nearly nothing happening, with it being a pretty solid weekend for that reason. On Sunday, though, I did go for a long drive with my father, going on some anxiety-inducing, one-lane, fast-speed roads that made me itch and made my right foot get kind of sore. Aside from this, the drive was really darn beautiful and enjoyable, with it being nice to get out of the small suburban bubble that I am always in and see some farm animals and vast fields.
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12/01/2021, 08:06: Good God

Somehow it is December already, and I have only half-assed most of the entries that I attempted to write in late November. Last month as a whole was really rather ass, and the latter part of it even more so. It feels like the ones digit of a month changing is like turning over a new leaf, so with any luck December will be not as absolutely shit as November. Mostly it is because for two weeks now, two people who I thought I was on rather good terms with have stopped talking to me completely, which can be chalked up to any number of things, but still can make someone feel rather awful. Anyway. Yesterday was I think the most uninteresting day I have had thus far, with the possible exception of physics. It has been three months now, and that class is still really darn fun and invigorating, and I feel like I am actually learning useful things from it. Things like splitting motion vectors into components, and force diagrams and all of that, already explain numerous things that seemed like magic when I was below the age of ten. Yesterday in physics, in the middle of class, our teacher took us all to the hallway with a massive board, a spinny base thing, and a toy car. First he had all of us students stand in a circle, and switched the car on so that it was rolling. He then started nudging it with his foot, so that it would go in a circle, demonstrating that there had to be inward force to keep the car’s route in a circle. After saying that it was kind of a shitty experiment so far, which it really was, he got out a piece of string. He tied the piece of string to the car, and held the string so that the car travelled in a circle. There was also a force scale on the string, and everyone got to see that there was indeed a reading on it. Which made sense, because there had to be some sort of tension on the string to keep the car going in the circle. After everyone got tired of that, he took the spinny base thing and put that in the center of the crowd, and then put the massive board on top of that. Myself and one other person about my weight volunteered to go and sit on either end of the board, and got ourselves balanced so that no end of the board was lighter than the other. Our teacher then went to the center of the board and spun both of us around. Even though we were going in a circle, it felt like we were being pulled backwards, which was what the whole demonstration was meant to convey. There were ropes on the board, so that we could hold onto them and not immediately fly backward. Some other people got on, and the same thing happened except this time a bucket was placed in the center of the board, and they were tasked with throwing tennis balls into the bucket. Only one tennis ball made it in, which made sense because from the peoples' point of view, the tennis balls were curving and flying away from the bucket. From the point of view of everyone watching it, though, it looked like they were just missing the bucket and were bad at throwing tennis balls. By now, a large group of people who were not in my physics class had gathered around to observe the big spinny board. I do not know where these people come from, and I recognized a few of them from just being in the hallway, but it was rather impressive how quickly the crowd grew. More people in our class got a turn on the big spinny board, and no one fell off from how responsible everyone was. If someone on the board said "woah" or something, our teacher would slow them down. Eventually he got tired from being in his sixties and having to push a board, so he allowed some other people to push it. I gave it a try, and the people on it nearly immediately fell off. One guy who looked like he should have been a basketball player or something--who was wearing a Seahawks zip-up hoodie that he probably wears three times a week, and who wore his mask below his nose all the time--seemed itching to try and either push it or ride the board himself. Two very light girls got on the board, and he offered to push them. For some reason, he felt like he had to show the entire world just how much testosterone he had coursing through his little gobliny veins, so he went to the center of the plank and started full-on fucking sprinting in a circle. Miraculously, the plank stayed on the spinny disk base thing for more than a few seconds. The two girls managed to hold on for a nontrivial amount of time, actually, and after saying "woah" and "slow down" a few times, one of them flew completely off of the plank. This caused the other to also fly off of the plank, as it was only a plank with no set center, and required equal weight on both sides to keep it from falling over. That was when our teacher found it to be the best idea to bring the whole class back inside our classroom. No one was really hurt, but hopefully the testosterone guy made a good impression by making a few people fly off of a wooden plank.
Now that I am home, and am no longer writing this at school, today was really not all that terrible. Better than all of last week, at least. I have found that I am back in the state of really passive happiness that I was in over the summer, which I think is a good thing. There was supposed to be a badminton club after school today, and I looked in all three of the gyms that it might have been in with no avail. Someone connected me to the person that was in charge of the club, and there were some complications regarding there being another club of the same name already. Next week, though, it might actually be happening. The thing about badminton is that it is a very fun sport for me, but there is no boys' team for it. If there was a boys' team and the sport was in the fall, I would likely still do cross country; if it was a winter sport, though, I would be very pumped about it. I got home on the bus today, and sat outside and drank a can of Coke, and then went upstairs and took a nap for three hours. It seems as if school ends early on Wednesdays for the sole purpose of allowing people to take naps, which I think is very noble and that they should keep doing it. Napping dreams are always very strange, because I remember them very well and they seem so surreal. The only one I remember was me struggling to remember which class I had sixth period, which I was genuinely convinced that I had forgotten. Today was quite a bit less worse than many of the other days in the past few weeks, and hopefully things will stay trending that way. Many of my friends except for a few of them seem very sad and tired, even though Thanksgiving break was last week, so I really do not know what to think.
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11/28/2021, 12:23: In drivers' ed again

In July, I missed one or two lessons of drivers' ed so that I could go to my sister's birthday party. These things happen, and somehow some makeups got scheduled; this is the first one, and the second one is on December 4th. This means that there is ample time to write more on this blog, as spending two hours listening to the voice of a kind old guy and hearing about things that I already know is not a very good way to spend time. So I thought to listen to the kind old guy's drawl while writing this, and it seems to be working out well so far. There are a few things that I know about driving, and most if not all of them are from experience and driving with my father and mother. A few I have learned through osmosis by sitting in drivers' ed and wishing I was somewhere else; things like where exactly to stop at stop signs and what kind of turns there are. These are things that I think might be valuable in certain cases, and that I might use once or twice at a time to satisfy the state and to pass the drivers' test when I take it, but I do not use aside from specific scenarios. The things that I have learned from experience I think are leagues more valuable; mainly that you must always look for brake lights when behind people on fast roads and highways, and to "stay in your lane" when making left turns. These are things that are usually common sense to people who have been driving for a long time, but that I would never have thought to do had my parents not told me. This is the slightly bullshit part of drivers' ed; the fact that you are required by law to take it, and it teaches you quite a bit of things, but that your parents are expected to teach you how to drive when it really comes down to it.
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11/22/2021, 20:26: Time is kind of flying

The last week has, quite franky, been not terribly good. I do not know how to describe it, in fact I do know how to describe it, but I think it is too early to talk about why exactly it has been not good because it would seem very, very petty and I would probably look back on it in a bad way. Thursday and Friday absolutely sucked shit, and even though Saturday and Sunday and today were not too different, they were a little bit better. It seems like everyone is going through some bad things as of recently, and with any luck Thanksgiving break will remedy it. Today something very strange that made me question my sanity a little bit. I was in Flex B, one of the periods on certain days of the week, and my eyes wandered to some people's phones as they usually do. There was this one girl who was scrolling through some Instagram direct messages. Instagram DMs are very signature due to their color gradient when they are from the phone owner. Messages that are blue or something on iMessage are purple and yellow on Instagram. This girl had quite a bit of Insta DMs with this person, and they were all from her rather than the person she was messaging. Eventually she scrolled all the way up, and it was revealed that the person she was messaging was Harry Styles. This is a name that I have only started to hear thrown around over the past three months, as in my understanding he is a singer and has had one concert at a somewhat close concert location. I do not really know what he looks like, but I know that he has some muscles and all of that, and is a rather good-looking guy. The fact that this girl that I had no acquaintance with had a whole bunch of DMs with Harry Styles and without an answer made me feel kind of strange, and this feeling was amplified when I realized that it was none of my business to see any of it. I suppose if I had a celebrity crush I would not pester them on Instagram, but maybe just look at everything that they put out publically.
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11/16/2021, 21:49: Man! Part 2

Holy shit!!!! Holy shit holy shit holy shit. A year has passed since November 16, 2020, and there has not been a seven-day period where I have not written here at least once. Which is kind of an impressive feat, at least to me, and I am very surprised and happy with the dedication that I have found in myself to complain about nigh fucking everything for a year now. I am not really counting the few times I wrote here in March and April of 2019, as even though they were in fact entries they are kind of ancient and not terribly well-written. Since a year ago, there has been a working coronavirus vaccine that has gone through all of the phases of discovery, testing, distribution, and at last becoming rather irrelevant as everyone still has to wear a mask no matter vaccine status. Biden is now in the White House, being a more compotent president than Trump however ushering in a new era of news boredom and staleness. It really did seem like during the Trump presidency, there was a new national brouhaha more than once a week. Now, unless there is some bombshell event that causes the flags to be lowered to half-mast, there is nothing to talk to anyone about; things like "oh. yeah what do you think about this". Part of this is good, as it means that the nation as a whole is presumably more stable, but part of this means that everything is just so very boring now. There has also been the very large and drastic change of no longer having to look at talking heads for four hours a day, or what was known as online school. Now everything is in-person, and although it is miserable to wear a mask for eight hours a day, it is leagues better than doing absolutely jack shit all day and wishing that things were interesting. Compared to last year, everything has been picking up, and no matter how cut off or lonely I may feel at times it will never be as bad as last year, particularly late 2020 and early 2021. I have gone from being a small Twitch streamer to being a slightly larger small Twitch streamer, and beat a few rather hard levels but unfortunately not including Zodiac. Not a terribly large amount has changed in a year, but there still have been some things that have changed, and I am very glad that they have changed at least for the better.
Monday and today kind of sucked shit, if I am being completely honest. I felt like I was asleep for a lot of Monday, although not actually asleep but kind of in a dazed state. This is not abnormal, but usually the people around me kind of wake me up from being a little bit asleep. Yesterday it seemed like everyone was tired, and due to how cold the weather was I am not sure anyone wanted to be there. Today was less awful; after school there was a rather formal cross country banquet thing where most of the people on the team went to the school building and sat around for a while. It was more interesting than that, though, as it was one guy's idea to wear suit tops and short shorts to the banquet. I did this, and many other people did it as well. I should have worn longer pants over the shorts due to it being absolutely frigid, but once we were all inside it was not too cold. The event was from 5:30 to around 9:30, and I really do not know where all the time was spent. When the coaches and other people were not giving speeches, myself and many of my friends just sat around a table and talked and drank hot water. There were desserts that you had to cooperate with your table to win an auction for, and my table got two desserts for the modest (not really) combined price of $60. The purpose was to raise money for the cross country program, and one table got one single cake for $200, so I think it was a collective $60 well spent.
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11/15/2021, 21:12: The big day is tomorrow

Really only what the title says. The big day meaning the day that I have been writing here for a good year, with no large breaks. I will probably have a larger entry, but I did record this podcast if you would like an update as to what is happening without having to read anything. I am indeed still playing NecroDancer as well as the Zodiac grind, and am still chugging along. But yes, I am looking forward to tomorrow and am very ready to write something.
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11/09/2021, 21:20: More

Last week, or at least the other half of it, was as average and uninteresting as it gets. My friend who lost their phone found it, which was refreshing, and to be very honest I do not remember a whole lot of what happened last week. Yesterday or the day before I was enlightened with the knowledge that hot water opens skin pores, so if you apply hot water, vigorously scrub, and then splash cold water on your face it is quite good for the pores and your skin. This does not mean that I no longer have a buttfuck ton of acne, but at least this is progress. Life, it seems, no longer needs narrating every few days, but entries every week is enough analysis to keep me from going up the wall. There was one nice enough thing that happened on Friday, though; myself and some friends went over to my house and watched the movie A Quiet Place, which would have been scary if we were not making jokes about how quiet it was all the time. Like "boy. this volume may need turning up" or "are there subtitles for this????". The way that the movie ended does not exactly fill me with motivation to watch the second part, as it is not really a cliffhanger, but the movie itself was beautiful enough to warrant investment in it. I mean, really!!! It was very beautiful for a horror movie, and there were green things such as trees and ferns everywhere and flowers everywhere as well. The initial plan was to watch The Wolf of Wall Street , but one of our friends was not permitted to watch it by his parents, and we realized that it was after all three hours of sex and violence and perhaps not worth it. After the movie, we sat around and played Knack (2013) for the PlayStation 4. The game itself was kind of awful, but the experience of playing it on an unfair difficulty with other people made the game more than bearable. One person had to leave a few minutes earlier than everyone else to play in the school band for a football game, and everyone else hung around for a while longer and continued to play Knack (2013) for the PlayStation 4. There was indeed a football game on Friday, and I usually go to those as there is really nothing better to do, so I rode my bike there and got to the game at 6:50, with it starting at 7:00. Our team scored three or four touchdowns in the first ten minutes of the first quarter, and I found myself standing behind many people who I generally did not want to spend my time around. This made me come to the realization that being miserable and watching a bad football game was not really how I wanted to spend my Friday night, so I walked on out of the game and sat my ass back on my bike and wondered what to do. I thought I would go to the shopping center that is very near my school, as going home would just make me feel more miserable and would not be a good activity either. After parousing one store's selection of drinks, I found nothing that I felt like drinking; as well as nothing that I really wanted to eat, either. In a different store, there was also nearly nothing. There was one electrolyte drink that looked appealing and that I have heard of, but I remembered that there would be no running endeavors until at least May and thus no opporitunities to use the electrolyte drink. Just as I was about to buy a whole fucking pineapple or commit a similar act of frivolity and/or japery, I spotted a certain fridge container. In that fridge container was a bountiful selection of eggnog, and I had honestly forgot that that drink existed until right then. I bought two quart-size containers, for a total of an entire half-gallon of eggnog. The one bottle and the one carton were safely transported back in a plastic bag on my bike, and I spent the rest of the night drinking eggnog straight from the bottle and playing video games.
That is really the one interesting thing that happened between the 2nd of November and today. There are most likely a lot more, but I either cannot remember them or am downplaying them. I also just wish that the few friends that I text frequently were not asleep all day, but some people are eternally on the nap grind.
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11/01/2021, 21:10: It's November (somehow)

I wrote here a grand total of six times in October, and with any luck November will have at least the same amount if not a little bit more. Yesterday was Halloween, as I am sure many people are aware, and I went trick-or-treating by my lonesome self. This was not too bad, in contrast to how many of my friends either did not go trick-or-treating or sat alone by themselves. I was dressed as Santa, and I did not know it was possible to bring that much joy to people by wearing a Santa outfit before November. Everyone recognized me as Santa, and many kids and adults laughed at/with me when I wished them a merry Christmas. It was generally a good time, and the suit itself got more sweaty than it is healthy for a Santa suit to be, however I did rake in quite a bit of sweet loot.
Writing this on November 2nd. Monday and Tuesday were not the most spectacular days at school; they were also not the worst, however, but certainly not the best. Mainly it is because the one person that I exchange texts with frequently lost their phone, so now I am stuck with just Snapchatting people pictures of my forehead. Which does work, but somehow everything seems absent without being able to text that person. I am almost definitely overthinking this, as well. Yesterday I also went out to look at a certain gravestone; not of a person that I know, but mainly it is the place of the gravestone that is alluring. I may have mentioned this before, but on a certain trail in a neighborhood next to mine, there is a route you can take all the way down it that leads down a very steep hill and into a forest complex. One trail that kind of shoots off of that trail leads to a small, elevated dirt platform that has a black cross gravestone on it, next to two ropes. I do not remember whose name was on it, but they lived from sometime in 2000 to March 15, 2020. I do not know why the gravestone was in the middle of a forest, of all places, but the two ropes suggest that there used to be a swing on the ropes, and perhaps the person who was swinging on it swang too far and snapped their neck or something when they hit the bottom. The swing was situated so that if you fell off at the height of the swing, there was a very long way down to go before the bottom. Eventually I will have to go there with some friends and swing on the rope, so that we can spot each other on it and if someone does get hurt, we can usher in help. After checking out the gravestone, I noticed that there were a whole lot of leaves coating the floor of the forest. This raised the question of how they went away, as there was no way that someone went there with a leafblower every year and sucked them all up. I came to the conclusion that they had to decompose somehow, and then seep into the compost of the soil, which made sense as it was a forest system. I suppose I had just never thought about it until I saw all the leaves and the lack of a way to clean them up. It would also be fun to go on that platform with the gravestone and put a blanket down and sit there and think about things or listen to music. The past two days have been somewhat lonely, but this is not too bad as I can still think to myself and reassure myself of things. If I ever am or are in the future feeling especially lonely, the plan is to remember last year and how utter shit that was, and think about how many orders of magnitude better this year is. It seems like everyone has a circle of friends, which I do as well, but somehow everyone else's friend circles conveniently have their exact schedules. This is a good opporitunity to meet more people and things like that, but I do wish I saw my better friends in places other than lunch. I should just stop overthinking things, is the verdict I have made, and as long as I do things other than sitting on my ass and playing Geometry Dash or something after school, I am doing enough to keep myself from going insane. There is also the strange factor that I have noticed, which I am sure is all in my head, that there is an aspect of pity involved when people are talking to me. My bus driver, for instance, who is really a very good guy at heart, enjoys fistbumping people when they come on and off of the bus. Frequently myself and others file onto and off of the bus, and he does not give the one or two people in front of me fistbumps, but he gives me specifically a fistbump. Partly, I think, this is because I give him back a fistbump and because I am just not the kind of person to not acknowledge someone's existence. But partly, I worry, it is because he groups me with all of the loner kids who have rectangular-rimmed glasses and have their hoods up all the time and do not talk to a lot of people. I have longish hair, and a fair bit of acne, and a few strange mannerisms here and there, but hopefully I am not grouped into that cluster. There are a few people like that, specifically one guy from one of my classes and someone that I did not even know existed until today, that I look at and think: "boy. i am kind of gross and strange at times, but at least i am not them." And then I feel rather guilty for thinking those kinds of things, as those people might not feel too secure in their own skin. Eventually I suppose my friend will get their phone back and then we will be able to talk quite a bit more again, although I am mostly worrying about this because of the fact that we are changing seats soon in the class that we sit together in. Anyway.
I have also been getting more into the video game Crypt of the NecroDancer, which seems like rather a dorky name for a video game; which it is, especially with that capitalized D. The game is actually really fucking good, though, being a rythm-based dungeon crawler. It is like all of the non-annoying things about Binding of Isaac and combines them with all of the good things about other rythm games. I have been really enjoying it, and if you have a few dollars and gigabytes to spare, hopefully anyone reading this will as well. It is available on Steam and for the Switch.
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10/29/2021, 07:37: I have been lacking a bit on these entries

Like the title may suggest, I have not been writing these nearly as much as I would have wanted to. They are more becoming a weekly thing, rather than a two or three times a week thing, but in my eyes as long as I do not forget completely about this blog, I will be able to forgive myself. I think the bare minimum is once a month, and any more infrequently than that would declare this blog dead.
The last three days have slapped harder than school days usually do; that is, they were pretty darn good. It felt like more things than usual, but at the same time pleasantly nothing, happened. I have also been getting quite a bit more into origami; after digging up the two Jeremy Schafer books I went back into my closet and found the coolest and best John Montroll book: Origami and Math. This book includes guides on how to fold all sorts of chessboards, cool designs, and most importantly the five-sided square, something that interests me greatly. The five-sided square is something that really, by definition, should not exist, although by the wonders of folding paper it has become a reality. It is a square with four foldable edges, and then one extra edge for the folder to do with what they please. Montroll has some elaborate, mathematical reason for why the pattern works, and I feel like I do trust it, but the main thing is that I do not even know the reason for how that extra square edge comes out of nowhere. Something to do with fitting a pentagon on a square sheet of paper, and 36-degree angles. But to me, the five-sided square is just very fun to have access to and use. Five- and six- sided symmetry has always been interesting in my eyes, and making things like that from a fucking square sheet of paper seems like it just should not happen.
Unfortunately, I do not think there is a lot else toNEVERMIND!!!!! I just remembered that the cross country season did in fact end on Monday the 25th. On that day the non-top 7 people had our very last mile time trial, as well as some ice cream sandwiches. I had been looking forward to that time trial for some time, as it meant that I could get to realize my improvement in a sterile environment. The thing about cross country that is less than spectacular is that the course is different nearly every time, which means that it is hard to get good results in the metric of improvement. A 20-second worse time on a very hilly and muddy course could be about the same, or even a better overall performance, and a 20-second better time on a completely flat and dry course. This is one of the most fun, but also the most annoying aspects of cross country. You get to run in the mud and rain, however you do have to run in the mud and rain. The track, though, is different. There are no hills on it unless someone poured sand onto it (like Excitebike!), and rain has a very low impact on the traction. Wind is really the only factor that can throw off a time, and even then it is at your back half the time and at your front half the time. This time we ran on the track, there was little to no wind and it was very good weather for running, even with a hard course. My previous best was 6:02, and I ended up crushing it by six seconds to get a 5:56!!! I am still rather pumped about this. I have been trying to get a sub-six since May or June, and the fact that I finally did get it will never fail to impress me. I suppose from now on I should try to get a sub-5:50, and then a sub-5:40, and eventually a sub-5. This will not be easy, but perhaps by the time I graduate college I can get a good enough mile time to be completely happy with it. It also pleases me that a whole lot of my friends got mile PRs on the 25th, as well: somehow one guy got a 5:30 or something like that and another guy got the sub-6:30 he was trying to get by quite a long shot. After Monday, the cross country season was officially over. This means a few things: 1) that I will be able to ride the bus in the afternoons more frequently, and 2) that everyone who was on the cross country team must wait another four months to start running again. There will be winter conditioning and all of that, but there is a very large gap between right now and when the track season starts in the spring. I am pretty darn happy with being able to ride the bus in the afternoons, because I will be able to hang around after school for longer and get home sooner. There is this one guy on the bus, though, whose head may still have primal instincs wired into it because he spends the entire bus ride shouting loudly to his friends. He sits in the back, thank goodness, but he is an absolute nusiance and pest and wears his mask below his mouth half the time and wears the same fucking white hoodie every day. If I were to have a hit list, or a Death Note notebook or something, I would have that kid as well as anyone in the past, present, or future who gets the song Hakuna Matata stuck in my head. Hopefully November and December will be spent going out and doing things after school, because it is just dead boring to do absolutely nothing other than homework and occasionally reading or Zodiac. I am still working on that level, as well, and got 96% on it a few weeks ago. The current goal is to beat it before 2022.
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10/22/2021, 09:08: Look at him go

Today started off really fucking strange, something that was somewhat out of the ordinary that would do me well to just not worry about. I like to think that I am very good at not worrying about things when prompted; the main reason is that I believe it would do me better if I do not know certain things. One of my friends says this quite frequently, the “don’t worry about it” thing, and I have found that I am usually happier if I simply think about something else. The thing that happened this morning was something very much like that, and while I probably do have the power and reasoning processes required to figure out what actually happened, I am making a conscious decision not to so that I can preserve my general state of mind. It is also partly because what happened was something that I have been worrying will happen for a while now. Anyway. I have been trying and failing to write here more frequently, and this has unfortunately not been happening; I am still writing perhaps every week, but no more than that. School is drab enough to not warrant an in-depth psychoanalysis every few days as to what happened, and I am thankful for that, but the thing is that there is nothing else to talk about other than school and cross country. Once cross country ends next Monday I will have to do things that are not just sitting around and looking at my computer to prevent myself from going insane, so maybe I will be able to write about those, but somehow currently it seems like everyone is doing things that are more interesting than school. At least I do not just nap all day, as relaxing as that sounds. Looking at the older eliblog entries when Trump was still president, there was always something or other to talk about just from how reckless of a president he was. Biden is actually doing a competent job, which is good for nearly everyone else but bad for excitement, as it means that there is not a lot to talk about and complain about. Yesterday was actually solid from the standpoint of spending minimal time sitting around on my computer and watching the number of cookies I have in Cookie Clicker go up (This is made worse by me always having the golden switch and shimmering veil on, so there is literally nothing else to do other than watching the number go up. I do not know why I even try). After cross country, I walked up and down my staircase a few times and tried to think of things to do. There was someone that I texted and was awaiting a response from, but after thinking hard about it I came to the conclusion that they were asleep. Rather than doing absolutely nothing, I tried to find some very specific origami books. I probably have mentioned this before, but I used to be very into and really good at origami when I was in elementary school; I would just come home from school four out of five days a week and sit on my knee and fold paper. Then, of course, I found Geometry Dash and spent most of my time doing that instead. But somehow in first and third period on Thursday I realized how cool paperfolding really was, and how satisfying it was to get the creases right and bend this object into anything of your choosing. This led to that afternoon, when I was sitting around with nothing to do, and remembered that there were two origami books in particular that I really enjoyed back in the day: Origami to Astonish and Amuse and Origami Ooh La La by Jeremy Schafer. I liked that the books had character, and there were things like the Origami Square, that required you only to flip the paper a few times, and the Rubblestone Boulder that was just a crumpled paper. I scanned all of my one bookshelf for those books, and I could not find them. This meant that I had to scour the closet. When I was a wee lad, more wee than I am now, I thought that having a copiously messy closet was some sign of coolness. It was not, and it is still in a state of disarray. Eventually I had to take a flashlight and really get in there, and at the bottom of a pile of newspapers and Magic cards and rubber bands were the two origami books. I also found some paper, which is as it happens required for origami. After a while of looking through the books, I tried to make a 16x16 flasher with a kind of small and thick piece of paper. This did not work too well, and I could not make it fully compress due to how thick the paper was. I was able to make a cool deltoid design with a larger and more thin piece of paper, and it does indeed look pretty cool.
Another thing that has been on my mind is how absolutely bullshit the “i before e” (except after c) rule is. Like it is not even funny, or perhaps it is, how very many exceptions there are to that rule. If there was a consistent modification to the rule that would make it work, everything would be alright, but it seems like whenever I use the rule to aid in spelling I come across an exception. This is why everyone says English is an awful language, which it is, but because it is one of the most commonly spoken languages I do not really see a better alternative. Mandarin Chinese is cool enough, actually, but with all the tones and how painful it is to write it is a little bit impractical to learn for someone who mostly speaks English. I suppose I will learn all of the "e before i" exceptions eventually, and when that day comes I will not mix anything up. I have also been recording a podcast!!! It is called The Opossum Speaks, and it is on my second YouTube channel if you are able to find it. The links to episodes one and two are linked if you are feeling frisky enough to give them a gander yourself. It really is just me talking, and if you find that interesting I suppose you are in luck.
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10/17/2021, 09:36: The Catcher in the Rye and more things

The main thing that I would like to talk about is the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I have been reading it on and off since sometime in late August, and school has put quite a damper on reading progress, but I finally did finish it yesterday and there are a few things that I should probably say. I really do not know how to feel about the book, specifically regarding the haze of mistrust and mystery surrounding it, but I had quite a good time reading it. After having finished it and thought about it for more than twelve hours, I still cannot discern what my opinion is or how happy I was with the ending. Holden did remind me of myself, especially in the way that he conducts himself and in his word choice. He uses the word "old" to classify endearment, and judges a lot of people. There was one scene, where he was in a museum, that really did interest me in the way I approach things being similar to his philosophy. He was walking through one of the natural history museums in New York City, and was thinking about how everything that was behind that glass would not change. The Native Americans would still be around the fire, and some of the birds would still be in their various positions, and one wooden replica canoe would still be hanging from the ceiling. He then mentioned how that the nice thing about a museum like this was that while the things in the museum would stay the same, the person viewing them would change; you could still have a bad day, or see a gasoline rainbow in water, or be pulling an all-nighter, and the wooden replica canoe would still be suspended from the ceiling. These are the kinds of things that I, too, take comfort in, which hopefully does not make me as neurotic as Holden. Because that is really the main trait he has; he is constantly judging everyone and thinking things through way too much, making him really very neurotic and depressed. The book itself spans only two or three days of Holden's life: he flunks out of another private school, then decides to drift around in New York for a while before going back home to talk to his sister and then drift around some more. It was hard to discern where he actually lived; whether it was in New York or somewhere very close. Anyway. If you are looking for something to read that is kind of short but still interesting and fun, this book is not bad for that. It does seem like it has some deeper meaning, or some quality of Holden that I am missing.
The weekend was then very, very lonely. I did do one interesting thing on Friday, but for the rest of the weekend all I could do was look at Twitter and look at my phone and think about what other people were doing. The only people who talk to me consistenly outside of school are a few people that I send pictures of my forehead to on Snapchat and one very kind person who I text frequently with. This feeling of loneliness happens quite a bit over the weekends and school days that I do not have cross country. I do not think I am depressed, in fact I am very sure I am not; I just wish more people would be willing to talk to me because I sure as hell am willing to talk to them.
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10/10/2021, 17:18: Obligatory HITW entry

I usually do not directly talk about things like this, but the event was large enough for it to make sense to call it by name. Yesterday I was at the huge and massive Hole in the Wall cross country meet, which was somewhere in Washington and where very many teams from all over Washington, Oregon, and Idaho come and run. It was probably the biggest cross country event I have been to thus far, and according to our coach there were 4,200 people there. I woke up at six in the morning, and took a shower and toweled myself off. My main concern then was the fact that I had not washed the cross country uniform, as I usually do that at some point before the meet and I did not do it this time. After smelling the inside of it and rubbing it to see if it was crusty or something, I came to the conclusion that it was alright enough to wear for the day. All I could really hope for was that whatever scent or uncomfortable vibe it radiated would be covered up/quenched by the clothing I was wearing on top of it. I then had some humble breakfast, consisting of a bowl of Strawberry Mini Wheats and a gluten-free cookie that left an aftertaste. Soon enough it was time to go, so I was generously driven to the high school by my mother, and from there I took a bus to the meet. The bus ride was actually not bad at all, compared to the last time I took a bus to a cross country meet when I was in a completely different bus from where most of the people I knew were. I was seated near some people I knew this time, so I got to talk to them and point things out on the side of the road. It was also cool to watch the sun rise, and by the time we got back via the bus the sun had fully set; creating the illusion of no time passing at all. Once we got to the meet, which I really cannot say where in Washington it was because I do not remember, we all filed off of the bus and carried some things to where we set up the tent. Twelve people set up the tent on a field that was adjacent to a middle school, and some other people stretched out some stretchy benches and put them under the tent, and still more people took some tarps and made like-walls for the tent so that it did not seem bare. It was a rather hearty and homey home base, with all of the tarps and benches up, and some people including my mother had bought some snacks for everyone to have before and after the race. When our team got there, some races were already going off; being the open races for grade levels. We could have ran in them, but our coach made the decision to keep the team together and not require us to wake up an hour earlier, which I am immensely grateful for. All of the JV Girls' races were afterwards, but the people from our team were only running in the JV Girls' Silver and JV Girls' Gold races. This was fine. Then, though, the boys' races happened! Including the one I was in, and it really did not go badly at all. The course was perhaps the fastest one I have ever run on, actually having a net downhill from where it starts and having plenty of room to pass. I did PR by I think ten seconds, which was alright, however I still felt that I could have gone a lot harder, especially from how flat the course was. One of my friends, the guy from Ohio, got a PR by three minutes!!! I do not know how he did it, but one moment he was behind me and the very next he was forty seconds ahead of me. This man will for very sure break 20 minutes before he graduates, as he is a junior. After the race, we all got to see awards; I think four our of the top ten runners were on our team, which made a rather cool podium photo. After the JV Boys' Bronze, there was the JV Boys' Silver--which none of our team members ran in--and then the JV Boys' Gold, for people on our team who were cracked enough to be at the top of JV but not cracked enough to be fully varsity. Our school, I think, also won this. After that race there was a very large, four-hour gap where runners from our school did not have any races. The main task, then, was to cheer. This was looking to be rather immensely boring, until someone with brown eyes and black hair and glasses that slightly enlarged the appearance of his eyes went up and said hi to me. I, naturally, said hi back and we struck up a conversation from there. It was all going rather swimmingly until Bong Water Guy (henceforth abbreviated BWG) came up and stroked him on the cheek. This was under the misconception that the guy with glasses, named J[-----], knew me and that I knew him. This made all of the following interactions between myself, J[-----], BWG, and Ohio Guy quite a bit more fun and interesting. We talked about nothing in particular for an hour and a half, and I eventually got J[-----]'s phone number. I have not said anything to him via text since the meet, and I really would like to. He goes to a somewhat far-away school, and does not run cross country, but his brother does so he comes to all of the meets. If everything works out right, I will get to see him again on Wednesday. Eventually both of the varsity races went, and it started raining, so everyone had some of the pizza that was supplied and made a run for being undercover. There was then the bus ride back, after a lot of waiting around and talking. The bus ride was actually pretty darn fun, and everyone on the bus that I was on probably annoyed the bus driver out of her poor damn mind, but it was quite a good time. You are only in high school for a few years, and you might as well make the best of it. One guy on the bus had a speaker, and played all of the good songs that everyone knows the lyrics to but are not incredibly notable. They still slapped, though, and many people in the bus sang along and all that for the whole duration of the bus ride. I did not have a bus buddy this time around, which does not seem like a bad thing, but it was more of a shock to my systems than it should have been. Mainly I just like thinking about and using the term "bus buddy", as it is just immature enough to be funny but not overly immature. Kind of like saying "i got a bruisey-wusiey on my toesie-woesie". The lack of having someone to sit next to on the bus made me question whether or not I smelled rancid, and after a while of thinking about it I came to the conclusion that everyone probably smelled rancid on some level after an eleven-hour cross country meet.
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10/06/2021, 18:58: Week of agony so far and things about Saturday

This week in cross country is nicknamed the "Week of Pain", due to every day being somewhat of a hard workout or being painful in some sense. I will talk about it for a while, as well as some other things that happened this week, and if I do not get carried away I will be able to fill everyone in about how the real-deal Hoco on Saturday went. I also inconveniently have a somewhat ingrown toenail on the very outside of my left foot, on the big toe. It was kind of worrying and painful for a lot of yesterday and this morning, until I really went at it with a paperclip and realized that it was not as far in as I had initially worried. Walking around somehow made it better, and so far it is only a little bit warm instead of being completely infected and enflamed (inflamed??). As much as I would have liked to mention it at school, I did not because no one really wants to hear about other people's, specifically my own, hardships when it comes to toenails. No one really likes having ingrown toenails, and if you mention it to someone it will just make them feel bad as there is nothing either of you can do about it except hope and pray that it does not hurt too much. Anyway. On Monday everyone on the cross country team went to a certain lake and did something rather cool; we all silently lined up, and at our coach's command, walked backwards into the very cold lake water. It was intented to make us realize our true pain tolerance, and for us to find that our feet kept getting more used to the coldness the farther we went in. Eventually we went up to our chest, and then on cue we all ducked our heads into the water and came back up. It was indeed very cold, and we all did our best to not speak at all during it to maximize each of our personal experiences. The run back from the lake was great as well, with no one taking it too fast and it still being crazy that we all went through that together. I really do not know what I did with the rest of Monday afternoon; I probably ground through some history notes or something like that and then went to bed. Tuesday, from both an XC standpoint as well as things that I did afterwards, was very baller. School, as it happened, was not too interesting this week and it seems like everyone is finding/slipping into their own routine. Which seems like a good thing, as it allows for more conversations to happen that are not exclusively about school. This does not mean that school is getting boring, however; just that I feel like talking about XC may be a higher priority from how unique this week is. I did not expect Tuesday to be as miserable as it was, or at least for the XC workout we did. This is mainly because I did not expect a monsoon-esque storm to come in right as we were doing the actual reps. The workout structure was many, many 800s; we tried to dial in our pace for the first five, and then if we did not make the pace two reps in a row we stopped running them, with a max of 10. The workout felt long, due to it really taking that long. There was only a light drizzle when we were warming up and all the rest of it, but somehow the skies decided to open up on us during the workout itself. It was very, very tiring and kind of a haze of exhaustion, but I do remember my hands being frigid for a long while afterwards. Conveniently, the rain stopped right after we finished running, so we all stretched out on the wet grass and it was really just miserable for the whole practice. However, it was at least a little bit fun, and I am glad about that. When I got back home I immediately took a very warm shower, and then called with someone that I enjoy talking to for two hours. Wednesday, or today rather, was simply a recovery day with some unprecedented core at the start of it. Tomorrow, then, will be a speed workout on the track which I am rather looking forward to as we have not gotten to do a lot of those this season.
Somehow this week I have also been feeling more generally disconnected. I get this kind of feeling a lot, but it is the general irking that I am less-good at talking with people than I have been recently. I do not have autism, or at least I do not think I do, but sometimes it is very hard to say things that are on my mind without seeming very awkward. I can "read people" pretty alright, keep a conversation, and do all sorts of these things that are rather typical, but I just would like to meet and be able to talk to more people, something that is not yet happening. I may just require some more courage to confront people and say things to them. I will also eventually talk about Hoco! I really will. Hopefully people will be able to take my word for these kinds of things, but I really do intend on following up about it even though the actual event was a little bit of a letdown. Mainly I am writing here solely so that I do not feel like I am neglecting this blog, which I more than certainly am due to how little I am writing on it nowadays.
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10/03/2021, 21:18: How it all went

Yesterday and the day before were both homecoming, something that did not happen last year making me rather eager to see what it was all about this year. I am going to try to describe most of all of what happened during the two Hoco days, but because time is limited and I would really rather fall asleep at a reasonable time this entry may seem--and is--rushed. On Friday there was the football game, with a sizeable number of students and parents from the away school coming from the game, and with it being kind of a drag. Because there were so many people there, I had to go down a little bit on the bleachers so that people could see over my head. I was also surrounded by many people that I did not know, but had seen once or twice around the school. The two people that I did know a little bit were Clarence and Bestman, who were still hard to converse with due to the volume of the event. Our team got 40 points by the end of the first half, and rumor has it that we had to handicap ourselves by switching in some JV players so that the game was not a complete blowout. The other team managed to score 8 points by the end, with a final score of 46-8 if I am remembering correctly. I rode my bike there, akin to last game, and by the end it was absolutely freezing cold so I had to go all the way back home with frozen hands. The fact that there was half the population of the town there was not really bad, either: it allowed me to see a whole lot more people and made it feel less like a global pandemic, if it were not for the fact that everyone was wearing masks. I also went and got some cookies after the game, after it ended and before heading back on my bike. The store that I went to was unusually tranquil, and I was mesmerized with the opporitunity of being alone in a large store with functionally unlimited time and choices to make. I settled on a 40-ct box of cookies that I initially suspected were chewy, but after closer inspection as well as opening the package at home I found to my dismay that they were crunchy. You live and you learn. The next time I am in the same situation, I will simply buy the same kind of cookies that I did two weeks ago, that were pleasantly crunchy and slim. I could also invest the $7 that the cookie box cost into the stock market, and be able to buy twice as many cookies a year from now. Perhaps I am overthinking this. That game in particular also made me realize how somewhat disconnected I am when you really zoom out. Many of the people surrounding me at the game were whipping their phones out and sending SMS or Snapchat messages every few minutes, and the frequency at which they are doing that at something like a football game makes me wonder how much everyone is talking just at home. There are really only a few groups of people that I talk to frequently outside of school; 1) the people I know through Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Geometry Dash that I do not know in real life, 2) the people who I am very good friends with and go to lunch with, 3) a few people from cross country outside of the main XC group thread, 4) one very kind person that texts me frequently. From the perspective of someone who is not "in" on a lot of this, I do not have a lot of people to talk to outside of school. I wave to a very many people in the hallways and at lunch and things like that, but it does not feel like I know a good number of them. It also does not help that two people who I am a mutual friend of might possibly be coming to know each other better than they know me (I asked someone in my LA/SS about this, and he says that I should be proud about this. This seems reasonable). I do feel very lucky that there are people who are willing to talk to me outside of school, though, and I think this is still a good thing no matter what form it comes in.
Oh Lord, it is already like 10 in the evening and I have not yet finished talking about Friday. I will eventually get this done, though.
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09/29/2021, 21:22: Rather long day and another XC meet

The last three days were spent thinking about studying for all of the upcoming tests/quizzes and fretting about homecoming. I have had a few chances to ask the person that I am planning to, but none of them seemed like actually decent opporitunities. From what I have heard, or at least from the wise words of one of my friends, it is a very bad idea to ask someone via text or phone, as well as in front of the class or in a crowded hallway. This leaves the actual decent times to ask people at 1% of the time or maybe even 5% of the time, which is not great as homecoming is on Friday and Saturday. I should really either hop to it when it comes to asking someone or just settle for going with some friends, which is another completely valid option. I also have to figure out what I am going to wear and such and such, which will be troubling mainly due to the lack of any leg garments that are not sweatpants. The only legwear I own is sweatpants or athletic shorts, and because there really is no dress code it is not like they are going to stop me short at the door; I still think it would be a good idea to wear something decent in case I do actually ask someone or want to look dapper alongside my friends. There is no doubt that I will figure this all out over the next few days, but worrying about it ahead of time seems to be getting me somewhere. There is also the issue of all of the tests that have been happening. On Monday I had two tests; one in Computer Science and one in Business and Marketing. Neither of them were particularly hard, and I felt rather confident about both of them. On Tuesday there was only one test, being for World History. It was actually fairly hard and made me think, and also had all of the cool formalities that the actual AP test will have such as filling in the bubbles completely on the scanner sheet. The results for that test came back today, and no one in my immediate two-table-group vicinity got more than an 80%. Which was actually fine, because it was the very first test of the year and was equipped with more leniency mechanics than weed stores in a ten-mile radius (There are quite a bit. It may be uncanny). This meant that everyone could correct their test scores up to a 100%, even if they got an awful grade or even a very good one. One of my cross country chums, IWHBYD-4654534 or IWH for short, got a 90% and had trouble sleeping the night after from how high his adrenaline was. No one was surprised that he got that good of a score, though, as he reads history atlases in his spare time and has a lot of tank pictures saved. He may explode when the curriculum goes to World War II. There was then also a math analysis quiz today, which had two hard problems that I am fairly sure I got right. Check steps, especially with a calculator that can crunch numbers easily, are quite a godsend. So far, and this is really not saying much because it is not even October and a lot of grades are not in yet, I have 6 As and one N. The N is in Computer Science, because our teacher has only put in the assignments that do not count towards the grade. My Computer Science teacher really is an unintentionally funny guy, and says the exact same fucking lines to us kids every time we enter and exit the classroom. Somehow this is comforting, although it may get old and/or annoying around New Years'.
RIGHT!!!! There was a meet today. It was a surprisingly fun meet, and even though I did not get a PR by a long shot I did get a course PR by two minutes, which was pretty darn cool. The course was the same, hilly, slightly bullshit one that we ran two or three weeks ago. Not our home course, a different one, and somehow even slower than our home course even though it has less hills. The meet itself was not any more notable than the previous meets; that is, still notable, however all of the cool happenings just kind of clumped together and made it hard to dissect. It was still not bad, though, and I think my time was something around 22:05. Not a PR by thirty or so seconds, but still a very good time at least for how awful I am at running combined with that course. I could go into more detail about a lot of it, but today was especially tiring because I had to sit in a car for an hour and a half after the meet so that my mother could carpool around my sister and sister's friend. They do soccer together, and I am sometimes dragged along for carpools. It is not too bad, and I do not mind sitting around on my phone and scrolling through things, but I mind sitting at home and looking at my phone a whole lot less. It is now kind of late, or at least a time that it would be a good idea to go to bed, so I think I will do that instead of writing this for a little bit longer and waking up feeling awful.
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09/26/2021, 19:00: Holy shit it has been a week

The past week was immensely packed, almost to the point of not being able to catch up on things happening on Discord and Twitter. This can be chalked up to school and cross country, both of which are things that I enjoy and would really rather continue doing instead of stopping them completely for the sake of more free time. School is from 7:30 to 2:20, and then cross country is from 3:00 most days to 5:15 if there is not a meet. This means that I am functionally not doing things from 10:10 the night before until 5:45 the day of; giving me a little over four hours to do things that are not school, cross country, or sleeping. These history notes that I might have mentioned earlier take up a good thirty minutes to an hour, and dinner on most days is also thirty to fourty (forty???) minutes, giving me then only two to three hours to finish the remainder of my homework and if I am lucky to play Geometry Dash. Unfortunately, the only remaining time that I have left to write this blog is usually the small amount less than an hour right before I go to bed, which is what I did in April and May and which worked out fairly well. Mainly it is just hard because school is so long now, and combined with cross country and homework and talking with other people it leaves nearly no time to play Geometry Dash or to pursue endeavors other than school. It also does not help that I have cross country meets occasionally on the weekends, which are fun and very tiring and kind of prohibit catching up on sleep. There was actually one meet on Saturday, which may be interesting enough to talk about in detail. I have a few hours until I am forced to close my eyes for seven to eight hours, so I do not think it will hurt to do this.
The meet on Saturday was actually at the same state park as the meet on September 15th, detailed in the previous entry, and was actually a full 5K as the people who measured out the course really knew what they were doing. It was a larger meet than any previous one I have been to; an invitational meet with more than 70 schools being there, entailing a lot of team tents and long bathroom lines. This meet was divided into eight or so races: Boys JV Freshmen, Boys JV Sophomores, Girls JV Freshmen/Sophomores, Girls JV Junoiors/Seniors, Boys JV Juniors/Seniors, Boys Top 7 JV, Girls Top 7 JV, Varsity Placements 7/8, 5/6, 3/4, 1/2. In that order, they all spanned a very long time. I think I was there from 7:30 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening, if you count waiting in the parking lot. The race I was in was second, due to me being not a particularly good runner, so this meant that I had to physically exhaust myself and then stand around and cheer for seven hours. I also got another personal best of 21:40!!!!!! Which is absolutely fucking insane!!!! This means that there is a chance that I can get sub-20 by or during my junior year, which I am irrationaly excited about because this allows me to have the "sub-20 5k time" role on my Discord server. I doubt I will get another PR this season, though, with all of the hilly courses in the remainder of the season, but if I really get after it I may be able to get another PR. Other than the race I was in, nothing too much happened for the remainder of the meet other than having a delicious lunch made up of chocolate milk and fruit snacks, as well as cheering. Our school placed first on the girls' side, which is especially crazy from the sheer quantity of schools that were there.
The meet on Saturday may very well have been the only thing that I remember well enough about this past week to be worthy to write about. Recounting every other interesting thing that happened would take a very long time, and even though they really were very interesting happenings they are overshadowed by all of the other things, as well as tests that I have to study for. There is also the matter of homecoming, which has been the main worrying point of nigh everyone I know. I am not terribly gung ho about going to it; I have heard that usually there is a dance and food and all of that, but this year due to the coronavirus I suppose we will all just sit around in the commons and look at each other. But many of my friends are going, and even though I do not have a suit or dress or anything like that I still think it would be fun enough to go. There really is no reason not to other than the time cost and modest admission fee, and mostly now all I have to decide about is how and if I am going to ask someone. The thing about this is that I am not even sure if I would like to go with anyone, or even that specific person; the worry is that homecoming would be way too formal and quite a bit of a commitment. I would rather just ask them to go on a walk or something, or to meet up and sit around and throw pinecones at each other. Anyway! I will try to talk more here this week so that I can actually remember things and give very in-depth analyses on social interactions.
Before I end this, I would also like to mention how Cookie Clicker is going, as I am playing that as well and putting shamefully large amounts of non-idle time into it. Currently I am in the undecillions of cookies, probably more than enough to fill the solar system. Somehow it is just very fun to sit around and smite the cookie, but I feel like it will get old quick with how fast I am progressing.
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09/18/2021, 21:06: A certain book and some recent developments

I am actually writing this on the 19th, as the time slot that I was planning on writing this I instead streamed. But it is really alright, because I did enjoy streaming and I still remember most of everything that has happened since last Tuesday. Or, at least, I can try. There were quite a few things that happened. First! The meet that was on Wednesday. It took place at this state park that was on the south side of a lake, and everyone got there around 2:45. I think I washed my uniform right before it, having to take it in and out of the dryer multiple times to check if it was dry; soon after realizing that I did not even need to wash it and had already washed it a few days before. I should try to wash my uniform as much as I can, though, because there is still sticker residue on it and every time I wash it a little bit of the sticker residue goes away. This meet only had two races, probably due to the lack of people. There was only my school and two other schools, neither of which were in the same school district as ours. Really nothing of note happened at the meet other than 1) my hair and 2) the time that I got. I suppose I will just talk about these in sequential order. 1) I had my hair in a hairtie for the actual race part of the meet, with many of my friends wanting me to have it up for more of the day. The day before, Tuesday, hairties were doled out by some of the girls on the team that had cool ribbons on them that coordinate with the school colors. Someone suggested that I put a hairtie on, as I had some pretty darn long hair, and this did not seem like a bad idea at first. I was very hesitant to put it on, but then suddenly many people surrounded me and someone volunteered to put it up in a man-bun, which he did. Everyone then started clapping, and I was worried that it looked awful, but after I looked at my reflection in my phone screen I came to the conclusion that it did not look bad at all. Because he put all that work into making the bun, I did not want to immediately take the hairtie off, so I tried going for a run with my hair in that bun. And oh my Lord. It was like night and day. I no longer felt my hair bouncing nigh everywhere or had to brush it out of my face every few seconds, and I was wondering what I had been missing out on all the seven months that I had been running with my hair loose. I could see the world!! And I could run marginally faster because I did not have to keep my hair in check. I ended up taking off the hairtie a little bit before the running group I was in got back, so that no more people saw it than who really had to. Later Tuesday night I also practiced putting my hair in a hairtie by myself, so I could feel where it was with more accuracy when I actually had to put it up by myself. On Wednesday, I put it on right before the race started; with some difficulty, but not too much due to the practice. The hair was at a strange length that prohibited the ease of getting a hairtie around it, but long enough to make it worth it if I could tie it. I ended up just making the hairtie very tight, so that the strands of hair that usually fall loose and get in my eyes did not get in my eyes. It seems like I did it right, too; no hair fell out during the race, and I felt pretty darn fast compared to previous races. 2) The time was actually really darn good! I think I got a 20:34 for three miles, which is rather close to a whole 5K. The course was supposed to really be a whole 5K, but it seems like the people marking the course marked part of it incorrectly or cut some corners or something, so the course was in reality only three miles (a 5K is maybe 3.1). This meant that for an accurate 5K time based on the three-mile time, we had to add 45 seconds or a minute. Even with this added time, the race was still a personal best by a little more than three minutes. A lot of this could be chalked up to the hairtie and a few of my friends dragging/motivating me through the finish line, but still!!!! I am very happy with and excited about that time. The race itself, regardless of the time, felt pretty good as well; I passed a fair bit of people and many of my friends and people I knew got huge PRs as well.
Thursday was really not a spectacular day, with it starting off in an abnormal way and myself generally being tired and out-of-it for most of it. There is nothign else to say about it other than just how mediocre and underwhelming it was. I did have physics that day, which brightened it up a little bit because physics is a really fucking fun and cool class, but even cross country had not too much going on. Thursday was I think the first day that we had to wear long pants to cross country warmups, so that our calves did not freeze off and make us injured. This makes sense when it is actually cold, but when it is 70+ degrees and wearing long pants is a requirement it is not exactly great. I think Thursday was also the first day that I brought an audio splitter to school, with the intent of plugging my headphones into one side of it and walking around and asking people if they wanted to "tap in". One guy from my history class actually did, and we listened to some cool enough music and some things that he himself liked. Unfortunately I was not able to do this at lunch, as while I was still at school and not going out for lunch or anything there was this one fucking guy with a band-aid on his forehead who was playing rock music through a speaker and having a thousand-yard stare. I thought it would be wise to not ask him to turn it off, so I did not get the opporitunity to listen to anything else.
Friday was wild. Maybe not even interesting, just a pretty darn good day. Part of the reason was because I had sixth period, which meant that I got to sit next to S[-----] for an hour and a half and talk, learning a little bit of Spanish. S[-----] is a very nice person, and one of the more reasonable people that I have met or who sit next to me in some classes. She is also on my bus, but neither of us are awake enough to say anything to each other. She also wants me to braid my hair, which I really might do if it gets long enough. But a good rule of thumb is that if the hair gets long enough to braid, it is probably too long. Sixth period is usually tolerable and/or pretty enjoyable because of S[-----], which makes the total number of classes I enjoy five out of seven. The two that I am not a fan of being fourth period (Precalc) and fifth period (Business and Marketing), although ZetoMax's presence makes fourth period not too bad. There was also a football game on Friday, which I can certainly detail some more about. Friday happened to be "Fun Shirt Friday" for people in cross country, and I dutifully wore a shirt with the slug on it and took off my sweatshirt when I went on a run. The only thing that hampered this was that I got a little bit of my own piss on the shirt. I do not know how it happened, nor do I know for what cause it came to be, but the exact shape, size, and location of the wet spot on the shirt made it undoubtably a piss mark. This made me have to tuck my shirt in, which in turn made it kind of awkward to walk around because everyone was probably wondering, "sheesh. i wonder why eli has his shirt tucked in" and assume the worst. So that was not spectacular. But the football game kind of was! The game itself was a little bit better than the last one, with our team winning 56-7 rather than 53-0. The one touchdown the opposing team made made it look like our team was doing nothing to defend, which I hope was not the case but it was still a touchdown for the opposing team. There were also substantially less people at the game on Friday than there were the last game, which may be because of how strange the last one was or how much of a blowout it was. This one was at a usual time and in a usual location. There was also a dress code, or at least a reccomended outfit for people to wear: being white. I do not have any white sweatshirts or pants, and as it was forecasted to rain all I could really do was wear a black sweatshirt and tape a piece of printer paper to it. I only taped the top of it, however, and because of the wind I ended up simply not having it on. The fact that I was not wearing white was fine; there were some other people from cross country that I met up with and sat with, and it was generally fairly enjoyable. I just do wish that there were as many people there on Friday as there were on the 4th of September.
Saturday was not a bad day either. Mostly I sat around in this plain white shirt and baggy sweatpants and felt rather disgusting. When I was in 6th, 7th, and part of 8th grade, I used to go out for Friday Night Magic: The Gathering pretty darn frequently with some of my friends. I greatly enjoyed this event, and it was a good opporitunity to meet some other people who liked Magic and to generally have a good time. I have been meaning to get back into it for a few years. There was this one guy, who might have been in his mid to late twenties, who showed up every single FNM wearing a slightly tattered white tank top. He also always brought a two-liter of Teddy's Cream Soda, every fucking time. He would take sips of it between turns, and near the end of the night he always finished the whole fucking two-liter. He kind of smelled strange, and rocked in his seat, and you could tell that there was just something about him. I reminded myself of that sweaty Teddy's Cream Soda guy on Saturday, which was really not a good feeling.
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09/14/2021, 21:22: Trying to write some more

The thing about school is not even that I have a lot of homework, or that it is particularly hard (or at least not yet), but combined with XC and school itself it just gets very tiring. I get back from school and XC, look at my computer for half an hour, and then heave my ass upstairs to grind through some notes. AP World has had a few pages of reading notes every day, which is not all that bad but kind of a repetitive activity. There are a few WhatsApp chats and whatnot for study groups for the class, and there really is no harm in joining, but I think it will just make my work pale in comparison to all of the hours that AP World sweats spend on their notes. These group chats also seem like a prime place for people to humblebrag about their notes being too detailed or how tired their hand got; this is a dynamic that I not-quite-vehemently hate, so I think it may be a good idea to just stick with talking to some closer friends about the class and strategy to not die. The one advantage, or maybe disadvantage, that I have when it comes to taking large quantities of notes, is that I write in cursive. This means that the pen or pencil lifts not nearly as much as writing in print, which in turn means that it takes not as long to write. This cursive also slants left somehow, and I have found that I genuinely enjoy writing in cursive, or at least tell myself this. It is not too hard for me to sit in the folding chair that is in my room, throw my phone across the room or onto my bed, and grind out the notes for an hour or maybe less. The main issue is just that it takes so long, and that I have to do this every day. We also are not reviewing the notes in class, so it is like what we are doing in class and what we are reading in the textbook are two separate curriculums or topics entirely. At least there are many other people to complain about the class with/to. Anyway. Combined with the notes and other homework, I am usually done with it all by like seven or eight each night, give or take an hourish from the fluxuating end time of XC. I really do not mind this at all, as it gives me something to do and worry about other than the things that I was worrying about for most of the summer. Specifically the thing that happened a little over two months ago, but there will hopefully be a time and place to talk about that in the very far future. I then have dinner at maybe 8 or 8:30, and think about writing this blog but instead ruminate until I eventually go to bed at 10:20ish. Chances are that I will make an updated version of this schedule in November, with all of the bells and whistles; similar to the bolded one from last November. It is absolutely crazy to think that I have been writing this blog for nearly ten months now, and the 1 year of consecutive, somewhat active writing will come up before I know it. Tomorrow there is another XC meet, which I doubt I will be able to give an in-depth analysis of until maybe Thursday; the time I am shooting for is sub-25. I think I can pull this off, considering that I got a 24:04 last meet on a hilly course, so it is not absurd that I get a sub-24, even. There are many more things to talk about concerning some more classes and other events on the weekend, but it is already 10:03 at night and I would really rather write more frequently here than write bigger entries that are kind of outdated. My memory does kind of fade quickly, so how I can describe something will change drastically the more time goes by between when it happens and when I write about it. This is also in the hope that comedic video of the day #200 will happen before this school year ends--writing more (albeit shorter) entries, that is. Hopefully I am making sense.
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09/12/2021, 10:30: Oh Lord

Even though it has not even been four days since I last touched this blog--I am still not done with the previous entry--it feels like an eternity has passed since I have been on this html file. Absolutely nothing other than school happened on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday had a lot of events that made them very long, but good, days. First, though, I would like to comment on something that happened last night that is really quite an embarrassment but I think it is worth talking about.

Last night I decided to stream, as I usually do, and because I had not been playing Zodiac at all over the past four days I was really very bad at it. I did not even get past 55% for the entirety of the stream, although a lot of the stream was just practicing from various start positions and trying to get less bad at the level. I was really just not enjoying myself near the end, and this mood, combined with how bad I was being, combined with how ticked off I was getting with some people in chat, combined with how tired I was from waking up at 5 that day just made me kind of delirious. Someone who I usually find a little bit annoying, and who I thought had left earlier, said that he came to every single stream. And somehow this made me absolutely lose it, in a good way. It was like all of the two and a half years of streaming that I had done caught up to me, and I realized that there were more than four thousand people who enjoyed watching me play a video game. I had been aware of this fact for quite a long time, but all of the repurcussions of it I only realized then. Soon enough some more people said some kind things, and even though they may have said those things in previous streams the words felt like they meant a lot more on that particular night. I was soon in full-blown laugh-cry-happy sobbing, and eventually raided someone after saying some more things and just taking it all in. Only maybe 10% of the people who were there were actually chatting, which was rather harrowing as there might have been some more people lurking. For ten minutes after the stream I walked around the room and looked in the mirror and thought about how very content I was and how that stream specifically was very good, or at least the last few minutes of it. The VOD is still probably up on the Twitch channel, it is the one whose title ends in "Shock CUbe". I woke up this morning also feeling amazing, and I am just glad that I got it all sorted out. It really was embarrassing, though.
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09/08/2021, 21:16: XC Meet Day V: The Return

Before I talk about the meet, which realistically I will never get around to because there is still a lot to talk about, I would like to mention some other things. On Saturday there was the first formal football game of the season, and I went mostly to check it out and in the hope of seeing some people I knew there. I did not really know what to expect, and because I rode my bike there if I absolutely hated it I could just ride my bike back. It was a very immensely sunny day, and all of the students came in through one side entrance that was near the right side of the bleachers. There was the track, and on the back stretch (where the 300m hurdles start) the visiting teams' bleachers sat. On the front stretch (where the 100m is), the massive home grandstand was. There was no class seating or anything, so I just looked for some people that I recognized and they waved me over. Mainly people from cross country, although there was one person I recognized from first and second period and another person who is on the swim team and generally a nice person. Even though I came kind of late, I still got to see the opening kickoff and all of that. The quarters were fully 15 minutes, as far as I could tell, with the scoreboard having the only and main source of information other than the announcer with the loudspeaker. Sometimes this announcer guy would call out the names of the football playes and their numbers if they made a play, and I do remember one of them shared my name. They might have been on the opposing team, however. I do kind of know our quarterback's name, and it is indeed sufficiently jocky and sounds like he was named with the intention of being a high school football quarterback. The score was I think 14-0 for the first quarter, something in the 20s-0 in the second quarter, and by the end of the game it was 53-0. Our team won, which was certainly more than alright, but the fact that it was a blowout was a little bit of a letdown. Maybe not even a letdown, I just would have liked to see the other team get a safety or a 1-point field goal or something. They did not do this. During halftime I got a ginger ale, which was reasonably priced at $2. As a concession stand, they could have made the price of the sodas $5 and people still would have bought them. The stadium had this policy of not letting anyone who exited back in again, so with no outside sources of food or drink the concession stand had all of the market. Perhaps this is a local monopoly. They did not charge a fortune for the snacks, though, so this is a very good thing. When I think about it more, which is a very rare occasion as I am quite a slow thinker, the game itself was kind of underwhelming. The main fun part was all of the festivities and getting the chance to talk to people and meet more people, which did happen and is likely so worth it that I might go back to future football games, even if the games themselves are blowouts or generally hard to watch. The cheerleaders did their thing as well, and all of the juniors and seniors with balls followed along with the chants and cheers and things like that. I really would have liked to, but many people around me would give me glances and I do not know the cheers too well. Some of them involve snapping, which I like to think I am good at, so I participated in some of those. Nearly 80 percent of the non-band crowd that was there were wearing at least one Hawaiian garment, whether it was a floral shirt or a lei or a flowery bracelet. Myself, as well as all of my cross country chums, were not wearing anything floral or Hawaiian. The person I knew from first and second period was wearing a bracelet, though, so at least our group was not a complete embarrassment.

OKAY!!!!!! NOW THAT I HAVE GOTTEN THAT OUT OF THE WAY here is some stuff about the meet! Because today was a Wednesday, our school got out at 12:50; lunch went from 12:25 to the end of school, and some people just left after 12:25. There were grilled cheese sandwiches being served as a hot lunch, which was a pretty darn good thing as the cheese must be different on those grilled cheeses. On burgers and things like that, the cheese is hard as a rock, but on grilled cheeses it is nice and melty, and combined with the amount of butter that they put on the bread, it ends up as a very tasty sandwich. I really do not mind school lunch, and there is consistently an entree that I can eat and enjoy. It is not as bad as some people chalk it up to, or at least in this district. At 12:28 I finished eating, which allowed for ample time of standing around and talking with people. One guy (who I do kind of know; usually I will just call people "this guy" or "that guy" though) was wondering if you could drink the leftover water from bongs. I did not even know how bongs worked previous to that conversation, but apparently they leave leftover residue water that is kind of murky. If anything, I expect it would taste better than regular water because some marijuana has passed near or through it. Or something like that. I am not touching any of that stuff until I am 21, unless I am violently coerced. Anyway! I left the building at 12:50ish, and was generously picked up by my mother. The first thing that I did when I got home, other than keeping tabs on the stench of dog piss that has plagued the basement, was to put the cross country uniform in the dryer. I put it in the washer that morning, and all it had to do was spin around for a little bit and be heated up.
END OF ENTRY!! FUCK. I just have so little time with school and all that I did not come around to fully finish this. Please do not mug me in an alleyway.
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09/06/2021, 17:30: How Friday went and the weekend

I really did not talk too much about Thursday or Friday last entry, and this was partly because they were very similar to the first day of school albeit still fun and interesting. There was also cross country after school on Wednesday, which I felt like I prepared well enough for. In the morning I put some athleticy clothes in one compartment of my school bag, and then changed into them after school. I really should have brought a water bottle or a watch, and for this reason I was both thirsty and disoriented during XC on Wednesday. But it was still alright enough, with it being a very sunny day and the team doing some body weight "Wuss" strength training during practice.
Thursday was not terribly different from Wednesday, however instead of having every single class I had only the odd periods. Each class was an hour and thirty minutes, as well, which made Business and Marketing especially funny and unbearable. Not even unbearably funny, it just had both of those qualities. Everyone was taking turns to go to the bathroom during that period, so I got to swivel the spinny chair some more and be even more silent than usual. I do not know how I am going to sit through another hour and thirty minutes of that class tomorrow, but there is a small chance we will be doing interesting things. In the morning on Thursday, when everyone was hanging around in the commons of the school, I also met some new people and got to introduce some mutual friends to each other. Although I did not actually formally introduce them, they both seemed to get along. Thursday was also the day of the first cross country meet, which took place from 2:45 in the afternoon until a little after 7. It was only two miles, the race, but the meet included what seemed like every high schooler in the county so there had to be many races. Each class was split into boys and girls, who ran separate races, for a total of eight races. I was in the sophomore boys' race, along with many other sophomore boys that I knew, and I got a time of 13:45. This means that I might be able to go sub-20 in a 5K before I graduate high school if I really try, as the remaining six minutes is just enough to run a very good mile in, and a 5K is around three miles. This time was also a PR by four or five minutes, because I had not run a two-mile race since middle school and I was substantially better. The race's starting line was on sand, and this was perhaps the worst part of it; you had to run on sand for 50ish meters and then the rest of the race was on grass or pavement. If sand got in your shoes while you were in the sand part, it stayed there for the whole race and probably felt very annoying. Miraculously, this did not happen to me, but if someone was wearing spikes and this happened it must have been a lot worse. I did not really know what to expect for the race, so I suppose I am happy with it. There is a 5K race happening this Wednesday, though, and I think I will know what to expect for that. I did not do a whole lot else on Thursday, and I really could go into a lot more detail about how school went, but I doubt anyone would care and it may seem offputting how much I remember or have observed. Things like the hair detail from last entry.
Friday was actually really darn solid. There were only three real periods, being 2nd and 4th and 6th, with the space between 2nd and 4th period a long presentation about ALICE drills and other precautions. All of the periods were an hour and a half, similar to Thursday, but because there were only three I only had to keep my brain on for three-quarters of the day. Lunch was really darn cool, being first lunch and between the ALICE presentation and fourth period. Myself and some other people went off-campus for lunch, and because I had already wolfed down some school lunch I only got a single apple at the store. Clarence got a whole container/plate of sushi, which he ate with his hands in nearly no time flat because he did not have any chopsticks and we were running out of time. What made this lunch good was not that I got the apple or even that we went off campus--even though those were good--but that I kept the recipt for the apple. I do not know why this fact is so funny to me. It says on a recipt that I bought an apple, costing 70 American cents, with one dollar of payment and thirty cents in change. Someone in 6th period (Spanish) also drew a smiley face on it, which may increase or decrease the recipt's merit depending on how you look at it. It was a pretty well-drawn smiley face, though. After school, the roughly same group of people went to Dairy Queen and got some ice cream, as this is the only good item at that restaurant. Their burgers are alright, albeit a little bit cold sometimes, but their ice cream--specifically Blizzards--is very on-point. I also got to keep the recipt for this, even though I was not the one paying for it. I did pay my share back, ending the day with only having spent $6 of my own money. I really should eventually get a job so that I do not have to keep exactly track of how much I am spending, but I do get enough from Twitch earnings (kind of) and allowance to not have to budget that much. Most of the things like clothes and food are already paid for by my very generous parents, but a few things I have to pay for myself. One of my friends has a very large allowance, yet has to pay for everything that he does; things like piano lessons, clothes, and haircuts. It seems like his parents are trying to set him up very well, but this just seems kind of annoying. I also streamed on Friday, and got absolutely nowhere on Zodiac and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I suppose by now I am used to being awful at the level.
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09/02/2021, 20:50: The first two days of school

Oh man oh man oh man oh MAN is there a lot to talk about. Currently I am listening to future funk at a higher volume than usual and feeling rather over the moon, even though the second half of today did not stick out a lot. I should really probably start at the start, though, or at least the start of the first day of school. I woke up at 5:40 in the morning, and initially did not think or suspect that it was even the first day of school. I did notice that I was more tired than I usually was when my alarm went off, and reasoned that today was an important day in some way. I wore a light blue shirt that I got (copped?????) recently, some very passive sweatpants, and the really bright pink hoodie that has the opossum on it. Somehow this felt patriotic, even though no one except for like three or four people recognized the picture. I then took a shower, washed my hair, and slithered on downstairs to get the backpack. This backpack I had previously put all the school things in, and the main issue was that it had been marinating in the stench of dog piss overnight. My dog pissed on the carpet of the basement a few days ago, and if you leave things down there for long enough they smell a little bit like dog piss even when you take them out of the basement. People included, I think. This meant that the backpack also smelled like dog piss, although this was not too big of a deal as it was quite a cold morning and the cold is known for washing the smell out of things. I did some more packing and hair-splitting, and at 6:32 I was off to the bus stop. The main great thing about this school year is that I do not have to be driven to school by my mother or father. There is a bus stop that is a ten minutes' walk away from my house, and the bus gets to school at like 7:00-ish. This means that I can hang around and talk to people for a good thirty minutes before school starts at 7:30, which is something that I have been kind of missing out on over the past very long time. The walk to the bus stop was not too out-of-the-ordinary, and neither was the bus ride. Our bus driver's name is Paul, and from the way that everyone gives him a round of applause after he gets us to school he is either very inexperienced or a well-known bus driver. I greeted him and he gave me a fist bump, which is really not bad for a bus driver. Because it was the first day, there was an assembly kind of thing for sophomores in the stadium at 7:30 so that we felt welcomed, I suppose. They had a person in the school mascot costume/fursuit there and all, and the ASB people seemed rather pumped about us being there. Myself and the three of my friends, though, were not all that pumped. Twiddle was wearing a trenchy kind of coat; not exactly a trench coat, but it had fluffy things on the inside and looked like a trench coat. He was also wearing two rings one one hand, informing us of his decision to put them on different fingers rather than the same finger later that day, at lunch. ZetoMax and Clarence were also wearing rather respectable clothing, and it seemed like I was the only one there who was not dripped the hell out. This was alright, though, as I was wearing The Opossum Hoodie; at least, I tried to rationalize it this way. Once the assembly was over we all moseyed on over to our first period classes. I had all of the classroom numbers written down on a little piece of cardstock which I kept in my pocket. This plan worked well for finding my classes, however I did not know exactly what class I had and only the room number. The schedule, for future reference and in case I myself forget:

P1: AP World History
P2: Honors Humanities
P3: AP Computer Science A
P4: Math Analysis/Precalc
P5: Business and Marketing
P6: Spanish 3
P7: AP Physics 1

These classes are sure to be hard as balls, but they will certainly be fun and interesting. First and second period, as the first day of school we had every single class, were not bad at all. Our teacher seemed alright enough, and treated us kids with patience but also did not go too slow. Some other upperclassmen that I have talked to said that they really liked this teacher, so he may prove to be even better than I took him on for. Third period was certainly interesting, with a teacher who eminated the feeling that he really knew his stuff. As he talked more about himself, it seemed more and more like he did in fact know what he was talking about when it came to computer science. All of my teachers, as well, are men with the only exception of my Spanish teacher. After third period there was lunch, and luckily nearly everyone I know and talk with has first lunch for fourth period. Myself, ZetoMax, Clarence, and Twiddle all sat at one table which was kind of near this very big glass wall. I had a corndog with a few of these fries that look like smiley faces that one person from cross country really really likes, and everyone else had the lunches they brought from home. There was one other guy who joined us who had to stand up and eat because there was not a lot of seating, and was having a bagel with sesame seeds on it that probably had ham and cheese in it. Even though he did supply his name, from now on I cannot help but think of him in my head as Bagel Guy. Lunch was really quite good, actually, as I had not talked with many of my friends in-person for a while. Fourth period was after this, and fortunately ZetoMax and Twiddle shared it with me. We all sat at one table near the front, and from where I was sitting it gave me a very good vantage point to see how thin our teacher's hair was. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and clearly knew quite a bit about math, and even mentioned how he is learning to play electric guitar; somehow, though, I could not keep my eyes away from his hair. It was not even very nice hair, and certainly not thick hair, but you could see right through it from how little of it there was. His hair was not even gray, either, even though those qualities are usually linked to gray hair. Other than this, fourth period was not terribly interesting. Fifth period was very funny to me for no good reason; it was on the first floor of one of the main wings, which meant that I had to go up a flight of stairs, walk a distance, and then go down a flight of stairs to get to it. Our teacher seemed like a character from The Office, even though I have only seen one episode of that show half a decade ago. The main funny thing about fifth period was that you could tell that no one fucking wanted to be there, and the room was completely silent so whenever the teacher stopped talking you could hear people blink and breathe. I sat in this cool high spinny chair, as I was one of the last ones to get in the room the first day and it was one of the only seats open, so I got to move my feet to spin back and forth on the chair. I did this very slowly, almost unbearably slowly, so that anyone looking at me would think I was just swiveling my head. If someone was chewing gum in that class, I would have maybe died of laughter. Sixth period felt very long, but there were some interesting enough people who sat near me that I could talk to. Spanish I was and am usually very excited for; for both last school year and hopefully this one. Seventh period was actually great, and may include the class that I am the most excited about. Our teacher looks almost exactly like the bomber from Speed, although the mask probably has something to do with this, and he seemed like he was very ready to do some teaching and communicate all of his physics knowledge to us impressionable teens.
Right now, I have only filled in about a fifth of what happened between the early hours of September 1st and the late hours of September 4th, as I am writing the rest of this then. I will probably just update sometime tomorrow about some other things that happened the rest of that first week, as there were a few of them.
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08/29/2021, 17:39: Some new and cool recent developments

Ohhhhh man there is a lot to talk about. There is a very good chance that this entry will be rather long, although as I am writing this I cannot really tell. When anyone is reading this, it will be a lot easier to tell how long it is as there will be the whole rest of the entry. Anyway. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all days that had more than a few things happening, and I have been kind of itching to catch up on all of it before I forget it. Thursday was the time trial day, and we really could not have asked for any better weather. It was cloudy, but not rainy, and not too warm or cold to prohibit decent running. Some people brought spikes to it, immediately deeming themselves as crazy people; the general consensus was that cross country was a mainly off-track sport. Bringing spikes to races, though, is a different matter as there is actually ground for the spikes to grip themselves into. I finished sixteenth in the race that I ran in, because there were two separate boys’ races: one for the faster people and one for the slower people. I was in the slower one, naturally, and there was only one girls’ race. It seemed like everyone was cracked out of their minds except for me, with a few of my friends getting 5:2Xs and everyone who wanted to get sub-7 getting sub-7. I was 20 seconds slower than my personal best, with a 6:23 or 6:24, which really was alright as I had not run a mile time trial in quite a bit. I really do believe that I can get a sub-6 within the next year, which may be a lofty goal or similar adjective however a year is a very long time, and I might even get a lot lower than sub-6 during it. There is also the vast remainder of a cross country season and track season ahead, and if I do not improve a whole lot in the mile I will hopefully at least do alright in 5Ks. Other than this, though, not a lot happened on Thursday. I might have been especially not-bad at the Geometry Dash level Zodiac, as I am still (STILL) grinding it out, but that really was it.
A few times in the past week I have been trying to play the same note on four different strings on the guitar without using a capo or any major shenanigans regarding the tuning of the strings, and it is not an easy task. The first string just has the open E note, which does not require any fingers, and the other three strings are on different frets--I think the 5th, 8th, and 12th, although I am probably very wrong about this. If I use my first and fourth fingers, as well as my thumb, I can barely stretch across and hit the frets. If I try it every day, there is a chance I will be able to keep my fingers there and strum the chord, which I am guessing will sound rather funny because it is just the same note. In the shower this morning I realized it would be leagues easier if I used a capo and moved it up until the frets were closer together, but this would make it less of an accomplishment and remove the bragging rights.
Friday was at least a little bit more interesting. In the morning, there was the back-to-business day thing that was on that day for sophomores. Freshmen had it on the 28th, juniors have it on the 30th, and seniors have it on the 31st. School then starts on the 1st, and we all have Labor Day off on the 6th of September. Come to think of it, really, the back-to-business thing was not too interesting. I picked up a laptop and a shirt, and got my picture taken and ASB card. The exciting thing about the ASB card is that I am now able to go off-campus for lunch, which may be useful if I would like to buy something from Dairy Queen or spend $10 on some warm milk from Starbucks. I will probably only do these things if some of my friends are, as going alone to DQ and buying a sad little burger for lunch does not really seem like a good time. After getting back and sitting around in the passenger seat of the car for a little while my mother went inside and putting all of the back-to-business spoils away, I then had to get ready for the XC thing that was happening. Instead of a formal practice, we all met at a shelter by a lake (kind of) and had a barbeque. It really was not bad, and a lot of talking and running was done. Everyone got either a hot dog in tinfoil or a veggie dog in tinfoil, and there were cookies and lemonade on the tables. It was found that you could wedge yourself in-between some of the playground elements, and some people discussed how well hydrogen could substitute for helium. The main bad thing about hydrogen is how flammable it is, in which case it would work very well as helium except when exposed to anything warm. This would be very bad for large clumps of balloons. The barbecque was decent enough, but it was more what followed that was notable. That Friday my parents were going to a baseball game, and my sister was going to a sleepover, which meant that I had the house to myself for a few hours after the barbeque. Earlier that day I had been notified that there was a football scrimmage game thing happening at school sometime that night, and even with trying to find what time it was at I could not nail down an exact time. So I talked it over with my parents and agreed to bike there and arrive around 6:30 or 6:45. I had never been to this kind of event before, and it did seem worth trying as it was likely the first one in a very long time. When I got there and found some people I recognized, apparently the game started at 6:00 and not later, which was alright as it went until 7:30. It was not even a formal, competitive game; just some scrimmages, although those still were very interesting to watch. It was kind of like major league football, but instead of massive men in their twenties and early thirties they were massive men in their teens. A few people made some very good catches and very good runs, and eventually I might know the names of some of them or at least have some way to differentiate them other than the numbers on their jerseys. The few people that I stood with on the bleachers, as everyone was standing, really did not know what to expect either, but the part of the game that I did get to see was pretty darn interesting and just enjoyable being there with many other people. Some of the cheerleaders even got on each others' hands and all that, which I had never seen before outside of state fairs so this was good. When it seemed like things were wrapping up, and after the throwing competition where a few people lined up and tried to hit the crossbar, I left the bleachers early to avoid all of the foot traffic. I then checked to see if my bike was not stolen yet, as I did not bring a lock (it was not stolen), and bought some cherry cola and coffee creamer at the store. I like to think that my store receipts are a little bit humorous, as they are things that are not commonly bought together. Eventually I will buy a single cucumber and some vaseline for the only purpose of seeing the look on people's faces. This might be too far, however. The coffee creamer I like to put in milk, as milk itself is tasty but kind of lacks kick; to add some flavor I just put things in it. Ovaltine also works, and so does small amounts of eggnog. On the way back from the store, or at least the way I took, someone had spilled an opened bag of Swedish Fish on the sidewalk. I passed it, and then hesitated, and then put a few in my mouth and continued on my way. I might have been able to get away with taking the whole bag, or at least all of the fish that had not been laying on the sidewalk, but out of the interest of myself and others I left it there in case other people wanted to feast on it. I also did not want to make myself sick off of Swedish Fish.
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08/25/2021, 19:36: More of everything

I really would have liked to write more last entry, but now that cross country is in the afternoon and not the morning I just feel very out of it all morning and then actually think clearly at around this time. The main factor is, and this is going to sound very dumb, is that my hair stays wet until maybe noon. In school, it usually dries out by second or third period, but with the combination of waking up at 8:00 rather than 5:00 and not running in the morning, it just stays wet for a very long time. Over the past two or so weeks, I have also been visibly seeing the progression of my shower's disgustingness. Hair gets stuck in the middle of the drain, as I am very sure I have said here before, and I have to rub it with my toe and kind of stick it in the corner of the tub. Piled up there now is nothing short of a forest of hair of mysterious origin. The thing about this is that the hair in the drain further prevents the drain from draining; and as the drain already is in dire need of cleaning, it is not uncommon for the water to reach my ankles when I turn off the water. I still should feel lucky for access to a somewhat private shower, however if more than one person used it I think I would try to take better care of it. It is one of those things that I only encounter daily, and even though I kind of dread having to rub my toe against that drain and add to the hair pile, I only have to go through it once a day so it is not all that prevalent of a priority. Similarly, if my toothpaste is running low, I will keep trying to eke out as much toothpaste as I can from that one tube, even if this requires me having to roll up the tube and squeeze it in a different way each night. Ordering toothpaste rarely happens, though, because I always get through each individual use of the toothpaste. Hopefully this makes sense. I have a lot of other issues like this, from refridgerating soda and water to throwing away accumulated trash. If they are all encountered on a case-by-case basis, nothing will ever happen and the problems will get worse. It would probably also benefit me to write these things down so that I do not have to worry about the hair pile or soaking in my own sweat when I am showering.
Instead of going on with this disgusting fucking ramble, I would also like to mention how things have been going when it comes to driving. My father has been taking me on drives and telling me what to do consistently every Saturday, and we usually go up to a freeway or something, go around a little bit more, and then turn around. If I am doing anything wrong--braking too little, drifting to the side of the lane, or not staying in my lane when I am turning--he just tells me, and then I try not to do it the next time. Last Saturday was not terribly notable, as we only went in a few different places, but yesterday night I got to drive when it was dark. This was nerve-racking, but since I felt a little bit confident during the day, nighttime was not too much different. A lot of it was trying to not be blinded by other cars' headlights, as well as looking closely for the street lines and double yellows, as they were not immediately visible with limited vision. High beams are also wack as hell, being useful in only a few circumstances; in those few circumstances, however, it is like night and day. I doubt I will use them a whole lot because blinding people with them would really not be ideal, but at least they are at my disposal in case I really cannot see anything. It is also strikingly hard to judge distance correctly at night, with the only indicator being how bright the headlights are--even then, too, it seems better to just wait if you are not sure. Driving seems like an activity that is very exciting for the first few months and maybe a year, but becomes a toil and a waiting game the longer you do it. I have often found that I step out of the drivers' seat with a slightly numb right foot, which will hopefully stop happening after I get used to it all some more. Something else that I have been mulling over is the split of middle school makeup in the high school that I go to. Everyone either went to the middle school that I did not go to, perhaps the "away" school, or the middle school that I did go to, the "home" school. 70% of the people I have met went to the away school, however a few of these people I knew from elsewhere; elementary school or other connections. The tricky thing is that I would have gone to the away school, and thus been better-acquainted with everyone, if I had not tested into a certain program in 4th grade. The program entailed a rather BS test, another BS test which in reality was a thinly veiled IQ test, and the classes in elementary school were not all that big. I was there for all of 4th grade through 8th grade, and I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy it or did not get a lot out of it. It just seems like a major disconnect from myself and the majority of people that I know; and even though I still did go to the home school and meet quite a few people there, there was still a partition between program people and non-program people. This is going to sound awful, (and I mean really!!!! really!! awful,) but nearly everyone that I have met would likely never guess I was even in it because I am a white guy. This is maybe a good thing for me, but has very bad implications in many other ways. I really did learn a thing or two from it, and I think it has prepared me moderately well for high school and all of the classes, but I really do wish I at least got to know a few more people. I would also not mind it if I did not talk so dryly here, but this is still the one place outside of formal school assignments that I use capital letters, which may be a good thing. Tomorrow there is a 1600m time trial in XC as well as a few other things happening, so I may write here then. There is a better chance that I do not, though, but I will certainly update on the results of the time trial.
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08/24/2021, 11:10: The first day of real deal fall XC

Yesterday was, as it is probably able to be inferred, was the first day of the fall cross country season. The people who had not been to a fall season before, which included myself and many people I know, all came at 2:30 and then the rest of the team came at 3:30. The practice was really largely uneventful, with the main highlight being seeing all of the people who I have not talked to over the summer. There was also one guy in the same grade as me who was in my third grade class, and miraculously we recognized each other even though we had not seen each other for six or more years. The run itself, too, was not bad; it was four miles at a pace that I felt like I could keep up. One guy behind me, though, was gasping and heaving a lot for the whole trek back, which was more annoying than it maybe should have been. This meant he was working hard, though, and probably gassing it more than any of the other people in our running group.
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08/21/2021, 18:17: How things have been going

The main thing that I--along with most likely everyone my age--have been worrying about is that the school year is starting, in my case on September 1st. This means that it is going to be no longer summer in a bit, and that I will not see my shadow until May. Which really is alright, or at least I like to tell myself that, as I have been looking forward with both excitement and nervousness to getting back to school and seeing more of my friends in-person again. Before I ramble on more about things that it is likely that no one cares about, I would like to mention something that happened last night, and something that I have been plotting for a while. Near the end of July, the thought drifted into my head to somehow wake up very early in the morning, go on a walk just around the neighborhood, and go to sleep again. The goal would be for the walk to kind of feel like dreaming, and feel very surreal. This would also make the walk kind of risky, but the chances are very low that someone is going to be cruising around a neighborhood without their headlights on at two or three in the morning. Like all of the ideas and really dumb fake scenarios I think up, I chose to not immediately act on it and think about it for a while. This is both a good thing to do for some ideas--making a smoothie out of dried scabs is not really a thing to be proactive about--but kind of a bad thing for ideas that may be good. I thought this over for a while more, and did a lot of thinking during the trip in mid-August. The plan would be to set an alarm for 2:00 or 2:30, and put some clothes near the door to my bedroom that were previously picked out and dirty. Optimally I would wear the same clothes each time if I were to do this endeavor repeatedly. I chose some whitish sweatpants and a very bright yellow shirt, unfortunately not super-neon-laser yellow, but it seemed to be bright enough. I also put a flashlight in the clothes pile. The sandals that I would wear I already put near the door that I would exit the house through; a different door from the main entrance, as that door creaks very loudly. If I thought I needed to wear something heavier than a shirt, I would just put it on. This seemed to be enough preparation so that my half-asleep self could exit the house with as little effort as possible, so being happy with this I went to bed on the 20th with my alarm set to 2:00. The night before, of the 19th-20th, I had set an alarm to 2:00 just to see how waking up at that time felt, and getting all the way up at that time seemed doable. When the alarm did go off last night, or today I suppose, I fumbled around and turned off the alarm and put on the clothes that I had set out. My whole body felt very tired, which I think it is safe to chalk up to waking up at 2. I then made it outside, and the first thing that struck me about it was just how quiet it was. A few other people and I had gone outside at like three in the morning a few months ago, during a sleepover, and it is just crazy how the absence of birds chirping and the movement of cars on the main road that is near my house can make everything feel so quiet. It was also very dark, which is usually what happens when it is two in the morning. After standing around in my backyard for a minute or two I went around to the front of the house and slowly but surely made my way down the street. The main treachery was opening and closing the gate to my backyard, as from how quiet it was it might have been heard from a fair bit away. I did eventually make it down the hill, and without an urgent desire to go farther I turned around and went back up the hill. I also probably should have worn shoes other than sandals, as the clicks they made against my heels whenever I took a step seemed very loud. Clicking my way back up the hill and back inside was not a huge ordeal either, but it really did seem surreal and I am glad that I went. If I am to go farther away from my house in the future, I should be more and more cautious and probably bring my phone with me. Going back to bed was less hard than I suspected it would be, and I slept for quite a bit until waking up at around nine in the morning.
Cross country for the past week has done its job in making me very sore; soreness is usually thought of as good, which it is, however it can be very miserable if heaving yourself up stairs with the banister is necessary. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday were all normal distance runs or recovery days, and on Tuesday we did something pretty darn interesting. Instead of that strange and exhausting hill work thing that was done a few weeks ago, we all just ran up and down a hill 25 times, divided into five sets of five. The people with a death wish ran up and down the hill 30 times, and some other people did it 20 times. I feel like I should have gotten more out of breath during it, but nearly every time on the way down I was able to fully catch my breath and then gas it all the way back up the hill. I was very sore afterwards, so I think the workout did its job. There are a few other things that have been on my mind that I could write about, but they would be mind-numbingly boring or just very strange to hear about. Mostly, though, I am trying to be as ready as I can be for school to start.
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08/17/2021, 19:27: Things I did not mention last entry

There are a few things that I probably should have mentioned last time, but I just did not. The main one was the glaring "strange music" in the title, which I did not mention once and really did plan to. While I was away, one night I went through many layers of Spotify reccomended artists and came across an artist known as Nero's Day at Disneyland. I had never heard of them, and the one album cover that was their profile picture seemed interesting enough. I listened to the top-played song for their profile, and to me it did not sound all that spectacular. It was named Action Winter Journey, and was uncannily harmonic but did hurt a little bit to listen to. I did not think too much of it, and continued browsing music. The next day, on a longish car ride, I listened to it again however on a higher volume due to the sound of the highway and all that. It did not hurt as much to listen to then, and a few parts were pretty darn good; the fact that it continued the same A-B-A-B pattern throughout the whole song was not great, though. This song was only one of many on the album called From Rotting Fantasylands, so not really knowing what I was going to hear I listened to some later songs of it and eventually worked my way through all of the songs on the album on a later day. And holy shit. Nearly all of them were absolute fucking slappers except for In Aisles and maybe Plumes of ATM Sinew. It was really unlike anything I had ever heard before, with all of the strange samples and static noises and pure tones. If you would like to listen to it yourself, the Spotify link is this. A few songs I really, really liked, including No Down Payments, Low Monthly Fees and Child Protective Services Theme Song. Even though all of the songs on the album were very strange and sampled and might be a torture method if they are played loudly enough, they all have a very nice tempo and something that you I have found I can tap my foot to. Which is good, for songs that are mostly static. This seems like the kind of music that people will look back on thirty years from now with a bad taste in their mouth, but hopefully it will still be as bopping thirty years from now. It also feels like this kind of music--other artists as well, as someone in a discord server I am in really likes this kind of music--kind of makes you feel very shaken after listening to it and liking it, and then realizing that you were jamming out to random drum things and a lot of high-pitched static. After looking at Wikipedia, it looks like Nero's Day at Disneyland was more of an experimental project and not really a single person; although it was owned by a single person. Something happened to them in 2013, and I can not even remember the Wikipedia article that much, but it was quite drastic and caused them to stop making music. Which really is a shame, because it would have been cool to see what they could do with modern technology.

There have also been some things that have happened since I wrote the last entry, which is part of the reason why I am writing this (No shit). One thing that I have no doubt said countless times here, as well as when I am streaming on Twitch is that I feel like a prissy conceited douche a substantial amount of the time. Some of it is the word choice and the way I speak and type, and some of it is the way I conduct myself or how I hold my hands and things like that. I would like to think that it is all in my head, and it probably is, but somehow I just cannot shake the feeling that many people think that I am posing or think that I am high and mighty. Which may be true to an extent, although I still think I am overthinking this. On Sunday, myself and maybe fifteen other memebers of the cross country team went to a lake beach that is within driving distance. We all played flyers with a football that someone brought, and I really do feel like I could have caught the ball more. I have the height, and some of the jumping capability, but I just do not want to crush anyone's toes on the way down. The strategy that I settled on was hanging towards the back of the crowd and waiting for someone to catch it and then fumble it, so that I could catch the ball and keep it. This worked four times, and I fumbled the ball myself more times than I am probably willing to admit. But it was good! A few people took their shoes off, and I kept mine on; this was a large reason why I was not all that aggressive on catching the ball. Perhaps half an hour in, a small kid who looked like he was five years old came up to the group and showed interest in tossing the ball around. We all made a semicircle around him, and after a few tries he successfully caught the ball, and then tossed it back to the group. It went on like this for some time, and after he had to go back with his parents he gave some of us some bracelets made of pipe cleaners. I still have mine, and wear it whenever I am feeling like being good at Geometry Dash. Sometimes it works, and other times I am still awful and washed, which really is alright. Because the place we were at was near a lake, a few people took their shirts off and started to get ready to go in. Actually, hell, everyone except me took their shirt off. This is because I felt like it would be somehow extra buoyancy if I really needed it, as well as the fact that I do not really like my armpit hair and already look strange enough in a singlet. I probably should have just taken it off anyway, but at least I took my socks off. The lake was very much warmer than the Pacific Ocean, as most lakes between the Artic Circle and the Antarctic Circle are, and it was the first time that I have been in a pool or a body of water in maybe more than a year. This also meant that I was very unfamiliar with doggy paddling and even any strokes that I might have learned, however I could tread water alright and float on my back a little bit. Because of this, I was only in the water for a little bit and spent a lot of time either sitting on the dock or clinging to it. There were a lot of seaweedy like plants that kind of looked like small pine tree branches, and a few people made necklaces out of them and collected a lot of them on the dock. The dock itself was floating, however was attached to a few poles; this allowed for a very easy process of jumping on it and making it swing. This was fairly easy with three people jumping up and down on one side, but very hard to coordinate with many people shifting their weight from side to side with different feet. People then tried pushing each other off of the dock, and I really cannot swim too well currently so I just clung to a pole or one solid object so that I did not fall in (I did not.) This is likely one of those times that I will look back on and think "man, eli.... you really were kind of a large wuss there. i mean come on live it up a little bit a few swallows of lake water never hurt anyone", but in the moment it seemed like a good idea. Someone remembered that if you hit two rocks together underwater and other people are around, it kind of rattles their spines and makes their back feel weird; this led to many people finding large rocks and doing just that and it really was fun. I only managed to get one rock, but it seemed like it went to a good cause as I gave it to someone else. After maybe another hour of hanging and wading around in the lake, everyone went back to shore and attempted to dry off.
On Monday night, then, there was a showing of the movie The Karate Kid at a nearby park, and it was just a very very good time. There were a few people from different schools, and some of my friend's friends as well as other families there. On the blanket that I brought--the cool kind that could fold up and zip to allow for ease of carrying--there was just me and two of my friends, and there was a lot of talking and joking and smirking and it really was great. The way I am saying this, in this ice-cold cinderblocky tone, it might seem like I am being sarcastic or something, but I really do assure you that this is not the case. It is very hard to sound unsarcastic without using lowercase or something like that, and even though that is how I usually type I greatly prefer writing these entries with punctuation and the works. I do wish I could sound better or something like that, as well as not using as many filler words, but at least this maybe makes it more tolerable to read. Anyway! Until tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after, or maybe even the day after.
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08/14/2021, 21:10: Strange music and The Trip

Well, I am back again. There was a small timeframe between when I arrived home and when I am writing this now where I nearly completely forgot about this blog, which is rather worrying as it has been going for a very long time and I sure do hope I can at least make it to a years' worth of active writing. I got back at around 7:30 in the evening on Friday night after a car ride that was more than seven hours, and I just felt very zonked out. Getting back in touch with how my computer worked was somehow more of a shock to my senses than it was the last time I returned from something, and soon enough everyone in my family had a grilled cheese and I went to bed. I woke up with a sore throat on Saturday the 7th, and it never really fully went away until maybe the 13th. The water bottle that I have had for some time now did get a lot of use, which I suppose is a good thing, but it is and was never spectacular to be sick when away from home. The trip itself was not all that eventful; it really was nice to talk with my family and family friends and all that. For a few days my family stayed in close proximity to the family of some of my sister's friends, as well as some of their cousins, which the main draw of was that there was one person there who was male and my age. He was born only a few months after I was, and pretty darn nice to interact with and talk to, however he did say the phrases "bruh" and "big oofs" more than I have ever heard anyone say. On a certain day we both downloaded the free mobile game Flow by Big Duck Games, and played it in a very similar fashion. That game is strangely very entertaining to just sit at and grind, it may be some factor of satisfaction from running your finger all over the place and from the sheer quantity of levels there are. The game, which I am sure more than a few people know of and have maybe played themselves, requires the player to connect multicolored dots with lines on a grid. For every dot of one color, there is always another dot of the same color on the grid. No lines may overlap, and every grid space is always used. The general trend that I have noticed is that the fewer pairs of dots there are, the harder the level is, as this requires an unhealthy amount of trial and error to get only part of it right. The very alluring gamemode that myself and the other guy my age spent a lot of time going at was the time trial gamemode, where the player has to solve as many of the dot-and-line puzzles as possible within a certain amount of time. Because neither of us really wanted to think while doing it, we tried the 30-second time trial with only 5x5 grids. This was a lot more entertaining than I would have ever thought, as if you spent a few tenths of a second too long on a puzzle all you had to do was go back and try again. 30 seconds is long enough to keep up rote precision, so the possibility that we got some very good runs was still there. Our best was nine puzzles for a few hours, then ten, and I think he is still working to get eleven. Ten was a very big triumph for me, and the other guy was very close to getting eleven, so it is certainly very possible. I just do not think I have it in me to grind out a mobile game for that long. After a substantial car ride, the next few days of the trip were spent with some closer family friends, staying in the same house as them. There was also a guy my age, someone who I am pretty darn well acquainted with, and for a very long time as well. A lot of the time spent in the shared room with his sister and my sister was simply looking at our phones, which was fine enough however I just wish we were doing something other than that. Previous to phone-looking, our default activity had been chewing through Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove together, which proved to be very fun as the game is frustratingly hard and brutal with one player, but manageable with two. The very last boss was indeed very hard, and the one we spent the most time on with the exception of that goddamn airship level. Shovel Knight is one of those games that I would really like to get around to beating, but I just cannot put all of the time into. There are also the three other games that are widely considered "shovelknighty", being the Plague Knight one, the Spectre Knight one, and the King Knight one. I do intend to beat all three of these as well, but again maybe sometime in college when I do not have a lot better to do except for pursuing my education. Or maybe after college, as learning things at a high level likely takes time. The day of the car ride, Friday the 13th, I also had the privelege of tasting the best pancakes I have ever had. The thing about them, as I was made aware a while after, was that they contained gluten. The pancakes that my family occasionally has do not have gluten in them, because my mother has Celiac disease and something very bad will happen if she has more than a few bites of gluten. This means that all of the products that my family consumes taste kind of hollow, whether they are brownies or cookies or waffles or pancakes. The pancakes that were eaten that day did not fall apart when I prodded them with a knife, and tasted like real-deal pancakes. Eventually I should go and buy some mixes and make these things myself, so that they will not taste hollow; or I could make them from scratch, although I am not sure if I trust myself with that.
I suppose I should also mention some things that happened today, which was quite a good day as I actually got to shower with some very intense water pressure. The water pressure in many of the locations that my family stays at when we are away is somehow very low, although this might be because the water pressure of my house is very high. It kind of feels like someone has their thumb on a hose, and it really does make for quick hair-washing. Today I also thought it would be a good idea to ride my bike in one direction until I got tired, and I made it all the way into a nearby city, where my grandmother lives. Roundtrip it might have been 30 miles, and instead of going directly home on the way back I got some Arizona sweet tea and many cans of offbrand cream soda. It was quite tiring, probably because it took a little under three hours. While I was in the city I tried going into a Wendy's and a KFC, both of which were only open for drive-through; this was part of the reason I got the sweet tea and cream soda and kind of a dismay as well. The air quality was also in that great state of limbo where it is not bad enough to impair breathing or vision, but the haze obstructs the sun and reduces the risk of a sunburn. Yesterday and probably the day before you could look directly into the sun for a few seconds and still retain your sight, as the haze was that bad. I am just glad I took the bike trip today, as it was something that I have wanted to do for a while.
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08/05/2021, 11:00: Last entry before I am away again

Hbhbfhbfhbhb I do not know where all that time went! There were two and a half solid weeks between when I came back from the previous long slog with my family and today, and it feels like it has not even elapsed. As it might be easy to infer, I am leaving once again on a long slog with my family, which I am sure will not be all that bad however I sure will be glad when I get back again. This trip seems like it will be very similar to the previous one, however this time I have something to worry about and dwell upon. It is the kind of thing that I should eventually talk about, but in five or ten years due to the necessity of mentioning names and all that. There is also the issue of my right calve (calf???) which is a little bit more than sore and hurts a little bit if I flex it in the wrong way or prod it in a certain direction. This may be due to the four charley-horses that I had in that exact area a few nights ago, but those just seem more of a nusiance than an injury-causing problem. My left calve is only doing marginally better, and to be very honest it feels like someone has shattered them with a hammer. This might also be good, however it is kind of hard to walk up and down stairs. This kind of thing has happened to me before, and if it persists until this weekend I think that will be a indicator to worry more about it and take it more seriously. I can still use my right calve, too, and it still feels more of an "achy" pain than someone stabbing it with a knife or something. I really do not know what else to mention here, as I will probably be dragged into the car in a few minutes, but I still did want to write here again to make sure that no one thought I was dead or something. If I ever actually do die, which is very unlikely but still possible, my family members might make a statement on Twitter or Discord or something. Anyway, yeah, I will be back on the 14th or 15th of August and just ruminating and stewing until then. Even though I am using very negatively connotated words to describe this trip, in all honesty I doubt it will be all that bad, and perhaps even good. I am just rather torn up over being away from home for a while, as well as this being the second long slog of the summer. Oh well!! See everyone who may be reading this in a weekish.
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08/02/2021, 17:24: The shirt and how things went

Today has been kind of tiring, although somehow I wish there were more things to do as for the last three hours I have been circling through Twitter and YouTube and looking for interesting things. I have not found any yet; somehow whenever I see something that I would like to watch I make an excuse for myself not to watch it. I really do not mind YouTube videos, and if I was not recommended anything I think I would feel more comfortable watching things, if that makes sense. I have very likely also already been over this in some past entry or another, and this time I really do have things to talk about other than just moaning about things that are not huge deals, so I think it would be better if I did a whole recap about how Saturday went. I do not blame anyone who is getting very tired of these long recaps, but I really would like to write a lot of this down in case I have kids and would like to document my upbringing to them, or something like that. On Saturday the 31st I woke up at 7:30 in the morning, with kind of a rough sleep the night before because I took a very long nap on the 30th. I still feel like I met the 6 or 7-hour "non-zombie" sleep quota, though, across both the nap and the actual night of sleep, so I was not all that tired during the day. I took a shower, found some clean clothes that I anticipated would not look terrible with sweat coated on them, and had one toaster waffle with a small amount of peanut butter on it. The waffle was toasted on the toaster's "3" intensity level, which I would like to think is normal. However, the other members of my family like to cook their waffles, toast, and bagels on the toaster's "4", "5", or God forbid, "6" settings. I do not know how they do this; the waffle comes out with a thin layer of ash on it, and it seems like you are eating a slice of a brick with some spread on it rather than an actual starch product. If you put a waffle in on any setting lower than "2", it comes out cold and does not thaw all the way. This has been my case for putting toaster waffles in on the "3" setting, do with it what you will. One of the coaches had sent out a packing list of sorts for what us kids should put in our bags, so I pulled it up on my phone and put all of the required materials in the bag. This entailed some water, some more water, a smallish pink towel, a bottle of Gatorate that expired in November 2020, my wallet, a mask and a backup mask, probably another backup mask, a stick of deodorant that I had to pick the hair off of in case anyone found it, and some sunscreen. We had to be there at 9:15, and since my mother was driving people to their respective legs, it was imperative that we were there on time. It took fifteen minutes to get there, and at 9:01 my mother was still spreading condiments on her lunch sandwich. Eventually we were in the car at 9:04, and were going out of the driveway at 9:05. My mother is very scattered sometimes, and has a lot of things to keep track of such as coffee and water bottles and makeup. I very much do wish that my list of things to keep track of will never exceed my phone and perhaps a ring of keys, however this is unfortunately very likely to change. Eventually my mother and I made it to the place that all of the relay participants had to be at 9:17, and she parked and I went over to where the people were. The relay team that I was on was standing in a circle when I got there, and there were a few people that I knew on it as well as some other people that I knew on other teams. I really would like to be more specific with a lot of this, however my father really likes reminding me that this is a public blog and that there might be a few people who would like to know my location, and who I would not exactly want to know my location. For now, unfortunately, I will probably just refer to people as "This guy" or "One of the people I did not know very well" or something very nondescript like that. I could also refer to people as "Friend #1" or "Friend #2", as one of my friends did indeed suggest, however this might be demeaning or some other negative adjective. Anyway. After talking for a little bit and outlining some safety procedures such as avoiding cars and waving to other runners, our coach had us warm up with the normal routine that we do. Usually this is not too much trouble, but in the gravel parking lot that we did it in it was neither pleasant or convenient. Eventually I will have massive callouses on my palms--mitts, rather--so that I can warm up on any surface. This might also be useful to have on knees. After we were warmed up we got talked at for a while longer, with some more useful information that I do not remember, and soon enough the people who were doing the first leg were off and running. If anyone who is reading this would like some more information about what event this is, as I have not given any details this entry, it would be a good idea to consult the last two paragraphs of the entry on the 30th of July. While the leg 1 runners ran, myself and some more people that I knew talked for some time. There were one or two teams made up of alumni, one of which had on matching tank tops and shorts, so this was cool to see. Even though a large part of cross country is spent just talking with other people, I really do enjoy this part of it. A lot of the people on the team are people who seem cool and nice enough, as well as a few people who went to my same middle school that I remember a little bit. After doing this for a while, talking that is, a few people started coming back from their first legs. Instead of batons for this relay, we had slap bracelets, which I probably also mentioned on the 30th. One guy who was doing the first leg slapped the slap bracelet onto the receiving person's arm so well that it must have been rehearsed or something; there was nearly no buffer time and the person who was doing leg 2 accelerated very well. Once my team's leg 1 person came back, our own leg 2 person went off. This also meant that we had to all pile in a car and drive to the leg 2/leg 3 handoff location, as it was not the same as the leg 1/leg 2 handoff location. The car ride, as I might have mentioned in the previous entry, was the main point of worry for me previous to the event as my mother was the one driving. However, the car ride was really not all that eventful; people talked and got to pick some music, and one person gave me a dissolvable solid that is meant to be put in water to make it function as an electrolyte drink. The rest of the relay, aside from the leg that I ran, was a lot of car rides and cheering and similar activities. The handoff point of leg 5/leg 6 and leg 6/leg 7 was the same, so myself and some people I knew had a decent enough time waiting there and talking. One of my friends who was on a different team, who was running leg 5, got kind of lost and ran allegedly an extra mile and a half. He is very good at running, though, and he probably did not even notice it. Eventually the leg 6 runner from my team arrived, and with a fairly slick handoff I was on the leg. The good thing about leg 7 was that it was either flat or a little bit downhill for most of the leg, and then one large uphill at the very end. It started in the parking lot of a trail/park kind of location, and was on roads for a small portion of it although mostly on one trail. I ran it on Friday the 23rd, and felt confident enough that I knew where to go.
This has taken me very much longer than it should have taken for me to write, and it is already around 11 in the evening on the night of the 4th of August. So I will probably talk more about this tomorrow or something like that, as well as mention the glaring "shirt" in the title of this that I have not said anything about yet. Right now I think it would just be a good idea to go to bed.
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07/30/2021, 20:56: Smoke detector anecdote and tomorrow

I think every three days is a frequency that I can manage for these entries. There is not enough that is happening to warrant an entry every single day, or even every other day, but with every third day I like to think that there are still things to talk about. Today was a very awkward day, with myself going to cross country from maybe 10-12 and then coming back home and being very tired. Cross country for the past few days really was not all that different from the other weeks of summer XC. I did get to go to some of the other practice locations, as this was the first week that I was not being brutally forced to haul my ass onto Zoom drivers' ed. Next week, hopefully, people other than myself will be up for running around a cul-de-sac until our feet bleed. The thing about this cul-de-sac idea is that it is probably better with other people, perhaps a kind of shared suffering, however it is very likely that it will take a lot longer than the time we usually have for running. The chance is even lower that people will want to meet up for this, so I might just do it by myself and use one of those handheld counters that bus drivers sometimes use, so that I can count how many times I have gone around the cul-de-sac without too much effort. Anyone who is reading this who has more than half of a brain is very likely wondering what all of this smoke detector anecdote thing is. It might just be the one remotely interesting thing that has occurred in the past week, or at least the only slightly memorable one. I think on Wednesday or Thursday, I was sitting in the basement and attempting to play a guitar scale in a faster fashion, when I noticed a very quiet beeping noise that seemed to be coming from somewhere above me. Usually things like this are my sister's alarm, as she sets a lot of alarms and is never there when they go off, or some other sort of electronic beeping that is coming from the top floor of the house. I went up one level of stairs, to where the entrance to the house was, and kind of walked around to get a better idea of where this beeping noise was coming from. Even though it was indeed coming from the upstairs, it was kind of hard to tell at the time because of how the sound went through the floors. I did go outside, just to see if it was something out there, and noticed that it got louder when I went out. My grandfather's room--or where he was staying, usually the room that other people sleep in is covered in a layer of wrapping paper and other objects that my family does not need 90% of the year--had its window open, and it seemed like the sound was coming from there. So I went up another flight of stairs to that room, and the noise indeed was coming from there. The smoke detector in his room had went off, going on a cycle of beeping loudly three times, and then a woman's voice saying "fire..... fire" and then beeping three more times. For a few seconds I thought that there actually was a fire in that room, however very soon after I realized that I did not smell any smoke, and if the fire had been going for that long without being deal with the house would have lost its top half. This left me with the problem of a very, incredulously loud smoke detector and a lot of questions that I could not answer currently about why on earth the smoke detector was going off. I reached up to the ceiling where it was perched, docked inside its normal holder thing, and untwisted it. While this thing was beeping at me with probably more than 150 dB, I had to read the instructions on the back of it to see how to make it stop beeping and what to do about it. Apparently the smoke detector had a few settings: Alarm Mode (or a similar name), which made the smoke detector beep in the same fashion that was described a little bit earlier; Test Mode, which was induced not by smoke but by a button press on the front side of the smoke detector and produced the same beeping pattern as Alarm Mode; Fault Mode, which made the smoke detector beep irregularly and flash a light irregularly; and Hush Mode, which was used to prevent hearing loss and insanity if the smoke detector went off on a false alarm, and was similarly induced by a button press. This meant that all I had to do was press the button in the middle of the smoke detector, and my ears would stop ringing and everyone else in the house at that time would be a lot less annoyed. The smoke detector stopped beeping for a whole ten minutes, and I was in the basement again and having a good time doing runs on Zodiac when I noticed it was beeping again. This time I was substantially more tilted that it would not shut up, and after pressing the button in the middle many times for varying time increments it would just not fucking shut up. I struggled with the button for a few minutes after that, using some dirty clothes to cover the speakers while I tried to somehow turn it off. I ended up leaving it under a pile of clothes, which made it a little bit quieter, and returned to grinding Zodiac in the basement. After maybe three-quarters of an hour, I went back all the way upstairs to check on the smoke detector and see if it had stopped railing my ears off. To my surprise, it had vanished from under the clothes heap, and after a while my father turned up and was jamming at the smoke detector with a screwdriver. The reason it was beeping, apparently, was because it was at the end of its life and was trying to communicate it. Surely there must be some better way to let consumers know this than having the alarm go off without stopping, but with very low battery life this might be hard to do. What was required when the smoke detector was in this state was for a small flap to be pushed in, which I am guessing would cut off the circuit and make the smoke detector nothing more than a slightly radioactive cylinder. The instructions for how to do this were actually printed right on the smoke detector, but I suppose I just did not see them as I would never have guessed that it was in the end of its life. Those things have nigh ten years of warranty or something, and now that I think about it I suppose we did have that thing for ten years. My father talked to me about how hard it was to find the smoke detector under the clothes heap; at least the clothes were doing their job, however, by muting the sound. I am just very glad that this debacle did not happen in the middle of the night, as that would be a lot worse and might have ended in us simply throwing it out the window or smashing it with a hammer.

Anyway. Today I took a very long nap, as I did not get a terribly large amount of sleep the night before, and I have been trying to dutifully chug my quota of water so that I am hydrated for what is happening tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be a relay kind of thing for people in XC, that starts at a certain park and ends near a lake. There are eight legs, and I am running leg 7, with instead of a baton there being a slap bracelet. The main thing I am rather skeptical about is the question of what will be happening with the transportation. My mother is supposed to be driving all of the members of the relay team that I am on to our respective legs, and the people who are not running are going to be piled into the car while the runner runs. I do not know whether I will be required to sit in the front seat, or if I will be able to sit in the back seat. To be very honest, I have never been a massive fan of sitting in the front passenger seat. I do not know why this is. The drivers' seat is fine, but it is just something about the passenger seat. It might be because I can see the spedometer better from the backseat. Anyway, this is the main thing that I have been contemplating and worrying over for perhaps the last week, so I will likely update on how it all went tomorrow or the day after. I really do not think it will be all that bad, and I do know my leg pretty well so the chances are very low that I will get lost. If I do, I will be very sure to call Tyler, The Creator even though I struggle to sit through any one of his songs.
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07/27/2021, 17:50: The Mountain and more tribulations

I have been very out of it today, and for the better part of last night. Maybe not for the whole day, but certainly some of this afternoon. On Monday the 26th, which I suppose can be classified as yesterday, myself, my mother, my sister, and my grandfather hauled ourselves up to a nearby mountain to go and see what it was all about. It was two hours and fifty-ish minutes to get there, but with rest stops and all that it was more like three hours and ten or twenty minutes. This mountain thing was planned to be a day trip, and to me, there is a good way to estimate the quality of day trips before you go on them. It is a very easy formula and method known as "Ratio of minutes in a car to minutes not in a car", and with a three hour car ride both ways and only a few trails to be walked upon, there was no way this ratio was going to be less than 2:1. I myself would be less than willing to go on a day trip if that ratio is more than 1.5:1, and 2:1 was already quite above that. But perhaps this mountain would be cool, I reasoned, and as it turned out it really was a pretty cool mountain. However, actually enjoying all of it took a lot of what felt like dragging of feet and misery. After we miraculously found a parking spot on a cliff--which did actually have a very pretty view and overlook onto a valley--we moseyed on down to one waterfall. It was only a third of a mile to get down there, but at the rate my grandfather walks it felt like it took an eon and a half. It seems like he has a mile pace of well over an hour, which might indeed be the case, however this really is alright because he is in his sixties and is a diabetic. I also do not mind talking to him, nor do I mind talking with my mother and sister, so it was a little bit less insufferable than it had the potential to be. After we slogged our way back up from seeing the waterfall, we slogged once again to the lodgey kind of thing that also had some rooms to reside in. Some people, including myself, would call this an inn, however it had a spacious lobby and some sort of cafe kind of thing, so I am not sure it meets all of the requirements of an inn. We all went to the bathroom here, and then waited for my grandfather to go to the bathroom as he has to do something with the hand soap, perhaps using different hand soap, so that he does not get welts on his hands. He talked to me about how if he gets a certain kind of bacteria, commonly found in hand soap, on his skin, he gets itchy welts that last for a few days. I thought it was kind of obscure that he brought that up when he did, as we were just kind of peacefully standing and sitting there, but this might be one of the reasons why he takes a very long time in the bathroom. Eventually everyone emerged from the bathroom, and we all stood in the cafe line to get some lunch. This, somehow, took less time than the bathroom visit did, and after getting a few sandwiches we sat in the sun outside to reap the rewards. I had a croissant sandwich, or at least the ingredients of a sandwich inside a croissant that was cut in half. It was pretty darn not bad when it comes to sandwiches, and even though I am not exactly a conisseur of sandwiches it was still a rather tasty sandwich. I then waited for everyone else to finish eating, which similarly seemed like it took one or two eons, and at last it was time to drag our feet on another trail to see a different waterfall. This waterfall, even though it might have taken thirty or forty minutes to actually get to, did feel like it was worth it to drag our feet towards. It really was indeed a waterfall, but the position of it made for some nice pictures as well as some of the meadows surrounding it. This only took ten or so minutes to wear off, though, and my grandfather and mother insisted on using all of their phones' disk space to take more pictures than it felt like it was necessary to. Soon after, although it did not really feel like too soon after, everyone hauled themselves back down the trail that led to the waterfall. After going to the bathroom one more long, hard time, everyone piled back in the car and sat through three more hours of stuffiness. The mountain itself was really not all that bad, but all of the car rides and the feeling of wearing a drag chute while walking worsened the experience a little bit. I do not know if I will be able to say that I am glad I went on that trip, but I do have quite a bit of pictures that I can look at and admire. In-person, the mountain seemed very large; in photos it only took up maybe 2/3 of the horizontal screen space. We all got back at around 9 in the evening, which after leaving at 11 was not too awful of a ratio of time in a car to time not in a car. I am just glad it is over with, to be very honest, even though the mountain itself really was very nice.
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07/22/2021, 22:52: I am not dead!!

Barely to anyone's surprise, I have not been writing here as much as I probably should have for the past three or so days. Which is fine, because there has been little to nothing happening and I would really rather just carry on with life than getting all caught up in the details and splitting hairs. There have been enough new developments, however, to warrant an update on them. Currently I am not in a position to write all about it, but I will probably just put a paragraph break here and do all of the writing in the morning when I am sane in the head.

Okay, I am back, and I am in fact sane in the head. Right now it is a quarter to four in the afternoon, and I am very ready to write a lot of words and sentences. The main event that has yet to happen is that my grandfather on my mom's side is staying at our house for a week. This might seem like a small event, but my family, specifically my mother, has been trying to get as ready as possible for his coming-over. Today we had some people come over to clean off some surfaces in the house, which meant cleaning the majority of the house so that they could clean it. I really do not know why we had to be the ones to clean everything, as we are hiring them to clean for the specific purpose that we do not have to do it. Some things about adulting I suppose I will never understand. That took up a lot of time and my mother's sanity today, but at least now we have the house in a decent shape. To me, it was already in a good shape, but I feel like my verdict is not very valued nor should be valued. My sister and I also had to get all of the body hair off of the counter in our shared bathroom, which took some work but we did manage to pull through with it. Somehow I feel like I lose more hair than it is healthy to while brushing it, but this also happens during the shower. My grandfather is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I really do wish I could be happy about this. I think he is a very nice person to both myself and my sister, and he works in a machine shop at a university in Utah so he knows very much about fixing things. He also plays a lot of chess on his very old laptop, on the difficulty setting that is one less than the maximum because, as he told me, it is impossible to win on the hardest difficulty. The thing about my grandfather that is a little bit irksome, however, is that he forces the interests that he thinks I have onto me. He will ask me if I like something, and I will give some humming-and-haahing answer because I truly do not know if I like said thing or not, and then he will use all of his energy making sure that he spends time with me doing that thing. Most of the time it is something that I do not even like all that much, which is hard because I really do not like many things other than playing Geometry Dash, reading, and running. He also breathes kind of loudly, and on occasions will have a breakfast of plain oats floating in milk. This, though, does not make him any less friendly of a person, I just wish he would not force interests onto me.
For the past week, as it is Friday already somehow, the main activities of interest have been drivers' ed and playing Zodiac. Not even Geometry Dash as a whole, just that specific level. As of yesterday, I am done with the vast majority of the drivers' ed classes; I just have to make two up since I missed them while I was away. After sitting through thirteen classes of it, I can somewhat confidently say that I know more about driving than I did five weeks ago, and because of this I can backseat my mother with greater effectiveness. It is certainly not great that I will have to make up two classes, and that I have some more required drives to do before I am officially out of the program, but this is certainly a start. I have been doing a solid amount of drives with my father, just around town and going no faster than 50 mph. Eventually we will go on the highway, and I will merge without looking because of the funny animals.
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07/18/2021, 21:40 Back

Today was a very strange day. Yesterday was the day that my whole family made the very long drive back from the destination in Oregon, and because my grandmother was tagging along myself, my mother, and my sister had to sit three-to-a-seat in the back row of the car. If this had not been the case, the car ride would have been a lot less miserable and maybe even pleasant. Unfortunately, though, my family has the "massive thighs for no good reason" gene, so any comfort that might have been kept intact was also destroyed. I did write two entries, as well as a very long letter, on a pad of paper that I had brought during the trip, so perhaps images of them will show up here if I can remember to take them and embed them. The trip itself was really not bad, but I did miss a few days of streaming and a few runs that I might have taken if I had been at home, which I could be more torn up about. Somehow, I feel like I am talking a lot more strangely now--in the past one or two days. By this I mean that my sentences are formed in a different fashion than they might have used to, but I really think I am putting too much thought into this and it would be better left alone. But yes, before I get too ramble-y, yesterday was the day that we all got back, and there was ample time to get reacquainted with my computer and my room and all that. Today the main interesting thing that happened was a run that I went on, which I usually do not do on Sundays but thought it would be good to get back into the swing of things as I had not been running for seven days. I was going to just run around the cul-de-sac that my house is on at a steady pace no slower than 10:00, and see how many laps I could do before I started to bleed or faint from exhaustion. I was very ready to do it, and had sunscreen on and everything, when I thought about how much of a fool of myself I would make if I actually spent more than an hour just running around the cul-de-sac. So I thought better of it, and went around a mile to this very steep area that is kind of secluded. You follow one trail all the way north, and then when it seems like it would just go on for more it slopes heavily downward and kind of plunges you into someone's private property. There is also a little foresty trail thing that slants off a little bit from the main trail, and this is what I ran on. If this foresty trail is followed, what seems like an entire network of other, somewhat maintained trails opens up. They are the kind of trails that I would suspect that someone took care of at one point, but might not actively maintain it any longer. I ran around the trail network for a little bit, to try and see which ones looped around and which ones did not, and found a very large number of dead ends and forks. Eventually I did find myself in a place that I knew I had been before, so I just went all the way back to where the main, non-foresty trail was. On the way, though, I went to see this gravestone of someone whose name slips my mind. I remember coming to that place a little more than a year ago, in March or April 2020, just to see what was what, and remember being surprised that there was a gravestone there. To get to the gravestone, although it was more like two posts, it was necessary to turn a few times and go on a different trail than it might be expected, and then walk a little bit. The gravestone was dated 3-15-2020, I remember that, and the person who had died was born in 2000. What I noticed today, though, that I suppose I had just not previously seen, was that there were two ropes tied to a tree kind of near the gravestone. From what it looked like, there was a very good chance that there might have been a swing there. From the way the hill was angled, you could walk down, grab the swing, walk back up, and swing down with little to no obstructions. The hill was also angled so that if you flew off the swing mid-arc, you would fall a lot more than it is healthy to into some bushes. If there was a board between the ropes, and if it was intact, I would be a little bit more reassured, however there was no board. I stood there frowning for a minute or two and wondering if the gravestone was for a person who had died from falling off the swing, and unfortunately this is kind of likely. I also contemplated bringing one of the ropes up to the top of the hill, grabbing onto it, and swinging myself. This I actually did seriously consider, and I did not actually do it for a number of reasons. After releasing the empty rope from the top of the hill twice, I noticed that if I did successfully swing and hold myself, it would be very hard to land on solid ground again after I had swung the full arc. I would probably also swing farther than the empty rope, as swings are known to do that with more weight. If I fell off the rope and landed in the bushes at the bottom of the hill, there was the very good chance that I would seriously injure myself. I did not have my phone with me, and I was far enough in the woods that there would not have been anyone to hear my screams if I broke my leg or something. I would just have to sit there in pain until someone happened to be traversing the same trails and come across the same gravestone and swing. Which really would not have been pleasant, so I decided not to swing on the rope. It might be a better idea to get some friends together and then take turns swinging on the rope, so that if needed we all could rush down and help someone if they are injured. Getting friends together in that location would also mean the obligatory attempted eating of cattails. The rest of the day was pretty darn uneventful, though, although I did go on a drive with my father and managed to get up to 45 mph on a faster road. It was still very nerve-racking, as I am new to driving, and I got out of the car with a lot of sweat on my back and a right foot that had fallen asleep from prodding the gas pedal.
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07/09/2021, 22:20: The past few days

Originally I was planning on writing this on Thursday, and then this afternoon, and then finally I am here today. This might either be very, very short or rather long, as there is a lot to talk about but I am not sure I can get to all of it. The first thing that I should probably mention is that myself and my family are leaving to somewhere in Oregon tomorrow at maybe 1 in the afternoon, which entails a flesh-decaying car ride and one stop at a burger place. The trip there is not the main talking point, however, as the thing about this is that we are staying there for a week. This kind of is unfortunate, as I really would like more than anything to just spend this summer playing Geometry Dash, running cross country, and reading, however my family plans all of these trips years in advance so there is not a lot I can do about it. It will certainly not be a bad trip, either; the location we are going I actually do enjoy being at, and as my family consists of some pretty nice people I think it will be a good seven days. Some part of me, though, really does not want to be out of touch with Geometry Dash, but the other part of me says to grow a pair of balls and to enjoy this trip. Which is what I plan on doing. This might not have needed to be said, but this trip means that I will not be writing here for a good week. Hopefully I will be able to remember to still touch this after that while, but I think I will be able to do it. Now!! As for things that are actually interesting. Wednesday evening from maybe 5-7 there was a XC team bonding thing, and I was able to actually make it to this one. It was generally agreed upon that "bonding" is kind of a not-great name for those gatherings, as this one was more of a "sit around and talk" kind of thing. There were no freshmen there, either, which really was a shame and kind of ruined the point of a bonding as it it supposed to let people get to know each other better. Mostly these are organized by a junior who is named E[-----], and you really could form a religion around him as he is a nice person who is not overly chummy and is a very good runner as well. E[-----] held a poll sort of thing on the chat thread that we have, and it was decided upon that this specific bonding was to be a potluck, as opposed to a hike. I was one of like four people who voted for the hike, but then kind of thought twice about it as we would probably just be walking in single file all the time and not talking at all. For the potluck I brought some brownies, which everyone was astonished at as they appeared to be homemade. These brownies were in fact made from a boring old Betty Crocker mix, and not even the good kind of mix either. But they were at least the non-gluten-free kind of brownies; my mother has Celiax disease and cannot have gluten, so all of my family's baking mixes taste lacking. It is like someone reached in and took all of the tastiness out of these mixes, and called it a day. Someone brought a whole Costco pizza, one of my friends brought a salad--however it had kale in it so no one even thought of eating it--and two people brought the same kind of cookies. They were siblings or something, though, so it was understandable. Everyone walked down all of the switchbacks to this obscure little shelter that was specified by E[-----], and everyone clunked their food trays down and arranged themselves in a circle and just talked for half an hour. This, actually, I really did not mind; it was just refreshing to actually talk to people for once on a Wednesday. One guy was absolutely cracked at the lawn game spikeball, and I somehow had him on my team and played until the score was something like 17-18. It was only supposed to go until 5, however someone had to win by two points so we just went baaaack and foooorth and it still managed to be fun. I would expect that the way I am describing things here would make it seem like I hated it, although I would not be surprised if that is just because of my roundabout way of speaking. Some more people kept playing spikeball, and one guy juggled with his car keys and phone and wallet which was cool to see. Eventually, someone had the idea of going all the way back up the switchbacks to the farmers' market which was taking place, so we all packed up the food that had been brought out, patted our pockets to make sure we didn't leave our possessions anywhere, and did in fact walk all the way back up the switchbacks. It was a little bit less awful than it had the potential to be; the brownies were just in my backpack. Soon enough we all reached the farmers' market--all eight of us, I planned on there being more than twenty, so I cut the brownies abysmally small. I am also just saying "this guy" or "another guy" because I am trying to keep the names of these people a little bit under wraps. This blog is probably a little bit more public than my twitter account or things like that, and my father, having good intentions, really does want me to make sure that no one can doxx me or something from this. One guy wanted to ask a gardener at a gardening booth about whether an apple tree in his yard was purebred or not, so the rest of us stood and watched him wait in line and talk to the gardening person. After a while of waiting and talking, which I also thought was fun, the conclusion was come to that the gardener didn't know what the hell he was talking about. A few people got snow cones, and we all took a picture by a meat vendor, and then tried throwing rocks into this little gratey fence thing that was on a wall. Now, in 2012 or 2013, when I went to that area frequently, you could sit on a bench and throw rocks at that grate and they would trickle down and make clanking sounds, and it was more entertaining than anything at that time. I tried with multiple rocks, and I could not reproduce the cool clanking sound, which could be because the grate was jammed with rocks or just because I was remembering wrong. After some more talking it was then about time to leave, and my father had tried calling me numerous times before I finally saw a text from him. It really was a good event, and I similarly really did enjoy all of that talking. There were more things that happened in the past few days, however because it really is kind of late I will probably upload all of these files to the TWN server thing and then go to bed. There is a chance that I might continue writing from a paper pad or something and then take a picture of it when I get back, but I do not think that will be necessary unless there is a hurricane or some sort of gun incident, which is very unlikely. I will probably also still fill people in on things other than that bonding, as well, but that might not be for another week. Oh well, for anyone reading this and who cannot access other platforms, see you in a weekish.
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07/06/2021, 22:09: A few more things

I am currently writing this on the 6th, but will probably actually finish and upload this on the 7th. The main ordeal is the fact that all of the boys on the cross country team have organized a potluck, for another team bonding thing. Mostly these events are nice for me as I am not at many of the practices anyway, so I can still run and still talk to some people. Us sophomores, which includes myself as well as a lot of the people that I am chummy with, are in charge of bringing some desserts. I do not know what I am going to make, but my family does have a large stash of cake mixes. I have also been waffling over whether to do some weight training things for the past two weeks, and finally decided to do it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There are many more details about it that are slipping my mind right now, but I really did have to think about whether I really did want to do it, and even though it kind of is a large commitment, I do think I will be up for it. I just do not want to waste any money or things like that by not getting anything out of it, but hopefully I will at least learn some technique or similar practices that I can do on my own. I am guessing that upper body strength will benefit running, as well, and it just seems like a generally good practice. There are nearly zero downsides to it, other than that it is a commitment and that working out is known to be painful, so I am more than a little bit confused why I am still kind of hesitant about it. The main bad factor is that I usually stream at the time I will be partaking in it, and will have to push that back, but there are many other times that I will be able to stream; my arms might be kind of tired, though. There is also the fact that it will be a new experience, as it is at a location that I am not familiar with, but this should be another good thing about it!!!! You would think that a sane-minded individual, something that I like to think I am, would be all about doing this. I also am being dragged to a beach or two with my family, which really will not be all that bad even though I might not be looking forward to it. The main thing about these Beach Drags is that they are a week long, and I mean really!!! Who does not want to be at a very nice place with their family! But somehow I feel like these trips will just shake things up instead of providing comfort, as there is packing and driving and coordination and logistics all wrapped up in it. I probably would still like to do this weight thing given a choice, but it is just very hard to be completely sure about all of the things it might interact with. I am probably just being a quivering pussy about this, and confidence is high that it will all work out. Tonight I also drew this after thinking about how funny anthro slugs and snails would be, so I drew it and laughed at it for a good while. Perhaps it is a sign.
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07/05/2021, 17:03: America Day 2k21

Probably the only thing that it would make sense to talk about is the fact that it was the 4th of July yesterday. As it was a Sunday, my family agreed that we had to watch some sort of summer blockbuster to make it feel like the 4th, and as we had already watched Independence Day a few weeks back, we settled on Edge of Tomorrow featuring Tom Cruise. This meant that my father had to tell the story about Tom Cruise's nose that he always tells whenever we watch a movie with him starring in it. Tom Cruise's nose, allegedly and understandably, is a very priceless object. There are multiple insurance policies on it that his lawyers have taken out, according to my father, and when trying to shoot a Mission Impossible movie, there was a scene in which the bad guy is trying to shove a device up Tom Cruise's nose. The lawyers would not have this, though, and prohibited the bad guy from touching Tom Cruise's nose. The director in charge of this movie had to think very quickly about this, as it was a very important scene, and every minute that Tom Cruise was standing there and doing nothing was money wasted. The director decided to have Tom Cruise put on the bad guy's shirtsleeve and have Tom Cruise shove the device up his own nose, so that it looked like the bad guy was doing it. The lawyers agreed, on the basis that Tom could judge the pressure he was applying better than the other actor. With the right angle, the shot worked. My father tells my sister and I this every single time we watch a Tom Cruise movie, and I really cannot complain as it is kind of an interesting story. The plan for Sunday the 4th was to go over to our family friends' house and talk and generally have a good time, which certainly did happen. Myself and the one other person my age played Smash Ultimate for the large majority of the gathering, with him playing a lot of Pyra/Mythra and a lot of other annoying characters. I am really only good at Pac-Man and Little Mac, as I have probably mentioned before, and I only really came close to beating him fairly a few times. All of the other battles he either won by a large margin or self-destructed more than once. After getting tired of that we played some other games that were available on the Switch, which really were not too plentiful. He did give me a tour of his massive, multi-year Minecraft realm that he shared with his parents and sister, and I cannot believe all of that was made with clunky console controls. He had a whole creeper farm, which must have been hard to figure out, as well as railways extending thousands of blocks and an extensive Nether castle. I do not really play Minecraft to do all that, mostly just to have a good time with friends of mine and to grind for resources. After he showed me everything, he played some Valorant and I looked at his old yearbooks as he went to a different middle school than me. They seemed somehow better produced, even though the yearbooks of both schools were student-made. Valorant seems like a decent enough game, but with the hero system I would probably just waffle over who to play more than actually playing. This is the reason I like Counter-Strike and Geometry Dash just because everything is raw skill. With Counter-Strike there is the dilemma of what heavy weapon to roll with, but this is not too much of a problem. After getting bored of everything screen-related, we decided to join the rest of our families in a certain park where everyone was playing a game that involved throwing sticks. Apparently it is called Kubb, and I could explain the rules here if I really tried, however a Wikipedia page about it should hopefully do the job just as well. We did not actually finish any games, just because they took forever and no one was particularly good enough to manage to win. Both of the families then walked back to the house and had some cake and some dessert and all that, and we all talked until 10:30 in the evening. I could probably go into a lot more detail, but it would reveal more than a few things about myself that I am not sure I would like everyone to know.
As for today, it was almost as boring as Saturday. I did mow the lawn, and go for another practice drive with my father, but other than that it really could have been more stimulating. Which is actually alright, because not every day needs to be a blowout. I do not know how I did not take a run today, but I will probably still go on a long walk or something.
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07/02/2021, 17:23: Halfway through the year and The Hill

Nothing has been happening for the past two days, which really might be coming as nothing of a surprise to people by now. The main fact of the matter for today is that it is finally July, both the dreaded month of summer as it means that time is running out, and a generally nice month as, for the most part, it is the hottest month of the year. Hopefully this strange shade of pinkish red is decent for this month, as it is one of my favorite colors when it is more saturated and I have not used it yet. Only three more months to go before everything comes full circle and I do not have to think up colors for the months anymore. It being July also means that it is halfway through the year now, and although that probably did already happen yesterday there are always some people who will sneer at you and say that the real halfway point of the year is on July 2nd. It is not a leap year, so they are probably right. The most awkward part about this halfway point is that before I know it, it will be 2022 already, which kind of does make me shiver as this means that 2024 is not all that far away either. 2024 is the year I graduate high school, and for the life of me I do not see how my parents could have just conceived one year later so that the graduation year would be 2025 instead; unfortunately this would mean that all of my friends currently I would not know too well. 2025 is a very nice and round number, and I would really go for any year other than 2024 in the '20s to graduate high school; it seems like they all have some sort of significance or evenness that 2024 does not. Except for maybe 2027, but that is the year my sister graduates. XC today, as I was lucky enough to not be sitting in driving school, was very fun and grueling. Myself and one other friend went all the way down to this very steep upwards hill that I have only gone down on my bike many times, and walked up once. It was twoish miles to get to the hill, and then we climbed it, looped around, and headed back. This was not the interesting part, however, as the hill itself was absolutely monstrous. Sometimes after I go down it I turn around and look back up it, only to see the actual steep part obscured by some trees. Eventually I will have to go there with a bubble level and a protractor, because I swear this hill was no less than a thirty-degree grade. If you sat on your ass and smeared butter on it (within reason), you would just slide down the hill like it was nobody's business. The same would probably happen if you coated the bottom of a slide with Teflon, although this would be a lot more dangerous than the butter option. We had to slow down a little bit when we got to the steeper part of the hill, and ended up walking the majority of it just because we did not have a death wish. Eventually we did summit Concrete Mountain, and then did run all the way back as the majority of it was downhill. Running down it, too, is a challenge; if you coast too much there is a good chance you could break your wrists or something, so I had to constantly keep my feet loud and frictiony to make it down without breaking one or more bones. One we got back, we all stretched and then sat and talked a little bit with some other people. Somehow, the field was very warm, which was probably because of all the little black pellets that made the cushiony part of the field.
Because there is not a lot else to talk about that is interesting, I might catch things up when it comes to Geometry Dash. For maybe the past month now I have been chipping away at Zodiac, featuring Rico, Rustam, Onnikonna, Yakob, Bianox, DreamEater, Dudex, Osiris, Shock, Juhou, Tactiq, Samifying, TMNGaming, Failure444, Unesklovade, Marwec, Pennutoh, SlimJim, Leo, and Enlex. It is quite a feat, and I have made barely any progress with only a month of playing, but I really do think I can beat it if I keep going at it and consistently play it. Currently my best runs are 58x2 (which is in the earlier part of TMN), and 55-100x2. The 58 deaths, as I am now writing this on Saturday the 3rd, were on Thursday and Friday. Some days I am really awful at the level, and some days I am very good at it; it really does seem like a coinflip, but with time and patience I do think I can beat it. I have heard from some friends that it really is not an easy task, as currently it is the 4th hardest rated Geometry Dash level. The current goal is to beat it before I start 10th grade, although with the trips that I might be going on I am not sure if that is realistic.
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06/30/2021, 08:09: Lord

I really do not know where to start with this one. Somehow I have stayed up all of the previous night, because it was someone's idea to have a sleepover. The sleepover part I really did not mind, however one of my friends suffers from insomnia and usually does not get more than one or two hours of sleep a night; this made him just want us to do a lot of things at three or four in the morning while the rest of us just wanted to sleep. This I did mind, and I have not slept yet and am more than a little bit miserable. The sleepover, or maybe just "over", was filled with events such as playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, watching one movie, and laying on the two couch cushions and talking. To clear things up, there were only three people there this time, and the event was hosted at the house I live in, however I will not go into too much detail as they might not be alright with it. It probably would not be too hard to take an educated stab at who exactly they were. I do not know how my friend with insomnia gets this little sleep as well as actually being a functioning human being, although I have heard that insomnia is usually syndromic so he has probably perfected the craft. The movie that was watched was Parasite, which I really can see why it won that Oscar. People will always be mad over something or other surrounding the Oscars, specifically Best Picture, but that committee really did the right thing when nominating that movie. It was like they heard everyone being really mad over The Shape of Water getting Best Picture the year before--a movie that I have never watched and do not plan on watching--and gave the award to an actual good movie. A lot of watching Parasite was fun, but there really were times when it became hard to watch. Everything was well-shot, well-acted, well-mixed, well-produced, well-edited, and even after the very gory ending that seemed like it was coming from a mile away I did not know what to make of the movie. There is a good chance that the movie communicates some very in-depth messages about social classes and things like that in South Korea, but understanding these messages would require learning Korean and having to watch the movie more than once, one of which I am up for. The Smash playing and Mario Party that we dabbled in did not go terribly at all. I either played Little Mac or Pac-Man during Smash and it was absolutely amazing. I never even won a round of any of the gamerule presets we played on, but it was just so very fun that I am not sure that I can complain. I think it would be absolutely hilarious to show up to a professional, high-skill invitational Smash tournament with only a single joy-con and at beat at least a few people. All that getting very good at Smash takes, or at least to my knowledge, is just watching a lot of videos and investing a lot of time into the game. It is a game that I certainly would not mind being very good at, and might actually do me good if I can beat a few people in it. Perhaps I will start just playing the game more, which certainly would not hurt.

I am back from taking a nap, and I really do not know how to feel. Currently it is around 6 in the evening, and I am just still astonished that it is not July yet. The nap was from 11:30 to maybe 3:30, which felt like nearly nothing but will still allow me to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep before 10:30 or 11, and I do not really give a hoot when I wake up. If it is some time before 7 that I wake up, I might just go on a run or something when the sun is not too bright and then come back and take a shower before the drivers' ed thing. Pulling an all-nighter really was not all that awful, mainly because of that nap, although I was actually waking up a little bit at maybe 11:00. I just hope that this has not screwed up my sleep schedule too dramatically, as I do not in fact have insomnia and do not have to go through this every day. Today really has felt like a haze, just because my sense of time was thrown off so much, but this is just to be expected of staying up all night. I might as well also mention the things that happened two days ago, on Monday. That was the day that the temperature did, in fact, reach daytime highs of 108 degrees Fahrenheit. At around 3 in the afternoon you could kind of see this drape that covered all of the things outside, almost like a mist or a fog. It seemed like this was caused from just how doggone hot it was, as from 3-5 in the afternoon it was the absolute hottest that day. Apparently these are the hottest temperatures ever recorded in this area, period, which is not all that surprising to me. My family is lucky enough to have air conditioning, which I cannot express enough gratefulness for, so instead of being a massive nusiance the heat was more of a point of interest. It was probably hot enough to fry an egg sunny side up on the hood of my father's car, however this is probably not the case and I would ruin the hood of his car if I tried. It always does feel hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk when the temperature is over 100 degrees; this seems like the same scenario, though, and will likely result in the egg not frying and a mess being made. I also finished Animal Farm, and just like Parasite I am sure there are a lot of messages that it is trying to convey that are too thick for me to understand. I knew what the book was trying to get across, and thought it was a very good way to portray ideas like that, but it seems like there are real-life implications for the book that things might be modelled after that I do not know about. Perhaps I will read it in school as a novel study or something, which I really would not mind as if it is in the next few years there is a small chance that I will still have the book fresh in my head.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some actual sleep, put some more effort into cleaning my hair, close some of my facial pores, and make less spelling mistakes. Somehow it seems like the acne count on my face has doubled over the past day, which is able to be chalked up to the junk food that we all were enjoying yesterday and this morning. I have also been using twice as many words like "probably" or "however" today, I suppose because I was just very zoned out today. Oh well, I did certainly enjoy myself at that sleepover, but man was it tiring.
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06/27/2021, 10:32: Some more happenings

I really do not know what my plan is for writing these in the summer. Usually my summers are so painfully uneventful that I do not feel an urge to write about things, however since I am participating in enough things there might still be things to talk about. The main thing is the cross country team bonding thing that was on Saturday. It took place by a lake, and was at 12 in the afternoon. When I got there there were only a few people there, so we all tried to find some other people. They did in fact turn up, and we all gathered in a field that was kind of close to the parking lot. The event was planned with the intention of getting everyone very wet, so everyone brought all of their squirt guns and Home Depot buckets, and the people who did not have any guns borrowed them from the people with excess ones. We then all went down to the lake, where there were a lot of people, and filled up our guns and Home Depot buckets in case we had to refill the guns. It really was not too easy lugging all of the buckets back to the field, and since I took off my shoes to go into the lake I had to carry those as well. I really do not know what I was thinking when I wore full-ass sneakers and socks to an event that was meant to be water-based. I did end up wearing my socks for the whole event instead of bare feet, which seemed like a bad idea at the time but I am glad about now as I only have one splinter in my foot as opposed to fifty if I was barefoot. We all tended to our guns and made sure that they had ample water, and stood around and wondered what to do. Eventually, one guy who was/is a senior got everyone to stop pelting each other with water, and told us about the things we were going to do. You could tell that he thought of it off the top of his head, however he presented it in such a way that it seemed like he had been planning this exact water gun game for years on end. It was just very basic free-for-all tag, however he told us that we all had three lives and all that. Naturally, everyone lost their lives within a few minutes, and we all went back to the main area of the field until the people who were left finished each other off. This was followed by some more squirting water at each other without structure, which really was enjoyable. All of the squirt guns could be categorized into Pumpers, Shooters, and Rods, or at least all of the ones that we had. Pumpers are the small ones which require you to pump some sort of rod up and down to get enough pressure to have it squirt enough. These are fine within the first few minutes of using them, however after a while the gimmick becomes old and you run out of water. Shooters range in size, but the ones that many people had were very large and had whole tanks of water. Probably called Super Soakers as well, these just required one push of a stick thing to get a nice stream of water. No pumping, but you did have to push the stick thing every time. Rods were really strange, and probably the most cheap kind of squirt guns. Rods rely on the premise of vaccuum pressure to "inhale" the water, and all that is required is to push them in one direction to get a very powerful stream of water. There was one guy who had a Rod that seemed like it was three or four five feet long and that was blue. He just had to dip it into some water, extend it, and then push all the water out to give a sufficient shower. Eventually the senior guy rallied us all onto a larger field, and proposed that we attempt to play capture the flag. No one really disagreed, in fact many people showed support for it. We then lugged the water buckets onto the larger field to form a midline so that we knew where it was, and used some spikeballs as jails and flags. It did function, and the rules about how tagging worked if you got shot at were an amount fuzzy, however it still managed to be fun. There was one foam Rod that I borrowed from someone which was a little bit worn out, but oh my goodness was it powerful. It was not even a really good gun, but the thing about it was that the stream it produced was as powerful as a firehose. I am being as close to dead serious as I can muster. Somehow the team that I was on (the "1" team) won all three capture the flag games, so after that we all carried the buckets back over to the smaller field and resumed squirting each other with water. It was found out that someone had brought a cooler, so everyone had some watermelon on a legal mandate. We talked about whether or not you could eat the rind of the watermelon; the prevailing answer was that yes, you could, and although it was healthy you would probably not enjoy it. I brought up the question of if the watermelon crust is called a rind or a crust, which lead to this great discussion over the fact that banana peels are called peels because you peel them, and you do not exactly crust off the watermelon crust; although you do not rind it off, either. This somehow led to people talking about how they could crush a watermelon between their thighs, which I have seen happen in a few Discord videos and it is absolutely disgusting. But if I waited for long enough, and with a overripe enough watermelon, I could probably crush one just by sitting on it and maybe exerting my ass muscles. I do not know about the thighs thing, however, as it is too obscure for me to try it, and I really do not plan on it. A few people went down to the lake and presumably waded in or splashed around or something, and because I had already dried off I just sat in the field, put on a sun hat, and talked with some people that I knew as well as some people that I did not know. I have mentioned this previously, but there is one guy on the team who shares my name, or at least goes by "Eli", and so far I think I know who he is. Eventually the lakegoers got back, and all of us who stayed on the field got tired of roasting in the sun and talking about Clash Royale, so at around 2 in the afternoon the event broke up. My mother very generously drove me back, and I chugged one or two sodas and took a nap with all of the covers on, even though it was more than 100 degrees. When I woke up, I lazed around in bed for a little bit and then put on some dirty clothes, then just walked around the house. Because I have finished 1984, my father thought it would be a good idea for me to read Animal Farm by the same author, and it is not really as gritty as 1984 but still probably tells a worthwhile message. It is also pleasantly short, and after it I will likely go for Clockwork Orange as I have heard a lot about that book and I desparately need some sense knocked into me. Tomorrow is forecasted to have a high of 111 degrees Fahrenheit, so I will try to stay up as late as I can so I can spend most of the day sleeping. I will, though, probably end up only staying up until 11 as I am a quivering pussy who just gets way too tired.
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06/24/2021, 21:59: Drivers' ed

Today was the third day of the ass-fucking, tit-licking, state-mandated drivers' ed, and surprisingly enough I am learning a few things from it. I have also been running a fair amount for the past three days, and keeping up with whatever is being posted on the training website. To be very honest, the past few days have been a general haze of streaming, reading, having wet hair, and either being sore or running. The night before last night was really something, with me having four or five charley-horses in the same part of my right calve spread out over the night, and waking up with my whole left leg being asleep. To turn off the alarm that I set, I had to jerk myself out of bed with my abdomen and worm my way across the floor as I really could not use my legs. I eventually did stand up, and taking a shower was not bad at all. The thing about showering, especially during the summer, is that because I do it in the morning my hair stays wet until around noon or 1:00. If I am going to school, it miraculously dries off near the end of first or second period, and if I am not going to school I just end up feeling very sticky until noon. This feeling of stickiness is often amplified by wearing dirty sweatshirts, having socks on, or not drying my leg hair enough. The fact that I am wearing headphones all the time does not exactly make this better, either. I really might as well talk about drivers' ed and how it is going, as it is the main thing that I have been thinking about and occupied with so I might as well fill some people in on it. The class is on Zoom with 150-ish other kids around my age, and one nice man who seems to be around the age of 50 or 60. He seems to know a lot about driving, and although he did not say he was passionate about it he did certainly state that he doesn't want us next generation of drivers to crash vehicles. Three days in, it seems like the curriculum is kind of hard to all keep in mind. We are all taught one thing, and then we move on to another thing that, at first, is irrelevant to the first thing. But I do have a lengthy notes .txt file, as well as a lot of screenshots, so if I come away from the course with no new knowledge I will at least have a bounty of notes to refer to. My friend's older brother also allegedly has some notes, so if I am very desperate I can consult him. We are also supposed to have five drives over the course of the course, ranging from being in a parking lot and practicing going in and out of stalls and all that to being on a mile-a-minute freeway. It really does all seem daunting and kind of complicated, but if everyone else my age is able to do it I really do not see a reason why I cannot.
I have also been recently notified that XC on Monday has been cancelled because it will be very hot. Surely it won't be that NEVER THE FUCK MIND THERE IS A HIGH OF 108 ON MONDAY. 108????? WELL ISNT THAT VERY VERY CONVENIENT!! AT LEAST I WILL NOT BE MELTING THOUGH. Mostly, I am just a little bit bummed that I will be missing even more of XC, however my father told me that at least I am not missing some of the actual fall season, which I think is a good point. If only this drive thing was one or two hours earlier or later. At the end of the day, drivers' ed does take priority over putting my feet in front of each other in quick succession, but mmmmMBBRg i was all ready to go and talk with my teammates!!!! and converse!!! and get to know them better!!!! which i suppose will happen later eventually but i mean come on!!! It also does not help that I will be dragged to one or more beaches in late July and early August, which I am sure will be good for me and build character or something but they do not seem all that beneficial in the short run. Many people, both on the cross country group chat and by email, have told me among other people that it is a good idea to put some electrolytes in water this time of year just because it is so hot. Maybe I will go on Saturday to the store or something and buy some electrolytes by the pound, although the thing about going to the store is that my back gets very sweaty. This mainly happens when I am going on my bike and wearing a backpack, as I guess the sweat just gets trapped back there and does not really have an outlet, so I just come home with a sticky back. It is worth it, though, for the independence of being able to buy my own soda. My mother and father think they are doing some kind of justice or good deed by buying smaller cans of soda for myself and my sister, even though this just makes us drink more of it. Riding my bike does work pretty well, and I do enjoy it most of the time.
I should also probably talk about what is happening with the ring toe of my right foot. In a previous entry, I mentioned that it was turning black and looking kind of sickly. This has not changed, but it has in fact mostly fallen off and now I can kind of hinge it up and down, as it is only anchored near the cuticle. I could probably store a whole Tic-Tac under there if I really wanted to, and the whole feeling of this toenail is very much like that of a loose tooth. I wish I could just rip it off, as it is kind of irritating the toes around it and generally a nusiance, but I think I should wait until it falls off naturally as I do not want to be in more of a predicament than I am already. Somehow, it feels like over the past few days and, hell, weeks, that I have been a little bit more snarky and egotistical than I usually am. This is probably just a natural feeling that I have every few weeks or so, but the fact that I am catching it is good. Maybe it is because I am using less semicolons than usual. Oh well, it is kind of late, because I have already rambled for long enough I will probably end this entry here and start a whole new one whenever I feel prompted to.
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06/21/2021, 22:20: Summer XC and 1984

Well, the first day of summer cross country was today, and it really was exactly as great as I hoped it would be. All of the people that I remembered who had not graduated were there, as well as some freshmen, a few of which I recognized. It seemed like everyone, even though only two weeks had passed, was a lot older and better-looking. There also was the shock of all of the previous juniors who I thought were seniors still being there, and it kind of struck me as a "woah wait i thought they graduated ohhhhh that's right" kind of thing. Last year was just so strange and out of wack that it is just nice to finally feel somehow normal again. I arrived ten minutes early because my mother had a yoga class to attend that started at the same time as the XC thing, so I got to wait in the shade, cast glances towards people, and look at things on the pavement for ten whole minutes until the rest of the team arrived. I was glad to see all of the main people I had ran with in previous half-seasons, and the main group was for the most part still there. We all mingled some more and got to call people seniors and "no-longer-freshmen" for a while, and then our coach came and sat us all down and talked to us about things like shoes and how the season will go. I probably previously mentioned this, but I do have this ass-fucking, tit-licking, state-mandated drivers' ed thing that perfectly lines up with when the practices are. I really do not mind learning how to drive, in fact I am kind of excited for it, however I am just greatly dissapointed, bummed even, that I will miss practice a lot. This ed thing is three days a week and from 9 to 11 in the morning, and runs from tommorrow until July 22nd. Personally, I am astonished and appalled that they have that much to teach us about working a vehicle that it takes up twenty-five days of instruction, but if it will allow me to actually learn how to work the vehicle it will probably be for the better. We all then got up from sitting around and did some warmups, and then did an easyish run. All of the people in the main group that I run with are seemingly ten times as good as I am at it, however it still really is fun to go with them and they are all mostly as old as I am. The run lasted around 25 minutes, and after we got back, we all sat in the shade, stretched, and looked at each other some more. When we came back is also around the time that I learned to my dismay that there is another person named Eli on the team, which I am really quite alright with as he seems like a nice enough person. Apparently we will differentiate ourselves by calling us "tall eli" and "taller eli", which seems like a decent enough system. There are a few new group chats for the team now, one specifically for boys and one for the whole team. I really do think this whole summer thing could have been a very good way to get to know all of my teammates better and converse a little bit, however as I will be gone for one-third of all of the practice days I will probably be missing out on a lot of it. It is getting late somehow and I am getting even more egotistical than I usually am on here, so I will leave this here and talk about 1984 and drivers' school in the morning, if my mother is not breathing down my neck as she is supposed to accompany me for the first online class.

Currently it is around 8:30 in the morning and I am waiting for the Zoom meeting to start. We have been requested to join the meeting half an hour early, so I suppose every day I will just wait here for thirty minutes and rot and maybe even play Geometry Dash. Which is fine, but I still really do not see the point of waiting for thirty minutes every day. They have actually started letting people into the meeting, and no one is saying anything because the class has not officially started yet. So instead of talking more about how unfortunate the timing is for this ed thing and sounding much like a prig, I might talk about 1984, which is a book I have recently finished. There is a very good chance that what follows will have spoilers, so if you have not read the book yet or do not want to have the whole story revealed I would reccomend tabbing out or something and reading ellaguro's blog instead of this one, as she uses some very big words and makes it interesting to read. Right after I finished the book, and for the better part of a day as well as when I was showering this morning I was very confused about O'Brien's role. His role in the story is already confusing enough, however I was mainly wondering about his role in the government. He clearly is some higher-up in the Inner Party, however freely talks about the Brotherhood and interrogates Winston in Miniluv. O'Brien seems to genuinely believe in the ideals that he puts forth in the final part of the book, and is rather a smoothie when it came to talking Winston into trusting him and making Winston think the Brotherhood is a real thing. Even after I finished the book, I still kind of respected O'Brien as a person and as a character from the respect that he showed Winston and how frank he was with Winston. My father really was right about the book being disturbing, as after I had finished it I was overwhelmed with a great sense of hollowness and felt like I had to get a drink of water. Despite that, it is still probably a good book and I really did enjoy reading it, however the part with Winston reading "The Book" seemed like it dragged on for a little too long. Even that, too, provided some insights to how governments are run and really made me think. Next, my father reccomends that I read Clockwork Orange, which I did not even know was a book until last night.
I could talk a little bit more about books, however none of them I have taken classes on or anything and I think it really would benefit me to do deep dives into some of them in future English classes. Unfortunately I am taking AP World History next year, which also will probably be interesting enough. Instead, I would like to talk about probably the elephant in the room if anyone has been reading this frequently: being that today's entry contains/will contain the 100th comedic video of the day. These videos were simply meant to be funny to me only, and probably some other people, but every single one of the videos posted here has either made me exhale out my nose quickly, chuckle, laugh, or guffaw. A few of them have made me laugh uncontrollably until I have to rub my eyes, and a few just make me squirm. I really do not know what I should do for the 100th, and I really would like to make it the video of a Chinese gentleman getting his dick sucked into a vaccuum, however instead I thought it would be an eleven-minute video of a man telling his father that he is a brony. Hopefully you will enjoy it.
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06/19/2021, 14:01: Geometry Dash banter (although not really)

I wish I could say that there have been a lot of very interesting things happening over the past few days, however unfortunately there have been little to none. It is the fourth day of summer vacation, and I am worried that I will not be "living it up" enough before I am dragged somewhere on a road trip or a family friend meetup, both of which will probably happen this summer. On Monday the summer XC season is starting, which in any other scenario would be great. However, I am also starting driving lessons on that date, and those lessons are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday with the XC things being M-F. They are at the same time in the morning so at least I do not have to committments to go to three days of the week, but it is unfortunate that I will miss cross country those three days. I will at least be present on the very first day and probably some of the strength training sessions on Wednesdays, so I will still be able to talk and all that, and there is after all the whole rest of the season. Summer is really a better time than any to do the drivers' training, as well, so I am glad that it is actually happening. Yesterday my mother and I figured out a lot of the required tedium for getting the learner's permit and having myself registered, and getting that out of the way was a lot less hard than I thought it would be and brought great relief to my conscience. There were a few things that I would have liked to do with my friends for the past few days, however they were either called off or just did not happen. There is one about to happen, though; I will ride my bike to a friend of mine's house, and then we all will carpool to a distant mall and walk around. My father says I should be less descriptive of events like this so that my friends actually have some privacy and all that, which I think is a fair argument so I will only talk about it a little bit when I inevitably have the chance to. I think the main oversight that my father has when he reads this blog, as he sometimes mentions it to me, is that he is probably the only person who actually reads this, aside from maybe some people on Twitch and a few other people. I have already talked about this dynamic, though, so I will shut my piehole and get my backpack ready to depart for the happening. I really do think that I use "happening" as a noun too much, so maybe I should use a word like "event".

Writing this on Sunday the 20th, as I can never make myself write these on time. Over the past few days I have been enjoying the spoils of a store trip I made on maybe Thursday or Friday, with the intention of getting 24 cans of soda. Which I did, and I did not get anything else simply because those 24 cans only barely fit in my backpack and are hard enough to carry home. The sodas that were purchased were some offbrand cola and some offbrand punch, coming to a total amount of $7.50, which I thought was pretty reasonable. Those offbrand sodas are like a third of the price of Coke or Pepsi, and somehow better-tasting so I do not have to wallow in my debt. As for what myself and my friends did after I stopped writing before this paragrpah break, it was fairly complicated and eventful. Me and a few others were supposed to take the bus all the way across some busy roads to a certain mall, the kind of mall that does not call itself a mall and is so roomy that "shopping center" would work just as well. We were waiting at the bus stop for maybe thirty minutes and having a grand old time playing Clash Royale on our phones when it occurred to one of us that the buses did not run on Saturdays and Sundays. This seemed very unnessecary, as I cannot really think of a reason why buses would not run on the weekends. Everyone's parents except for my father were either busy and could not drive us or were simply doing nothing and did not want to drive us, so I rang up my father and asked him if he would be nice enough to drive us there. He did, and we had to pick up another person who walked a mile to a different store. Once we were all there we realized that we had nigh nothing to occupy ourselves with, so after a lot of talking things over we decided to go to Red Robin. Everything else at that shopping center either one person did not like or was simply too pricey for us to afford. The initial plan was to order one tray of bottomless steak fries for the four of us, and request for them to be refilled every time they were empty. The theory was that the servers would just be very slow after maybe the 3rd refill, and know that we were just teenagers being a little bit pricky. To make ourselves not feel like complete douchebags, we instead ordered a tray of steak fries, a tray of garlic fries, a lot of ranch, and a drink for each person. The drinks, of course, also could be refilled, so we sat there and had some fries and our drinks for maybe an hour, with the fries being refilled three or four times, and when we felt like we got our money's worth we paid the bill. There was one person who owed everyone a lot of money, so the rest of us gave him $2 each and he paid the rest of the bill. Yesterday was the first time I had been out to eat in more than a year, and it certainly was refreshing and made everything feel like we were actually getting back to pre-pandemic standards. A few people attempted to "walk off" the 1,500 calories of fries and drink that they had just eaten, and in the end we all found a bench in the shade and sat down and dueled each other in Clash Royale like real men. This got old quick, but was still very fun. Clash Royale as a game I feel kind of indifferently towards, even with me playing the game semifrequently it is still not my favorite. Right now I am just in an endless cycle of losing matches until I win one, for a net gain of 0 trophies, then closing my game and forgetting about it until I remember how behind I am on trophies and get to playing again. There is one card, Prince I think it is, that a few people in my arena have, and it is impossible to win against it. I do not know how these people got that card, but it is a very unfair feeling. After we all got tired of Clash Royale, someone decided that they wanted some more ice cream even though we literally just had some, so we went to Cold Stone and two people got some ice cream. The two of us that did not have any sat on a bench and played some more Clash Royale. The two people who got ice cream finished it, and then someone else's father chauffeured us back.
Overall it was a nice time, and although I would have liked to include some sort of identifying factor for who, exactly, did or did not get ice cream it seems somehow safer to refer to them as "oooh these people" or something like that. Apparently, and this will probably take a lot of explaining, the mall that we went to is opening up for some Magic: The Gathering drafting in coming weeks. Myself and my friends used to go to a different mall for drafting in 6th, and 7th grade, however recently that malls' game store has closed so we all will have to go to this one instead. Magic is something that I have always wanted to get back into, with me missing a little more than a year of set releases and such. But if all of my friends go back to draft at the same time, the harsh experience of sucking ass might be lessened as we will all do it together. I have already prepared a draft box and some sleeves, and tried to get some of my card collection in order. Three drawers of my closet are filled with nothing but Magic cards, and it would be wise for me to clear out a fourth drawer for the inevitable arrival of more cards. I rubberbanded the different kinds of sleeves together so that it is not too cumbersome to pick them out, and have all of the boxes labeled and basic lands sorted out. Hopefully I will be able to not only suck ass, but suck ass in style.
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06/17/2021, 10:51: I am a sophomore!!!!

Wednesday the 16th was the real last day of school as mandated by the district, however Wednesdays are asynchronous so Tuesday was the intensive last day of school. Now that it is all over, I can finally call myself a sophomore; the unfortunate part about this is that all of the people I know who used to be sophomores and juniors are now juniors and seniors. This is the way things work, however, and I will still have one or two more years to get to know them. The main thing I am very ready for is to actually see some of the people who are a grade younger than I am, as I have not seen them for nearly two years and it will be great to catch up and show them around and all that. Because it is more likely than not that school will be fully in-person this fall, I can also see some more of the people that were remote during the two months of concurrent school. It really is kind of unfortunate that I missed nearly a year of high school, but everyone really went through that and at least it will be a shared experience. The class of 2021 at least got to graduate in a formal manner, rather than the class of 2020 who I suppose just stayed home all that time. I feel like I should fill things in as to how the actual last two days of school went, as I have not done that yet and just arbitrarily talked about things that are not even confirmed to happen. Tuesday went by very quickly, we did nearly nothing in second period so I had enough time to be at the Smash reveal on time on a discord call with a few friends. The person who was revealed was very similar to Ryu and Ken, but not memorable enough for me to remember his name I suppose. The remaining part of the Nintendo Direct that the Smash reveal was on was dedicated to more previews of boring story games that no one cared about, as well as a first look at a new Metroid game that actually seemed interesting. That metroid game is coming out on the 8th of October this year, and it really does seem cool so I might buy it if I remember. The whole gimmick to it is that there is some sort of invincible beast that is chasing Samus throughout the map, so you must constantly run away from it as well as solve puzzles and progress through the game. There is, of course, a way to kill it, which initially seemed cheap but if there was not the game would be very annoying to play. I sat around and lost some games of Clash Royale throughout the free period that we had after second period, and after what seemed like an eternity it was time for fourth period. There we sat around as a class and did some sort of end-of-year survey and feedback Forms page, and then some of us took the opporitunity to turn in our laptops and textbooks. The rest of the period was spent standing around and talking, which I am rather a fan of doing, and a few people signed some yearbooks and pored over them. Sixth period the class did another one of those end-of-year surveys, and I sure would have completed it had I not turned in my laptop the period before. That period actually went very quick, and at the end we all pushed our desks into one corner and stood around in the massive space that was left. If I took my backpack off, I could touch the cieling of the classroom, which I had never been able to do in prior years except maybe in elementary school. I did not feel any sort of accomplishment after walking out of school that day, partly because the fact of the matter was that it was not actually the last day of school, but also because this year really did not feel like a year at all. The good thing about the really bright pink sweatshirt that I was wearing that day is that if I ever get hit by a car, I will know that it was not an accident. Wednesday really was not too interesting either, with the main task at hand being walking the dog and taking a run. My mother and sister are gone on a road trip to somewhere in Oregon, so I have taken up the duty of walking the dog. I only really mind it when she barks uncontrollably, which admittedly does happen at times. I even say things like "Roxy, you've outdone yourself!" when she pushes out a particularly attractive stool. Since she has swallowed that bag of chocolate chips and some cookie dough, her bladder and other bodily systems have been haywire for the past week or two. Last Friday she pissed on the carpet twice, and with some other things she did that day I was very ready to put some duct tape around her muzzle or tie her to the couch or something. The run that I took on Wednesday was actually not bad at all, and although it did make my calves sore for a very long time I think it was worthwhile. The thing about running is that until late 8th grade, I did not understand that it was supposed to be unpleasant and supposed to hurt. I thought that somehow, I just had a naturally lower lung capacity than my teammates, and because of that I would run worse and be huffing and puffing all the time. I still nearly die of asphyxiation when I run, but at least I go a little bit faster. If only I was enlightened as to how unpleasant running was in 6th or 7th grade, then I would have leaned into it and maybe even been a decent runner. Now, though, I actually know this information and will hopefully take good enough care of my body to not injure myself like a few of my teammates have, although this is still a risk. In middle school, it never really occurred to me that running could induce injuries, but suddenly it does not seem implausible. I also sat around on the couch near my family's house's front window, turned on a fan, and read a book for the better part of an hour on Wednesday. The dog was actually very calm then, and if she got a little bit riled up I could blow the fan on her and make her freeze in place. The book was called How We Decide, and had a red hardback cover with no front or back flap and a generally boring outside. I think my father must have gotten it in college or something like that, as there was a sticky note near the front cover. It had a very good introduction, and after I had accidentally read a few words I could not help but finish one or two chapters. The fan that I was using was impressively powerful and, although it was not too pricey and kind of small, did succeed in its task to circulate air.
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06/14/2021, 09:47: The last few days

I don’t really know what to title this one, so I suppose I will think up a title for it when I get back home. Currently it is the second-to-last day of school and I am sitting in Spanish class, and we are watching Madagascar 2. You would think that we would watch one of the good Madagascar movies, like Madagascar 1 or Penguins or something, but it is this movie. Granted, I have not seen any of the other Madagascar movies in the past year or two, however I have decent memories of them and I am sure they are still as good. The middle finger of my left hand has some skin ripped off of it as I was aggressively picking my nails, so I have taped on some paper towels. It kind of feels strange, but it is alright. As a matter of fact, a few hours have passed now and it appears that the wound is no longer bleeding. Instead of looking at the movie Madagascar 2, I am instead just looking at some of my classmates doing their thing. It is LA/SS class, and we all are finishing up the very last assignment of the school year. It is this one-pager thing, where we take an 8.5x11 piece of paper (or a digital equivalent) and cram in as much information as possible that is relevant to a topic. The topic at hand is just the year in review, and we all were supposed to choose a topic that was relevant to us. I chose policy, as it was the only thing that we covered that was not in some way related to identity politics, and did not make me feel like I was reasoning around in a circle. I finished it on Friday, and due to it being cranked out in less than an hour, it looks like a three-year-old drew it in the sand by using their own piss for the lines and smearing around their shit for the colors. This is what everything I make looks like, though, so I do not really mind it.

Yesterday, as today is now the 15th and I really do not feel like adding a whole extra entry, was my second-to-last day as a freshman in high school. Today, unsurprisingly, is then my very last day as a freshman in high school, which is a fact that I never really thought I would be typing or even saying to be something that is true. I am wearing this really bright pink sweatshirt that I have been planning on wearing on the last day of school for three months now, and I am just impressed with myself that I have followed through on it. Yesterday my father also talked at me when it came to personal affairs on this blog, mainly concerning the affairs of my friends. From now on, instead of writing about them here, I will very likely write them on some text files that will be released here ten years since their writing if I can remember. Ten years seems like enough time for people to no longer care about any hot gossip or things like that, and hopefully I will be long gone out of this area by then so even if I mention people’s first names there might not be any problems. My father just doesn’t want my friends to be reading this and wondering why I am publishing things that they are doing, even though my father is very likely the only one who has even read this page. I do wonder what kind of audience he thinks that I have on here, as the chances are very low that there is more than one person who I am not directly related to that reads all of this. But not to worry, if you would like to read up on the personal happenings that I have recorded over the past weekend you can do that on June 13, 2031. By then, I will either be in graduate school or trying to find a job or something like that, and all of this will be so far in the past that I will be able to release it even if in the moment it is embarrassing or something like that. There is also the large chance that I will have forgotten about this blog by 2031, which is more likely than anything else. But by some miracle or another, it might be available then. Nearly all of the times that my father sits down and tells me “so i was reading your weekly nooz page” he is about to tell me something that I should expunge or remove or something like that. It really is for my own good, and it really will do me good if I do exactly everything that he says, and his advice really is valid. Sometimes I express some opinions that are not woke enough for people that might be interviewing me five years from now, and if they see those non-woke opinions they might think poorly of me. This is a valid concern, even though it ideally should not be a concern. But what I think my father does not understand is that absolutely no one reads this blog, and no one probably ever will read this blog. With a Twitch channel, it is only one out of hundreds or maybe thousands, but with a website or blog, this page is one out of literally hundreds of billions. But the handy thing about personal information and things that it is generally not a good idea to put on a blog is that they will age incredibly poorly and become irrelevant very quickly. The plan is, then, to release anything that I am unsure about or my father is unsure about ten years from now, so that no one will care and I can make the argument that I was naïve back then. This also goes for some entries that are very much like diaries that I have been writing maybe twice a month since March, however there is no doubt in my mind that those will only see publishing in 2031.
Yesterday I felt very, very cocky for some reason. It was like I could feel myself making a bad impression on other people, and luckily today the feeling did not stick around. It also felt like I was turning into the kind of person that would use the word “swap” frequently. I do not know why, but that word is my very least favorite in the entire English language, with a close second being “kiosk” and runners-up being “empathize,” “equity,” and “neuroplasticity.” All of these words seem harmless at first glance, and are rather easily recognizable, however almost always are used in a negative or drab setting. Being at an airport and seeing the text “This kiosk is out of service” being displayed on every single self-ticketing booth, or hearing someone talk about swapping clothes or swapping jobs. Every single year since 5th grade, myself as well as all the other students have watched the exact same video about neuroplasticity, and concern ourselves with the exact same unit about empathy, and learn exactly nothing from either of them. The neuroplasticity one seems especially awful, as it is a vague concept similar to grit that people can point to as something positive that students can look towards, and then never mention for the remainder of the school year. I cannot help but wonder just how much research is actually behind the concept of grit, and I have not heard anything about it (luckily) since 7th grade, so there is the amazing chance that something happened to the idea of it. Back to what I was mentioning after the paragraph break; it seems like I am also turning into a loud breather. This probably is not too bad of a thing, but I do not want to become the kind of person that you sit in front of and wonder if they just ran up ten flights of stairs. Loud breathers also make strange noises when consuming food and using urinals, as well as making you wonder how much saliva they are holding in their mouths. Needless to say I am not a large fan of people who are like this, but it is just a quality that cannot be controlled I suppose. I just have to keep running, and I will have a large enough lung capacity to not have to heave in every breath I take.
Another thing that has been happening that is actually a mite interesting is this thing known as Geometry Dash Multiplayer, a mod that someone made which released a few days ago and I have been greatly enjoying ever since. It works kind of like you would expect it to, and it is kind of janky having to load everyone’s icons in whenever a level is played, but it is so damn fun with friends. The game has been so heavily modded that myself and all of my friends have specialized clients, extensions, and add-ons for Geometry Dash, so much in fact that it is hard to start the game sometimes. I think it released on Friday, and I downloaded version 1.3 on Saturday, and currently it is Tuesday and the most recent release is a bugfix of version 1.7. Windows, as well as my antivirus program, marks it as an especially dangerous Trojan, so every time I download a new version of it I have to mark it to Windows as safe.
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06/10/2021, 15:25: The vaccine Part 3

BOY a lot of things happened yesterday, as well as today. Yesterday I managed to get the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, and somehow today went fine and with minimal side effects. Instead of going to the same location as last time, we just went to the local pharmacy that allowed walk-ins. This pharmacy was built into the grocery store, so all we had to do was walk to the back of the store and talk to the people behind the counter. My mother and I sat in a small room with some stained-glass windows for some time, and then my name was called for the vaccine. I like to say that it felt cold going in, and that I could feel the mRNA and microchip being injected into my system, but try as I might I couldn't really feel anything. The person administering the vaccine must have really known what they were doing. In the room that the vaccines were actually being given in, there was a small painting that might have been in oil of some brown trees. I just thought it was interesting how much that painting contrasted with the rest of the cold, sterile, flourescent-lit room. They quickly gave me the vaccine card back as well as a coupon that I will never use, and both myself and my mother were ushered back into the small room we were in before. There was a painting of the people who discovered DNA in that room, captioned with a plaque and everything, and I thought they were wearing nice suits and looked very young. Because the pharmacy was inside a grocery store, my mother picked up some cheese and tortillas for the dinner that we were having, and I managed to get this massive tube of cookie dough that looked like a whole salami. It was indeed massive, and it is a shame that you could not eat it raw. The package said that you had to cook it, but I feel like there is absolutely nothing natural in that cookie dough and that it is fine to be eaten raw. I did not have a death wish, so in the evening the cookies were cooked. This is, however, too far forward; at around 1 in the afternoon we got back from the vaccine excursion. When I got back, I started to check Discord as that is what I usually do when I am deprived of social contact for more than an hour or two. MonkyDe, as I am using the online pseudonyms here to preserve anonymity, was asking Twiddle about “coming over.” Apparently, this was to mean that he was coming over to Twiddle’s house at around 2. Everyone was asked, and it seemed like everyone could make it. After talking for a while more in the one Discord voice channel that we have, myself and ZetoMax went over to Twiddle’s house on our bikes. His house is kind of in a strange spot, being in a private neighborhood that has an entrance on a busy, 40-mph road. The neighborhood can also be entered from an entrance that is near an elementary school, however you have to go through the entire neighborhood to get to his house. Because we did not want to risk our lives and limbs, myself and ZetoMax had to ride our bikes all the way through the winding, hilly neighborhood. Luckily enough, because it was a private neighborhood no cars were in a particular rush to get anywhere and a few even yielded to bikers. It also seemed like half the population was out going for a walk, a popular dynamic in private neighborhoods as it seems. The bike ride was really not too long, even though it was a few miles, but it was also rather refreshing as I hadn’t been out for one in a while. I got there second, after Monky but before ZetoMax, and we all talked a bit before ZetoMax arrived. We all sat on the small main breakfast table that Twiddle had, which had this thick translucent tablecloth that was a lot less sticky than it had the potential to be. The other occupants of the house, being Twiddle’s mother and sister, were elsewhere in the house, and all of the lights were turned off. There was a small stack of bagels on the counter, the seedy kind that is generally unappetizing. To the right of the kitchen, directly behind where I was sitting, there was a sliding glass door to the backyard. Near where Twiddle was, there was his main computer setup, and Monky had brought his massive gaming laptop that had massive fans and could run Destiny 2. ZetoMax probably had his school laptop, as did I, but he never got it out. After everyone was sitting down at the small table, we attempted to work on the LA/SS assignment we had but this devolved into just a discussion and bemoaning of identity politics. The assignment we were tasked with was this prep document for a socratic seminar we were having the next day (Thursday), and had a little more than ten questions that we had to answer and explain. This seminar was meant to be a wrap-up and conclusion of the year, so that we all could talk about how the year went and communicate ideas. We were supposed to use academic language, and have authentic discussion. If I were to choose, I think the discussion we had at that breakfast table was quite a bit more authentic than the actual seminar—one, because we knew each other so well, and two, because we had so much time. The questions on the prep document were about the kinds of things you would expect to see in a left-leaning, largely wealthy area. They were divided into three sections, which would be the three topics of Thursday’s seminar; “Identity, Culture, & Bias,” “Policy and Government,” and “Social Justice and Change.” I will leave it to the reader to take the wild guess as to what set of questions we discussed, and that is right, the policy and government ones. The rest of them seemed, for the most part, “racism bad” questions; questions that people argue about and take sides on for clout gain and not a whole lot else. There was one question in particular that made me develop an itch that it was hard to scratch, if that makes sense:

“How are marginalized groups and communities impacted differently by our societal systems?”

The thing that bugs me about this question is its use of the word “how.” Anyone with at least three quarters of a brain knows that yes, different groups of people are in fact impacted differently by society. However, this matter is still kind of up for debate; even if one side is probably correct, the argument that everyone is impacted in the same way by society could be steel-manned. The fact that this question uses “how” instead of just asking the question of whether these people are impacted differently makes me feel very odd. The irony in this is that on Tuesday, we discussed in class how to have an authentic and honest discussion—many people brought up loaded questions as something that should not be discussed—and then there we were on Thursday with a prompt as a loaded question. As an extreme example, this question seems as limiting as “How do you change your diaper every day?” or something atrocious like that.
Instead of discussing the “racism bad” questions at the breakfast table, we talked about ones that dealt with individual rights, the common good, the duty of government, and how to be a good citizen. It really was riveting enough, and I even got some work done on the assignment itself. After we got tired of talking and typing sometimes, we agreed to go to Twiddle’s backyard to bounce on the trampoline he had. It was one of those good kinds of trampolines, and was in an ovular shape. It was kind of on a hill, and because we all were wearing socks it was impossible to avoid slipping to one end of it. Because Twiddle lived near the edge of the neighborhood, there was a barbed wire fence on one end of his backyard so that people could not rob his house or something. The security measures for that neighborhood already seem strict enough, and barbed wire is just part of it I suppose. We all played really sweaty trampoline games, such as just bouncing around, trying to see if we could take down each other, or cracking the egg. Sometimes we just laid around and looked at our phones, which also worked fairly well because it was a very nice day and there were some trees above the trampoline. Twiddle also taught us some takedowns as he competed in school wrestling in 8th grade; one of which was kind of hard to execute from how frictionless the trampoline was. We spent in total four hours just hanging around at Twiddle's house, and agreed to make it happen again as it was organized very quickly and everyone did enjoy it. Somehow, all of the events that are organized take place at Twiddle's house, and not any other of the three perfectly fine other houses that our friend group has to supply. Of course, then that night I finally baked the cookie dough. The dog got half of it, though, but there were still some cookies to be had.
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06/08/2021, 08:28: The results

I have done it. I am sitting in class on the 8th, and I have not choked to death, nor choked on the AP test, nor choked in either of the events I was running. Which is great, because I thought for sure that something or other was going to go wrong, but nothing did. I ended up finishing the test 50 minutes early, because the people at the College Board who still shower monthly thought it would be a good idea to remove the “back” button so that you could only progress forward through the questions. In hindsight, it was probably a good strategy to prevent collusion, but oh my goodness was it annoying. I really would have liked to re-check my answers another few times, or at least that is what I am telling myself, but I just had to submit it once I answered the last one, it really did feel strange. As for the answers themselves, I felt fairly sure about all of them except for maybe two or three. The College Board absolutely nailed the user interface, and however much contempt I hold for them as an organization they really do have their shit together when it comes to testing, security, and the interface. I sat down at 12:30, was finished with the check-in process by 12:35, and then waited for 25 minutes while the timer counted down. Because I swallowed a Jolly Rancher around then and could not touch the .html file that this blog is stored on, I instead wrote about it on a piece of paper that I will probably take a picture of eventually. Eventually the test started, and it really did have a good user interface. There were all of these colored bars to separate the header from the main content, and the radio buttons felt good to press and the boxes of them highlighted upon mouse click. I never really thought that taking a test could be so darn seamless, as the only prior experience I had had was the SBA tests in elementary school and the interface for those was absolutely terrible. The AP test one seemed sharp, to the point, and actually user-friendly. Highlighting things worked incredibly well and even if the mouse was not near the text, there were just enough shadows on some boxes to divert my attention to them. Unfortunately, next year the exams will probably be on boring old paper, which is preferable from a security standpoint however less interesting on the whole. Might I add that Word is marking all of my conciseness errors with little brown dotted lines everywhere. So far, apparently, I have made five conciseness errors. Luckily this is not an academic paper, and instead a blog that no one will ever read, so I think Word should pull its head out of its own ass and cut me some slack for once in its life. After I was done with the test, I put the tights that I usually wear to meets in the dryer for another 15 minutes as they were still kind of damp and sticky from the large amount of detergent that I used; I might have mentioned that yesterday. This is why I always press the “extra rinse” button on the laundry machine, however today I just didn’t, meaning my normal clothes are just as damp. I will smell like detergent, at least, and the last time I checked detergent smells pretty darn good. Soon enough my father and I were out the door, and he was kind enough to drop me off and take a walk by himself as he had to wait to be let in. Here are some facts about the meet, presented in the order that they occurred, as I think this might be a better format than just listing all of them in a massive paragraph:

- The stadium that the meet was being held at had two entrances, one that was older-looking and very colorful and one that was more modern and very boring
- Everyone, instead of being on the field, was supposed to stay in the baseball field before the meet started; after our first events we all just hung out on the field, though
- The baseball field, strangely enough, had brown-colored turf on the outside and actual grass on the inside. The brown turf was a little bit thin, and irritating to sit on, and I almost found myself thinking that real dirt would have worked better.
- You can always tell who is a junior and a senior because they jingle their keys a lot
- Because my phone has a black case, it accumulated heat very quickly and you could probably fry an egg on it with the right equipment
- Someone had four to six empty water bottles in their backpack, or at least they appeared to be empty
- One person’s car keys fell apart and they described to me in detail what all the flaps might be for, somehow I found it interesting
- From the way the sun hit the real-grass baseball field, it made the field look 3x more vivid and kind of offputting in a way
- The floor of the bathroom was less wet than bathroom floors usually are
- The meet was projected to go until 9 in the evening
- Apparently some people went for Five Guys afterwards which is interesting because I thought we did not life in Five Guys territory

After doing all of this painstaking observing, I eventually had to go onto the field and get some spikes on. The 1600 was divided into two heats as it sometimes is in the meets with a lot of people, and my goodness were those people fast. I think nearly everyone got a sub-5:30, which I suppose is to be expected for people who are very cracked at running. Us second heat people then went to the line, and in a blur of confusion and exhaustion I finished the race. I got a 6:02, fuckin’ finally, and although it is not a sub-6 I will certainly take it as it is still a personal best. The thing about track races is that they are so short and exhausting that you often feel like coughing up blood after them, and I was in a strange state of dry coughing for the rest of the day. This usually happens when I actually exert myself, so I think it is a good sign. Because many of us were doing two events, we were instructed to put our legs up for a while to get the blood out of them or something. Having your legs up for more than a few minutes really does start to hurt, which is probably the point of it as it seems intended to just flush the blood in and out of your legs. After everyone had gotten all ready, taken their sweats off, and put their spikes on our coach called us in to give us the news that someone had had a seziure so we would have to delay the meet a little bit. Which is exactly what we did, and an ambulance came in due time and escorted whoever it was out of the stadium. I never really got to see who it was, and I doubt I would have liked to know as it seems like seziures are a fairly private affair and not to be messed with. It does kind of worry me that she was probably just lying there on the track for a little less than half an hour, however it might have gotten worse if she did not have professional medical attention or something like that. After going to the bathroom a few more times and walking around a lot, it was finally time for the first heat of the 800. I was in the last heat, naturally, but I did get to put on some spikes and watch people I knew run. One of my friends was in the 3rd heat, and another person I knew ran in the 4th heat even though he was supposed to be in the 5th. Everyone got really cracked times--sub-2:40 sometimes--and I only barely got a 2:57, which I am kind of proud of. Because it was only two laps, I was repeating "gas it" to myself the entire second lap, and apparently it worked. I might have been able to keep up that pace for the 1600, as well, and at last getting a sub-6, however this is a little bit unlikely. After I ran I re-collected my things and found my father, who was kind enough to sit on cold metal bleachers for the entire duration of the meet, and we both went home. It really was a successful meet, now that I think about it, getting some baller times even though they really aren't too baller when compared to other people's ten times more baller times. Because I am finishing this off on Wednesday, I will probably leave this here and talk about some other things in a later entry.
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06/06/2021, 22:05: Renevant, the weekend, and AP testing

I am writing this on the 7th, however I wrote the title on Sunday so that I would not have to beat myself up over slacking on writing these. It is currently around 12 in the afternoon, and I am about to take the AP test for one of my classes. I have spent most of this weekend worrying about said exam, not because I am unsure if I know the material but it conveniently barely collides with the track meet that I also have today. I have to be sitting down for the test at 12:30, and then it starts at 1:00 and I have until 3:00 to finish it. This would not be a problem if I did not have to be at a track meet right at 3. I think I will be able to swing it, though, even if I take the full two alloted hours for the test I will only be a quarter of an hour late. At least, this is what I have been telling myself for the past three days, and there is a nonzero chance that it will all end in shambles. Yesterday I noticed my right shin kind of hurting when I was sitting on a chair in the middle of the afternoon, and the pain persisted throughout a run that I took that day and the went away as quickly as it came. It might be because I bump it against my bedframe a lot, or possibly the unholy running injury known as "shin splints". It seems like something called shin splints would be a more persistent pain than something that only happens for a few hours at a time, but I have yet to look up the actual symptoms in fear that it might be what is actually happening. Today I am also running two whole events, being the 1600 as usual as well as the 800. The 800 sure does seem wacky, as you do have to pace yourself but not as little as the 400 nor as much as the 1600 or 3200. Many of my fellow freshmen and friends in general are also running these two events, so I will at least have people to pace with. The main concern is that of the blister on my left heel, however it has scabbed over and doesn't hurt all that much when I am wearing spikes, or at least I hope so. Currently I have the whole usual backpack packed up, and once I am finished with the test I will run upstairs, get the bag, throw on the uniform, and go to the meet. The uniform, might I add, is a little bit damp because I used too much detergent while I was washing it. It seems like it is warm enough for this to not be an issue, though, however there is a chance I am dead wrong on this and will be miserable the whole time. As it is 12:25, I am going to drop the kids off at the pool and then check-in for the test at 12:30. I do apoligize that Friday's entry was kind of cut short, I was writing it in school and could not find enough effort over the weekend to at last finish it. Oh well, see everyone in seven hours if I don't get sucked into the toilet or finish the test 45 minutes early.
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06/04/2021, 09:03: How the meet went and school ramblings

The meet yesterday, although I did not get a PR, was pretty darn baller. In fact, I did not even get anywhere close to a PR, getting a 6:16, but I am not all that surprised and not even dismayed about that. I arrived at around 2:55, as my mother and I miraculously left on time so we were a little bit early. It was around then that I realized just how grave of a mistake I had made by wearing long pants. I felt fairly well-prepared, having lathered on some sunscreen right before going there as well as actually putting ice in my water bottle. However, I was wearing the aerobic tights that I usually wear to XC and track meets. They have not been a problem for any of the past running events, but because the weather was in the upper seventies and lower eighties I deemed it a concern. At maybe 3:30, after a long half an hour of sitting on the bleachers and trying to get all of the possible shade, us 1600m boys started warming up. The home bleachers, as we were lucky enough to have a home meet, were absolutely massive, and the only morsel of shade that you could get in that time of day was if you went all the way to the top, where there was a little gate liner thing to prevent people from falling off of the bleachers. If you sat against that thing for more than a few minutes at a time, feeling would be lost in your back from how strange the architecture was. So we all had to make sure not to press our backs up too far against that girder, but to not cook ourselves in the sunlight. Warming up did take our minds off things, though, and we got the chance to soak our singlets in cold water before going on our warmup run. That might have actually been the highlight of the meet, and while it did feel like putting on somebody else’s swimsuit it really was cold and refreshing, and probably kept us sane while running through the shopping center. I really should eventually shave my armpit hair, and although I am sure anyone reading this has already heard enough of it, there really is a lot of it and I would rather not garner the nickname “The Gorilla.” Unless I become very desperate, though, my leg hair is not going anywhere. After we finished the run part of our warmup, everyone dispersed to get their act together before we did some more aerobic activities. I thought this was as good a time as any to take off the long tights that I had on, because it was unlikely that I would have any more time between then and when the race started. The bathroom that I changed in had this little metal plate right inside the entry doorframe, so whenever anyone stepped into the bathroom it made a loud noise. If you remembered, you could hop right over it so that the people in the stalls wouldn’t lose progress on the shits that they were taking. Eventually I did take off the long tights, and because the regulation short “shorts” (they are more like underwear) were indeed short, I tucked my singlet into them so that I wouldn’t look like I was not wearing any pants. This kind of made the bottom of my singlet smell like my cock and vice versa, however the singlet was wet enough from the water soak that I did not care. I sprayed some more sunscreen onto my exposed legs and 90% of my thighs while the national anthem was playing, and then hot-footed it to behind the track where the 1600m boys were doing the aerobic things. We call these aerobic things “plyos,” do not ask me why, but I suppose I will call them that for the remainder of this blog so I will not have to call them “aerobic things” anymore. The area in which we were doing them was actually outside of the main stadium; there is a fence that surrounds the track and some of the overgrown grass around the track that separates the stadium from the not-stadium. Luckily, there is a road there, so we just did the plyos there. This road outside the track is used by the baseball players’ cars so that they do not have to trek the painful quarter-mile from the parking lot to the baseball fields. On Tuesday I think it was, a pickup truck with like seven people on it rolled on past the track where we were kind of hanging out. Because that road is so close to the track and only separated by a thin chain-link fence, when they blew the train horn that they somehow rigged onto that truck we all were a little bit shaken. It is often said that men with big cars and loud horns are compensating for something, which is why I will drive a buggy with a clown horn rigged onto it when I get my drivers’ license. (This will not happen, my family does not own a buggy nor do we own a clown horn, however it is nice to believe that people could look at it and think how much I am not compensating for anything.) This same pickup truck with the same seven people on it was on the same road we were doing those plyos on, and we had to back against the fence so that it could drive past. If it had honked the train horn while we were very nearly touching the car itself, I think a few of us would have either shat ourselves or burst an artery or something horrific like that. Eventually we were finished with the plyos and therefore the warmup on the whole, so I took my bag and put it in the tent which held the bags. Soon enough we were spiking up. Might I mention a few things that have been going on with my feet; if you are squeamish or do not like reading about someone else’s foot tribulations I would recommend skipping this section. It seems like throughout the past month I have been collecting all the possible foot trauma and injuries that can occur on my right foot alone, but also my left foot. The ring toenail of my right foot--I might have mentioned this earlier--has this black mark on it that has been there since early May. It spans the whole width of the toenail, which is not even that much because a ring toenail is kind of tiny, and does not hurt if I poke or prod or squeeze it. It is probably a bruise, but you would think that bruises would go away after a month. On the middle toe of my right foot, some of the skin is peeling off to reveal a similar kind of bruise, although instead of being on the nail it is on the actual toe. On the pinky toe of my right foot, something similar to the black nail of my ring finger seems to be brewing, however it is nowhere near as severe as the ring toe. On the arch of my right foot I have a small blister that began sometime on Wednesday and cleared up for the most part on Thursday morning. And then, to top it all off, there is a massive and largely uncomfortable blister on the heel of my left foot. This is what caused the most agony when I had spikes on, as the blister itself was caused by having spikes on and I somehow doubt that putting spikes on again would make it any better. But I powered through it, and after a while of having the spikes on and adjusting my left sock it seemed to be a little bit less painful. Eventually we were all at the line, and similarly eventually the race was over. I know my splits, kind of; I remember getting a 1:28 for the first lap and being quite impressed with myself, and being at 5:32 when I had 200m to go. Something happened during that second or third lap that caused me to be a little bit slower, and I suppose all of that added up. At least it is not like XC, where a small error in pacing could cost you a minute or more. It really is kind of unfortunate that I got the time that I did, however with all the factors that went into it I probably could only have gotten a 6:05 or something had I really tried. I noticed that I caught my breath fully after only a minute or two after the race, which is 1) bad, because it means that I could have pushed more both throughout the race and at the end, and 2) good, because it means that I might be able to keep up that pace over one or two more miles for an XC race. Oh well, at least some of my friends got some PRs and I am happy for them. After we all cooled down and stretched, the people who didn’t have any other events, entailing most of the 1600m boys, went up to the top row of the bleachers and got ready to cheer. The sun had set a little bit more by then, and the shade had grown to stretch the top few rows of the bleachers rather than just the top row. All of the 1600m boys who were only doing one event simply sat up there and cheered people on; this included myself.
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06/03/2021, 07:22: Holy fuck II: Eye Edition

Yesterday night my eyes were itching due to allergies. I then went to bed with itching eyes, and woke up with itching eyes. Currently I am sitting in room C112 of my school, very near the faux skylight that we have, with itching eyes, and I am only a little bit less miserable than when I was being drowned in my own snot. Let me preface this entry with a story from fourth grade, something that I think about a lot and was rather a strange experience for me.
It is a very sunny day in early May of 2016, and it is second recess. I am standing in a field with a few other boys my age, probably all fourth and fifth graders. We are kind of alone in the field, and even though it is not a large field it still felt like we were the only ones in it from how small we were at the time. For some reason, whether it be just falling there or by getting hit by a ball or something, I fall over into the grass, get back up, and sneeze. Our group thinks this is quite an amusing correlation, and for what feels like 15 minutes I keep falling into the grass headfirst and going into a sneezing fit. It was actually a little bit fun for me, as well, as who doesn’t like rolling around in the grass and making a spectacle. After some time of just sneezing and having everyone be amused, we all head to lunch. It was around that time when I feel a very strong sensation in my eyes, almost like something was burning there, and it feels like they are puffing up although in hindsight I doubt it looked like that from the outside. They were also probably severely watering, which is what they were doing yesterday. I wait all the way through the lunch line in great pain, wolf down a Caesar salad, and walk up to one of the soccer moms/elementary school lunch supervisors. She looks at me like a person would look at a bug on a slide, and asks me if I am having an allergic reaction. At the time, it has never occurred to me that what was happening was allergies, as I had been fortunate enough to not have any peanut, tree nut, or other such allergies. They hastily escort me to the health room, where I am sat down on a beddy thing and looked at by the staff members there. They ask me what I was doing before I noticed my eyes getting super inflamed, and I tell them that I had been rubbing my face in grass. They kind of sigh, and eventually my mother is called and rushes to the school, and we both go home in a state of shock.
After that episode, I have realized that not only do I have unfortunate sinus allergies during May and June, but I also have unfortunate eye allergic reactions sometimes. They are never as severe as that one time in fourth grade, but like last night they can get pretty darn bad. Because I wrote that entire story in the present tense, I am probably going to write a little bit woozily for a while. I do not know why I do these things; once, in sixth grade, I attempted to write an entire narrative story assignment in the present tense because I had just read Snow Crash It did not go very well, and it was kind of an awful story to begin with. On the subject of allergies, I have also discovered that I have an allergy to hyperpop, the music genre that entails copious amounts of autotune and strange D&B sections.
-----holy fucking fuck i am sitting in first period and we are playing this kahooty kind of thing and good lord it is like they want us to lose our hearing or something i mean it might also be that i am sitting directly under a speaker but my goodness our teacher is really cranking up that volume if you know what I mean DUDE SOME OF THIS STUFF IS LOUDER THAN A TRAIN HORN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR THIS alright back to talking about hyperpop i suppose good god i am not sure if my ears and sanity can take this for much longer
Fishmonger, however, is actually quite good and does not make my ears fall off unlike most hyperpop that I encounter. I should give more of it a try, too, I feel like I am not listening to enough different music. In Spanish today, as I am writing this after some time has passed, so much snot had leaked from my nose that it made a visible mark on my mask, like a wet spot from drooling on a pillow. Needless to say, I was disgusted, and had to get up twice during that class to wipe my nose and rid myself of the natural waterboarding fluid that my nose had produced. Because there is a track meet today, I will probably just stop writing here and catch things up tomorrow during school.
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06/01/2021, 10:36: It is June, and more things

The main difficulty of writing this was figuring out what color the background should be, as it is a different month now. In my head, June has always been orange-ish, however when I actually picked the colors on the color picker I found that the ideal color for June was too close to the one for November. So instead, I just made it a reddish color, even though to me that should be the one for August. I do not even know what I will be doing for July, August, September, and October, but I suppose we will cross those bridges when we get to them. Track practice yesterday really was not all that great, mostly because it was 75 degrees and it was at 10 in the morning. We did 2x(4x400), which really usually is not too bad by itself, however combined with the blazing heat and just how tired everyone was it just was quite ass. It felt like it was impossible to adequately cool down, and there was no shade other than one of those soccer arch things that required standing at a specific angle to get any shade. I did not wear sunscreen, either, and it certainly could have been worse as I only got burnt a little bit. Today is looking to be just as hot and maybe even hotter, so I am planning on wearing shorts for the first time in a few years. This time of the year is just generally miserable because of all of the allergens in the air, as well as how unnaturally hot it is compared to the rest of the year. But as long as I wear sunscreen and take some allergy medicine, hopefully I will be able to enjoy enough of the hot weather instead of being miserable. The neighborhood pool is also open, for the first time in two years as they just didn't want to take any chances last year, and my mother and sister went to it and probably had a good time. Allegedly the maximum occupancy is somewhere around 30, which is fine as that seems like the general comfort level for a pool anyway. After melting in the sun for two hours yesterday, I came back and had the best-tasting Dr. Pepper that I think I have ever consumed. It was a combination of it being especially cold and me being especially thirsty. I do have a water bottle, which I bring to track practice and drink from occasionally, but I am just so fearful of getting water cramps that I only go through as much as half of it on any given day. This might be why I am so thirsty when I get back. Before I start talking about the weekend, I thought I should mention a few other things:
Somehow, I think it would be a great idea to paint two of my nails. Not all of them, just my ring finger ones. I have been trying to not chew down the nails on my ring fingers, and if I paint them I will be even more unmotivated to chew them as there are probably toxic things in nail paint. Now that I actually am writing this down, this seems like a terrible idea simply because painting only one nail on each hand would look uneven. Painting all of them would be too large a commitment, so only two might be a good place to start.
On Saturday I was dragged on a one-hour car ride, followed by two to three hours of sitting in a boat, followed by one to two hours of talking with my extended family, and then another one-hour car ride. Even though that did seem miserable and kind of was miserable, it really was not all that bad just because my extended family has some pretty nice people. My uncle has two kids, who are maybe six and three years old, and it could only be described as pleasant having them around. Sometimes it got irritating, as little kids have the tendency to be, however they were at least old enough to make conversation with. There was not a shortage of snacks, either, and everyone had their fill of Cheetos and Swedish Fish. It really was not as bad as I thought it would be, although still not completely amazing. On Sunday we had everyone over at our house, meaning that they were the ones who had to make an hour-long drive rather than us. My father grilled some meat, the tedious kind that it is imperative that it cooks for the whole five hours, and the whole family sat and talked on the deck. It did go by fast, and we talked about some rather interesting things, although none of them come to mind at the moment. All of the younger people--including myself, my sister, and my cousins--were on the small trampoline that we have most of the time that night. The younger of our cousins mostly stayed inside and watched Power Rangers, however, or some strange spinoff show that they have recently made. Monday was then filled with a lot of time spent with my grandfather, who himself is a nice chap and eats dry oats with milk for breakfast sometimes. For the entire duration of my childhood up until this point, it seems, he has brought the same laptop that has a very long taskbar and nothing on the desktop. Allegedly, he puts everything on the taskbar because he does not like double-clicking shortcuts on the desktop, which I can really understand. It is only just yesterday's visit that he actually had a new laptop, which was kind of a relief as the one he had been using was very, very old. All of us just talked about things in general for the duration of that afternoon, as well as reading a Veterans' Day speech as it was, in fact, Veterans' Day. If anything, it did kind of feel like a time sink, but quite a relaxing one at that.
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05/31/2021, 23:02: There are 31 days in May

I am back, however not for long, mostly just because I wanted to write here a small amount before it is June. But yes, as I write this it is still May, and I even have a screenshot to prove it. This entry is also so that I can get in another comedic video; the number must go up.
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05/30/2021, 14:13: My hair and how some things went

Over the past few days I have been thinking more and more about what should happen with my hair. Currently, I am very happy with it, as it is nice and long and feels very thick. However, I do not want it to get too long, and this is the difficult part about it. This hair is already kind of hard to manage when I am doing track or in gym class, as without a hairtie it just gets everywhere. It is kind of hard to make hairties work, as well, as unless it ties up literally all of the hair some will always escape and ruin the point of the hairtie. I have seen a few people from track tie their hair up and not down, if that makes sense, which I have yet to try and might work. The main issue is that I will eventually have to cut it, mostly just to prevent it from being very, very unmanageable. Returning it to its former state, or how I have liked it, seems to have been working for the past year-ish of wearing it long, but I just want to keep it under control and not have things slip so that it keeps getting steadily longer over time even if I am cutting it. Hopefully that makes sense. So instead of looking through catalogues of hairstyles for people who have it short, as that seems like the only kind of catalogues that hair places have for men, I have turned to movies and TV for things that look nice. On Friday night, my parents and I watched a few episodes of the first season of Lost, the one with all of the flashbacks for Sawyer and the one where Danielle is introduced. When Sawyer was on-screen and being quite slick with conning a family into giving him their money, I could not help but notice just how great his hair looked in that. He had it long, like I do, however slicked all the way back and tucked behind his ears, kind of like the jocky guy from Stranger Things. Somehow, Sawyer's hair always seemed really wet; maybe that was the only way the camera people could get it managed. But it really did look good, and I probably could pull it off if I really tried. It would certainly expose more of my forehead and face in general. There is also the hairstyle of V from V for Vendetta, as I have been reading that recently and have gotten fairly close to finishing it. V has bangs, which I am certainly not a fan of, and has the rest of it very long, maybe shoulder-to-chest length, and it kind of curls inwards. I do not know how that kind of thing would work in the real world, as you can really pull anything off in a graphic novel just because it doesn't have to take place. That hairstyle is probably very impractical in practice, and it would take ages of growing out and combing to get it even close to that. If there is one hairstyle that I would absolutely never desire having, it is a mullet. As my father explained it, the tagline for a mullet is "business up front, party in the back." To me, mullets just seem very strange; if you are going to trim your hair all the way and make it look nice in the front, you might as well do that in the back as well. And the fact that not all of it is grown out just looks very unbalanced, in fact, that is the reason mullets just do not appeal to me; they just seem unbalanced. This does not mean that mullets cannot be pulled off, however, or at least to me: there is one guy on my track team with very hairy legs and a mullet, and he has the back part dyed a shade of pastelly red and wears a baseball hat on top of it. Maybe the reason he pulls it off is because of that hat. When I was in 5th grade, there was a 3rd grader who literally everyone called "Mullet Kid," just because he had a mullet and that was his distinctive feature. He also wreaked havoc. I might just fill everyone in on how the weekend went in a time that is not right now, because there are still a few things to suffer through with my family.
Oh yeah, I thought I should mention that this file is, as of right now, over 500 KB. It actually passed the mark a few days ago, but I suppose I just couldn't be assed to mention it. 1 MB will surely be a large milestone.
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05/28/2021, 08:41: The weekend and other tribulations

I left the testdrive.exe thing running while I was asleep, feeling very sure that it wouldn’t make it past 128 gigabytes, and when I came downstairs it was at 195. Ideally, the drive would have all of that space as well as read/write speeds that aren’t terrible, but I will certainly take it. I really wouldn’t have wanted to see if it could break 256 because I doubt I would store that much music/pornography on there. Contrary to what one might think, I do not have any porn locally saved anywhere, rather, I get it all through Google Images and have a long bookmarks list on an incognito tab on a separate tablet, which I call the “Porn Pad.” However, this is besides the point. I could really store whatever I want on that small black stick, the only restraint is that I can only write like 5 megabytes per second onto it. Suddenly, this Dianww company does not seem that bad. I have named it “JIMMY” on File Explorer, which I think will do the job well enough. The first of the 64-gigabyte drives that I also got I named “ARTHUR,” and I will probably name the second one “ERICA” or something so that there is some gender diversity. I should have named the two matching 64-gigabyte ones something like “JIMMY” and “JOHNNY,” as that kind of does have a ring to it, but “ARTHUR” somehow seems so right. None of these names even have any personal value to me, except perhaps “JIMMY;” I just think they sound nice. Arthur will probably be used for music storage, as the read/write rate on that drive isn’t as bad as Jimmy. If I have a lot of images I would like to store, I will put them on Jimmy, as they will probably be for long term storage and I doubt I will need them too often. Unless, of course, those images happen to be porn, in which case I will only need one or two of them frequently. All of this will probably happen in college, though, I don’t really see the need of having 100+ gigabytes’ worth of porn yet. As I am on some strange topics and the brightness of this laptop is low enough that no one can really see what I am writing, I might as well mention something else before I get to the main point of this entry. You see, near my genitals and on the inside of my thighs, there are two spots on my leg that absolutely no hair has grown. The rest of my legs are fairly hairy, and even my arms for that matter, so it is very strange to me why there would be a spot without hair. Maybe all of the dead cells that my body has allocated for hair just went towards my pubes instead of growing hair there. I would really rather just stop thinking about it and/or talking about it, as it is unlikely that anyone actually wants to hear this, and similarly unlikely that the lack of hair there is a tumor or a testosterone deficiency or something like that. I also learned how to play the chorus of a certain song on the guitar last night, which took less than ten minutes because it was all a melody and there were no really nasty chords. It still sounded decent, just not great mainly because I was the one playing it. There is an infinite pool of things to learn on the world wide web when it comes to guitar, so I suppose I just have to look hard enough.
And now for the main thing; although first, allow me to supply ample background information. This upcoming weekend, as today is a Friday, is set to be four or even five days long due to Memorial Day on Monday and Tuesday being some kind of snow makeup day that we have off because there were not any snow days. Somehow, my parents and legal guardians thought it would be a great idea to spend this long weekend doing endless activities with my extended family. I really would be on board with this if it took place on any weekend other than this one, as it is the first longish break for six weeks. But if my mother and father think it will be a good idea to waste away on a boat or something for six hours among other events I will be dragged to, then I might as well comply with it. It is not even like I have a choice, so I might as well try to enjoy it. The main difficulty is that my mother is stuck in the mindset that I will actually enjoy all of these numerous excursions, and while there is a slim chance of it, it is largely just painful hearing her being so receptive to all of my complaints. If only, instead of a life, we all were given a massive empty space, as well as all of humanity’s knowledge and a large supply of resources. We could have the opportunity to create whatever we wanted in that space, and then show it to other people and say “oh, hey look what i made, how cool is that”. That is interesting to think about, but you would probably get bored of it after a while, which is part of the allure of actually living a life because it is so darn interesting. I suppose in college or if I am ever in graduate school I will have enough time to create cool things and show them to other people. And I suppose having a family is just a necessary part of really anything, just like eating your vegetables when it comes to consuming a meal. It just really would be nice to laze around and play Geometry Dash and read and generally not do anything this long weekend, but if my parents want me to be a burnout and fill this weekend with the equivalent of drinking gasoline and then swallowing a lit match there is nothing I can really do about it. It will at least be nice to see my cousins again, though, as they are at just the right age to be charming toddlers but not loud babies or loud grade schoolers. I will probably just end up biting the bullet and absolutely hating everything about it, which usually does happen with these mandatory, parent-organized family gatherings. All in all, there is quite a low chance that it will be as terrible as it is envisioned in my head, however it certainly will not be good per se. Mostly I am just torn up over not having as many chances to play Geometry Dash and stream.
Another non-sequitur, however I am looking at this girl who is in front of and to the right of me, and she is wearing airpods and they actually fit in her ears. I do not know how she does it. Whenever I try to put on airpods, or any earbuds for that matter, they never fit and come out with a lot of earwax stuck in their speakers. I do have these musty, crusty, and dusty over-the-ear headphones that I keep in my backpack, which I personally think are quite a fashion statement, but it really would be nice if earbuds could fit in my ears so that I could keep them in my pocket or something. There is one person in my biology class who you can never see without over-the-ear headphones draped around her neck, but I just do not want to do that all the time. I used to have these headphones that said “Japan Airlines” on them that I more or less stole from a flight, and that I customized with a piece of yarn so that they actually fit on my head. Those really were nice, and they fit fairly well and people would give me strange looks when I was wearing them, which I thought was a nice quality. I suppose the reason I liked those headphones was the same reason I listen to my music on VLC media player; because it kind of seems like older technology. I do not really want Spotify or YouTube feeding me recommendations like I am some sort of cow that is being fattened up to be consumed, so I just rip things off of their services and listen to them locally. There are no words to describe just how much I dislike the YouTube algorithm; one moment you are half-interestedly watching a video with no sound, and the next moment similar videos have swarmed into your recommended. That is why, whenever I click on a YouTube link, I open it in an incognito tab so it doesn’t shit all over my recommended. You can never really undo some mistakes with that algorithm, and if you are not careful it can turn into life hack content or, God forbid, DIY videos. YouTube knows exactly what they are doing with this algorithm, and it is even nice some of the time, but I do not need it super-personalized to everything I click on or watch a few seconds of. The same goes for Spotify; I listen to part of a few Tally Hall albums, thoroughly enjoy myself, and the next minute I am being recommended all of Spotify’s emo playlists for sad people who want to listen to sadder music. Like good lord. Spotify has a search bar. Would you like to know why it has a search bar? So that people can voluntarily find music that they are interested in, rather than being spoonfed content. Often, it is also nice to look at the autogenerated Spotify playlists and radioes, and there really is some good stuff in some of it. But I just do not need all of this shoved in front of my face 24/7. That is, after all, how these companies stay in business, and I really and truly do like Spotify and YouTube and think what they are trying to do is indeed noble. Twitter does it right, though, or at least in my opinion, as 80% of their screen space is dedicated to things that users choose to see, such as followed people or followed topics. There is only a small panel on the right that displays trends and recommended topics, and those are great to check out because they seem relevant and are relevant. There is a whole side to twitter that just seems very braindead, full of people who worship kpop groups and Minecraft streamers. As long as they are not too territorial about it, those people can be fairly friendly and cool sometimes.
Oh my goodness fucking gracious I almost forgot to talk about the track meet because I was being too prissy and selfish about media platforms. This is fine, though, because I still remember the majority of it. I ran a 6:06 in the mile, a three-second personal best, and I actually really did kick at the end. Some absolute madlad ran a 4:31, which is just unbelievable. I came away from the meet with sore hands from clapping, exerted vocal cords, and a blister on my left heel, but I really was quite happy and fulfilled. There was one madlad doing the pole vault who was dressed in a completely red pullover hoodie, and was warming up with a green pole that was four times as long as he was tall. I called him "Long Pole Guy" in my head for the duration of the meet, at times even abbreviating it "LPG," and went absolutely crazy whenever he did something cool. I was not actually able to see him do the vault, but I am sure he did quite well. Very frequently in my head I have nicknames for people I do not know the names of, such as Dress Girl being the girl who wears a whole-ass dress and sometimes a beret to school. Then there is Hat Guy, who as you might expect is a guy who wears a hat. Then Trench Coat Guy, Attractive Facial Hair Guy, and Unicorn Hat Girl, among many others. I really do not know why I am like this.
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05/27/2021, 08:03: Meet day and thumb drives

Another thing that happened on Tuesday that I forgot to mention was that R[-----], the person who sits in front and to the right of me in 4th period biology, took a picture of my hand and put it on his Snapchat story. Unfortunately, it kind of looked like the hand was saluting Hitler, so he took down the story. My hand would have been world famous otherwise. R[-----] really is a nice person, or at least in my experience, and plays lacrosse and is quite good at it. L[-----] sits directly in front of me, and she is a tennis player and frequently comments about how us track runners can’t stay balanced when we are warming up. The three of us are in a group in biology, along with A[-----] who is online and we do not hear from much, and it really is an enjoyable group to be in as we can get work done as well as just talk and have a good time. I think R[-----] has a girlfriend, and you can sometimes see him talking to her before class starts and all that. Lacrosse seems like a more “attractive” sport to play than just running, but at least it is not as jocky as football. Wednesday in track was just a regular old recovery day, with our group not doing too much and going to the place we always go, contemplating whether to go somewhere new, and deciding against it.
Oh!!!! I should also mention something that I have absolutely forgotten about, and that happened earlier in the week. I was browsing around on a Chrome incognito tab for music, when I thought about how convenient it would be if there was an all-in-one solution for torrenting music off of YouTube or Spotify. YouTube already has youtube-dl, which works great, but Spotify has such a larger music selection and is literally directed towards music. Unfortunately, youtube-dl cannot download things from Spotify, so after a while of looking I found this thing called, I am not kidding, “Deezloader.” The specific version that this kind person on Reddit reccomended is called Deezloader Remix, which actually has kind of a ring to it. I then whitelist the site it is downloaded at from my antivirus, then actually visit the site and download it. It seemed official enough, a repository-type site known as “notabug.” I download the program, tell my computer that the program won’t make it explode, and run it. It worked fine, and didn’t make my computer explode, however upon launching it I was greeted with a notice that this program known as Deemix would do the job better. It is funny to me that the software called Deemix, which is a polished version of Deezloader Remix, which is a remix of Deezloader, which is a third-party program that uses the library of Deezer, even exists. But Deemix seemed to be what I was looking for, so I did not hesitate to download it. After half an hour of playing with the settings and making sure I downloaded the right thing, I got it working, and it really is exactly what I was looking for plus more. You can download anything that is in Deezer’s library, which includes most of Spotify and probably other places. So far I have downloaded/torrented a few dozen gigabytes of music to the absolutely baller SSD that I have, which is when I realized that I would probably need some extra medium to store all of these sound files. So, I looked on Amazon for some heavy duty—some would say “girthy”—thumb drives, which I did find. Somehow, there was a 2TB one selling for the outstanding price of $30, and after looking at the reviews I came to the conclusion that it was probably trustworthy and had a very good chance of working. I bought that one along with two 32GB ones with some stolen gift card money. It is strange how everyone receives Amazon gift cards for their birthday but no one really spends them, so one day I just looked around the house and amassed as many gift cards I could find, and cashed them all in for a little more than $110. I still feel kind of guilty about a few of them, as they were probably gifts that had not yet been given. But hey, now I can buy thumb drives. And now, at last, for some talk about the meet; it is around the same time as the one last week, but on a Thursday rather than a Friday. I was hoping to ride my bike there and hang around until the meet ended and then ride back, but if the rain keeps up like this I will have to go in my mother’s car and go home 30 minutes early as she has some commitments.
The aforementioned “2TB” drive came today, a few days earlier than expected, and upon closer inspection it is not at all what the company promised. I am testing it right now and I expect it to only have 4 GB of space, as it looks identical to one I currently have except with a little watermark. After looking around more, the page it was being sold on was taken off of Amazon. I feel like I should be mad that I got conned, as I did say that it seemed trustworthy, but it had hundreds of decent reviews and even the one-star reviews were just bemoaning the $30 pricetag. When I opened the box and saw the incorrect grammar on the little card that was in the box, as well as the pitiful little black stick that was in there, I think I actually laughed out loud from how funny it seemed to me. What is more funny is that that Amazon product was probably there for less than two days, as I am sure Amazon keeps their eye out for these kinds of things. The testing program I am running has apparently filled the drive with 6 gigabytes of .dat files so far, and no errors have come up. Even if it was 8 or 16 gigabytes, I doubt I would be that unhappy, as I could still store things on it and $30 of stolen gift card money is not all that big of a loss. Currently the testdrive.exe program I am running is on the 8th .dat file, meaning 8 gigabytes, so if it actually fills it then I will be absolutely overjoyed. If it breaks 16 gigabytes I will begin to panic. Oh hey, it did it, it broke eight. This is actually rather good, as I can store all of what I wanted to store on it and still kind of get my money’s worth. Although I suppose it is not really my money. Well, I will keep updating this as the testdrive.exe runs. When it halts or something I will be sure to report how much the drive can actually hold, as there is absolutely no way it can hold the 2TB it advertised. The packaging really does make me laugh a little bit, here is what it says (all sic):

Limited quota,Please Act Now!!!
Wish you will be selected.

It is from a brand called Dianww, allegedly based in Germany, although there was the phrase "made in china" at least three times all over the package. There is no such things as a free lunch, I suppose, and we will see just how free this lunch is when testdrive.exe finishes its procedure. As I write this, it is on its 12th 1-gigabyte file. It is also in hex, something I find cool. Somehow, this whole process is very exciting to me, even though I am at home and should be getting mentally and emotionally ready for the track meet. There is no way in hell that I will get a personal best, but I sure can try. Incidentally, the 64Gb ones that I ordered also came today, in the same package. Because the box was so massive, I didn't even know they were in there until I looked again. They actually seem like they will work, and although some kind people from the Amazon reviews section say they are disposable, that will be just fine for my purposes. The "2TB" one is on its 16th gigabyte, we will see if it actually makes it. I am not a betting man, but if I was a betting man, I would bet that it will not make it. The drive also has painfully slow write speeds, so this entire process is taking longer than it might have otherwise. OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING IT BROKE SIXTEEN. What. What?? I am sorry. This whole process has been one large rollercoaster for me, and it is probably even harder for you lads at home to read as it probably seems scripted. But I am looking at the Windows File Explorer properties panel for this drive right now, and it reports that the drive has been filled with 16.5 gigabytes of .dat files. Do not get me wrong, this is absolutely pitiful compared to what was promised, but I am just surprised that it might actually make it to 32. If it breaks 32 I might just go to the track meet and check on it when I get back.
Back from the track meet and HOOOLY FUCK IT'S AT 102 GB. I am kind of appalled, and to be very frank, a little bit concerned. How on earth they managed to squeeze 102 gigabytes of space into that tiny ass stick is very much beyond me, but it probably did come at the cost of atrocious read/write speeds. Those speeds have begun to get exponentially slower, with it now taking eight minutes to write a gigabyte. So far, I am actually very happy with this thumb drive, even though it is very likely not 2 terabytes. You live and you learn, I suppose, and this one still really is solid. Now, for the synopsis of the track meet. It was quite alright, and I did manage to PR although that can be chalked up to the spikes, and I am currently quite tired and I feel like this entry is long enough. Therefore, I will continue listening to pop hits from the 2000s and generally enjoy myself and revel in how absolutely terrible the upcoming weekend will be. More on that tomorrow, I suppose, for now I should really go to bed and stop thinking what will happen to that drive testing thing. It is still going, by the way, and is as of 9:48 in the evening at 118 gigabytes. I am honestly just shocked. I do hope I didn't sound too much like a prissy little conceited bitch, as that is what I am fearing I am becoming, not exclusive to these entries. I doubt that is actually happening, though, and it really is quite often I feel like I am coming off as annoying.
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05/26/2021, 20:22: The meet tomorrow and things I haven't talked about

I have just gotten back from watering the plants, a reasonably innocent activity. I thought it would be a good idea to listen to some music while I watered to make it less mind-numbing, and because there were only three things to water I only got through a little bit more than The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes. That song has grown on me so much over the past few weeks, and due to its length I can time events by it. If I looked hard enough, I could probably play some of it on the guitar, as it really does sound like a nice song and the technique is probably not all that complicated other than those picking sounds. That song is, like, the only good one that has come out of the music channel of a certain discord server I am in, the rest are just fast rap songs that everyone is crazy about but I am just not too sure about. Before I talk about all of the undoubtedly boring things, I thought I should fill everyone in on how track was on Monday, Tuesday, and today. Monday we simply did 2(4x200), which is supposed to simulate running the 800. I was only a little bit ahead of my pace, and I felt endearingly fast due to the new shoes that I had bought on Sunday. I do not think I have ever run a 100 in that time, as we did some 100s after the actual meat of the workout. Tuesday, though, absolutely sucked ass. Allow me to go into further detail as to just how, and why, it sucked the ass that it did. Let me set the scene a little bit: J[-----], someone I run with and quite a nice chap on the whole, had the idea of bringing a tome entitled A Historial Atlas of the Second World War to practice. Over warming up, he and some other people spent what seemed like years poring over it. I am not exactly opposed to history, but if there is one thing I have had enough of it is WWII history. It seems like the main thing anyone talks about when they are referring to history, and I suppose for a good reason, as it is arguably the most influential war of the last two centuries. However. This does not change the fact that I am sick to death of hearing about WWII, much like if you stick the live end of a hose up your ass and turn it on, you will be sick to death of water. Probably not the best analogy, but it is what it feels like some of the time. So, myself, J, and a few other fellow freshmen all go on our runs. It actually did not go terribly until when we made the second loop around. I am usually in the back, and was for the entire duration of this run, and when I though we were through and us just going on that second loop really did it for me, in a way that is hard to describe. When I distance run, not only am I physically miserable, but I am also fairly mentally miserable. Nearly all of the times during XC races or even workouts like this one I just become more angry than I could have ever been otherwise. The kind of angry that makes you want to hurl insults and threats at someone for a few minutes straight, but never actually hurt them. This kind of angry also makes you want to flip people the bird, something that I really cannot explain why. I stayed in that angry state all the way through our second loop, or the tail two miles of our five-mile journey. That day I was just very inexplicably tilted while running, and it all suddenly stopped when we all stopped running. For some reason, a lot of the anger was directed towards the people in the front of our running group, as they were deciding where we were going. I really can not explain why I got that mad, it might have just been a combination of getting pollen in my eyes and just generally being miserable. The run itself really was not bad, though, but somehow everything surrounding it was. Actually, a large factor in it might have been that the my friends in the lead were just talking about WWII history. It seems like a constant thing that will never stop, but some of it, admittedly, really is interesting. If only I actually knew as much as them, then I could converse about it. The thing about track practices is that I never really know what to do with my hands. I mean this in a very literal way, that when I am standing around and not running or anything I sometimes just clasp my hands together, teepee them, or do something else with them. Rarely do I put them in my pockets, as it kind of feels restraining if they are those mesh pockets that I have on some of my pants, and I have just never really been a fan of putting my hands in pockets for a long period of time unless it is to keep them warm or something. It is very strange to hold them in front of me, and sometimes I feel strangely off-balance when I just leave them to my sides, so I should probably just put them in my pocket like a normal person. The original end to this entry was written at a quarter past ten last night, and involves me calling myself a conceited little bitch--and other rather mean things--mainly because I never mentioned the track meet once in this entry, even though it is in the title. I get very, very irritable and snarky at night, and I suppose a lot of that sometimes shines through to these entries. I will be sure to talk about it eventually, though. These comedic videos really are getting into the high numbers, and 100 really is not too far off. There is a small chance I could get to 100 before the school year ends.
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05/25/2021, 08:55: Long day

For whatever reason, my personal happenings love to pile themselves up on one particular day. Yesterday I had like three appointments and things to do, and while it was quite interesting and fun, it was very tiring and what my father would call a “long day.” School was surprisingly more baller than usual, with me getting assigned absolutely zero homework as well as having some interesting things happen in a few classes. In health we talked about consent, but not the type that everyone had already heard of before; the interesting kind, that included things that people might actually say. It seems like they are preparing us kids for real scenarios rather than things that will never happen, the kinds of things they taught us in eighth grade: “Jimmy and Jimette are sucking each other off. Jimette has HIV. What do you think the consequences of this are?” My goodness. It is highly unlikely that any of us freshmen will actually tie the knot within 12 months, however I still think this information about sex will be useful as long as I can remember it. On Thursday last week we learned how to use a condom correctly, which I had been told before by my father but, again, had never really been formally taught. The person sitting next to me was on his Teams chat, and was rapidly flipping between three chats. Naturally, I shouldersurfed, as I am a prissy bitch who cannot help himself. One chat was named “rip pidgey,” the other was defaulted and had all of the members in its title, and the third was named “gentlemen.” On rip pidgey, music was mostly discussed, with everyone talking about how awful Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR was. I have not listened to it, but with an album cover like that there is a very low chance it will be interesting. I have seen that image, of an emotionless guy with the top of his head cut off on a pink background, way more times than I am willing to admit. I now know IGOR as “The Topster Album,” because every single ass-fucking Twitter topster I see has that album cover at the top. That, and some Kanye West album with a compact disc and a red square on it, as well as To Pimp a Butterfly. I am not exactly the biggest fan of rap, but I should probably give these a try just because I have heard so many good things about them. On the unnamed chat, the person sitting next to me and many other people talked about experiences they have had.
It really is strange how quickly the WhatsApp chats I am on died off. They were incredibly active when I was in 7th grade and early 8th grade, and now there is at most two messages a week. It seems like nowadays everyone has either moved to Discord or some other medium, or are just stanning Dream or something, which I suppose is bound to happen. I am kind of surprised and appalled at the number of Dream/Minecraft YouTube stans/watchers/simps that go to my school, or at least I used to be before I realized that Dream himself has an iron grip on the white girl demographic of the nation. I really do not mind people talking about how much they like watching Ranboo or something like that, but it crosses the line when they say how much they want to get railed by Ranboo. This kind of stuff does make me furrow my eyebrows, and if in 10 years we have nothing but mcyt stans raising our future children, this is the path society has chosen, I suppose. Hopefully I am not sounding all that high and mighty about this. Whenever I speak or write things, I cannot help but feel like I am coming off as that. A lot of these people in question are two or three years older than I am, and I do not even know a lot about this topic other than lurking around on Twitter and taking pictures of my worried looks when I see someone with “13 • trans • he/it/they • mcyt artist” in their bio. My camera roll is filled with these kinds of pictures, of me looking very worried, as when I notice I am frowning I open the camera app and take a picture of my frown. I do not know why I am like this, I don’t even send these pictures to anyone. I suppose whenever I see someone who seems like they will regret things they did in 10 years (this probably includes me), I have to document it in some way. My Twitter account certainly is not stellar for my future self, with things like “just peed with an erection and it all went in the bowl” or “hhhhrrrrrng.. must... tongue.... wang...”. If I ever do apply for a prestigious job or if I am trying to get my masters’ degree in Lord knows what, I will at least be able to use the “that was from 7 years ago” argument. At least the interviewers might have a good laugh if they think I am being funny. I feel like I should get back to talking about the day I was having, as I have been running my mouth (fingers?) about things that have yet to happen for long enough.
After I watched my left-side acquaintance talk on Teams chat for a while, our class all went to the gym to play volleyball. It was severely underwhelming, and as there were only four nets there were like seven to nine people on each team. Volleyball is a game that I feel indifferently towards, I would really rather just whack the ball over the net than waste time bouncing it around between my teammates. But it was fun to watch, even though I did not make much contact with the ball and generally sucked ass when I did manage to make contact with the ball. Nothing else happened for the remainder of the day, except maybe after lunch when I bought a Sprite Zero out of the vending machine with three quarters, two dimes, and one nickel. For some reason, it felt very satisfying and rewarding to use those dimes and a nickel, even though I could have just used a quarter. The soda itself was not bad either, although I really would rather have gotten a Dr. Pepper or, hell, even a Coke or something if everything wasn’t sold out. I do not know what got into the vendor’s head when they set the price of the water bottles to $1.25 and made the sodas $1.00. It is like they want to sell less water, and no one will really buy it anyway because there are water fountains in a few locations.
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05/23/2021, 18:15: The second T&F meet and more developments

There are quite a few things that it would be in my best interest to talk about that happened since Friday at 9 in the morning, so I will hopefully mention all of them. Somehow, it feels like it has been at least a week since I have touched this blog, and it has only been a little over two days. There have just been many other things that have happened, and although they are not particularly interesting, I will forget about them if I do not write them down. I left for the track meet at 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, which really is a shame because some of my friends were having another gathering at a different mall. We were supposed to get there at 3, and we only barely made it on time. My mother had to drive all the way back to the house and then back to the area of the meet because she forgot the ticket that was required to get in if you were a parent. I felt quite bad about that, as that just adds another hour of driving, but she would have been sitting on the cold hard bleachers instead of the nice cushioned carseat if she had the ticket with her. This meet was strikingly similar to the last one, which I have probably already described in a previous entry, but not as searingly hot. In fact, it was absolutely indentical to the last meet in nearly every possible way, now that I think about it there are only a few differences. For one, my 1600 time was 6:10 rather than 6:09, which in all honesty probably could have been avoided had I kicked harder at the end. Instead of just thinking about random things when I am running in a short race like that, I might start repeating to myself "i can kick!! i can kick! i can kick!! yes!!" when I am starting my last lap so that I am mentally prepared to exhaust myself. I do kick sometimes, it is just not all that fast. After I ran, I put the longsleeve shirt back on to both shield myself from sunburns and to cover up my horrendously unattractive armpit hair. Sometimes it does reassure me of my masculinity, but oh my goodness is it disgusting. If there is any part of my hair that I would be very much up for shaving, it is my armpit hair. Sometimes massive clots of hair show up and clog the drain in my shower, and I do not know where the hair comes from. Chances are it is from my armpits, as I am not really that big on washing my pubes. Whenever I notice that the water is having trouble draining in the shower, I scrub off that small tangle of hair with the big toe of my left foot, and move it to the little side lip of the tub. It often sticks to the side of the shower, and while I do clean it every Sunday, I cannot believe I lose that much hair a week from showering and accidentally losing it. Shaving it off would greatly simplify the process, although I would have to do that regularly and it would become even more of a chore. The one upside to having a massive forest of armpit hair is that deodorant clings to it, although that might also be a bad thing as sometimes I can scrape it off involuntarily. This whole conversation is generally getting unpleasant, and I would rather just talk about the track meet instead of my pubic hair. I actually got to watch the rest of the track meet this time, and none of it was really very outstanding even though it was very exciting to watch. Four of my friends were in a 4x400 together, and I do not think I have cheered louder in my life. It did make my voice crack a little bit, though, which really was alright.
Writing this during school on the 24th. I might finish talking about Saturday and Sunday and then fill things in for today, if only I had finished this sooner. After the track meet, nothing major really happened, and at 6:40 my mother and I went home, soon enough we had pizza and the usual things that happen on a Friday night, and went to bed.
-----oh god i am sorry about this but it is happening again. by “it” i mean that snot is leaking out of my nose again at a distressingly quick pace. i will probably just end up smothering myself in my own snot again, like last time, which certainly will not be fun but i do not exactly have any other options. i do not want to be a nuisance so i am not sniffling loudly in class but oh my goodness gracious do i have a strong desire to just snort up all of this nose juice right now. i suppose things like this are just tests of my willpower, which i will certainly need later in life, when i will undoubtedly have the opportunity to cheat on my partner with more than one other person. however unfortunately nowadays polyamory is so widely agreed upon as “socially acceptable cheating” that i could probably convince them that it is my sexual preference or something like that, although that would just feel very dishonest. oh well, t-minus 37 minutes until i can blow my nose
Saturday was actually fairly interesting and stimulating, which to be very honest is not always something I am looking for in a Saturday. The main event was that my sister had over six of her friends. To the average eye, this might seem like a one-off event that is exclusive to that day, and although it bloody well should have been, my entire family spent the whole week before that day cleaning the house. Now, I do understand the argument of wanting to have the house in a good shape for people to come over and making a good impression and all of that, but in this case it felt like the cleaning equivalent of sucking in your belly for a picture or putting on layers of makeup for a photoshoot. The house will, without a doubt, fall back into the bad shape it used to be in within a few days, and all of our cleaning work will be for nearly nothing. It also seems like we drastically overprepared in other ways for this visit of six 6th grade girls; we bought like 20 cans of soda, a few boxes of chip mixes, one fruit tray for every girl, some oreos, some Takis, and loads of other snacks. If you looked at how the house was and all the food we had stockpiled, you would think we were having the President of the United States over or packing some kind of hurricane shelter. We still have every single bleeding fruit tray in the fridge and every single package of Takis sitting in the pantry. As well as, as it happens, every single can of soda still, although I am really not one to complain about that. All of the girls were over from 4 to 9 in the afternoon and evening on Saturday, and to avoid their arrival I rode my bike to the near shopping center. The first store I went to was the drugstore or convenience store, and while I usually can find something that I find tasty there, I waffled over what to get for so long that I just walked out without anything. I do that more often than it is healthy to, and I think it alarms the cashiers that a teenager with a backpack is walking out of a store without checking out. Somehow, I still felt some strange pangs of criminality even though I was not shoplifting anything. The fact that I was able to get out of the store without anyone asking me for a receipt or looking in my bag makes me think that I could actually get away with shoplifting, but I do not think I could live with myself if I actually did that. In search of something actually tasty and at a lower price, I went to the grocery store that had entire checkout belts instead of just forking over your merchandise to the cashier. I had the intention of buying more than two donuts, but after realizing to my dismay that they were still $0.89 and not $0.79, I thought I might try something else. What I settled on were two dozen of the very controversial sugar cookies, the ones that kind of look like they are made out of modelling clay. They sure do taste good, however, and I do not know how anyone can dislike them. They fit snugly in my backpack along with the 12 cans of warm offbrand grape soda that I bought. I was able to use my store membership, and it felt very official when I entered my phone number on the little numberpad kiosk that they had. The outing on the whole was very uneventful, and as much as I would have liked to meet someone I knew there, I only saw people that I might have recognized but do not actually know. I got back around 4:45, and all of the girls were still at the house. They seemed somehow fascinated by my presence. Mostly all that they did was go to the park or play in the backyard, so I really did not have a problem with just sitting in the basement and lazing around on my computer. Eventually I had to be roused from my electronic bliss to go and carry some burgers home. The order, in total, was seven milkshakes and nine burgers. Mine had bacon on it, and I think my sister took all of the tasty things out such as onions and mustard. I used to not have mustard on my burgers, and I have one very obscure memory of biting into a McDonalds burger that had only a pickle and a small dollop of ketchup on it. Mustard is kind of a wild card when it comes to condiments--as it can either be the disgusting Dijon kind or the nice and smooth plain yellow kind--but I still do nowadays enjoy it on my burgers or hot dogs. After carrying back a cumbersome bounty of burgers and milkshakes, I had mine and went back to my computer and very soon after all of the girls had theirs. I was able to save the sugar cookies for myself, and had those along with the milkshake. On the whole, it was quite tasty and I enjoyed myself. Sunday was not too much different, however instead of having a swarm of girls take over the house, my mother and I went to get some shoes. We had initially planned to get some running spikes, which we did get, but as I have not gotten new shoes since November we picked up some new shoes as well. I do not know the model of spikes that I have, and I suppose eventually I will want to care if I get better and more competitive at running. What I do know, though, is that they feel pleasantly light, and I will have to learn how to screw in the spikes themselves. The shoes that we picked up were the exact same model as my current ones, except gray and somehow even less interesting than the black ones that I have. I also got 77% on Renevant on Sunday, which is absolutely crazy to me considering that this actually means that I have a nonzero chance of beating the level. I really do hope it happens soon, because currently it just seems like a long waiting game. The level is still quite fun to play, or at least I can convince myself that it is, and just grinding from 0 is surprisingly very fun when I have the company of my Twitch chat. That actually seems like it for this one, I will probably just talk about some events that happened today (the 24th) in a separate entry so that I can have a whole 2 comedic videos of the day for all this rambling. Those comedic video numbers really are getting distressingly high, and when I break 100 I will have to do some sort of special edition.
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05/21/2021, 09:25: Whatever it was yesterday Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
Yeah, well, apparently I am unable to write something in less than two days, so hopefully this two-part system is good enough. As I am writing this at school I am unable to know the context for where I left off, so I will fill things in as to what happened yesterday at track practice and ramble some more about running. As I might have said last entry (this entry??? who on earth knows man i am very sorry about this) I arrived at practice at 3:50, ten minutes before it was scheduled to start at 4:00. I am usually not this cripplingly early, and the reason for this punctuality is because my sister now takes the bus home. Instead of leaving at 3:50, my mother and I leave at 3:35, wait around for my sister’s bus to come, and then I go to track. I am there for ten extra minutes, but there are a few other people who come that early and some of the pole vaulters are already doing their thing at that time, so that can be watched as well. Once 4:00 came, we all headed to the field and began warming up. Unlike a normal recovery day, we had to do a whole-ass mile long warmup, which still baffles me as what we were doing that day just entailed running at around a warmup pace. We then did the movement routine that we usually do before a strenuous workout, waited around for some more, and rolled lacrosse balls over our leg muscles for a few minutes. I had never done that kind of thing before, and it was a strange sensation and felt like I was forcefully relaxing my muscles. I really should invest in a foam roller, as I suspect that they are easier to use than shuffling myself over a lacrosse ball and hoping that I do it right. After that was done with, we were sent out on our warmup pace runs. This was rather routine as well, however I was just fearful about the time as I thought that practice would have ended by around this time due to it just being a “recovery day.” I do not bring my phone to practice most of the time, and I should rubber-band it to my water bottle or something because it really would be useful. After running for 20 minutes and conversing with some other people, we all got back to the field where there was a soccer game going on. There were also some people on their bikes, which I am still kind of wondering about, and some other people who had a death wish or something who were doing like 40-minute runs. While we were stretching we got to observe the soccer game, and one person from the visiting team took what apparently was a very nasty fall. What I remember was that someone shouted “Roll!” or “Dive!” or something along those lines, and he tripped and fell. Falling in sports like that seems like it can be very dangerous as you are running at such a high speed that if you fall, you are pounding onto the ground with a lot of momentum and it is just a situation that I would not want to be in. This person who fell seemed to have a lot of such momentum, and it was all cut off when he tripped. He rolled over something like three times and kind of laid there, with everyone who was back from their runs looking at him and wondering if he was going to get back up. He did not get back up. Soon enough, some older, more official-looking people were standing over him and telling him not to move that much and moving his arms around and getting a good look at him. Someone took out a yellow wristband or arm sock which I do not know what they did with, and within minutes there were like four adults all huddled around him. One person got out their phone and he began calling his parents presumably. It seems like 9-1-1 had also been called, because maybe five or seven minutes later there was an entire firetruck outside of the stadium. Conveniently, that was the time when I had finished my stretches, and because it was 5:55 or something I did not want to keep my mother waiting too long, so I reluctantly headed to the parking lot. It seems like I left a million ends open when I left there, and the entire team was still on the field or the track, practicing handoffs for the relays. I am in a strange state of limbo when it comes to running skill, as I am just not-awful enough to actually participate in a lot of the happenings, however terrible enough to not participate in all of the happenings. If that makes sense. If I were to take a guess, that person probably was laying there for a while after I left, and maybe the people from the firetruck stretchered him out of there. I do hope he is not injured too severely, but from how long he was lying there and from the look of pain on his face when he fell it might be just that bad. The free period that I have on Tuesdays and Fridays is two minutes from coming to an end, so I will probably stop writing here and reformat all of this when I get home. If only I could actually follow through on writing these entries the day I start them, but I suppose that is wistful thinking. If you think I use the words “actually” or “just” way too much, please do not hesitate to click the “mail” link at the top of the page and scream at me in text form. Hopefully there are at least a few people reading this.
Update as to the soccer injury guy: At lunch, I heard that he dislocated his shoulder. Not as bad as some people might have feared, but still quite a nasty injury.
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05/20/2021, 19:35: Now with a randomized subheader

Somehow, I managed to get this cool randomized text feature working, displaying a random phrase from a list whenever you load this page. It took a long time of finding the right things to copy and paste, editing them a little bit, and actually seeing if they work. The winner turned out to be this 15-year-old forum post whose purpose was to teach someone how to use some basic JavaScript things. Some of the other code snippets I found had a very broad purpose or just didn't work at all, and it really was a pain to actually get working. But what matters is that it is in fact working. Some of the messages have more gag values than others, some might be disgusting, and others are just quotes from movies that stuck with me. I am just immensely glad that I got it working, as it is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Now for the things I have actually been thinking about, hopefully with some actual gusto:
Before I start running my mouth about track today, I would like to mention some other things that happened, as they were fairly interesting and somewhat abnormal for a Thursday. In fifth period fitness, we had badminton for the second time this week. Badminton is a sport that I have always been a fan of and find very fun, but there are no boys’ badminton teams so I was unable to get really cracked at it. I doubt it is something that I would like to actually be competitive in or even play more than a few times a month, but so far it is just very fun on the offdays that we do it in fitness. I was on a doubles team with this guy who had a hairstyle that screamed “headgetter,” and he was a generally friendly guy and quite good at badminton. I might add that the thing about badminton, or really any paddle/racket sport, is that your wrist gets really tired and sore after playing it for even ¾ of an hour. This happened on Monday, leaving me having to stretch and shake around my wrist ever few minutes, and I am very glad that it was not too severe today. Cracked Guy and I made quite a good doubles badminton team, and because I was absolutely ass at serving I let him serve most of the time. We won four out of the five matches we played, and the one we lost was just because
-----holy fuck i am writing this at school (on friday the 21st, i still say it as “today” because i do not want to admit how much i put off writing these—i started this on thursday the 20th though do not worry) and can microsoft word please shut up about all of the conciseness and grammar mistakes i am making?? for goodness sakes i know i am not the best writer thank you very much
we were being particularly awful at actually hitting the birdie. I am not very used to being on a decent team and performing somewhat well at a sport that involves a ball, so winning four out of five games was a new experience to me. The very last one was absolutely amazing though, it was against two girls who also knew what they were doing and were very competent about making sure the birdie never touched the ground. We could have rallies against them that lasted for like 20 hits, with a mix of “bam-bam-bam” interactions where the birdie just flies horizontally between your racket and the other person’s, or a few streaks of really high hitters that took a few seconds to come back down so we could make contact with the birdie. Eventually one team would try and spike it to win the point, so we always had to be on our toes. In other games I could feel myself getting very aggressive and wanting to spike the birdie with immeasurable force, which I even pulled off at some times. That really was a very good badminton experience, partly because none of our opponents tried to be really annoying. There is a certain technique that used to be called “baby ball” in elementary school, when we played four-square, and the tactic is to hit the ball/birdie as lightly as possible so that the other person has to rush forward and, in the best case, miss the ball, giving you the point. In four-square it was particularly annoying, but the strategy did have some downsides, as you could get punished for hitting it lightly by the other person pounding it very hard and very quickly, catching you off-guard. On Monday there was this one very cocky person who always served super lightly and only barely made the birdie over the net, and sometimes even served it overhand. Granted, we did not even know how to serve all that well on Monday before our teacher sat us down and talked to us about how much we were botching it up.
Track practice today was a very mixed bag. From what I had heard, it was supposed to be a very normal recovery day, which usually entails us running at a slow pace for thirty minutes and then stretching and heading home. To anticipate this, I asked my mother to plan on practice being done at 5:30 so that I wouldn't have to call her or something to beg and plead her to come early if practice ended early. If anyone is wondering, practice starts at 4:00 and usually goes until 5:50 or 6:00 except on very short recovery days.
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05/19/2021, 20:55: The vaccine Part 2

---see previous entry "The vaccine Part 1" for full context---
It happened! Yesterday, at around 7:00 in the evening, I got the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. I would not know all of this information if it was not displayed on billboards all throughout the place where I was vaccinated, and there are probably more technicalities about the vaccine to get caught up in. There will most likely be a "The vaccine Part 3" or even Part 4 as there is one more dose that I have to get to be fully immune or something like that. I suppose I should give a blow-by-blow summary of what happened at the vaccine facility my mother and I went to, as there is a lot to cover and similarly a lot that I will forget if I do not write it down. At 5:30 I made it back from track practice, as it was a recovery run day practice lasted a bit less than usual. It turns out that the field was pelted by a massive hailstorm a few minutes after I left, so I narrowly avoided getting heavily hailed on. I really don't think I would have minded it, though, if I had been out there, and some people described it as exciting. Hail in May is quite an anomaly, but it is what we call "Track weather". I ruminated and stewed at home for maybe 30 minutes, leaving again with my mother at 6:15ish. It was kind of a drive but not painstakingly long, and pulling up Google Maps for the correct address was a hassle, but eventually everything was working and we got there. The vaccines were being given at the secondary campus of a certain company, one that I will not name as it will be a near-dead giveaway for what city I live in. The building we were supposed to go to was building 33, so we went down and parked in the first parking level, went up some stairs, and into the building. The building's function was a conference hall, or at least it would have been if vaccines were not being distributed there. Once we were inside, we were asked the same two attestation questions that we had been trained to answer "no" to, and then walked down another hallway into one of the conference rooms. The rooms had names like "Baker" or "Mackenzie", and they might have been for actual people at the company. So far, I had the impression that this place certainly had all of their ducts in a row. Everything was very streamlined, all of the stations were numbered, the whole place smelled very nice, and the staff seemed like they knew what they were doing. We were given stickers to put on our sweatshirts to communicate that we had been through the attestation, and I probably still have it on my sweatshirt. We were all ushered into this line that bore a lot of resemblance to an airport security line, waited around there for 10-ish more minutes, and at last were filed into the actual vaccination area at around 6:55. This conference room we were in seemed like it had two sides, or at least it had two main projectors and two main screens. One of these projectors was turned off, with some people around it and the lights turned on. We were waiting near this projector. The other projector was actually displaying images, and it was set up so that in most of the places in the room you could see the screen fairly well. There were images displayed of penguins holding hands or families of rabbits, with captions of things like "Refrain from touching your eyes, nose, face, or mouth." The images were on a timed slideshow so that people didn't get too bored, and there was also information about mRNA and the vaccine itself at times. Soon enough I was actually getting the shot, the person who administered it was this nice woman, maybe in her sixties, with the name D[-----]. She talked to my mother and I for a bit, and then actually gave me the shot. I do not really know what I was expecting, but the shot itself felt more like a flu shot or something routine than anything else. The "poke" felt a little bit longer than I was anticipating, but it did not even hurt all that much. After the poke we talked with D[-----] some more, and then went and sat down on some chairs to make sure that I didn't break out in a rash or choke to death as a reaction to the vaccine. They gave me this sticker that said "D1 7:18" which I suppose was shorthand for "Dose 1, release at 7:18". 7:18 came and I did not have a stroke or some other massive life-threatening reaction, so I headed back with my mother. On the whole it was a successful outing, and the poke itself was incredibly less of a big deal than I was expecting. I then spent the majority of Wednesday (as I am now writing this on Thursday the 20th due to me being a lil' bitch who can never finish anything on time) having a very sore left arm and only a very slight fever. The workout we did in track on Wednesday was actually kind of interesting and fun, however incredibly hard and painful as workouts usually are. We did what is called "30/30s," which were 30 seconds of 90% of all-out sprinting and 30 seconds of rest. That is one rep, and there are 5 reps to a set. I did 1 set and 4 reps, and most of my buddies did either 2 sets or 1 set and 3 reps. These gave me the feeling that I was chewing on the air and inhaling blood after I was done, which seemed like the point of them as they are a faster workout. There are more things to talk about, but I would rather those be in a separate entry. I apoligize if the tone seemed kind of jagged, I can never really get it right, but at least I was concise.
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05/18/2021, 09:28: More things, I hope

We are supposed to be learning about the Gaza brouhaha in LA/SS today. If they play the victim card and tell us all about how Palestine is being oppressed or something, I will rub superglue into my hair until my scalp flakes off. From what we have learned so far this year when it comes to current events, the things that they are teaching us are fairly left-leaning albeit they do make sense. This school district—the entire county for that matter—is somewhat known for having a liberal agenda. Which they do, however only some of that bleeds over into what I am learning in school. Some of the things I have been taught certainly seemed at first to be nail-bitingly progressive, however after I actually learned them I found myself wondering why I didn’t hear about that before. A good example of this is the Haiti unit we did a few months ago, there are probably a few entries that cover it; I initially found it petty and kind of shrugged it off, and then I actually learned it all and was quite impressed and astonished. Some of the current events things they have had PowerPoints on, and by “they” I mean the LA/SS teachers as my friends have some different ones, have had what you really could call liberal views. However, even to someone like myself and my friends and probably my father, these views actually make sense. Things like “The AAPI Community” and the fact that they capitalize the “B” in “Black” when referring to someone’s race. But if in class today I am taught that Palestine is greatly in danger and that I must donate to help them become free of the oppressive Israel or something, I think that will be crossing the line more than a little bit. The Gaza strip, as far as I know, has never been a politically charged topic until only very recently, and it feels like everyone on Twitter is putting “#FreePalestine” or some guano like that in their display name. It just makes me itch, not because I disagree with it, which I kind of do, but because it feels like they are agreeing with everyone else just for the sake of agreeing with everyone else. As for how I feel about it, I honestly could care more about the entire issue. Yes, people will die, and yes, it will not be pretty, but Israel and Palestine have been in disagreement for more than half a century, and it does not seem like it will resolve anytime soon. It is a very complicated problem that I don’t even know all that much about, so hopefully in LA/SS today we (you know, us students) will learn more about the issue instead of getting it rubbed in our faces about how victimized Palestine is and how Israel is the big bad oppressor. There are certainly more factors than that, if only there was a place I could read up on it without being spoonfed someone else’s opinion. I suppose I will just resort to the New York Times and Infowars again. My school computer is at 6% battery and there are two minutes remaining until I have to pack up and go down some stairs and through a hallway and into another classroom, so I will leave this here until after LA/SS, most likely.
We did not, in fact, talk about Palestine in LA/SS today; rather, it was another pleasant workday for our essays which I thought was nice enough. Between 4th and 6th period, however, they played this very loud song on the announcement stereo system, which I found kind of funny just because you could hear the speakers cracking under how loud the song was and how old the speakers were. But yes, great tradgedy was narrowly avoided. I will probably update again tomorrow, as I am anticipating that that one will be longer and all that. I have found that I am being somehow more conceited and selfish, or at least in my manner of speaking, than I usually am today. Not even just in this blog post, but talking to people both in person and online. I suppose that is just what happens when someone is full of angst, or something like that. I can be very angsty if I try, but I do not really feel up to it most of the time.
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05/17/2021, 07:29: Holy fuck

Today is the first day that I genuinely feel like I am being waterboarded when I am wearing a mask. Part of it is my allergies, in fact most of it is my allergies, as it seems like there is nowhere here where a lad can just blow his nose. There is this small globule of snot in my left nostril, and it is probably going to stay there until I can blow it on something. The choice I have currently is either to work very hard at snorting it up, however that would make a disgusting sound and make everyone recoil, or just wait it out and operate on half lung capacity until I can find some toilet paper or something. So far, the only viable option is the second one, as just snorting it up would not solve anything. Currently, it is leaking out of my nostril and unless I do something, I will be breathing entirely my own snot in a few minutes. Because I took some of the allergy medicine today, hopefully it all will pass in half an hour or so, but I will likely still have some crusty snot in my mask. This, as is apparent, is quite the miserable situation to be in, but it is not like I have blood leaking out my ears or incontinence or something else that would be undesirable in school. Oh hey, wait, if I tip my head back a little bit I can probably swallow a little bit of it. There is, of course, the alternative of making loud and obnoxious sniffling noises until someone notices them and either harshly socially judges me or asks me if I would like to blow my nose. Which I would. Luckily, we are only taking a test today, so I can get that through with and then go and relieve my nose of snot.
Back. Holy fuck I cannot believe I was even living with all of that stuff up my nose. There is probably still a little bit left, but that is alright as I can actually breathe through my nose now. I think I did fairly well on the test, as all that was really required was that you inputted exactly what they wanted to hear, which is really the case for school as a whole. After the test I simply walked over my computer charging cord and to the bathroom and blew my nose on some toilet paper. It is hard to describe the misery that I was entrenched in before, and similarly hard to describe the absolute ecstasy that finally getting that stuff out of my nose brought. Now that all of that has been talked about and over with, I might bring up something that I cannot believe I missed: as of yesterday, I have been keeping this blog more or less consecutively for six whole-ass months. That is half of a year, and more than half of a school year. I never really thought this endeavor would go for more than a few weeks without me forgetting about it, and how things are formatted actually looks nice to me. Like I always say when I hit these landmarks, this blog hopefully is far from over and if it was up to me, I would continue writing it until I am six feet under, and then pass it on to my children or grandchildren. If I suffer from an early death, which there is a nonzero chance of, hopefully my sister or someone on Twitch can keep this going. But still, hey, six months is not bad at all.
We have actually just gotten our test results back, or at least the ones that we took this period, and I got a painfully average score in the mid-eighties. Out of the ten multiple-choice questions, I got two wrong, and I think I got them all right for the matching section that was later. I do hope that this upcoming AP exam has more than 15 points on it, as so far in this class if you mess up a single question your grade is done for. It was about as well as I expected myself to do when I was breathing my own snot, and unfortunately it will do nothing to bring my grade up as my grade is already about the score I got. My grades certainly are not as awful as some of my online friends’ grades, but not as perfect as some of my running friends; I do not know how they do it. Currently I have three As, two B+s, 1 solid B, and 1 B- for the second semester. The B+s are extremely high, and if I really go at it for this last round of tests and essays I believe I can bring them up to an A. If I finished the year with these grades, I would be very dissatisfied and would surely be kicking myself when I am a junior or senior. A lot of what my grades are riding on is whether I do well on the things I have already turned in and that I am yet to turn in, except for probably math as I forgot to use Wolfram Alpha and got a high C on the last major test of the year. I am actually doing quite alright in Spanish, as even though it is a harder language level than what I took last year it is actually being taught in a competent manner, and I would say I am having a bit of fun with it as well. For some reason, all of the fellow freshmen at track absolutely hate Spanish 2, and I do not really see why. It might have just been because I lucked out when it comes to teachers. It is also not like I have straight Cs and low Bs, so at least my GPA is somewhat afloat.
This also is quite unrelated, but I am wearing a cologne today for the first time in my life. My father and I were talking about tweezing eyebrow hair a few weeks ago, and we eventually got to the subject of cologne. I didn’t really see a harm in it, so he was kind enough to get me a few samplers of it so that I could smell them, wear them, and see what I liked. A lot of them are scents from the nineties, or at least so I hear. They arrived last weekend, so I spent three-quarters of an hour ruminating about what scent I really identified with. The ones I do like are the Polo samplers, all of which seem oddly familiar, and I think I have a grandfather or some male relative who wears Polo Green. I settled on Cool Water for today, as my father got this massive tub of it and it really did smell nice to me. It somehow seemed very official to put it on, and it is not like makeup where I would have to go through 30 minutes of pain to get it on correctly. I suppose I will see how this one goes, and then try a different one tomorrow. My father was kind enough to order many scents, so I could wear a different one every day of the week if I really felt like it. Now all I need is a robust button-down shirt, a red tie, and some slacks, and I can call myself truly “dapper.”
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05/15/2021, 17:18: The meet and things I didn't mention yesterday

There was, in fact, a track meet today, and even though it has been a few hours since I got back from it and I probably should fill everyone in on it, there are a few things I did not talk about yesterday, as I wrote that entry near the end of school. At 12:25 in the afternoon on Friday, the bell rang as usual, and I walked down the stairs, down some more stairs, and waited for my mother to pick me up. The plan was that myself, ZetoMax, Twiddle, and MonkyDe would all come to the Chipotle that is in our town and have lunch there as well as talk and walk around. Which we did; my mother kindly enough drove me to the Chipotle and we all eventually congregated at a table outside around 1:00. MonkyDe and myself got some burritos from Chipotle--I got brown rice, black beans, and chicken on mine and he got white rice, black beans, and steak on his. We got other toppings, as well, however I cannot remember them. Twiddle and ZetoMax got some sandwiches and chips from the Jimmy Johns that was near, and we all went back to the same table we had been sitting at before and dined as a group. It was on the whole very tasty, and I had gotten some water so I was not parched. We discussed a few things, including video games, gun laws, the Biden administration, and what classes we all had. Probably around 1:30 we finished eating, and started walking to the complex nearby that might have been considered a mall if you really stretch the definition of a mall. It was a little bit hairy to get there, as we had to cross multiple busy intersections and walk on some rather unkempt stretches of sidewalk, but we did make it. There was one trail that we had to walk on that was mostly a detour to not have to take an unfinished sidewalk, and we found the exact area that Rick Astley performed a section of Never Gonna Give You Up. It was the exact same area, or at least paid a striking resemblance to it. After a while more of walking, the people who had time to spare went to get some very trendy boba tea, and I went back to my mother's car so that she could take my sister to some soccer tryouts. It was a successful outing, and although I do wish I could have stayed longer it was still very nice to see some of my friends in-person. After I got back I had some cranberry juice and got ready to go to track. Not much else happened on Friday, but of course the big thing is the track meet that took place the day after. I only ran the 1600, and a few of my friends did both the 1600 and the 800; even if I really wanted to I probably would not have it in me to do both of those events in one day. I woke up at around 7:30, laid around in bed for a bit and then took a shower, after which I put on the usual running event attire: some tights, a long-sleeve black shirt, and the singlet and shorts on top of that. It has worked very well for the past few cross country races, so I thought it would carry over fairly well for track as well. After packing a backpack with the bare minimum and a few water bottles, my mother and I departed for the high school that the meet was at. It was kind of a long drive, and mostly uphill, so we both got to worry even more about whether it was the right school. Somehow, all of the organizers had done a very good job about telling us when the events were, and not too great of a job about where the meet actually was. I had heard about it being in one place, but some of the pdf files that we were given said another place. After asking some of the teammates, it was settled, so at least we were fairly certain about where to go. We got there at maybe 9:30 and my mother drove all the way back home while I sat around on the bleachers in the searing sun and wondered what to do. Us 1600 people, as there really were a lot of us, were all given a briefing about when the event was and when we should start warming up. This gave us some more time to sit around on the bleachers, and then at maybe 10:00 we all started warming up on some grass on the left side of the bleachers. There was the jumping runway or whatever that is called near where we were warming up, so we got to see people running and heaving themselves into sand. After we were done with the exercise routine that we call running prep, we sat around on the bleachers some more and started a warmup run. By "we", I mean the people who were running the 1600. Because there were around 60 of us, they had to separate the event into heats so that people wouldn't trample each other into a pulp. Naturally, I was in heat 2, as I am not exactly a stellar runner, and most of the upperclassmen and decent runners were in heat 1. Heat 1 took the warmup run at a quick pace, and as I did not want to exhaust myself too much I cut it a little bit short and didn't do the extra small loop around a building. It was around then that I thought about taking off the inner black shirt that I had on; the weather was quite warm and I did not want to die of heatstroke or anything like that. The main reason I had not taken it off in any previous races was because the weather was actually fairly cold then, as well as the fact that I suffer from what is known as "Forests of Armpit Hair". There is just too much of it, and somehow it is all concentrated in my armpits instead of my chest or something where it would actually be nice to have. I managed to take off the inner shirt, and I am very glad that I did. It was quite a breath of fresh air just because the temperature was so hot and the blackness of the shirt drove heat towards me. Soon enough we were done with some more warmup exercises, and at around 11:00 or 11:05 us heat 2 people were watching heat 1 do their thing. There were some exceptionally fast people in that group, and I do not think anyone finished with a time slower than 6 minutes. It was not long before heat 2 was at the line, and there was this middle-aged guy who seemed quite nice that called us off and shot the gun. The start was what is called a

man hopefully that image works, which was meant to fit in as many people as possible to start at the same time. If you started at line 2, you had to be to the right of the red line all the way until the end of the first curve. I happened to start at line 2, and for the most part the start worked pretty well. Somehow, I finished with a time of 6:06 or 6:08, which is quite cool to me as it means that getting sub-6 is not too far away. I could probably write some more things here, but I am in need of something to drink as well as in posession of some homework to do, so I will leave this here and hopefully write again soon. With any luck, that image does not look too terrible.
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05/14/2021, 11:59: A few more new developments

Oooooh good looooord I do not know where all of that time went. Yesterday and the day before I played nearly no Geometry Dash or other forms of screen entertainment, and all of my time just went towards grinding out some massive assignments. The lab report that might have been mentioned in the previous entry at last got finished, knowing how my teacher likes to grade them I will be given a C- on it for not reading his mind. But I did write something I am proud of, and after rifling through the rubric tens of times and consulting a few of my peers hopefully my grade will not be that bad. I just don’t want to be regarded as a dunce or something just because I forgot to cheat, like what happened with the math test a few days back. Luckily, I did not have too many things to take care of other than slogging through that lab report, so that was the main thing I have been doing for the past few days other than running and playing Geometry Dash. Now, this is likely the most important thing in this entry, so I do not know why I didn’t mention it earlier, but my mother and I—although it was mostly my mother—managed to reschedule the vaccine to next Tuesday! This means that I will be able to run in the track meet that is taking place tomorrow as well as get some MRNA molecules injected into my bloodstream. I should be more ecstatic, but mostly I feel bad for my mother as she had to spend all of those hours signing me up for these things. I really am thankful, and I do not know how she puts up with being on hold all of the time, but she really did reschedule it and I am very glad about that. There is not much else to say about this immunization other than that many people in my classes are at last getting the shot, and of course everyone has heard the horror stories about blood clotting and allergic reactions. The blood clotting has been mainly been something to poke fun at, and although I suppose it really is no joking matter it seems like people are overly focused on it, given that it only happens in 0.001% of cases.
As for track and running things, yesterday and the day before (Thursday and Wednesday, respectively) were both fairly grueling and physically exhausting days. Wednesday us long-distance people did what is called Jake Specials, named after a former coach, that is kind of a strange workout. After warming up we ran 1000m at a pace that I couldn’t wrap my head around, then did some very fast 300s and 200s. Even though I felt like I was underwater after finishing them, I would call it a rather fun workout just from how fast you are going and how short it is. Thursday me and the regular crew just did five miles, which really was a lot but felt manageable if I didn’t go too fast. We went around the near high school and down some hills and through some neighborhoods, and it was quite a nice day so it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. After the first massive hill, it felt like just a massive downhill from there, which was a nice quality of it but also gave me the feeling that I was coasting for most of it. That is distance running for you. On Wednesday, I think it was, when myself and a few other people were doing the cooldown, one of the pole vaulters absolutely nailed the jump they were doing, and I really did feel like clapping from just how clean it was. Pole vaulting seems interesting enough, but it must just take a very long time to learn and seems very precise. More skill is involved rather than just grinding away and enduring pain like running, and I guess that is actually a good quality of pole vaulting. The same goes for throwing, and jumping to an extent. Okay, well that is it for this one. I hope you didn’t hate this conceited drawl that I have going too much, as I guess this is just the tone I take on when I am writing these at school.
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05/10/2021, 21:24: The vaccine Part 1

Even though I am writing this at a time that is actually quite advantageous, I will probably finish this in the morning or in second period or something. From the time that I wrote here last, the 8th of May, there have been a few new developments however they were all compressed into today so I got to spend even more time worrying about them. For one, I am completely locked in for my course load for sophomore year as of today. I feelt very sure about the classes I was going to take in January, and I still do. My parents advised me to ask a counselor about it, which I did--as recieving email from pesky freshmen such as myself is what they are paid to do. What they said was, in essence, "just make sure you are very very sure you want to take these classes". I am taking three APs, which I do think I can do, and while it will not exactly be a cake walk I sure hope I will not get hydraulic-pressed by all of these difficult classes. All it will really take is spending less time on playing Geometry Dash, which if I am really desparate I can probably fit in still. It certainly will be awful timing if the new, four-years-coming update comes out right as things are picking up, I suppose I will just live on coffee or something and let my sleep schedule degrade. Which will be worth it, or at least I hope so, after waiting for the only game I play to update after 4+ years. I will make a point of living it up as much as I can while I am still a freshman, as I have heard that these next two years will be quite grueling. Senior year seems more laid-back than the other three, however you are still in school and all that. I have heard words being thrown around like "senioritis" which seems like it is just the desire people to have to just graduate already and might cause slacking in school. Most of the seniors from XC and track seem like pretty hard-working people, and quite friendly at that for people three years older than I am. I suppose I should also mention the fact that the title is "The vaccine". One of the aforementioned new developments is that apparently vaccines are opening up for my age group, people aged 12-15. Unfortunately this does not include my sister, but she will be 12 soon enough. I am just very glad that I will be vaccinated in the near future, and my mother did not hesitate to sign me up for one. It is on Saturday of this week, conveniently right in the middle of the track meet. The meet is from 10-3, and I really would like to be there for the whole thing, but I will be cutting it very close as the vaccine is scheduled for 10:20. My mother says that there is a good chance I will be back by 1:00, but that seems like wishful thinking to me with all of the line-waiting and traffic that getting a vaccine entails. I am just feeling very fortunate that my mother didn't hesistate to schedule one, and in the scheme of things a vaccine outweighs a track meet. I am also not exactly glad I will be missing more than half of it, the meet that is, but there is also a chance the vaccine will be rescheduled to sometime next week. It is also just astonishing that I am finally elegible to actually get vaccinated.
Okay, it is the 11th at around 6:30 in the evening, and I might as well update on how track went for the past two days as well as some school things. Yesterday us 800 and 1600 runners did some strange ladders--a 400, a 300, and a 100--which didn't take all that long and really did leave me exhausted. It certainly is a different kind of pain than distance running, and I just felt strange for the entire rest of the day. Today was more relaxed, with us just doing a 35-minute recovery pace run and then stretching and all that. I was behind my group, as usual, but at least I ran the entire way and actually felt like I recovered. I have always been just a bit behind the people I run with, whether it is on timed events or when we are just running, however that group is still a pretty decent fit for me and the people are nice enough. It is the mortal duty of us freshmen to cling to each other like we are each others' life support, which I think we are executing fairly well. As for the school things, I feel like I have enough things in order. I got a 39 out of 50 on the recent math test which got passed back today, and I sure could have gotten a better grade if I used Wolfram Alpha and Desmos more. But I didn't, and got a C+. I suppose that is what happens when you are actually honest, and I will probably be kicking myself for not using the tools accessible for that test. I don't even feel morally in the right, which is the strange thing, I just feel like I had the opporitunity to get a better grade and did not take it. I am also kind of behind on some LA/SS things, however I feel confident that I can just do the readings whenever I get the chance and be once again caught up. There is another lab report that we have to do for biology, and even though it has been a while since the last one, I was still not all that ready for another one. We did the inquiry process during the last few weeks, and now all we have to do is just to write the report. I attended a session after school today where our teacher talked with us about all of the nitty-gritty parts of the rubric, and hopefully I can supply what he is looking for. For many school assignments, it seems, there is the rubric and then there is all the things that the teacher just expects that you kind of have to take a shot in the dark at. There were quite a bit of those for the first lab report, which did kind of feel unfair however once I talked it over with the teacher they all did seem reasonable. This report seems pretty straightforward, and hopefully I can grind it out on Wednesday or something. After that, I can sit back and be interested in the current unit, which happens to be genetics and really is kind of interesting. We are currently just looking at DNA, although I hope eventually we will step it up to chromosomes and all of the cooler things. It has also occurred to me that on Sunday, I will have been writing this blog more or less consecutively for the past six months. At the same time, it feels like two years and two seconds, as it really is hard to believe that I have been going at it for this long. I suppose this is what happens when I have fresh new things to get really tilted about.
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05/07/2021, 07:35: The time trial results and problem attic

Well, that was really darn anticlimactic considering it was something I had been dreading for a few days or more. I got a 6:28, which is two minutes better than I have ever run a mile in my entire life, and I am just impressed with myself that I only got third-to-last as opposed to dead last. Getting sub-seven, from middle school up until yesterday, was more of a pipe dream than anything else, but I suppose after all these months of running I don’t suck at the mile too much anymore. Some of the people on the team got like 4:40-something, which is completely inconceivable to me. A few of my friends got in the 5:40s or 5:30s, which is also crazy but not nearly as crazy as sub-five. I suppose I only have a lot of room to improve with this coming season, so that will certainly be cool. Overall, it was over a lot quicker than I had anticipated, with it being more akin to a shot of a vaccine, being in and out and painless.
Now! On Wednesday night I was browsing through some Flash games on this cool software known as Flashpoint. Because Flash has been through its end-of-life, the only way of playing Flash games nowadays is through replacements--which range from really good to kind of ass--and Flashpoint, which is just a massive catalogue of Flash games that you can play in an actual Flash window. Every Flash game I have ever played and ever not played is on there, as well as a large amount of porn games such as Clit Me or Rainbow Dash Masturbation Machine. I am too scared for my own sanity to see if those are bait or not, and some of that stuff is so strangely fetishistic I am worried I will develop those fetishes myself. As I was scrolling down the games by date added, a certain game caught my eye; problem attic by Liz Ryerson. I had never heard of it, and from the description and the showcased screenshots it looked like I was in for a very interesting experience. If you would like to download it and do not have Flashpoint, this is the link to its page on There is nothing I can really say about the game other than you must experience it yourself to get as much out of it as possible. I played through the whole thing in nearly one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so hopefully anyone reading this will as well. Track practice yesterday, as I am writing this on the 8th, was rather physically exhausting. Myself and the usual running group did five miles, which is longer than I think I have ever run continuously in my whole life. We went to the roundabout near the middle school and then went down this very long, rural road that was actually very pleasant to run on. After what seemed like ages we went into a park that had trails and all that, did a quarter-mile loop, and then went all the way back where we had come. Today I woke up with the feeling that someone had trampled all over my abdomen, which is I suppose what soreness in your core feels like. With any luck, I will not have to walk or run anywhere this weekend and just use the time to get less sore. I have also noticed that I can touch more of my foot each day when I bend over, it is almost as if I am stretching more than I used to. Eventually I will be able to put both of my feet behind my head, and I certainly can put each individual foot behind my head however doing both will take precision and practice. If all it really takes to do these things and being flexible is to practice, maybe I could teach myself how to do a front flip or something. If I am being very honest, a lot of this is wishful thinking, but it does seem doable. So does running a mile in less than six minutes, however that is more of an immediate goal. This seems like all that I have really wanted to talk about, hopefully all of this selfishness was not too hard to wade through.
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05/06/2021, 13:41: Homework and rambling about running Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
I am back, finally. Instead of writing this during school, as I sometimes do, I spent a very long time making a few paragraphs of lipsum look as appealing to the eye as I could. And then, when I got back from school, I applied all of the formatting to these entries. Each of the months has a specific color, and if there are two "parts" to an entry they are both in the same rectangle, if that makes sense. If you scroll down it will become clear what the colors of all the other months are, and the entries at the very bottom are gray, as they are moot enough to not merit a color. Eventually I will figure out what to color June, July, August, September, and October, but I have a general idea of what they will all be, and I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Applying all the div elements to every single entry was a right pain in the ass, hopefully the end result looks nice and colorful. With any luck, this page no longer looks like it was made in the mid-nineties, but instead maybe 2007 if we are being generous. The time trial is today, and I have diverted all of my worry into formatting this page, which did relieve some of it. It is only a time trial after all, and it is not like I will get my legs cut off if I get more than eight minutes, so I feel like a lot of that worry is unnessecary. I just thought some people would be taken aback by the New Look (Same Decent Content) of this page, or at least if there are people who read this page.
Now, I might as well talk about some other things. Last night I had a very vivid dream that I was wearing a gray T-shirt that said, and I kid you not, "fuck my brown ass" in large white letters. I don't even have brown skin and certainly have no intention of getting my ass fucked, so I was kind of taken aback by that one. It took me a few minutes after I woke up to realize that it was a dream and that I didn't, in fact, own a T-shirt that told the world to "fuck my brown ass." Speaking of custom garments, as well, I had that really magenta hoodie arrive in the mail on Tuesday, I think. This is a picture of me wearing it, and I really do like it. It is not like I'll wear it to school or anything, and definitely not track practice, but I could probably get away with wearing it on the weekends. I might also just wear it on the last day of school, as the chances are smaller that I will get socially burned at the stake on that particular day. The hoodie fits me about as well as all of the other ones I have, and the color I just absolutely love. Another very off-topic pivot, but I have been getting a lot more into the rhythm game A Dance of Fire and Ice (ADOFAI) lately, specifically on Wednesday when I had nothing but free time. It is meant to be played with one button, and is about two orbiting planets that requires very tight timings at some points. In fact, the demo describes it a lot better than I ever can, so if you would like to see what I am talking about I would reccomend playing that. Some of the custom tracks are so fast that you need more than one key to even have a chance at beating them, and for a few people use as many as four keys. It is a lot more rhythm-based than Geometry Dash, with the bpm and hitsounds and all that, and is more of a rhythm game in general, but is not nearly as boundless as Geometry Dash. But I have been enjoying my time playing the game, and I might even get very good at it eventually. Everyone in the community is Korean, though, but I am sure there are enough English-speakers there for me to at least be able to talk with. I might just leave this here, honestly, as I am itching to get this new page format out. I will for sure update about how the time trial went tomorrow or really any time after the time trial.
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05/05/2021, 21:14: Homework and rambling about running

I really did not know what to title this one, as I just wanted to update about a few unimportant things that have been happening as to not just let this blog die. Most of today was concerned with putting off homework and worrying about Thursday; that is when we have the 1600 time trial. I have not actually run a timed 1600 (one-mile) since sometime in 2019, so it will be good to see what my time actually is. I will be happy with anything sub-8, as I do know that I can get below that but nothing like sub-7. The only fragment of how fast I am, when it comes to mile pace, is when they were reading out times for the cross country races at the 1 and 2 mile-marks. From what I heard, my first mile for the race on 03/25 was 7:21. Which I am actually very happy with, in middle school I got like nines and tens and things like that and was similarly happy with them. I suppose I will come on Thursday and get all warmed up and try my best, and then base everything else off of that. This does seem like something strange to talk about, but there is this one muscle in my right foot that has been irrationally sore for the past few days. Not that it is hurting, it just kind of pops and clicks whenever I rotate my foot. I think I strained it while trying to walk on my heels or something, and it has been feeling strange ever since. Here is a diagram of where exactly it is on my foot if you are confused. If it persists until Friday I might ask a coach about it or something, but I feel like it will be fine. It feels more sore than stabby pain anyway, so hopefully it is nothing too serious. As for the things that we did for the past few days, Tuesday was just 2x(4x400) which was tiring enough, and then today was a very simple easy run day. Tuesday was also kind of weird because J[-----], one of the people I run with, got accidentally picked up by his knees and screamed something along the lines of "what the fuck is your problem????" at the person who was at fault. I cannot blame him for this, and the responsibility really is no one's, but I could tell he was just thinking about it for the entire rest of practice and really did feel bad for him. Everyone was asking him questions about why he shouted that loud and even I didn't even see what actually happened and honestly couldn't care. Today, then, was spent doing homework and looking at how absolutely cracked all of my friends were being at Geometry Dash. It is getting late again, so instead of elaborating more about how boring everything was, I will probably just write in first or seventh period about actually interesting things that came up. I reformatted the header of this page a little bit, to match what was in my head for the blog design, and I don't think it looks bad at all. I will have to view it on my school laptop, though, to see if it actually looks alright on a smaller screen. It took a hot minute to make sure all of the styles and padding and margins were working, but the end result is something I am happy with. I would also like to eventually narrow the whole reading space, so that your eyes don't have to go all the way back to the end of your monitor when you are reading this. I have seen blogspot posts and news articles do that, and it seems like a good idea. All right, stopping writing for the night, there are some somewhat interesting things I haven't mentioned that I will be sure to go on and on about in the morning.
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05/03/2021, 21:29: First day of T&F

Hooooly shit, for some reason today was especially good. I do not know why, but I came home from track practice with a very intense feeling of contentness, even though it was raining heavily and I was soaked to the bone. Last night I had a rather sleepless night, with me only falling asleep at like 12:30 after laying around in bed for a few hours. I had a can of soda half an hour before getting in bed, so I was constantly getting up to go to the bathroom every ten minutes and taking sips of water more frequently than I am willing to admit. I did, though, have some ideas for poems and other small literary works, which I keep in a folder on my hard drive that is marked as a hidden item and I doubt anyone will ever see. I woke up at 5:10, dozed until 6:15, took a shower, put on some clothes, had some soggy Kellog's Special K, and was out the door. I cannot wait until I am able to drive or at least until my mother doesn't have to drive me to school every day. I could ride my bike, but that would mean having to ride it home as well, something I am not up for. School was actually somewhat interesting, with first period being a drag and a half but with Spanish sticking out a little bit. Today's Spanish class was the first class in a very long time that I have felt fully immersed in; maybe not completely engaged but certainly "immersed" language-wise. When I walked out it took some time to re-adjust to everyone speaking English again. When we were all outside on the field during 5th period, someone was flying a remote-controlled small airplane around, which was cool to watch although it did make kind of a lot of noise. We played kickball during that period, which is really just baseball but largely less skill-based. Nearly anyone can hit the ball, and all it takes is for the people on the field to fumble the ball or something for everyone to get home runs. Our team lost 8-10, although we certianly did put up a fight and dare I say we could have won if the period hadn't ended when we were "batting". 7th period was a drag as well, and then I had lunch, talked with some running friends, and went home. The plane person was still flying it after school ended, and they certainly seem skilled with whatever they are using to control the plane. I got home, my mother left for the store, and I wallowed and stewed until around 3:00. That was when I realized that the shirt that I had ordered had arrived. Not the hoodie, but the shirt. It has this massive, bicubic-automatic-scaled picture of an opossum on it and I have been checking the mail twice every day for the past two weeks to see if it had arrived yet. I say "realized" that it had arrived because I could not access the mail, my mother was still at the store. At maybe 3:40, she finally arrived from the store. You would think she was dying of hunger from what she brought back, even though she allegedly had lunch half an hour before leaving for the store. I did manage to get the keys and collect the mail before we had to get all of the spoils from the store inside and then rush out the door again to leave for track. Unfortunately, I was not able to try the shirt on before we had to leave, but I made very sure that I would do it when I got back. We barely made it to the field on time because my mother had to find the keys as well as take something out of our dog's mouth. I did get to start the ignition for her, and I have never felt so much raw power coursing through my veins before. It was, of course, pouring when we made it to the track practice location, and one of the coaches took my temperature, we all waited around for a little bit, and then filed up to the bleachers. I had never been all the way up there before, the bleachers that is, and my goodness they are high. I can only imagine what it will be like when everyone is rowdy from a football game or something and we have concessions. We heard some shpeals from the coaches, and then myself and the people I run with went off and ran to the private school near us and back. I was actually accepted into that school, E[-----] C[-----], and boy am I glad I didn't actually go there. Every single human being there is white and seems like they are clones of each other, and there is no way I could attend a school knowing that I was paying for every second of my time in it, I would snap under the effort of trying to get as much out of it as possible. At public schools, it seems, everyone is generally more interesting, attractive, and is content with each other. The school my sister goes to is private, as well, however I wouldn't mind going to it as it seems actually academics-focused. Our Piss-Poor Freshman Running Group, the five or six of us, all went to that private school that I mentioned a few sentences ago, and then turned around once we felt like we had ventured far enough into the private property. It was as we were running back that it occurred to me, and this is the exact thing that went through my head: "The school roof is painted green." Now, this is flawed for a few reasons. My high school's roof has been painted green probably since before I was born, and it certainly is a strange sickly color of lime green-yellow. Now, our school colors have been maroon and black similarly ever since before I was born. The school itself is painted white, and only the roof is painted green. Why, in the nearly thirty years of this school being around, was the roof not painted maroon, or some other shade of red? Now that I think about it, this would work pretty darn well. It must be a pain to paint the entire roof of a building, though, which might be why they have not done it yet. Maybe when I am a senior or something I could run for ASB president with the campaign promise of painting the roof maroon. It is 10:09 in the evening and I have gone on and on about the color of my school's roof for a few sentences now, so I will add a paragraph break and continue summarizing the day when I wake up.
Back. It is currently second period, or the first one of the day, and 7:32 in the morning. I woke up in a haste, as my alarm went off at 5:10 and I thought I re-set it to 5:40, however apparently I set my time forward 30 minutes and not the alarm. When I got up to check the time at 6:00, the time looked like it was 6:30 and I began to lose consciousness before I realized that I had just set the wrong thing forward 30 minutes. Those kinds of things happen early in the morning, I suppose, and even if it was 6:30 I could have probably still gotten to school on time. Now, after I was in bed and all settled last night I realized that the color of the school’s roof is actually the school’s secondary color, and suddenly everything made sense. The earth will not split in two anymore, knowing that the roof was painted intentionally. Now that I am looking around more, other things around the school are painted that color of green, such as some of the indoor lampposts, and some chairs and all that. I will probably just leave this here, as if I go on about anything for any longer I will seem even more nitpicky than I already am. This, by the way, is also being written on the “eliblog @ school” Word document, which is a compelling fact to me at least.
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04/30/2021, 22:01: School events and May

I will probably do most of the writing here tomorrow, as it is kind of late and I would like to get to bed at a reasonable enough time. My "L" key is not acting like someone poured glue on it today, so maybe I will be able to actually write something that is entertaining to read and doesn't sound ticked off. The main topic of discussion is how it is nearly the month of May already; I thought March went by quickly however April knocked it out of the park. I don't think I can name a single interesting world event that happened in the month of April 2021 that doesn't sound really petty. I did beat a few Geometry Dash levels, but that is not even close to national news. I feel like I miss the Trump presidency more than ever nowadays, not because he was a good president or anything but just because he really spiced things up and made all the news interesting. I also did look at InfoWars today at school, as it is miraculously unblocked, and it certainly was something. If scrolling through Twitter and occasionally eyeing the newspaper was standing naked in the Arctic, looking at InfoWars was like jumping into a tub of searing hot water. It is just so radically different from anything I have ever seen that I feel compelled to buy some of their sleep medication and have it near my computer, just so I can say I have some of it. It is also not like it is a good source of news or anything, as a matter of fact it sits comfortably at rock bottom on the media bias chart, which is exactly what compelled me to look at it. Then, of course, I took a look at Wonkette, something I have been following for some time after I stumbled upon it in 7th grade. To keep with the hot/cold analogy, this would be like pouring liquid nitrogen on myself. Both of the websites make me frown in the same way that I did when I read an article about polyamory, being the face that I make when I read something that makes me revolt internally so much I question whether it is real or not. Reading fabricated extremist news blogs sure is fun, and it is kind of harrowing to remember that this website used to be, and probably is still, able to be classified as a news source. Not really, though, unless someone is writing an essay on my trials and tribulations I doubt it will be all that useful. Some of the other pages on the site as a whole have some more opinion-based writing that I made in 6th grade and probably regret by now.
It is still hard to believe that it is almost May, which means it is almost June, which means it is very near the end of the school year. It is about time to not be a freshman anymore, but on the other hand I will have a whole year of high school behind me, if you could even call it a year. It will also be nice to see some of the kids one year younger than I am again, as they certainly are nice people and I think a few of them might play Geometry Dash. Still, though, I have one and a half-ish months left in this year and hopefully it will not suck as much ass as the end of 8th grade did. I am planning to wear a sweatshirt that is a very loud shade of magenta-pink to the last day of school, as if I wore it any other day I would get socially burned at the stake. This is the link to it if you would like to buy it or something, it has this amazing opossum on it and is arriving on May 5, so I will have enough time to wash the vinegary smell out of it before I actually wear it. I will probably head to bed now, and update about school events and things like that in the morning. That is, if I don't have a stroke or something in my sleep. You never know.
I am back, stroke-free, and it is currently escaping my mind what I was going to write about. There is this Mario 64 port that I have been playing in my browser, and that game has not aged a bit since it was released. I might do some homework and put on a sweatshirt, and then maybe write some more about things that happened this week, as I said nearly nothing about that.
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04/28/2021, 13:21: A few things

Today I awoke with a very poetic thought that seemingly came out of nowhere. I was under my covers at around 5:50 in the morning, still in kind of a daze, when this phrase came into my mind: "I could use this day to take a long-distance bike ride, listen to music, and be once again reminded how great living is--or I could slog through homework and play Geometry Dash like every other Wednesday." That just hit me very hard in the face, and made me wonder why I haven't been doing exactly what I would like to be doing. Homework needs to be done, and Geometry Dash levels need to be practiced, and there will always be more days to take bike rides. That just kind of made me think even more about all this free time that I currently have, and how much I will not have in the coming years as I am bombarded by more assignments and tests to study for and cars to drive. I would like to "live it up" while I still have all this time, however this mostly consists of playing Geometry Dash and lazing around. At least I have this blog to write, and I can revel in how spoiled I was or something when I am in college and have to wear things on my eyelids to keep them open. For now, though, I should talk about the track thing that happened yesterday. For the most part it went pretty well, however there were certainly things that could have gone better. I did not drink nearly as much water as I should have before going to the event, so I was absolutely parched while I was actually running. We did the 800 thing, or at least the distance-distance runners did. The Distance People were split up into two groups, mid-distance and distance-distance, and as I really did enjoy cross country I joined everyone else on the distance-distance group. The mid-distance people did some ladder kind of thing that just seemed like a lot of pain, which granted ours probably was as well. We did have to stay exclusively in the 1 and 2 lanes because the sprinting people were doing their thing in the other six lanes. The turnout seemed large enough, sizeable compared to last Thursday, although that might have just been because there were some cheer people doing cheer things on the field, as well as I think a few people doing jumps and poleing. The actual workout didn't go too shabbily other than me being parched, with me doing 4 of the 800s and being glad that I did not have to do 6, like a few other people were doing.
----- i would like to make an interlude to say that while myself and one of my friends were doing a few slow laps after the workout (like really slow laps) i kind of thought out loud as to how absolutely boring the sprints practice was, i mean really you just run 100m and then walk back and repeat that until you fall unconscious on the floor. i mean there is some nuance to it i suppose, like i heard the sprinting coach describing in detail something like "okay for this one were gonna go 90-95 percent [of all-out] and then bring it down a bit to around 50" like man that does sound at least a little bit interesting. granted when us distancers were running they probably were thinking "god how glad i am that i'm not them" because really who does enjoy distance running. now i said that out loud, mostly to my friend, and apparently the people actually doing the sprints heard me and said something along the lines of "you're one to talk for someone going 1 mile an hour". i, personally, thought that was a pretty fair argument. now for some reason i dwelled on this exchange (there was more to it, but not a lot) for a very long time, analyzing every bit of it and wondering if i really should have said that. is it friendly competition?? - probably, i mean they are very good at what they do or at least most of them, and of course everyone's objectively best events are the ones they are in. all of this does seem very complicated and i probably should not have dwelled on it that much. first impressions certainly are valuable, and there is a chance that a few peoples' first impression of me is an absolute jerk and a cocky freshman (but probably not that bad), which is unfortunate.
On another note, this .html file has reached a whole 2,000 lines, which is both impressive and a little bit worrying. If there are 54 words per line and 2,000 lines, that would be a HUNDRED AND EIGHT FUCKING THOUSAND????? THAT IS MORE THAN HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. Now that I have made it this far, getting the filesize to a megabyte does not seem that far away. Currently it is at 341 KB, which for reference is around two times the size of this gif and not quite the size of this really old picture of barney for some fuckin' reason. The few conditions that will maybe make me stop writing this blog, a few mentioned in the previous entry, include but are not limited to: dying, becoming a quadruple amputee, a nuclear catastrophe, moving to an area with no Internet connection, and going for a year-long trip. There also is the inevitable eventuality of simply forgetting about it, which I can only hope will not happen. No one really forgets things voluntarily, and it is a hard thing to control, but every somewhat consecutive entry I write here decreases the chance of me forgetting about it a little bit. There is a certain book that has been on my mind for the past few days and that I only yesterday actually sat down and re-read for the third time, being The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13¾. Now, sure, it is a YA diary-style book, but it is an especially good diary-style book. I read it sometime in 6th or 7th grade for the first time, and then once I had realized that I could relate to the book a little bit I read it again in 8th grade, and now I am reading it again. A lot of the humor really is stone-cold, which is what I like about it.
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04/26/2021, 16:55: First week impressions and Tempered Steel

It really has been what some would call a "hot minute" since I wrote here last, and even though it has only been four days on paper--three, if you are counting by the time I finish the entries--I can still feel the tone slipping through my fingers like sand. I have made the decision to myself that I will absolutely never stop writing this, or at least try my best to not forget about it. It has been more than five months, 400 megabytes, and nearly 2,000 Visual Studio lines of my thoughts and outlook on the world, and if I could, I would keep writing this until I am old and frail and on my deathbed. I really do mean that, and it certainly will be meaningful if someone actually reads all of it. For now, though, I am the young and spry age of 15 and this blog is not going anywhere unless I take a massive trip and it slips my mind or something. As for things that have actually been happening, there are nearly none of them; which I know surprises absolutely nobody. Maybe I should look at InfoWars or something to see what people who hate Biden think of what he's doing, as it felt like in all of my left-leaning circles there was nothing but complaining happening when Trump was in office. From what they thought about the Capitol riots, maybe I will get a better understanding of what Biden is actually getting done by reading InfoWars, of all things. Or maybe the Wall Street Journal, except that actually has some amount of effort when it comes to the journalism and research. I did beat Tempered Steel on Saturday, which I am incredibly relieved about. That level could have taken me Lord knows how long, and I finished it up in a week and a few days, with moderate enjoyment. I ended up dying at the ending a grand total of 5 or 6 times, which is more embarrassing than anything and just goes to show how prone to choking I am. The ending is certainly not easy, so at least I did fluke most of it. I waffled on what to do next for quite a while, and then settled on Renevant, which is still probably way too hard but something I have had my eye on for a while. Currently it is #6, and it does feel like it has been there for ages, but it seems like a good enough top 10 to do. I might go for The Rupture or something if I find Renevant too hard, or just start grinding out the extended list or something. If you don't know what I am talking about, this should be fairly good enough reference material. Today was, after all, the first day of the second week of school, so I might as well give a synopsis of how it went. It was another day with odd-numbered classes, so the first one of the day was computer science. It was about as boring as you would expect, with us barely doing anything last week and with a fresh sluggish new unit for this week. Maybe it will pick up eventually, as there have been quite the number of stimulating and interesting things in that class, but this might just not be one of them. I then went all the way upstairs and over to Spanish, in less time than last Monday might I add. Spanish was fairly interesting, but more than a little bit confusing as we were working with verb conjugations and it was nessecary to remember all the other verb conjugations. Some people were absolutely nailing it, and unfortunately I was not one of them. I then took a leak and walked all the way across the building to my Health classroom, where we were taught information that could be Googled in a few minutes about opiets and released to the track to play frisbee or something. I ended up playing spikeball with some friends of friends, and it was not bad at all, even though I was awful at it.
You will never guess when I am writing this. Tuesday the 27th at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I am absolutely dogwater at finishing these on time, so I might as well talk about the track thing that is happening today. In a few minutes I am departing to another one of the conditioning events, where as rumor has it we will run, or at least the people who are planning on running will run. I do not know what we are even doing or the specific kind of running we will do, but I will certainly try my best and run until I feel like I am going to die. The general rule of thumb is that if you feel like you are going to die, go for a bit longer; this seems fairly accurate for all of the workouts we have done in XC and in middle school, as well. I might just end this here and update again when I get back, as I very much do need practice actually ending these entries for once. Man, this tone feels really cold for some reason. I should use some more commas or at least try not to ramble too much.
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04/22/2021, 07:56: The Second Day and things about running

I am actually writing this in class, my first period class as a matter of fact. There is this document that has been rotting in my Office OneDrive for at least two years, called “eliblog @ school.docx”. From what it looks like, I would write the blog if I had nothing to do in class. All of the entries are probably up on the website, just at the bottom of the page. Usually I just write these in Visual Studio itself, as it is helpful with closing html brackets and things like that. It also doesn’t have the annoying-ass spellcheck and grammar check that Word does, however I suppose we will live with this for now. From what I remember, I would paste the entry into Visual Studio when I got home from school, and then upload it like I usually do. The comedic video of the day, I anticipate, will just be added in during that process. During class today, all we had to do was a test, which I scored around average on. I do have something for math to do, however Chrome was nice enough to autofill my password and username every time I log into the website where we answer the questions, so naturally when I try doing it on a different device I can’t remember my username. It is always a variation of my first initial, my last name, and the number “01”, but it is different for every website and just a general pain in the ass. “no matter,” I thought, “i will just go to the ‘forgot password’ page and put in different usernames until it recognizes it!” Which I did, successfully guessing my username. This would have worked out flawlessly had the website not made the move of resetting my password automatically and emailing it to my teacher. I did ask him, and he gave the password with little to no hesitation. It is a string of capital letters, which really is not great from a security point of view but it certainly is better than nothing. I then tried to log in, with all of the possible username combinations and the copy-and-pasted password, but none of them worked. I might just have put in the wrong username, or maybe the website itself had a brain aneurysm or something. When I get home I will try again with the autofilled username and with the correct password this time, and just hope and pray. If all else fails, I can just fill them out in my notebook and not know whether I got them right or not.
Yesterday was asynchronous, as Wednesdays tend to be, and I felt like I actually got some work done during it. Wednesdays usually consist of me getting one (1) assignment done in the morning and then playing Grand Theft Auto or Geometry Dash for the remainder of the midmorning and afternoon. I enjoy it in the moment, but then at the end of the day I am left with many assignments that I kick myself for not doing when I had the time to. Yesterday I traded being cracked at Geometry Dash for getting things done, which is good from a school standpoint as I ground through an entire PowerPoint presentation I had to get done for LA/SS, as well as some other things for biology and other classes. This was 200% more productive than I usually am. However, I was less good at Geometry Dash than I was last week and the week before, but I still did get some good runs on Tempered Steel and generally enjoy myself so I would call that around par for a day mostly spent doing homework. I also went to a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, something called a “well check” that occurs every year right around my birthday. I was due for no vaccines, and it went rather uneventfully compared to some years. Tuesday, though, or the day before yesterday, was actually a little bit interesting and stimulating compared to the day after. On Mondays and Thursdays, I have the odd-numbered classes, and on Tuesdays and Fridays, I have the even-numbered classes. The first one of the day, my math class, was only of note because of the super high ceiling in the class. That classroom could work as a church hall if you really wanted it to be, and it is just generally a strange room. Nothing out of the ordinary happened here, the whole 70 minutes was generally akin to how the Teams meetings went. Our teacher did seem extremely happy and excited to be with real, in-person kids, which was just a relieving feeling to the people being taught, as well. This class felt a little less “chatty” than some of the other classes I had on Monday, which might just have been because of the massive cieling or beacuse people did not know each other that well. We then sat in that classroom for not only the duration of the class, but the equivalent of another period because it was supposed to be some sort of study thing. I did do a Spanish thing then, which I feel is a good thing. I then went out the door, down some stairs, and across a hall to my biology classroom, where our teacher talked about osmosis and diffusion in front of us. He certainly is ten times better of a teacher when he is in-person, and just feels more confident and at-ease. He also wears a bow tie, which I think is an interesting quality.
All right, it is Friday evening and I have certainly thought about writing this multiple times since when I started this but never followed through. The main talking point was the T&F conditioning that happened on Thursday (the 22nd) from 4-6 in the afternoon. Initially, I was very very skeptical about going because it was, after all, optional and I didn't know if anyone I knew would be there or not. I also was not exactly in the mood for running, with my legs being the most sore they have ever been for an extended period of time. When I got there, though, all that skepticism immediately washed off, as there were indeed some people there and it was at a location that I knew. Becuase it was track and not XC, there were a few groups that started forming, each with their own coach. There were the Jump People, who I suppose do the high jump, long jump, and triple jump; the Sprint People, who did the 100, 200, and 400; the Pole People, who spent the entire practice carrying out equipment; the Heavy Ball People, who I suppose did throwing of the shot put; and the Correct People, who did the 800, the 1600, and the 3200. Most of the people there were either Sprint People or Correct People, and the Pole People just did their thing while everyone else watched. The part of the team that knew what they were doing went off and did a strenuous run, while myself and my friends as well as some other people did an on-and-off thing on the track. Both were about two miles, but I only did 1.5 miles because I felt like I was going to pass out on my second-to-last one, so I cut it short. The workout really was not too bad, and more boring than anything because it was on the track. There was this one tryhardy kid who somehow refused to accept the fact that this small lil' track exercise was not a race. Whenever anyone passed him he went a little bit faster, until he was absolutely dying and out of control and had to stop for water like three times. Maybe he is a good person or something, but he just seemed very annoying when he was actually running. After everyone got back from the interesting things they were doing, the Correct People went and stretched as a group, and I walked away with less sore muscles. I really am glad that I went to that conditioning thing, and there is another one on Tuesday so I might go to that one as well.
On a very different note, there is this massive computer science thing that I have to finish by Sunday night. It is a performance task, and we have had a lot of time to get it done. Myself and ZetoMax, or, rather, ZetoMax, have finished the actual app that we were supposed to make, and now we just have some questions to answer. He really did carry me for the code section, but it is independent with the questions so hopefully that will offer a little bit of redemption for myself. I will certainly have to grind to get it done, that is for sure. I also have a talking thing with Lego Ant from 4-6 in the afternoon tomorrow, more of a makeup party as I really would have liked to have him there on the 17th however it just wouldn't be fun for anyone. I do hope it goes well. Tomorrow just seems kind of packed from a happenings point of view, so I might call this entry here and write another when I get the chance. These entries are taking longer and longer to write, partially because I have more things to say and also partially because I cannot be assed to write them a lot of the time. I do enjoy it, so I suppose that is good.
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04/19/2021, 21:06: The First Day

I am writing this later than I should have, but I did have some things to do as well as a nap that I took. The first day actually went fairly well for something that I have been dreading for weeks on end, and I am quite excited and ready to do it all againt tommorow. Me and my mother departed at 6:50, and got there at around 7:00 which I am astonished at as there was little to no traffic. We were on the earlier side, so maybe all of the traffic was yet to come. I had to fill out this attestation thing virtually, where I clicked two radio buttons to confirm that I did not have any coronavirus symptoms. Eventually we all got into the school, and I entered through the C wing, where my first class was. The classes were each 70 minutes long, however there were only four of them. Today, I had periods 1, 3, 5, and 7, and tommorrow I will have 2, 4, and 6; just like the other online schedule. First period was not all that interesting, with us just sitting in the classroom and working on our performance tasks, as it was computer science. We did get whole ass PCs and massive monitors, which were fairly convenient however it was annoying to have to re-set all of the settings. First period came and went without too much of a hassle, and I do think I can get the performance task done. ZetoMax is kind of carrying me on it, but we are communicating frequently enough for me not to feel all that guilty about it. The only thing that is left is writing the responses, which might take a bit but since all of the code is cut-and-dry hopefully that, too, will be straightforward. After seventy long minutes of staring at very bright web pages, I went out of the CS classroom, went up some stairs, over a skybridge into the E wing, and left into my Spanish classroom. I have actually drawn a map of where I went the whole day so that it isn't impossible to follow along with my bad phrasing. Spanish was actually somewhat stimulating, with it being on the second floor with a window view. Our teacher had the people on Teams on their laptop, and whenever anyone there unmuted there would be a ghostly voice coming in from the speaker on the ceiling. They could hear us as well, and it was generally a pretty well-working system. Our teacher had some difficulty just getting the PowerPoint working for people on both sides, and eventually it did work. It was just so great being in two different physical classrooms and not just on my computer all the time, wasting away. After that class, I went to the bathroom as it was right outside the classroom, then went all the way across the school to my Health classroom, which was just as barren as the CS classroom. My Spanish one was the only one that actually had a sizeable amount of decorations, that might just be because the teachers never really had time to put things up. We talked about in-person safety for ten minutes in Health, then we all went out to the track and stadium with some of the other classes. Everyone began walking around the track, so I just did a few 100s so that I could get better at sprinting. Currently I absolutely suck at it, almost as much as I suck at distance running, however I do think I might be able to get better at it. When I felt like I had enough of running, I joined one of my friends and some people he knew on the field for frisbee and other things. Eventually, it was time to go back inside, so we did just that and then I headed to my LA/SS class. It was on the second story of the D wing, with this long hallway to get to the actual room right after you went through the door. It felt like you could place a ball from where the teacher usually stoof and it would roll back to the back of the classroom. Usually classrooms are on slopes, but not ones as noticeable as this. Or at least I thought it was on a slope, or had the general suspicion of it. It was a very strange experience, that is for sure. My teacher had, and I mean this in the most polite way possible, "The English Teacher Stature". It is hard to describe, but she had a very similar manner of walking as my previous LA/SS teachers. She gave our class the same shpeal about coronavirus safety and all that, and then we had some time to work on the project that I had not started yet.
----- good LOOOOORd dude i have to leave again for school very soon today and i am not even finished with writing this entry about my previous day. i will probably just leave and then come back, finish my thoughts about the first day, and then give an update about how the second day went if i feel up to the task. man i should have written this earlier but i did take a three-hour nap so that might have been why
Back from the second day; I will give a synopsis of what happened after LA/SS and then describe what happened today. After we worked on the projects, we all got up and exited the classroom, turning right and then left and down some stairs into the lunchroom/commons. Everyone was getting lunch at once, so I simply bailed and headed to my biology classroom where I had planned to do some group work with my group members who were remote. I ended up getting lunch anyway, as I was fairly hungry and I thought I had enough time. Which I did, I ended up getting a chicken sandwich which was very warm as well as an apple, some French fries, and a chocolate milk. I ate half of the sandwich in the lunchroom, then went back to my biology classroom and finished the group work. After I was satisfied with the group things, I went to the parking lot to find my mother's car and had the rest of the food there. It really wasn't a bad first day, although for some reason I was absolutely exhausted when I got home. I only superficially looked at Twitter and built a little bit of peppermind, then went upstairs with the intention of listening to music and ended up taking a three-hour nap. This greatly shrunk the percieved length of the afternoon and generally made me woozy and irritable, but I suppose I needed the nap. I might just end this entry here and write a whole separate one for the second day, as I don't want this one dragging on for too long.
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04/18/2021, 09:23: The birthday entry

I am still kind of kicking myself for not writing this yesterday, as the 17th was my actual birthday and I do wish I could have said something like "WOOOO I AM 15". But no, instead I might just give an overview of the things that happened. My birthdays used to be a massive deal, or at least I wanted them to be, with loads of kids invited to inflatable parties when I was eight or nine and the events just being huge. For the past few years, all I have really wanted to do was talk with a few of my friends and lay on the floor. Yesterday was at least a little bit like that; I woke up and had some cereal for breakfast, then played Geometry Dash for a few hours. I am trying Tempered Steel now, a level that it seems like no one likes for some reason, and I have been playing it less than I would have liked to. The main reason for that is peppermind, a level that I have told absolutely no one about and I hopefully will not until I finish it. No further details will be revealed until I finish it, and somehow this lack of telling anyone makes me more motivated to finish it, so that people can actually have a look at it. I will say, though, that it is a red-and-white themed level, which hopefully could be deduced by the name. It can be pronounced either "pepper mind" or "peppermynd", which is a quality I like about the name. At around noon, my mother and I departed to drop off some cupcakes to the people who would be attending the Discord call. It didn't take nearly as long as I expected for like five houses scattered across the area, and I did enjoy seeing some of my friends in-person. Lego Ant gave me this massive ass inflatable pickle from Veggietales, which I currently have taped to my wall. The tape is less secure than it would be ideally, but hopefully it will not fall off anytime soon. The main Discord call, some would call it the party, happened between myself and four other people, around the same crew that was at Clarence and ZetoMax's birthdays. The pickle was the only sizeable present that I recieved from my friends, and Lego did write a nice card as well. I really would have liked to have him at the party, however he knows absolutely no one from that friend group and they barely know him. I did offer to just hang out and call probably from 4-6 next Saturday, so hopefully that will make up for it and not let him down. I do like Lego Ant as a friend and as a person, so talking with him will hopefully be a good thing. After I got back from delivering the cupcakes I put all the loot from the presents in my room, and then streamed. Somehow I got 91 on Tempered Steel, which really is a shame as I do expect to die between 50 and 90 a fair amount. It's not like I have any time pressure to beat it or anything, and I do enjoy playing the level, so hopefully I will not go insane if I die to some really dumb parts. After the stream I called with The Men for a few hours, some would call it a party, and we did things like Hypixel Bounty Hunters and simply talking. We watched a little bit of Idiocracy, however a few minutes in I came to realize that no one was really liking it so we went back to party games and such and such. This was also around the time that it began sinking in that I was in fact fifteen entire years old, something I have been waiting quite a while for and that I am glad finally happened. I did enjoy being fourteen, but it did make some of my opinions invalid due to my age, so at last I am moving up in the world. I would also expect to start driving school fairly soon, as I am the right age for it and it really would be nice to be able to drive.
The first day of in-person school is tommorrow, and I feel mostly prepared for it. My mother was kind enough to get a new, decent enough backpack, which I have put all my stuff in. If I don't like it, I have the musty and crusty backpack that I have used since 6th grade as a backup. I have two masks, both that I really do like, and I have watched all of the safety videos that the district put out. It seems like the district actually has it together, and the policies make sense as well as their way of enforcing them. School does start two hours earlier than it usually does, which really is not that big of an issue as I wake up fairly early most week days nonetheless. The earlier start time is actually great, as it means that school will end earlier as well, leaving me time to get home and cool off or something. I feel as prepared as I can be, and if I absolutely hate it I can always go back to online school the week after. Tomorrow I might update with how it went. MAN this entry felt awkward.
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04/14/2021, 20:14: Baller ass day

I was over the moon today for whatever reason, a large part of which can be chalked up to me beating Eternal Moment. The earlier part of today really was not outstanding, with me suffering both at the blue part and from 0 on EM, but it certainly did turn around when I beat the level. It was so very much out of nowhere, I didn't even react that much. I was just browsing Twitter and Twitch, and then all of a sudden it occurred to me that I hadn't gone from 0 in a while. So I opened up Geometry Dash, pressed play, and just beat the level. I also did not die at the infamous last jump, which ties me for the biggest fluke of the level from 90. This, for me, was more of a side thing that happened today due to it just being great to be done with the level. It's not that I hated the level, in fact I really did like it, I just didn't want to be stuck on it for any longer. The main interest of today was that I actually went to a school tour; I arrived at 1:30 and went out by 2:00. It is April of my freshman year, and I had never actually seen the majority of the interior of the school until today, which really is not a great thing. Me and one other freshman just walked around the empty school with someone who knew what they were doing, and after seeing all of the school I feel a large amount more confident about actually going back. It was something about uncovering the mystery of what really was inside that school that made me look forward even more to going back on the 19th. There are five wings, but only three that actually matter: the C, D, and E wings all have two stories and are where the main bulk of the classes are. The C and D wings kind of form a semicircle, with there being a skybridge to the E wing from the second floor. From what our tour guide told us, the E wing was chunked onto the school a few decades after the school was built, as the planned capacity was somewhere around 700 and there are more than 2,000 kids going to the school nowadays. It does baffle me that the only way into the E wing is through a somewhat narrow skybridge on the second floor, but it is still a skybridge in a very interesting school building, so I think I will roll with it.
This may sound petty, but another highlight of the day was that I finally found my misplaced school laptop charger. I was given a pretty swaggy Dell laptop and its charger at the start of the school year, and since October I have known where the laptop is but not the charger. Today, I looked extra hard for it and ended up finding it connected to an outlet under my desk, where I suppose I had it so I could have it right next to my main computer. I then plugged the laptop in, restarted it, and made the desktop background this Superliminal screenshot as I really do think that particular screenshot looks nice. What I don't like, however, is that the cursor/crosshair/crossdot is still visible, but it is small enough to not make too much of a difference. Somehow, just finding my laptop cord made me fifty times more confident about going back to in-person school. In 6th grade, I had to go two-thirds of the school year without a laptop charger, as someone borrowed it or something and I just never got it back. Those six or seven months really weren't great; I had to ask someone for a charger every single time we had to do something on them, and I just couldn't work on anything at home. I began dreading any activity involving a laptop, and I certainly was worried I was going to have that same experience this year. Luckily it turned up, and now I have all of my school supplies in order. All I really need to take to school is my backpack, a mask, and my laptop, which I feel like is manageable enough. The laptop cord was the main kink in the whole pipeline of me going back to school, a wrench in the system if you will, and now that it is resolved I do feel strangely much better. I might install youtube-dl or something like that on it, but that might just be illicit as it is a school laptop.
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04/13/2021, 08:40: Cherry flavored soda and more Geometry Dash things

The blue part of Eternal Moment is quite literally the most annoying thing I have ever played. It is not even bad, or really not even that annoying, it is just so hard to the point that I just took a hundred and thirty-four attempts to pass it one time. This is not from 0, this is me going from the start of the blue part and trying to do it. Usually it doesn't take me that long to pass it, as most of the times I do it I just do it to practice, but this one time just took for-fucking-ever for whatever reason. I kept dying to the same timings over and over, the timings that I used to be alright at but I lose consistency at every time I go to bed and wake up. Beating this level before my birthday, the 17th, seems like an impossible feat even though I have already spent a MONTH AND A HALF ON IT. I have come very close to beating it three times now, and still I feel like I will never beat it. I suppose all I really have to do is just persistently go at it, and as I really do genuinely enjoy playing the level it will at least be a good experience. I would like to think that I don't care how long it takes for me to beat it, but in reality I do. It's a hard level, but I do feel like I should have beaten it by now. My attempts, somehow, aren't even that high, with the count being almost 21k or 22k across both my copies. I do try not to pay too much attention to attempts, but as they are a nearly direct indicator of how good you are at the game I can't help but judge myself based on them. On a different note, yesterday was pretty darn good not because I did anything interesting in Geometry Dash, but because I went to the grocery store and bought a large amount of soda. Usually when I go there, I only buy one 12-pack of soda cans, as that is really all I need. But this time, I got 2 12-packs as I was feeling frisky and there was a flavor I had not tried before. The soda that I bought was the store's offbrand mockery of Cherry Coke, which does taste like Cherry Coke but is not nearly as expensive. The second soda that I bought was something I had never seen before; Cherry 7up. I consider myself to be quite the 7up enjoyer, and when I saw they had it in cherry I really did wonder what it tasted like. Somehow, I had not heard of it before, even though it seems like it has been in production for a while. I bought the soda and then carried it out of the store, to load it up into my backpack as I rode my bike there. It barely fit; I don't think I could have fit another can in there if it was not for my water bottle which I should not have brought. Somehow I made it back home, and the first thing I did after setting everything down was trying a Cherry 7up. And it really wasn't bad at all! It had the exact freshness and limeyness of a regular 7up, however had some cherry flavors that stood out and made the whole thing just taste better. I will certainly be having more of it, and maybe even purchasing some more cans of it if I decide that I really like it. Apparently there are other obscure flavors of 7up, too, so if I see any of those I might as well try them. The offbrand Cherry Cola wasn't bad either, but not nearly as good as the Cherry 7up. If I was given a blind taste test, I doubt I could differentiate the bootleg from the real Cherry Coke, so those chemists really know what they are doing. There is not much else to discuss other than malding over Geometry Dash. I have been listening to more music than usual recently, so maybe there will be an album review or something in the near future.
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04/09/2021, 13:25: Eternal Moment

It is very hard to put into words my feelings about this level. On one hand, it is a generally very well-made level; zero bugs, impeccable balancing, and amazing decoration. The sync and gameplay on the whole could use some work, but it is a top 30 so I feel as if the gameplay should be cut some slack--it is hard to make a top 30 without it being just awful timings. I have been going at the level since March 6th, but only very recently have I seriously started practicing and playing it. The level can be divided up into a few segments; the predrop (0-18), the drop (18-50), the blue part (50-69), the slow part (69-85) and the ending (85-100). For most attempts that I get past the predrop, I either die at the drop or at the very beginning of the blue part, where there are a few timings seemingly created simply to kick my ass. I have practiced from the blue part God knows how many times, and I still do not consider myself consistent at it. It is just a matter of getting lucky with those few timings and just praying that I can make it to the slow part. The slow part contains a few nasty timings, however they are not nearly as bad as the ones contained in the blue part. The ending is relatively easygoing, and I mostly just die there due to nerves. The main reason I am having trouble with the level is just that every single timing between 40 and 60 is just anally pounding me, no matter how much I practice them. I could do some of the timings ten times in a row and still die there from 0 the next attempt. I do have 89, I got that on Monday though, but I still am very very close to beating the level. It's not like kowareta where I had to give myself five-minute pep talks right before I went to bed because I really was on the verge of disliking the level. EM certainly is one of the better extremes, and I will very surely eventually beat it. I have virtually all the time I could ever need to beat this level, and it is not like I have some kind of deadline. I just don't want to spend way too long on it, like Spectrum Cyclone which took a month and a half. As long as I keep playing it, I will be fine.
Other than Geometry Dash, nearly nothing interesting has been happening which is a large reason why I haven't written here since Monday. I went to my friend's birthday party last night, and it really was not bad at all. It absolutely fried my hand muscle, though, as it was lazer tag and I was gripping a semi-heavy gun most of the time. I didn't really know too many of the kids there other than the birthday boy, but it was still alright as they seemed like nice people. I am mostly still trying to figure out what on earth happened, so I might just leave a full summary in the days to come. I am going to be dragged along on a 1.5 hour car drive up north to go see some tulips, which to me seemed awful at first but I might actually like it. It is not just a little bit of tulips, apparently, it is more tulips than you can shake a stick at. The car rides will certainly be a pain, but it may well be an interesting sight. I should at least give it a chance, it really is something unique to this area. I do apoligize if this entry was just written in fragments or if it was too short or something like that; spring break is a time of very low brain activity, not that that is a bad thing. I also ran counter-clockwise on The Loop today, and I got a time of like 8:17.
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04/06/2021, 10:34: The thing about MyCircle

Finally there is something to be tilted about. I would have written this thing last night, at maybe around 12 hours ago, however I was streaming and was just very tired. Yesterday night, I started streaming at around 9 in the evening, just because I thought it would be nice to play a little bit of the level as well as just hang out and talk. Everything was going swimmingly--everyone was having a good time, I even had small bouts of consistency--until suddenly I lost internet connection and my bitrate plummeted to 0. This sometimes happens out of the blue, as while I am fortunate enough to have some pretty fast internet it is finnicky some of the time. I would say it just randomly stopping happens maybe once or twice every three days, so it really is not all that uncommon. Then I looked at the clock, and it hit me: that my parents' montly subscription service to MyCircle had screwed something up again. It is spring break, so I suppose I was allowed to be up, but apparently that app didn't think so. It took a few minutes for my parents to disable it, and then I headed back downstairs to resume everything in an absolutely awful mood. It seems like that app, whose purpose is to restrict me being on my computer, only actually works at the most inconvenient times, such as times that it shouldn't even be functioning. It is hard to describe just how tilted and malding I was from that, as I really shouldn't even have been. It wasn't that I wanted to murder someone or something like that, or even scream into a pillow; it was this strange kind of anger that made me feel like I could hurl a lot of verbal abuse at someone and swear a lot. The app really does have some good intentions, specifically to keep me from ruining my sleep schedule and so that I don't fry my eyes from looking at a screen late into the night. I have just never felt that exact variant of passive anger so strongly, which is the main reason why that incident was so notable. I just don't really get angry a lot, I suppose. I have notified my parents to turn off the restrictions for the rest of spring break, so hopefully nothing like this will happen again, or at least not until the week is over. That was really the only thing that happened in the past two days, enough to warrant talking about it here. I went on a bike ride yesterday, but it wasn't more than like three or four miles.
So instead of rambling about things that happened and restating myself millions of times, I might just ramble about Geometry Dash. beech, a layout that I have been going at for the past two or three days, is finished, and I might actually try to decorate it. It will certainly be hard, and I am not even one for decorating, but the song is actually on newgrounds and I feel proud enough of the layout. Some of my friends are pretty good with decoration, so if I am completely lost I can just ask them. Eternal Moment is chugging along just fine, I got 89 yesterday and I really do think I can beat it before May. I somehow only have like 13k attempts even though I have been playing it for a month, I guess that is just a sign of me not playing it enough.
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04/04/2021, 22:00: The Loop and Easter

I hope everyone is buckled in for a heniously uneventful spring break, because I sure am. I doubt I will even have things to talk about for many of the upcoming days. One thing that actually has been happening is that I have kept up running. I live in a suburb, which is really nothing special, and sometimes I go for walks just around the neighborhood. As I couldn't be assed to actually go anywhere to practice running, and I also didn't really feel up for running with my father, I thought I would just go around the block and time myself with the smart watch thing that I have. As it turned out yesterday, the whole block is a little bit more than a mile, and I can run it in nine minutes flat if I really try. The thing about it is that it is absolutely littered with hills, ranging from ones that are barely even a hill to absolute 40-degree monstrosities. I have drawn a map, starting at where I usually start and going clockwise around the block until I reach the place that I started, which happens to be the end. This is how loops work. It really is a nice running route, and one mile seems like a better distance than a kilometer if I am trying to get better at 5ks and 1600s. Of course, when I actually run it it will be astronomically flatter and I will not have a mask on. I suppose I am just trying to impair myself as much as possible so that it is refreshing when I am back on flatter ground. Yesterday I only did one of those block-loops (i got nine minutes on the dot, i was expecting ten however when i saw it was only a mile i was wondering why it wasn't like eight) and today I did two with a short bout of walking in between them. Today I actually felt tired, so I feel like two loops is a good number. It would also be cool to get sub-nine; even though it is only a mile the hills really do make it slower, it seems like there are nearly no flat parts except for maybe one in the middle. If I ever do get to a snapping point with all the hills, it would not be crazy for me to ride my bike to the middle school--I[-----]--and run laps or something. That would just be boring, it seems like, but it is the flattest area that I know that actually has a way to measure how far you are going. I think the sand field near the elementary school has like 6 laps to a mile, but I really could not care less. I would just like to get better at running, something that I am sure will eventually happen. It will take a lot of time and effort, one of which I do have, but I do think I can do it. I don't really have a time goal, it would just be nice to not be fuckin' second-to-last all the time in races. Maybe I will be alright at some of the shorter events in T&F or something, which I suppose I will find out in due time.
Something I think about a lot is whether these entries will age well. I don't mean that in the literal sense, that maybe my political opinions will no longer socially
----- (holy SHIT. can i just talk for a very quick second about this l key on my keyboard. if you will remember i spilled soda on my keyboard around a week ago and this mother FUCKING l key will not function no matter how hard i try. i am not kidding. it is like someone glued it down. whenever i push it down it will not pop back up for five geologic eons. i am going to have post-traumatic stress disorder from simply seeing a capital letter l for the res of my life i fucking swear)
acceptable, but that I will look back at how absolutely dumb I was in these entries and scoff or something like that. This is going to sound dumb, like very very dumb, but in LA/SS class we were reading a book that is about four sisters in the Dominican Republic in the 1950s that try to rise up against the regime across many years but ultimately get murdered in their effort. Three of the sisters are close in age--nearly within a year of each other--however one sister is nine years behind. Her first-person chapters are filled with her aspiring to the impossible example that her older sisters are setting for her. I just found that kind of interesting, that she is always just trying to absorb things but never actually doing it. Being surrounded by all of these older people who are nearly full-grown adults by now seems like having the same experience (this is the dumb thing i was talking about, i simply cannot believe that i am actually relating a novel study book to my own experiences but here we are i suppose), that I just cannot grow up fast enough and do all the things that these people are doing. But, after all, part of the experience of maturing is, you know, actually maturing and learning from your own mistakes. All it really does take is time. The same sort of thing happened to me in 6th grade; I kept finding myself doing things that would make me seem more grown-up, but in the end I was just a sixth grader. I will still be a high school freshman for maybe 2.5 more months, so I had better hop to it and start doing things. This year has felt like almost nothing, and yet it is almost over already--the 4th quarter starts in a week, and after that it is summer and then back to school again. I will probably be driving before I know it. Gad, this whole subject is just so strange, as I am probably not even in a good position to speak on it being so young and spry.
As for Easter, it really wasn't bad at all. It was very hard to resist saying "so what kind of sweet loot did you rake in today" to some of my friends, and I did in fact get some fairly sweet loot, mostly obscure flavors and types of Peeps and some chocolate. Our family had my father's mother, usually called a grandmother, over for dinner, so it was nice to talk to her. Easter, like other holidays, seems more like a pain in the ass than a holiday, with such features as endless hours of family time and a long-ass church service for people who are religious. The family time is really not so bad, though, and I find myself enjoying it at times.
----- good LOOOORD it is kind of late i might as well just leave this here and actually FTP it in the morning, as my parents thought it would be a stellar idea to restrict my internet on school nights after 10 in the evening, even though i am rarely on any device past 9:45 on school nights. as it happens this is not a school night, so it is understandably inconvenient that i do not have internet.
For future reference, I feel like the five dashes (-----) will indicate a more casual tone until the paragraph ends, as sometimes there are issues that are better discussed without capitalizing literally everything and having to worry about punctuation.
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04/03/2021, 09:47: Spring break, hybrid school and probably other things

You know, I still cannot believe I am writing these entries as if people will read them. People probably will, without a doubt, read some of this eventually, maybe even all of it if they have the time on their hands, but that might just happen a long time into the future. There is also a good chance of me myself rediscovering this when I'm in college or something, and gawking at how feeble-minded I was. But it is likely that for the next ten years or so, no one I really know will be reading this, which I suppose is alright. There will surely be people I know online who might read this, which would be good but might also ruin my reputation or something. This is meant to be more of a public-ish diary that isn't really all that personal, and mostly just me running my mouth about things, so I suppose it is fulfilling its purpose. Today is the first day of spring break, which I didn't actually find out about until like last night. Certainly a happy-ish surprise, even though I already partly knew about it. It is just good to be done with all of my homework and have absolutely nothing to worry about until next week, if only I was actually able to go places with friends. The week after spring break is completely asynchronous, which I think I might have mentioned earlier, which is presumably that so that teachers can prepare for the coming week of actual in-person classes. Starting on the 19th, I will actually be going to in-person school four days a week. Not even half days, 6-ish hour days of school. It just seems strange that they would ratchet us up to full days without doing half days or something along those lines first. The administrators probably know better than I do, however, as they are being paid $200,000 a year to make these decisions so you'd think they would be good decisions. It will be nice to actually see people again and not just talk to them through Discord or something, but none of the people that I talk with very frequently are actually going back, which is unfortunate. But just seeing really anyone my age is still a good thing, even if I do not know a lot of people that well. I don't even know what the policy is for coming to school/staying remote; if I could just dip on any day that would greatly be preferrable than being locked in for a few weeks. All of these questions will be answered eventually, or at least I hope so. I might as well talk about something else, being my eyebrows. What my eyebrows look like might be called by many as a "unibrow", or at least part of one. There are only a few hairs above my nose, but enough that it kind of looks like one continuous eyebrow. It is the result of not trimming my eyebrow hair since sometime in 5th grade, when I just thought it would look cool if I had a unibrow. Currently, I am just feeling like it looks unkempt and that I should at least tweeze out a few of the hairs. From just looking in the mirror, they are actually not that visible and the whole thing doesn't even look as bad as I thought it would. I do like my nice long eyebrows, I am just not sure about that skimpy part in the middle. I will probably just waffle over it for a few more days, then eventually either pull a few of the hairs out or not do anything to it. From the memories I have about it in middle school, some kids knew me as "the guy that had part of a unibrow", and I still am kind of proud of growing it out for so long. After further inspection in the mirror, it really doesn't look that awful, maybe even decent. If I don't change my mind, nothing will happen to that unibrow unless it catches fire or I get hair cancer or something.
Other than those petty things and Geometry Dash, nothing too much else has been happening, whether it be in the news or in my experience. Yesterday was the final cross country "practice", where the whole team gathered on some stairs to sit on our asses for an hour, then get up (get up, get up) and go. What we were sitting on our asses for was so that t-shirts and other swaggy items could be handed out to the people who had participated in some races in fall 2020, when the usual season is. Of course, none of these I participated in as I wasn't even doing cross country back then. But I certainly did hear about them, for whatever reason I was on the coach's mailing list all season long, so I got to hear exactly what I would be missing. They did seem like some decent-looking clothes, so with any luck next year I can participate in a few of the events. It was sort of harrowing to be a freshman there, and for the whole season as a matter of fact; just by being surrounded by people who are a few years older than me, are faster than me, and know their way around the physical school as well as the social world was kind of strange. Next year I will be a sophomore, which is still unbelievable to me, so at least moving up in the world is not too far away. Maybe I shouldn't view it as that, though, with being in a higher grade undoubtedly comes more homework and harder classes. I will be fine, hopefully--most of the time that is alotted for doing homework I just spend playing Geometry Dash and ruminating and stewing.
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04/02/2021, 09:33: The bike ride and ASCII Art Farts

The bike ride took a little bit longer than I had expected but was still great. It felt like everything lined up in order for me to go on it; the weather was decent, I didn't have too much homework, and I was actually able to make myself get up and out the door. The destination was B[-----] Lake, or at least the park surrounding it, as I sometimes went there for cross country practice and I thought it would be interesting to go there. Here is an awful drawing of around where I went. The whole thing was maybe like 10 miles roundtrip, and the hills certainly made it a lot more interesting, albeit harder. My ass was sore for the latter half of it, especially walking up and down all the hills for that long stretch in the middle, but that does tend to happen a lot for bike rides that I take. It was fairly successful for a new place to go to, and I was fairly proud of myself even during it. It was also surprisingly warm, it's like it's spring or something. I was wearing a flannel that I have had since like 7th grade, quite a comfortable flannel and one that I really do like, and by the end of the bike ride I had a small pool of sweat on my back, probably also because I was wearing a backpack. In the backpack I kept a mask, my phone, and a water bottle, only one of which I needed--being the mask--but I think I could have gotten away with not using it. It is also around this time of year, when I start riding my bike, that I am reminded how many cyclists there are. If you do not know the difference between a biker and a cyclist, it is a very clear one: cyclists are people in their mid-fourties who like to call themselves athletes, wear skimpy jerseys with ads on them, are absolute pricks to everyone they meet, and ride a $1000 bike with extra thin wheels to justify all those things. Bikers are people who ride bikes, nothing more, nothing less. I would call myself a biker, maybe even just "someone who rarely uses a bike". I probably won't even need one once inherit a vehicle, but it still is a fun activity. Cyclists seem to take themselves too seriously, all hunched over and looking only at the road in front of them and not all the cool things around them, such as trees or stop signs. I suppose cyclists also race in things like the France Tour or something, and other bike races, but that just seems way too competitive. They probably enjoy it, and people enjoy watching it, so I really do not have a problem.
In the shower this morning, one phrase came into my head for whatever reason. I do not know how it even came in or what my subconscious was doing, but the phrase was: "i beat off with oven mitts nightly". Now, for any other possible phrase that seems random like that, I doubt I would have been able to find its origins. But for some reason, I knew exactly where it came from: this page from the semi-well-known website ASCII Art Farts. I might have been looking around the website in 7th or 8th grade when I stumbled upon it by accident, and some other notable ones include this one and this one. The site looks to be full of these tiny ASCII art drawings, accompanied with some text that usually makes me wheeze in laughter and is in all caps. From the small chunk of them that I read this morning, they seem to be satirically homophobic (or at least, I hope it is satire) and always very funny. The fact that a lot of them are over 20 years old makes them all the better, showing how it seems like humor did not change at all over 22 years. There really are a lot of them, nearly 6,000 of these tiny ASCII comics, which to me just makes the experience more immersive. That was what I did this morning instead of working on my LA/SS project, and I plan to guffaw at a lot more of them before the day is over. I was surprised at how much I actually got done of that project in the one-ish hour that I actually worked on it, I suppose I can do decent work if I just sit my blubbery ass down and put my mind to it.
There is something else I wanted to talk about that isn't just me rambling about things; that being just how I talk on these posts. Usually, if I am just sending a message on Twitter or Discord, I talk in all lowercase as it is the easiest for me and looks cool. Here, I talk in more or less the same fashion as I do on those messaging apps but with capital letters and punctuation. It's not like I am writing a school project or something, and I rarely do edit these entries. My only fear is that I am coming off as a little bit, or even more than a little bit "cold" in these entries. Maybe it is because I repeat a lot of the same phrases without even really thinking about it, or maybe the lack of contractions in some places. I would just like anyone reading this to know that hopefully I do not come off this cold in real life, when I am actually talking to people. I suppose I might just be able to articulate better in text form or something like that. But the general tone here really is drastically different than if I were to just speak about things. I still am the same person, too, if you are wondering, the guy named Eli who has a last name. If it is worth anything, most of the time that I speak in quotes or with not capitalizing the first-person "i" I am a lot less formal, that might just be because they are my actual thoughts and not just things that I write.
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04/01/2021, 05:43: XC meet day IV: The Finale Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
This title is the absolute weirdest sounding thing, but we will roll with it I suppose. I thought I would mention my time for the race, as I somehow didn't get to that through all the rambling that I did yesterday. It was somewhere around 26:30-something, a minute slower than last week's race but a minute faster than my first race of the season. I will chalk it up to me being parched, as I really was and it made the race a whole lot worse for me. A lot of the other people on the team seemed to be doing just as not-well yesterday, which also might have been because it was a whole 60 degrees outside. 60! The last races were like somewhere in the forties or fifties, and combined with pouring rain and wind there were some very cold races. I was even advised to take the longsleeve that I was wearing off for the race, having my good interests in mind as I might die of heatstroke or something. I didn't take it off for two reasons; the first being that I have forests of armpit hair, like actual forests. I really should shave that eventually, or just keep it manageable. The other reason was that the sun was visibly setting and it was going to get a lot colder than it was before the race. I kept the long sleeve on, and nothing drastic happened. Before I left for the race, it was a fairly average Wednesday. I got nearly nothing done homework-wise, which really isn't out of the ordinary, but there was one very interesting thing that happened. I got a Steam game that is called, I kid you not, "5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel". I saw it on Twitter, and impulsively used the last of my Steam credit that I got for Christmas to purchase the game. It is exactly what I singed up for, being kind of a clusterfuck if you do not know what's happening, but very learnable. If anyone out there also has the game, it would be interesting to play a match or something. I still am awful at the game itself, but it certainly is something I would like to get better at. Even though today is April 1st and the statement has less meaning to it, it still is absolutely crazy that March is over already. Even though it was filled with XC and all the rest of it, the month seems like it barely started, and the latter parts of February do not seem all that long ago. It is also hard to believe that 2020 is now three full months behind us, and in mid-March of last year I really never thought I would make it to April of 2021. Here we are, I suppose, and every day is one step closer to my 15th birthday. It will be great to move up in the world and at last say that I am 15, as I have gotten a little too used to being 14. And with being 15 also comes driving school, which is sure to be interesting as well as useful; getting around at a good clip is something of value. I already know the rules of the road sort of well, all that I really have to learn is how to work all of the pedals and maybe gear shift. I think our car is an automatic, or at least I sure hope so. I might as well get on to the topic of what I will be doing after the XC season when it comes to working out and things like that. I have been signed up for rowing from somewhere in late May to mid-June, which if I do do it I will certainly not mind it. I liked it enough the last time I did it, so if I do go through with it I will not hate it. However! There is track from May 3rd to June 12th, and it does seem like a sport that I would enjoy, not to mention hanging out with people I know a little bit more. I have meant to try it out through middle school, and right now is not exactly a good time to start, but it will probably be better than my sophmore year or something. I have heard enough information about how things go from just listening to some of my friends talk about it and reading the "about" page on the team website. Now that I think about it more, it really does seem like something I would like to do. If I were to choose something to compete in, it would probably be the 200 or one of the relay races. I like to think that I don't suck at sprinting, but in reality I am absolute dogshit at it. That is why I doubt running the 100 for my team would go well. Then there is the 400, the 800, the 1600, and the 3200, the latter two of which I would similarly suck at as I wouldn't be able to pace myself to save my life, but the first two I might not be too bad at. The 200, though, I might be decent at. It is a sprint, but you have to go a little bit slower than you'd think and go a little bit farther. It seems like the kind of thing I would like as other people say it is awkward, and I have had a good time running it just at practices in the past. Then there are the relay races, which I know nearly nothing about. There's the 4x1, the 4x2, and the 4x4, all of which will be interesting to run as it requires group effort and knowing how to handle batons, neither of which I possess. I have never touched a baton in my life; I really should have signed up for track in middle school so I would know how to do these things. I will learn eventually though, if my mother and father allow me to sign up for track and dip on rowing. The "field" activities seem kind of interesting, but might require more genetic luck for things like the long jump or high jump, as you need to be flexible and lightweight. I suppose I am flexible--I can put both my feet behind my head--but I will need to work on jumping if I ever want to not suck at those. I should eventually converse with my parents about signing up for TF, as there are countless upsides to it that rowing doesn't have, and after all I can sign up for rowing in the summer or sometime else. Track is only once a year, so I feel as if I should take this opporitunity. It is not going to be fun to learn everything, but I will at least get to talk with my friends who know their way around. It seems like everyone who is in XC is just going to be in TF, as they really are similar sports, or at least that is the aroma I am getting. Aside from rambling about running, there is nothing else to talk about. Today will hopefully be the day of the longish bike ride, where I will ride my bike to a nearby lake and park. And I am going to like it.
----- oh also i am listening to Pictures of Purple Skies (the album) by Memorex Memories and hooooooly shit it is quite nice i would reccomend it if you have ears and like synthy things
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03/31/2021, 13:11: XC meet day IV: The Finale

I cannot believe it is almost here! We are all supposed to be at the exact location of the second meet at 2:00 in the afternoon today, and I still have to get everything on, such as the jersey and pants and everything. There will be a lot to explain when I come back, too, as there have been some happenings since last entry and no doubt since I will have touched this. So I am going to get my pants on, get the jersey on, and write here again when I come back.
Oh my fucking goodness, that sucked about as much as I expected it to. I prepared mostly well for the meet, however there was one thing, just one thing that I forgot: I didn't hydrate throughout the day. After looking at it again, maybe it was not that much of a small thing, a big thing even, but it really did throw a wrench in the race. All while I was warming up I felt awry somehow, and the roof of my mouth was more parched than horny people on Twitter when I was at the line. It did get a little bit better as I progressed through the course, with saliva and all that, but it still was a worse experience than any of the races just because I was so darn dry. Another thing that was dry was my hair, it kept getting in my face as there was a slight breeze at some times and the usual "just run and it will eventually midpart" strategy didn't work. Maybe I should seriously consider getting a headband or a hairtie or something, some other male members of the team use them and they seem to work pretty well on keeping hair out of people's faces. Oh well, the next few weeks will be filled up with bike riding, so I might not even need one due to all the helmet-wearing I have a good chance of doing. The satisfaction I got for completing the race was drastically lower than the last three, too; it just felt like it went by so quickly and nothing great really came of it. A least I am done with it, though, and I certainly have learned my lesson when it comes to drinking water. If the word to describe the actual race was "dry", the word to describe the entire period before I actually went could only be described as "hype". Even though I generally do not like that word, there was a certain atmosphere that was just fun to be in. The varsity girls went first, followed by the varsity boys, then the JV girls, then both of the JV boys races, of which I was in the slower one. All of the time we were waiting for our race, the whole cohort of slower people that I was at least a little bit acquainted with was clapping and cheering on all of the people from our school. I even knew some of the people from the other schools, a certain Timeless Knight who has beaten bloodbath as well as a certain DotFireAbout who I sat next to in a tech class in 7th grade and had a good time. I have used their online names as to not intrude on their privacy, plus it just sounds cool. Timeless is absolutely cracked at running, and got like a sub-20 today which to me is just crazy as he is really not that tall. There was one junior, or at least I am farily certain they were a junior, who was just very nice to me that whole time before the race, and the whole season come to think of it. Maybe they have taken it upon themselves to "be nice" to a freshman for the season, which while it is respectable it just seems fake to me. If they are just being friendly out of the goodness of their heart, which is true in 99% of the cases as I have seen, they are a very noble person. The class dynamics for high school seems a little bit different from middle school; in middle school the grade you were in mattered a lot, although it seemed like it didn't in 7th grade as you were neither the youngest nor the oldest. Here, though, or at least in my experiences, the grade you are in doesn't matter all that much, and everyone is just there to have a good time and run. In actual school it is probably different, with all the classes and everything, but it really is a likeable dynamic of the XC team. There are some kids that I thought were seniors or something and were actually sophomores, or vice versa. Freshmen do stick out like a sore thumb, especially in this environment when no one's talked to anyone in a good twelve months. Good lord, it is like 10:10 in the evening and I have only gotten out half of my thoughts, I might just continue this in the morning if I'm not just playing Geometry Dash or something.
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03/30/2021, 07:06: Music and other things

Yesterday morning, I discovered this program known as youtube-dl, that runs on the command line and is kind of strange to use, but works. I was looking for a youtube to mp3 or mp4 solution, something that isn't just a website and is actually trustworthy, and a few reddit threads reccomended it, so I went to the website and downloaded it. I had never really used any sort of command line thing, and when I simply opened the exe file that I downloaded nothing really happened. That was because I hadn't actually moved it into a folder and hadn't even told cmd that it even existed. So I did, making a folder on my C-drive and putting it in there. I directed the command prompt to the folder, told it to run the file, and it worked with little to no hesitation or hiccups. There was a whole text file of all the commands and how to use the program, so I spent some time messing around with that and trying to convert things to mp3s. What I found, though, was that it required ffmpeg and ffprobe to actually convert the video files into mp3s. No matter, though, I downloaded those from just a GitHub page that someone had and put them in the same folder as youtube-dl. The end result was actually something that I am happy with! Now I am able to rip things directly from YouTube with a local program and all the preferences I could ever hope for. I still probably should master the video quality and things like that, as there are oodles of things to do with those, but I haven't really needed it because I am mostly only using it for audio files. But if the time comes when I need to download massive quantities of stock footage that is on YouTube, I know what to do. Mostly all I have been using it for in the past day or two is going to many of the music channels in some Discord servers I am in and rampantly converting everything that sounds decent. A lot of it is music that is not my favorite, but I still download that as well just because at least some people like it. I really should save less of it, or maybe just decrease the sample rate, as my Z:\music folder is already like 7 gigabytes and it doesn't even feel like it has a lot of things in it. Some of the folders take a few seconds to load completely, which is certainly not a good sign, but my hard drive can take it and so can my CPU. My computer is not exactly top-of-the-line, although to me it is fairly solid and also isn't a potato. I get 288 frames per second on Geometry Dash most of the time, except for certain levels, and most of the FPS drop is just becaus GD isn't optimized at all from a game design point of view. youtube-dl certainly is a useful tool to have, and I am glad that I have ffmpeg and ffprobe as well, in case I need to convert my mp3 files to other mediums for whatever reason. As for school, this is the last week until spring break, and the week after spring break is completely asynchronous (no live classes) so it might just be a two-week long period of doing nothing. After that, to my knowledge hybrid school is starting for the people who would like to go. Neither Twiddle nor ZetoMax are planning on doing the hybrid, but I do seem some worth in trying it out for a week or two. If it absolutely sucks, I might just go back to remote, and if it is great, I will just stay in it. The curriculum probably won't change, so I still will be able to stay on the same page as them and on Wednesdays if we are doing homework together. This week for homework will either be really light or really heavy; I have this LA/SS thing that is due on Friday at midnight that requires me to have read the whole novel study book; I am only up to the last chapter. It's an enjoyable book--In the Time of the Butterflies--but it really does take eons upon eons to finish reading some of the chapters. With the XC meet on Wednesday, I might not have too much time to finish everything as well as a math test that is due Friday morning. I think I'll do alright, though, most of the time in my mornings is spent playing Geometry Dash and doing nothing, so if I put it to good use I will hopefully be able to get everything done.
I have an orthodontist appointment at 2:40 in the afternoon today, where I am supposed to have yet another check on my braces that are nearly three whole years old. I have been supposed to wear these ass-fucking, shit-dicking, cock-sucking rubber bands on my brace hooks for the past two years, and I have probably only been wearing them for a whole 0.5% of that time, maybe even less. It's not that I don't like wearing them, it is just that they get in the way of everything, and I have to carry them with me so I can take them out and back in when I am eating. I really do hope I don't have these braces for too long, as they would impair a lot of things should I ever go to college or something with them. I have gotten so used to these braces that I can't imagine eating or speaking without them, and I have developed a nice-sounding accent just from having them for so long that would be a shame to have to away. I wouldn't mind having them in for at most another year or so, they are not all that pesky aside from when they get tightened. I still cannot believe that there is only one person that I find attractive on my cross country team. You would think there would be more. It certainly is unfortunate that they are a junior.
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03/28/2021, 11:15: The Haircut

Yesterday I at last got a haircut, something that I had both been wanting and dreading for some time. Usually, I am not a massive fan of haircuts, as I do like my hair and think it is pretty cool; I wear it longer than a lot of people, but it's not like I can put it up in a ponytail or anything. The thing about it is that sometimes it really does get in my face, and can get tangled and unkempt when I am running or something. As I am doing more running than usual for the past month due to XC, I was noticing this happening more than usual. It was not a massive problem for a lot of the time I was racing, but I still thought it would be good to get it out of the way. Earlier this week, then, I asked my mother if I could get a haircut anytime soon, and she eventually did schedule one for yesterday. I waffled over what I should get my hair cut to for nearly all week, as it kind of is a tough thing to figure out. Getting it cut only a little bit would be nice, but it would kind of ruin the point of a haircut and not even solve the problem of it getting in my face. Getting it cut short would probably be what my father would like, however I would most likely instantly regret it if I did, and it would take a while to grow back. Instead, I brought some pictures of myslef right after the last haircut I got which was sometime in August or December, and asked the barber person to try and replicate it and just make the hairstyle look intentional. While I do like my longish hair, my father is right by saying that it is good to keep it looking intentional. It is very easy to let hair grow out and just not even tend to it, and then it ends up just looking awful. I still feel like I cut it a little bit longer than what it was last time, but at the end of the day I think it is a pretty good haircut. I wish I could attach a picture of it or something, as I really do like it, but having any pictures of my face online is equivalent to a death wish. The back of my hair got really cleaned up, and that was the one spot of it that I felt indifferently towards or even didn't like. Comparing pictures before and after the haircut, it didn't change all that much and just generally looks better and more clean. My family approved, as well, which is pretty cool. Instead of repeating myself over and over until I faint, I might as well talk about something else. The month of March is almost over, which is just crazy to me as it feels like late February was only a little bit ago. At least my 15th birthday as well as Easter are coming up, not to mention the onset of spring. The general atmosphere is very reminiscent of last year at around this time, when I had absolutely nothing to do and spent my time taking bike rides and thinking about things. Nowadays, I have many things to do and spend my time playing Geometry Dash and very occasionally running. I finally found the backpack that I take on bike rides, stowed away in a closet, so with a water bottle and a bandana I can really go wherever I want in a 20-mile radius now, which I sure am excited to do once XC ends. Biking really was fun around this time last year, and I do have some good memories of it; my only fear is that I will not even know how to ride a bike that well when I start and have some accidents or something. But from my experience, it is very rare that you forget how to do something like riding a bike. My 15th birthday is on April 17th, and I am just dry of ideas for what to do for the party. Last year I had an online birthday party with some friends and had Fatburger with my family, so I guess I'll just do that this year again. It sure would be nice to actually meet up at a mall or something with a few friends, however I doubt that will happen at least for a few more months. An online birthday party really isn't the worst, too, and it sure is better than nothing, so I will take what I can get. Gad, other than that, there is nothing, really, that is interesting enough to talk about. I have some tedious homework to do before the day is done, so I might as well get started on that. My biology group project that was mentioned in Wednesday's entry is going swimmingly, so that is one less thing to worry about. I have found myself tripping over words and mixing up some letters on this entry, and generally repeating things a lot and having improper grammar in countless places, which might just be a sign that I need to read more and go on more walks.
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03/25/2021, 19:25: XC meet day III

Auuhghghhsbhhbhbhbshbg I really do need to stick to writing these when I say I will, but at least I am still writing here. It is hard to believe that my birthday (04/17) is right around the corner. I just ran my third race of the season, which started at 5:10 and kept the usual schedule that meets do when it comes to arriving as well as the girls' races. As mentioned in the previous entry, this meet was on my high school's home course, which has its ups and downs. The good thing about the home course is simply that we all know it very well; even after only two days of walking and running it I had a decent general idea of where the 1-mile and 2-mile markers were. I also knew ahead of time which corners to take fast, where to slow down/speed up, where to check my posture, etc, which did give me a very slight edge against some of the kids from the competing school. The bad thing about running on the home course was that it was widely regarded as one of, if not the slowest course in the district. Most of it is trails, which is pretty good for an XC course, however the trails were absolutely littered with roots and mud and all sorts of impairing things if you are breathing heavily and are operating at 5% brain capacity. The course is also incredulously hilly, featuring many smaller hills alongside the Five Hills of Doom. These five hills I noticed to be the most horrendous out of any course I think I have ever ran, and with five of them being on the course it slowed everyone down quite a bit. At least the traction is alright for three out of the five hills, so I didn't find myself slipping too much. The other one is gravel, which isn't great, but at least it was not muddy. Despite all of these terrain complications, I still managed to shave 40-60 seconds off of my previous personal best, achieving a time of 25:37. Not great, however I wouldn't go as far as to say it sucked. Around two minutes better than my first meet, which is pretty cool, and on a slow course as well. We are running the """""faster""""" course next week to finish off the season, so it will be interesting to see what time I get on that. I did feel more exerted this time around when I finished the race than I did last week, supposedly a sign of me, oh I don't know, pushing myself more. Last week's race felt more satisfying to finish, too, however that might have been because I wasn't nearly passing out when I crossed the line. I really shouldn't focus on the competitive aspect/refining my time too much, both because I am not even in the league to have my times mean anything and that it will just cause me more stress when race day inevitably comes. After the race, I went and gorged myself on chocolate milk and filled my backpack with Welch's Fruit Gummies, as there was a little snack table there so that people could recover via food and replenish energy and everything. This truly was the tradgedy of the commons at its best, as it felt like everything disappeared after a little bit. From what my mother heard from another parent, there will be twice-weekly practices in April. I don't know if I really do want to sign up for them, though; even though it would be nice, I have been looking forward to riding my bike during April. We also had team pictures after the race and after we had caught our breath, which were alright I suppose. The pictures themselves weren't all that interesting, but I did learn to my dismay that the one person that I felt at least some attraction towards was a junior. The one person, out of like fifty! They still sort of did look around my age as far as I could tell, and it is not like anyone will actually be dating anytime soon, but it still was unfortunate news.
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03/24/2021, 15:00: The upcoming race and school

As there is nearly nothing to talk about other than XC, I might just spend a large portion of this entry talking about it as well as probably complaining about homework. Monday and yesterday we ran, obviously, in routes that I might draw in Paint or something. I have wanted to draw these out for a while, as it might help me remember them better and remember the course better, as that is what we ran yesterday. I tried drawing it out, however deemed it too much effort. It was a lot simpler in my head, I suppose. Instead of drawing them, I might as well try describing them: on Monday, we ran up to the nearest middle school's track, maybe 1k away, as a warm up. The workout was supposed to be 500s and 300s (meters), right after each other, with the 500s being maybe 5k pace and the 300s being mile pace or faster. We warmed up and everything, then ran 4 of the 500s and 2 of the 300s right after each other, with short jogging/walking breaks in between them. After stretching and everything, we then ran back to our high school and did some more stretching. The lingo can be hard to get used to, or at least it was for me, with all these terms like "strides" and "4x4s" and "kicking" and "1k pace" being thrown around, but hopefully a few people will understand them. On Tuesday we did our best to run our own home course, or at least learn it. I feel like I have a fair understanding of it, and we are doing it again today. It certainly is a strange course, and I do wish I could attach an image of it or something, however it would make it a lot easier to pinpoint my location via reverse searching Google Maps or something. For the first half of running it, I was doing fairly alright and just following the main group. As I got more tired, I was just wondering when on earth the lap would end; little did I know it was a one-lap course. Me and a few other people chose to hang back and walk for a bit, eventually finding someone with a map and figuring out where to go. It really was a nice day, too, if only that weather happened on some day that I didn't have school. Today's practice is supposed to be a "recovery day", so that people can regain their energy and recover from minor injuries or soreness, so hopefully it will not be as confusing/grueling as yesterday. I might as well talk about my homework for a bit, as I actually have to leave for practice in a few minutes: I have quite a few projects in different classes and just generally many things to do. I feel like after I get home from XC would be a good time to do some of it, but knowing me I will probably just choose not to do it and browse Twitter or play Geometry Dash. It might also be a good idea to give a comprehensive list of everything that I have to do, as there really is kind of a lot of it. Computer Science: Performance task due somewhere in late April, for the week there are some assignments due on Sunday. Algebra 2: Two assignments each due Friday, I might do one after I get back and the other Thursday or Friday morning. Spanish 2: The vaguest project I think I have ever taken part in, some of it due Friday but we don't even have class on Friday?? - there is also a speaking assessment on Thursday, which I feel mild to moderately unprepared for. I think I'll do fine, however. Biology: Group project due on Sunday, pretty cut-and-dry if it wasn't for the fact that I don't really know what my group expects of me. Health&Fitness: Literally nothing, pretty lax class in general. Language Arts/Social Studies: Chapters 9-10 of a book to read; thick, although compelling enough and interesting to read. I also have to annotate, and I am making little markings in the margins when I notice character development. The other chapters through chapter 12 are due from Friday-Sunday. I feel like I can get all of it done before school starts on Thursday, it is just hard to sit down and commit to it all, especially with some of the vagueness in the Spanish and biology projects. It'll work itself out, for sure. But I do find myself a little bit more worried with the XC race on Thursday. I do have to leave within the hour, so I will try to finish this entry after I get back. Or something. Gad, I need to have better time management, it seems like this day is almost over and I have finished absolutely nothing aside from one tiny assignment.
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03/22/2021, 14:02: Uneventfulness and a power outage

I don't think I can name a single interesting thing that happened last weekend. Part of that is good, as it really was a relaxing weekend, however I was kind of aching for at least something to happen. I went on a run with my father on Sunday, doing a little bit better than I had expected; my feet were kind of hurting, though, so I probably could have done better if I had actually warmed up or something. As my father said, it is just good to get outside, which it was. I also browsed some of 4chan over the weekend, as one of my friends from XC was a frequenter of it, and sait it really wasn't that bad. Which it really wasn't, there are only a few racist boards such as /b/ or /pol/, and the rest is just good fun or funny. There is a large amount of porn, specifically Japanese stuff there, boards upon boards filled with it. I suppose that is just what to expect if the community is made up of weaboos. Cosplay, as well, is popular on the site, but that and the porn boards I just had no interest in. I did read all of the rules section, laughing out loud sometimes at weird specifications. There are really not that many boards, and it's not like anyone can make one, so the variety of awful things is at least a little bit contained. There's a papercraft board as well, /po/, although it is kind of inactive. I will just have to look around more there, as I am usually open to trying new things (or at least I like to tell myself that) and there seems to be a lot to dip my toes into. I will have to ask my friend more about what boards are actually interesting. I also, as a matter of fact, played a few games of Bloons Tower Defense 6 last weekend and thorougly enjoyed it, getting to round ~125 in one of the games and getting some good upgrades. The thing about that game is that every round is more or less different, which I think is a cool quality. Other than those things, absolutely nothing except playing Geometry Dash occurred last weekend. Last night, though, there was a power outage that started at around 12 and ended at 2. As power outages usually are, I awoke feeling disoriented and wondering why it was so quiet. The analog clock that I have in my room was still ticking, as it is battery-powered, and for a bit there I was this close to jumping up and punching it into the wall. Then, of course, I put some white noise on and slept until 2, when the power came back on and I had to adjust my digital alarm clock and everything, and then slept for a little bit more until the alarm went off at 5:40. I then looked at my phone and browsed Twitter in a daze, eventually dozed off, woke back up at 6:45 and took a shower. Power outages are just more annoying than anything, and I sure do hope they are not a problem in some futuristic society where there are no problems. Sadly, such society most likely will never exist, and there is a very good chance we will keep having power outages, especially where I live. I was planning on doing some homework this morning, as well, so that made me especially ticked off. Another horrible thing about power outages, something that REALLY fucking ticks me off, is that whenever my computer is powered off continuously for more than a few seconds, when it is powered on again this one FUCKING fan gets super loud. It takes half an hour of me whacking it and spraying duster at it to get it to quiet down, and sometimes it hushes for a few seconds and then slowly, menacingly, goes right back to clicking like the little bitch it is. I could just replace the fan, but it might be an underlying problem with the computer frame itself or just something that I don't know about. I have probably caused permanent damage to my PC case by slamming that fucker with all my might to quiet down that fan. Eventually it does calm down, but not before I nearly tear my hair out and commit genocide from how irritating it is. This morning, getting the fan to quiet down took a little longer than usual, and leaning over my PC with wet hair and a deep thirst for Dr. Pepper just made it even worse of an experience. I probably also accidentally inhaled some duster. But yes, that was my weekend and morning. I hope it was not too boring, and once again I find myself repeating the same few phrases over and over again as conjunctions. Anyway, see everyone on the 23rd or maybe even tomorrow if I can bring myself to write here.
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03/19/2021, 07:57: XC meet day II Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
I suppose I just forgot to finish the previous entry, as I would have done it yesterday but I suppose Geometry Dash was more important. I also had a math test to study for, which I did this morning and felt pretty confident about it. The meet followed the schedule pretty well, however the weather could have been quite a bit better. When everyone arrived, you could look one direction and it would be sunny and look the other direction and it would be pouring. That kind of weather I have actually never seen before, and I guess it is just how March is. By the time the girls' race came around, it was very sunny and generally nice out. Still kind of cold, but that is just how it is 70% of the year where I live. I should probably also mention the course itself: it was exactly how I imagined it, just a looping course that felt like it took ages to walk and had one nasty U-turn in it. We had to do that twice for the race, and it really did seem boring while walking it just from how flat it was. After the girls went, which took a while as there were some people with 40-minute times, the varsity boys went. The weather, mind you, was still fine, with a light drizzle coming down as they finished the race. Most of the varsity boys were fast as all hell, with one guy getting like a 16:04 which is absolutely crazy to me. As if it was some superhuman force, the rain catastophically increased right as us JV boys were about to start warming up and getting on the for our race. There were sheets of hail coming down at one point, and I have never felt my left hand go that numb in a very long time. We all had to huddle around in this small gazebo-like structure while we waited for the rain to let up before we started, and it really was something. I must say, though, in the moment under that gazebo I felt more alive than I ever have in the past year. I was very ready for running the race, though, and it was not like it got called off. Eventually, the rain did let up, but it did not fully stop. Everyone then went to the line and started when the coachey guy blew the airhorn, and the weather still was absolutely awful. I did warm up eventually, as running does do that to you especially if you do it for more than a few minutes, so I was not completely cold. My left hand stayed numb, as well, probably due to me tying my mask around it while running. We had to wear masks at all times, except when we were racing, so you had to store it somewhere. I passed a few people while running which was pretty cool and managed to stay ahead of most of them. There was one guy who seemed nice enough that stayed a few paces behind me for the whole second half of it, and eventually did finish a few seconds behind me. My time for that race was 26:32, nearly a minute improvement from last time. It might be able to be chalked up to the weather or how flat the course is or a million other factors, but it is also likely that I am simply getting better at running and staying in control. Last race I was gasping like a fish for two-thirds of it and was very, very out of control, and I noticed that this time I was able to actually breathe well and not take sharp intakes of breath. I do hope this will stay, as dying of asphyxiation while running is not the greatest thing. I am just proud of my time improvement; maybe not the time itself, but it still is pretty cool that I got better. After I finished, everyone behind me finished which did not take that long as there were only two or three of them, and then the whole team went to the gazebo and ruminated. Eventually, I filled my pockets with fruit gummies and chocolate milk from the snack setup that we had, and drove home with my mother. It was really not a bad meet. Even though I did feel like I was going to die at the end, I still think I could have pushed myself harder to get an even better time. There are two more meets to come, so I will have more chances.
On a different note, I finished We, so tired of the darkness in our lives. It really is good, and if you have the time and $0 I would reccomend listening to it yourself.
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03/18/2021, 12:26: XC meet day II

While I was in great asphyxiation while running in the last meet (on 03/10), the one thing that I remember thinking about was how much I never wanted to do that again. And, of course, here I am about to do it again. We are supposed to be present at the race location at 2:45, the girls and compotent boys will run, and then I will run at 5:10. This seems fine enough, actually, as the course is not all that hilly and is predicted to be a personal best course by many of the coaches. It certainly will be at least a little bit enjoyable; no one actually enjoys running however there is something about it that still manages to be fun somehow. It really is a grueling sport, that is what makes it unique. As for what will happen there, I feel as if it will be very similar to what happened last meet, that me and a few of my friends will meet up and talk about things, freezing to death, and then we will all race when the time comes. After looking at the scores for the last meet, I came in fourth-to-last with a time of around 27 minutes and 30 seconds. It does feel like it is awful considering some of the people on my team were 10 minutes faster than that, but at least I wasn't last. Looking at the girls' race, there were some people with times in the thirties and fourties, so hopefully I will not be that slow. I do think I can improve, however, as 27 minutes in a 5k is simply asking to be brought down to something reasonable like 26. If I do not improve, I am also alright with that, as I am not expecting anything massive for this race. Or at least I am telling myself that, maybe my expectations are in secret very very high. I suppose I will just run my hardest and actually try to push myself, and see how it goes. If I need to catch my breath or anything, there will be nothing wrong with slowing it down for a few seconds. I had quite the hearty lunch, as well: a copious amount of pancakes and maple syrup. This may give me the upper hand compared to my past self, or I might just throw it all up on the course. Perhaps I should just stop worrying and start focusing on actually running, as that is what I will be doing in a few hours. When I come back from the meet, I might just do a line break like last time and then talk about how it went. For now, though, there is another thing that I would like to discuss. I have been listening to Leyland Kirby's We, so tired of the darkness in our lives and it really is something. There is a more lighthearted tone to it in contrast to some of his other stuff and specifically EATEOT, and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit. There is just something about all the angelic sounds and drums and piano notes that is very, very calming and makes time stop in a way.
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03/16/2021, 13:34: CD rips and school

Most of my time this morning and this afternoon was spent going through my father's extensive compact disc collection, as well as playing on the 2b2t test server. I only touched Eternal Moment a little bit, however all the CD stuff was so riveting that I am alright with not playing too much of it today. My father gave the collection in question to me a few years ago, when I had a boom box that I would use frequently in my room. I would sit down and put some CD or another in the boom box, and then grind homework until I dropped dead. This was actually a somewhat enjoyable activity, mostly because the homework was made a lot more painless when I had some Elvis bangers in the background or something like that. I only had a few discs at the time, so my father gave me all of his compact discs that he and my mother had collected throughout the '90s and early '00s. There were some albums that I had heard of before but never actually listened to before, such as a lot of Snoop Dogg stuff as well as a lot of movie sountracks. Garden State (2004) had a very nice sountrack according to my parents, and we have listened to it at dinnertime more times than I can count. I ripped nearly all, if not more, of the albums that seemed interesting to me via Windows Media Player in MP3 format to my hard drive. Because it has a nice, fresh, 1 terabyte of unused space, I can put whatever I want on it and not have to worry about running our of space or it being too slow. 1 terabyte really is a lot, however soon enough I will expect 4 TB disks will become common, then 8 TB, then so on. But, for maybe a year or two, 1 TB is about as much as I will ever need. There is something about ripping physical disks to on-or-off signals on a hard drive that is somehow satisfying, like I am eternally enshrining this delicate old technology in the safety of my hard drive. Eventually, though, archaeologists thousands of years from now will no doubt uncover this hard drive, however it may be unreadable or damaged for one reason for another. It is just great to know that I am making media last just a little bit longer. I suppose for the albums themselves, I will listen to the ones that I haven't heard yet when I am bored or in an especially frisky mood, and if I am need of comfort or consolation I will listen to some of my favorites. Some people are crazy enough to have some of their stuff on vinyl, which I will never understand. If the music was recorded and edited digitally, simply putting it on vinyl will not make a difference. I suppose some people just like the aesthetic difference between boring old digital media and retro vinyl, but I will take my futuristic zeroes and ones in quick succession any day. As there is nothing else to talk about for the music side of things today, I might as well start talking about school. I have not really updated all that much about school lately, and part of that is for a good reason; nothing has been happening with school, really. There is nothing new to mald about or get tilted over, which partly is a good thing I suppose as it just means I have more peace of mind, but the main good thing about school that I liked was commiserating over things with my classmates. This sounds strange to say, too, however the main reason that 7th and 8th grade were so good was because it felt like all of us kids were in it together, especially in 8th grade with our godawful Spanish teacher. This year, it feels like everyone is in it together in the worse way possible, not seeing anything of each other and talking only when we are asked, which really does not make for a good conversation environment. It is mid-to-late march, and I still feel like I barely know anyone's names. I can recall a maximum of two from my biology class, and maybe five from LA/SS, but for all of the other ones I am run dry. It is almost as if we haven't been seeing each other in person for 370 days. I find it crazy that we are nearing the end of the school year, and it really does feel like it hasn't even started for real yet. Every class I simply click a button and look at someone talk at some bubbles for an hour, then rinse and repeat for however many classes are that day. The only solace that I have other than playing Geometry Dash and doing other things is reading in my very cozy bed and listening to music. I really should do that more, as all the time that I usually spend doing that and reveling in how I am fortunate enough to live in a first-world country is spent doing cross country. I similarly enjoy cross country, but it is not close to the deep relaxation that I get from reading and just thinking about things. In fact, I might as well do that right now, even though it is 9:46 in the evening and I usually try to do it for at least an hour. Hopefully this entry was not awful, as a lot of the time they are and I find myself either speaking in fragments or rambling.
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03/14/2021, 20:06: TWO YEARS OF ELIBLOG

My goodness, it has been two whole years since I first posted on here. I still cannot believe that I actually remembered about it and have semi-regularly been writing it, as blogs as well as other diary-type logging methods are known to die off within weeks. However, as I suppose I just got lucky, this one has been going on and off for a whole two years. Two years ago today, I was in seventh grade and had no idea that any of this coronavirus stuff was going to happen. I really have not changed all that much since then, as I have only become more socially isolated and more of a Geometry Dash player. I just thought this would be a good date to commemorate, even more so in March 2022 when the third birthday is celebrated. However, that is not for another good year, so I might as well savor this tenure while it is still ripe. If you read the 11th's entry, you are most likely itching to know about how the trip went; it was about how I thought it would go. We drove for three hours, then eventually got to our rental house and everything. The next two days were really not bad; they would have been Friday and Saturday as we left on Thursday and came back this morning. We did some quite fun stuff, but most of the time not doing things was spent wishing I was back home on my computer drinking Dr. Pepper and playing Geometry Dash. It really wasn't a bad trip, and it's not like I regret going on it, however I can't help but feel like Friday and Saturday could have been better spent. If anything, I spent them way better than what they would have been, by going on a nice little weekend getaway and spending more time with my family. Man, maybe I really am way too invested in Geometry Dash. But I do enjoy it, and after I returned to my computer it didn't take me too long to regain the 72 hours of lost consistency and skill. Other than the trip, I really do not have a lot else to talk about. All of the details of the trip seem petty now that I think about them, and it really was not too much other than some car rides and relaxing. I do have some homework to still do, however I am planning to get it done in the morning. Perhaps I will come back from XC tomorrow and have a whole new set of things to talk about that may have arisen from talking at practice, but for now I might just leave it here. One of the main reasons I even started writing this entry in the first place was to commemorate the two years of eliblog. Now that that has been done, I am run dry for things to talk about until tomorrow.
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03/11/2021, 08:46: It's March 11th

I never really thought I would actually write this, but here we are. One year ago today, Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, is the last day that I had of in-person school. I have not been in a school bus, touched a desk, or worn a backpack for an entire year now, which when you think about it really is just crazy. Summer vacations are maybe a sixth of the year, and coming back to school is a shock even after that. But after a whole year and probably even more, I cannot imagine actually coming back to school and having to re-adjust. I have a lot of pictures on my old phone from today last year, and apparently I was very, very bored as there were quite a bit of them. I think my LA/SS teacher even told us how there was a decent chance school was going to be cancelled for weeks at a time that day, little did she or really any of us know that school would indeed be cancelled thus forth, with it lasting much longer than a month. It was a rather sunny day, too, much like the weather today actually, and we all stepped outside of the classroom when the bell rang and headed for the bus chutes and other places to be picked up. Myself, ZetoMax, and Twiddle all got on the bus that we usually took, when suddenly a buzz ripped through the bus. Everyone was looking at the [--]SD website, the one for our school district. There was an announcement that stated that school was canceled until March 27th due to an "abundance of caution". Now, everyone really reacted differently; some people were very pumped about it, as middle schoolers are. Twiddle, as he told me on the bus ride, was kind of distraught about it as he was going to be stuck with his parents for quite a bit, and he did not really like his parents' method of parenting. I was just very shocked by it; I simply couldn't imagine having school being cancelled without volition for weeks at a time. Eventually, the bus got to the bus stop, and I got in my mother's car to be taken to our house. Then I just kind of sat at home and did nearly nothing, not even wanting to go on a screen as it would make the time go quicker. I was committed to remembering the moment, and it seemed like it worked. Now that I am thinking about it more, I might have written a separate blog back then documenting how I felt about the early quarantine, but it contains a copious amount of personal information and even a few maps of the area, so I might just censor it or not even release it at all. Now, after the feeling of having nearly infinite time set in, I had to figure out what I was going to do with all of it. I, like probably many other people of my age, resorted to riding my bike and trying to be outside. I took quite a lot of those bike rides, all throughout March and April and maybe even some of May, and now that the weather is shaping up I have been considering doing it again just because they really were enjoyable. I think my longest one was 17 miles round-trip, which was mind-boggling. I have said this before to my knowledge, but once XC ends I might start biking again.
Now, as it is coming to relevance, I will be leaving to go to the western part of Washington with my family in a very short amount of time. We will drive there for three hours, stay there for three nights, and then wake up and drive back for three hours on Sunday. If anyone reading this cares, this will impair my ability to stream as well as play Geometry Dash, so I might just stream at the usual time on Sunday or something or maybe just not stream at all. I will probably just be less funny on Sunday for reasons that are unclear to even me; I have just been feeling less funny lately. The trip will certainly be a nice change of pace, but I really would rather just spend it at home doing things and playing Geometry Dash. I actually am being called to depart now, so see everyone who is unfortunate enough to read this far on Sunday, I suppose.
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03/10/2021, 13:38: XC meet day

I will be leaving in a few minutes to go to my very first XC meet of the season. I am supposed to arrive there at 2:15, warm up, wait three hours, and then start my race at 5:01. It is 5 kilometers, or 3.1-ish miles, so hopefully I will do alright. I have never really run a competitive 5K before, so we will see how it goes; all of the meets in middle school that I have done were 2 miles exactly. I suppose I will just come back from the meet and then talk about how it went and how the previous practices for Monday and Tuesday went, as I haven't talked about those yet. For some reason, it seems like my prose is more stop-and-start today than it is usually, it might be because I am not wearing headphones. But yes, see everyone in a few hours when I come back; there might be a lot to talk about or it might just have been very boring.
All right, it is 8:27 in the evening and I am back from the meet. I actually got back at 6:30-ish, however I was legally obligated to play on the 2b2t test server, laze around, and have dinner. My mother drove me to a park across from the high school we were competing at, and then I walked to the park and met my team and all that. I did make it on time, as well, arriving around 2:13. I wore, in case anyone is wondering, some running tights under the 6-inch shorts that were in our uniform. I then wore a long-sleeved gray shirt under my actual jersey, then a sweatshirt on top of that because it was like 50 degrees outside. It actually worked pretty well; I was skeptical about the tights at first but a few other boys were wearing them, so I suppose that removed the social stigma. I doubt I will wear them ever again outside of XC meets, as I am not sure people would think highly of me if they saw me wearing tights. They were incredibly comfortable, though, and I am still wearing them now as they are kind of like not wearing pants at all. Another not-great thing was that they were just very cold as they were very thin, however I suppose I will just wear sweatpants or something over them next meet and take them off when it is time to race. At 2:15, our coach gathered us all up and told us the schedules for the races: Girls A (varsity) at 3:30, Girls B (JV) at 3:something-something, Boys A at 4:25, Boys B at 4:45, and Boys C at 5:15. B and C were supposed to be the same race, however they were split due to there being just so many people. I was in C, naturally. The girls who didn't suck at running started warming up while all the boys walked the course and familiarized ourselves with where we were supposed to go. It was actually a pretty solid course, with some stretches being on concrete and some stretches being through the woods and things like that. It was 5 kilometers, or ~3 miles. The races that I did in middle school were 2 miles, so these might just be more endurancey or something. After the course-walking was done, all of the boys and girls who weren't already running sat and did absolutely nothing for a few hours. As it was not all that warm, we all turned to ice cubes, especially our hands and other extremities. It was nice, though, other than that; me and a few other kids talked quite a bit amongst ourselves and worried about the oncoming race. Soon enough, some upperclassmen told us that it was around time to warm up, this might have been around 4 or something. So warm up we did; jogging a little bit around a small loop and then stretching and doing some calisthenetics. The other people then went to their own race, I think it might have been the B, which left myself and my friends to stay warmed up for another 30-ish minutes before our race started. At last, the time came, and I felt prepared enough when I was on the line. The starting gun eventually went off, and I just could not believe that I was already running my first race of high school. Quickly, however, the onset of being unable to breathe came in. After that, the rest of the race was a blur as I was just running with enough forward momentum that it was hard to stop even if I really wanted to. It would have been a semi-enjoyable race, even with all the asphyxiation, if all of the soccer moms and other kids hadn't been on the sidelines all of the fucking time cheering at all of us. Now, I am sure their intentions were good enough, and all of the cheering was probably beneficial for other people on the team, but when I was running I could not stop thinking about how much it would take them to shut their fucking mouths. Thoughts like "i wonder how much i would have to pay you to stop fucking saying good job" or "have these parents ever run something like this before" were very frequent, especially when I was in my low brain functionality that usually happens when I am running. The cheering did want me to get the race over with quicker, though, which may have made me go even faster. I probably would have actually tried to go quickly when I was at the very final stretch, too, if I didn't have a million people at my left and right telling me half-heartedly how well I was doing. But heck, they probably enjoyed it themselves and I know I did when I was clapping for other runners. I even saw someone I knew from a different school at the meet, which was pretty cool. After myself and my group finished, we all stumbled over to chug some chocolate milk, attempt to stretch, and head home. It really was not a bad meet, and I even enjoyed myself there, even though while actually racing I couldn't stop thinking about how I never wanted to do this kind of thing ever again. As it happens, I am doing it a few more times this month, each Thursday until the month ends it looks like. But yes, I have to finish some homework and things like that, and maybe next entry I will talk about the whole social scene there and everything else.
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03/08/2021, 08:29: Gender and Orbiting the Giant Hairball

In late March to April 2020, I would take copiously long bike rides nearly every day, as I had really nothing better to do. At that time, I realized that the scope of the pandemic might be a lot longer than many people would think, but had no idea that it would stretch this long. The weather was usually very nice during these bike rides, as in my area the weather gets actually not bad around March to April, so everyone gets outside when they can. The reason I am thinking about this is because today seems to be one of those days in question; some nice sun rays were coming through the windows and I just got the sense that it was a very nice day outside. It was probably not all that warm, however, but that will no doubt change by the time April comes. For now, I am just very glad to be able to get outside every day due to XC. Soon enough, in April, I will hopefully take some more bike rides, maybe even going farther than I have ever gone. There is this one trail that is kind of a hassle to get to, however extends a very long while in both directions. If I tried, I could probably make it all the way to a minor city if I go south, however I don't know for how long it extends if I go north. Man, suddenly I really do want to go on a bike ride, however I think it is best if I waited for the weather to get warmer and for XC to finish. In April I'll be turning 15 as well, which will be pretty cool. Another topic that has been irking me for quite a while now, so much that I feel like I should add a second entry on it (the first was sometime in November-December), is that of my gender. So far, I feel pretty certain that I am comfortable as male. However, from time to time, I will start very seriously questioning it, like "hmmm maybe i am female" or things like that. After a lot of pondering, I eventually do come to the conclusion that I am, after all, comfortable with what I was assigned at birth. I do have to convince myself to like my leg hair sometimes, but I don't really think I would like it if it was shaved off, either. What pushed me to write this specific entry, however, was something I saw on Twitter: a box of horomone treatment that was meant to look all flashy and appealing. Now, this might not even have been real, but for some reason it struck a nerve with me in the same way that seeing someone completely obsessed with Al Bowlly did. It was just something so strangely out-of-the-ordinary that I simply could not stop thinking about it, wondering if the creator of the product design or the creator of the image was dropped as a child or something else. I suppose these are the kinds of things that you wish you could unsee, however they aren't nearly as strange as some of the pornography that I have come across. But, however, back to the main topic of gender; I do have some days where I am very, very overwhelmingly sure that I am male, and other days when I am not so sure. There are, though, never days when I am 100% convinced that I am female, which I guess is something. Most of the time I come to the come to the conclusion that it is too hard to think about and end up simply playing Geometry Dash and forgetting about it. Which actually works sometimes, as then I come out of it very convinced that I am male again. For the moment, it is just too much of an ordeal to seriously consider, and I really do think that female is not who I am. If I do end up flip-flopping like this for another two years, I think it might be fair to label myself as nonbinary or something like that. But for now, I think I am just confused and bewildered and still trying to figure things out.
This other thing will be a short one, specifically about Gordon Mackenzie's short book Orbiting the Giant Hairball. It is a book about his career at Hallmark the card company and how he managed to stay creative against the massive corporate onslaught of dryness. I have only read a little bit of it, and haven't even touched it for a few months, however while laying in bed one day I remembered a line that really stuck with me. Let me get the book to find the exact excerpt:

There is a Fool in each of us, you know. 
A rash, harebrained, audacious, imprudent,
Ill-suited, spontaneous, impolitic, daredevil Fool, which,
In most of us,
Was long ago hog-tied and locked in the basement.
If you want to see a full-fledged Fool in action,
Watch an undisciplined child.
(The more undisciplined, the better!)
Oblivious to concepts of inappropriate behavior,
Driven by rampant curiosity and innocent lust.
Raw genius,
Resolutely stumbling into hurt and wondrous discovery.
Inspired, annoying,
Rapturous, petulant.
The creative savage of our being.
Savages, Fools,
Do not a society make.
So we tame the little Yahoos.
We teach them the meaning of the word "no."
We teach them the benefits of boundaries.
We teach them the value of our learned lessons.
When our teachings fall short,
Our society begins to unravel,
And the quality of our future declines.
So tame, we must.
But we have been slow to learn how to tame the Fool
Without also interring
The Fool's innate creativity and inborn genius.
With the bath water, the baby is cast out.

That really does hit home for me, and I thought it was just something cool that other people might find meaning in. I don't even know how I got the book originally, it might have been an elementary school used book fair, but it certainly is not all that popular. I really should finish it, eventually, even as a child who goes to school I feel like knowing a thing or two about work environment would do me good. Now, for the Geometry Dash things: I started Eternal Moment sometime the late morning on Saturday, and even though it is a great level and actually well-made I have not touched it since this morning, when I put in like 20 attempts. Most of my time spent playing Geometry Dash was spent building today, which is alright I suppose as I am still getting things done. I am also going to some Pacific beach with my family on Friday and Saturday, so it's not like I am very crunched to beat it in a week or anything. It's harder than Spectrum Cyclone, too, so if I spend two months on it I just know that I still beat SC slower. Well, yeah, I really should do some more work on both EM and shtisiht (the building project), and I really do enjoy going at both of them. But yes, see everyone in the next entry I suppose.
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03/06/2021, 17:53: Kowareta done and thoughts on my dreams

I did it! I beat kowareta last night. I suppose all of that time spent grinding from 0 during the week paid off, as I was surprisingly consistent and actually not terrible at the level during the stream last night. There couldn't have been better circumstances for me beating it, too, as it was on-stream and not too late at night, and nearly all of the people who actually wanted to see it saw it live. It was just very satisfying to pull all of the level off in one go, and although that is usually the case for really any level, this one felt especially that way. Everything that I have to say about it, if you actually play Geometry Dash and are considering playing it, can be found in the description of my YouTube completion. I am just super glad to have that level done, as it probably would have taken me another week or so if I had died at the ending again. I probably had a lot of things to talk about when I was just waking up, however now at 6 in the afternoon it is hard to remember all of them. I did, though, finish 20020 on Friday before I went to XC and it really is a good webcomic/short story/visual novel, if only it was longer. However, allegedly, in spring of this year 20021 will release, and I am quite excited for that. I also really should finish reading Homestuck, I got past the larpy part like last summer and I suppose I just never finished it. Let me check what page I was on, actually, as I still have the tab open on a separate device: page 4988. Somewhere in chapter 6, and I know for sure that it is at an intermission. Homestuck is just cool to me because of the world it builds and how the author is so good at making very simple, yet interesting concept art and landscapes. Some people like it because of all of the strange romancey things, which I can sort of understand, but it has just never appealed to me especially when hundreds of pages are spent on it. I really just should pick it back up again, as I still have like 3000 pages to go. Now, on to the thing that I actually wanted to talk about: some dreams that I had last night. I do not remember a lot of them, however the ones around 7-9 in the morning stuck out to me as they took place in an area that I could have sworn I have seen in at least one dream before. Usually the dreams that I have in the late morning on Saturdays and Sundays involve massive, sprawling landscapes and cool things that I could never describe nor draw. However, I will do my best to describe this one as it stuck out as just really cool. Keep in mind that it has been like 12 hours since it was fresh in my head: Imagine a plane rotated at a 45-degree angle, however a street with some buildings on each side. The street would only extend uphill to a point, until it was blocked by a massive building that was quite high. None of the buildings are actually rotated, just kind of abide by the hill and are still livable. There is a fountain somewhere on the street. Man, this is the thing about dreams; they are very cool when they are fresh in your head but by the time you get around to actually describing them in a concrete way they just fall apart because all of the images you have in your head of them cannot be described in words. Maybe I should draw what I have in my head impulsively in Photoshop sometime, I think that would be better than just bumbling around and trying to poke at it. If I try to perfect the drawing, it will probably fall apart as well, so I suppose just a very quick sketch with my mouse will be enough. This is very unrelated, but on the topic of digital art I do not think I really need a drawing pad. I suppose it would be nice to have, but there is just something about handwriting with a fuckin' mouse that just makes it all seem more authentic. Sure, it is more often than not way too messy, but it will also make me improve with my mouse in general, aim and other things if I ever take up Counter-Strike or other first-person shooters. My entire Geometry Dash texture pack is all made with my mouse, and I think it looks pretty darn good and charming so I might not mess it up by actually drawing things well with a drawing pad. Another rambling entry, but I feel like it summarizes my thoughts fairly well. I might update tomorrow if there are any pressing issues.
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03/04/2021, 17:16: More XC, 20020, and other things

Wednesday's practice really was not bad, and neither was today's, as a matter of fact. On Wednesday, the coaches had the kids who had been actually training run at a slow pace for 30 or 40 minutes, and had us kids who had not been training as much just do a 30-minute walk. It does not seem like that great of an idea at first glance, as these first few weeks were really meant to get us in decent physical shape. As cross country is really all about running, having us not run just seems like a bad idea. However, the reasoning was that we would get injured by three weeks in if we ran all week, which seems fair enough I suppose. The group I was walking with still tried to walk quickly and at a good clip, so I was left still feeling kind of sore and everything afterwards. The soreness was the same kind of soreness that I felt during the rowing camp that I went to in the summer of 2019: Mostly in the legs, and mostly impairing going down and up stairs. At times, I had to slide across the floor with my socks to not feel anything as well as pulling myself up with the banister when I was going up stairs. It was hard to get out of bed simply physically on Wednesday and today, but soreness simply means that my muscles are growing anew so I suppose that is good. It is kind of annoying, still, however. Today's practice also wasn't bad: we ran 5 1000s, or 5 km, one being a warm-up, three being the actual workout, and one being a cooldown. It was quite enjoyable, and I found that I could suddenly actually breathe and that my legs were hurting less. Certainly more enjoyable than Tuesday's workout, as that one was just around a track and this one was through a nice 1km loop. Now, aside from Geometry Dash, which I will undoubtedly eventually get to, there is another thing that I would like to talk about, being the digital novella 20020 by Jon Bois and others. I found it from Jon's Twitter page, as he happens to be quite the comedic individual, and it captivated me instantly from the trailer that he had pinned on his page. The premise is that in 2026, humans developed nanobot technology to stop aging completely and functionally become immortal, with the nanobots stopping anything they were trying to do if they detected that any human activity might have the possibility of being lethal. As space exploration was deemed worthless due to faster-than-light travel being impossible, humans instead became a species of endless recreation. Eventually, in 17804, a variant of college football was developed that has been continually played up until the year 20020, when the story takes place. I will not say any more, and you really should check out the YouTube video covering it for an actual explanation of how the game works. Reading it sort of gave me the realistic-fiction-adventure vibe that Homestuck also gave me, which is great as I really do love reading those kinds of stories. Homestuck was kind of too larpy for me and just kind of long, but on the other hand the plot is very, very interesting and there are a lot of twists and turns. 20020 is quite a bit shorter, or at least as far as I can tell, and quite a bit less larpy, which to me is a good thing. Some people like that kind of strange romancey stuff, and a bit of it I can get behind, but I really don't like seeing it if I am completely immersed in a world and then the author ruins it by having many, many pages filled with nothing but gossip (pages 2000-3000 of Homestuck.) I suppose I am comparing the two just because the general style is very similar as well, with just enough well-written text and dialogue to make it interesting and enough images to complete the world. The flashy gifs, specifically, and the massive maps are the main commonalities. I really should finish it, as it is fun to read. Now, on to Geometry Dash: I have not really been playing as much kowa as I would've liked, only getting 55-100 once today and a few times yesterday. I can't believe that I got 91 on Sunday, which feels like forever ago. But hey, I really have all the time in the world and it's not like I need to beat it before some landmark. I would just like to beat it sooner rather than later, which will not happen unless I actually play it a lot. I will, though, probably play it a LOT on Friday, and stream it as well, as well as Saturday and Sunday. I do believe I can beat it, it is just a matter of when. I also should just play it more. As long as I remain patient and do not get frustrated, I will certainly beat it before May. That actually might be it for this entry, as there was only a little bit on my mind, and I feel like I have rambled enough in sentence fragments and run-ons for anyone to drop dead.
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03/02/2021, 18:54: March, cross country, and fangames

All right, I now have two days of cross country under my belt and it really is not terrible. In the moment, when you are actually heaving yourself foot after foot, it really does suck, however after it is done you feel like the top of the world. The only thing about it is that the masks really can get annoying after a while, and after you have had them on for a bit it just feels like you are inhaling the same musty air over and over again. It was certainly refreshing to see other kids my age, as well, as I have been absolutely deprived of that for almost an entire year now. One thing that kind of stuck out to me, however, was that on day 2 I couldn't recognize anyone that I thought I knew from the first day simply because they were wearing different colored clothes. I suppose I just hadn't seen anyone in different clothes for a very long time, as the only people I have really seen are absolute strangers and my family. Practice is from 4 to around 5:45 most days in the afternoon, which really is not that bad; kind of grueling, I suppose, but over before you know it. It's not like I absolutely hate it, either; I feel like I could do it for four more weeks. Because myself and a whole other cohort of kids hadn't been running in a while, we only did 2/3 of what a lot of the upperclassmen did for the workout. Which was alright, actually, I doubt I could have gone any longer. The coaches seem alright, as well: there is one guy who actually seems to know what he is doing and how to run--likeable, but kind of sounds like a duck when he talks--and three or so other soccer moms who are simply there to tell people how well they are doing. But who knows, maybe through all that makeup they know something about running as well. The main coach told us rookies that we would not be running a lot this first week, which is kind of unfortunate as, well, XC is really all about running and if we are not doing it we are not getting better at it. The thing is, a lot of the people I was running with just felt a lot of foot pain, which is strange because I didn't feel that at all and was just dying of asphyxiation all the time. Maybe that was because I have been taking a lot of walks, so my feet are all ready for being used. I feel like I knew two or three of the kids there, and maybe a few others that I recognized from somewhere but couldn't recall names or exactly where I knew them from. There was one person there who I hadn't even seen since 4th grade and still miraculously recognized, which was pretty cool I suppose. Football practice was also happening at the same time, and they were all in full uniform and helmets and everything. It just looked unfun, and with any luck I will not have to play football at any time in my high school career. I suppose I should get around to drawing a map of the place so people actually know what I am referring to, however that will eventually happen. Somehow, I feel like I have already become 5x more angsty after only a few days of XC. I usually am kind of snarky, especially to my family, however in the past two days I have just felt a little more wired. It might be because I was around actual kids. It is also hard to believe that it is the 2nd day of March, and tomorrow will be the 3rd day of March. I can still remember early December, and it is hard to believe that that was nearly three months ago. It's almost as if time is passing. Soon enough, it will become April, XC will end, and I will turn fifteen. I suppose I should just savor it while I do have it, though, as well as my spry young age. People somehow regard my (minimal) accomplishments with more surprise when they are paired with my age, and for some reason a fifteen-year-old doing something impressive just doesn't seem as impressive as a fourteen-year-old doing that same thing. There also are the perks of being older, such as being able to buy condoms without the attendant giving you the evil eye, driving, and being able to legally drink. Another astonishing yet true fact is that it is almost the two-year anniversary of this blog; I started it on March 14, 2019, and now there are only 12 days left. I would do something special for it, but two years is really not all that impressive. If only I had caught the one-year anniversary, but three seems like the next best. I just can't believe that I have been writing this for what's coming up on four months now. I thought for sure that I would have forgotten about it by at least December, but here I am. I suppose it is just a way for me to express my thoughts in a massive paragraph without just feeling like I am talking to a wall; after all, there are people who may or may not read this and maybe even enjoy reading it. But yes, if I have come this far, with any luck I can keep it up until either school crushes me or something else prevents me from accessing these files. If my hard drive blows up, I still can directly download the TWN page source and edit it from there if I am really in a pinch. Now, there is something else I have been doing, and I will save the Geometry Dash rambling for after I talk about it: the popular video game and genre I Wanna Be the Guy. Released in 2007, it has not aged a bit, and I have been slowly picking my way through Not Another Needle Game since sometime in April 2020. I absolutely suck at needles, however this was still a rewarding experience to play and I am still not even done with it. A few days ago, I downloaded I Wanna Maker on Steam, and was just surprised by how good it is. Once I get better at needles and just doing jumps and aligning things, I might actually try to get to stage 2 on Kamilia 3. But for now, I am still improving and making an awful level in IWM. Now, for the Geometry Dash rambling: I got 21-100 on kowareta THREEEEEEE TIIIIIIMES today. Three. Somehow. And the second I go from 0, I start uncontrollably quivering whenever I approach the 38 ball timings at EndLevel. I know I will eventually beat it, it would just be very nice to beat it before Friday. Which really is never going to happen, as I hoped to beat it before last Friday and look at me now. I just need to be more patient with myself and get lost in my own thoughts more when going from 0, and I will beat it eventually. I don't know why I am kind of mad at myself for not making quick work of it, it is just that I was hoping to beat it at least a little bit quickly. But, y'know, it is after all a top 20, so I feel like even if I beat it in 4 months it will be better than my PPF time. I just would like to take less attempts than Steve, which honestly might not be that hard as I am just under 30k and he had like 87k. I don't even have to show them in the final completion video, as well, so I feel like I should just stop worrying about them. Steve told me that I will beat it when I least expect it, which I suppose is plausible. I just really need to control my nerves.
comedic video of the day #042 (if you are squeamish do not watch)

02/28/2021, 13:10: Cross country starts tomorrow

Well, the time has finally come. Tomorrow, March 1st, I will at last start running cross country as a freshman. I have kind of dreaded this, and also very much been looking forward to it. It will be an actual extracurricular so I don't have to feel guilty about having too much free time, however it also will take up a lot of my time. I do, in my heart of hearts, like running, and sometimes it certainly can be draining, or at least that was what it was like the previous three years. The main reason I am doing this is not really to run, as I am not even all that good at it, but to simply meet new kids as I have been very deprived of actually talking to people. It might wear me out or something, but I will most likely continue to play Geometry Dash during the season. It is only four weeks, after all, as they thought it would be a good idea to cram the season into a month so that there is less contact between children. I am also wondering about how us kids will even breathe if we are wearing two layers of mask all the time, as that is the new hotness and they will probably still make us wear them even though we are outside. But yes, I will go to it tomorrow and make sure to keep this blog up-to-date on how XC is. Now, for more Geometry Dash rambling: I got 91 on kowareta at around 11:30 in the morning today, being very consistent and getting to the second wave a few times after that. I would really like to beat it within the week or maybe even before March, as it would just be great to be able to play something else and learn something else. I am expecting to die after the second wave at least a few more times, as 88 is very hard as well as 92 and 93 being chokeable. I still do have to remind myself that I enjoy playing the level and that it is good, as I do believe those things and sometimes the level can just get tiring to play. However, frequent breaks and doing things sometimes help with that. I have felt frustrated at a few timings, specifically the ball timings in EndLevel, but I have never felt all-out hatred for the level yet. Which is good, or maybe I am just telling myself that I like it to alleviate some of the feelings. I dunno, with any luck I will beat it soon. It is just kind of hard to die somewhere after 80 and then uncontrollably quiver for like ten minutes afterwards and not even be able to play. I really should get better at controlling nerves, but I just cannot do it. Still liking the level though, so I suppose that is what matters the most. Yesterday I went with my father to the store and picked up some Pepsi, I am trying to have a taste of all the major soda brands and try them all to see which ones I like best; I obtain a 12-pack of cans every week and then drink them during the week. Currently, I have done: 7up, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Fresca, and now Pepsi. Mixed with some Snapple on occasion when I can get my hands on it, I feel like this is a pretty decent system for trying all the sugary fruity drinks. If I get through all of the massive selection of them that my store has, I suppose I will just pick the one that I like and keep drinking it, and if I feel the need for variety I will mix it up a little. Other things that have been happening are mostly occurring online, specifically in my Geometry Dash circles. I am friends with quite a bit of people, a few of them so much so that they have let me into their Twitter private accounts. It really is disheartening to see the sadder side of some of my better friends, however I suppose everyone has those kinds of feelings. I have felt some pretty low lows and some pretty high highs, but some of these people are like seriously contemplating suicide. Which is scary, like very scary, as everyone has thought about it but it really is concerning to see someone I know talking like this. I really do not know what will come of all of that, and I do wish I could help in some way, but it just seems like all of the people I know online are very depressed. More news about Cross Country has come in since I started writing, as it is stuff that I wish they had, y'know, told us participants before we signed up. On Thursday and Friday this week, the practice will be at a different location, for whatever reason. The practices are also conveniently at the same time as my sister's soccer practices, so my father will have to drive me or I will have to walk or ride my bike. Which is unfortunate in two ways; my father works during the day, so him having to drive me both ways will be hard. However, my school is not all that far away, so with any luck it will not be that of an ordeal. If there are days when my father is unable to drive me, which no doubt will come up, I will have to walk or ride my bike all the way there and all the way back. It is a better workout, I suppose, but it will just be more miserable if I do have to do it. We will see how today's practice goes, I suppose. Back to kowa, as I am writing this around 20 hours after I started. I got 21-100 this morning, after unrusting at 55-100 and being awful from 0. I will eventually beat it, however it just might take a bit. I feel like I should stop setting unrealistic expectations for myself, as I am a lot worse at the game than I might think. But yeah, I will keep this posted about that as well, I suppose.
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02/25/2021, 11:59: Music and Gay Chicken

Around this time a year ago, I was very much in crunch mode for National History Day (NHD), the school project that I had in 8th grade. I would wake up every day at 4:40 in the morning, put on some dirty clothes, work on NHD for two hours, then take a shower and go to school. This was the main time that I would work on the project, rarely even doing it after school as I was booked solid with Geometry Dash and homework for other classes. This happened for the better part of the month of February and some of January and March as well. These days were not exactly fun, but I do have fond memories of them, for some reason. I would turn on all the lights in my room, lay my board out on the floor--as it was an exhibit, a tri-fold board--and get to work, typing things up and sticking them down with some supplies. It is just the feeling of that room that gives me this strange emotion. Another notable part of doing this was that I would very frequently take out my iPhone 4 and listen to that one YouTube stream of very calming music with a lot of those drums that stick out. Just the feeling of having woken up and then sitting down to grind away at a desk that you know and love is very satisfying to me, as is the carpet and general smell of my room. The last few sentences most likely made little to no sense, however I might as well keep talking about it because it may make sense to someone out there. There is this one musical number from Alice in Wonderland (1951), called The Walrus and the Carpenter, and I watched it frequently via the YouTube video back then when I was grinding NHD. There was something about that video that gave me a very large amount of comfort; maybe it was the melody itself, maybe the poetic lyrics, but I still do listen to that song/music video from time to time and it reminds me of NHD and just how content I was back then. I suppose there is also an aspect of it that relates to me being actually able to see my friends during that time, and I did talk to them quite a bit back then and go to malls and places frequently.
Now, I feel like I should address the title. For a few hours on Monday and Tuesday, I went to the Newgrounds audio portal and sorted by recent, just trying to find cool things to use in Geometry Dash. Newgrounds is the single platform that Geometry Dash uses for its music, so if a cool peice of music is found on Newgrounds, there is a very high chance that someone, somewhere will use it in Geometry Dash. There really was indeed some good stuff there, ranging from very halty-sounding music to very clean landscapes. However, it got me thinking: if these independent artists can do it, why don't I try? Music really is a good thing to listen to, and I can probably teach myself enough about making it digitally to get by. I also already sort of know how to play the guitar. So I installed FL Studio, as well as WinRar as I had been meaning to get that, and just tried to figure it out. It took an hour, and probably still take some more learning and bumbling, to just see what it was all about and how to use it. The full version is like $200, and as I really can't function in it yet I doubt I will buy it until I feel more comfortable with it, as if I blow $200 on it and it is a bust, I will have wasted $200. If someone buys it for me, as that sometimes happens for things that I express my plan to buy, I will most likely end up displeased with myself as I will struggle to get $200 worth of production out of the software. So, in two weeks, if I like FL studio so much that I will pay $200 for it, I think I will do that. So yes, I might just give updates about how terribly that is going in the future. Now, for the second thing in the title: Gay Chicken. This was kind of impulsively wrote into the title, as I really didn't know what to talk about when I was naming this entry. Gay Chicken was a game that myself and my friends would play at birthday parties on occasion, however I had less experience with it because the few times that we played it I missed the parties. The goal of the game was to be as gay as possible without chickening out, and as we were all male this made for an interesting game. There really was no strategy, but it was not a game you could play for more than 10 minutes without just not wanting to play anymore. We probably would have played it a few more times, maybe in birthday parties last year or this year, however around this time in 2020 Twiddle came out as bisexual and we stopped playing it because he had an unfair advantage. Other than these very few things, nothing really has been happening in my quaint little suburban life. There are still things to talk about, though, but I might save that for future entries.
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02/23/2021, 18:50: BTD6, school, and my teeth Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
I forgot to finish the entry again, maybe it was due to me being demotivated due to it being not all that long. For some reason, I like comparing myself to my past self; how good I was at Geometry Dash, how clear-minded I was, things like that. Specifically, in this case, I compare myself to my previous blog entries and gawk at how they last for ages. But, y'know, sometimes I just have less thoughts. I do like repeating the phrase "you are the same person that you were a week ago", as it is very true and I find myself doubting it a lot for some reason. There are many phrases that I like repeating to myself, as well, maybe too many to be listed, but they are comforting things to have going around in my head, as they can reassure me that I am not going crazy. School was kind of a drag for the past two days, as online school usually is, and today's classes felt especially short. The time that I wasn't in school blew past as well, as I was playing kowareta (the Geometry Dash level) quite a bit today. It is very hard, and feels like going to Vegas from how luck-based it is, but playing has been a blast so far. The drop can be a little frustrating, and the waves really are ass garbage, but with any luck I can beat it in the next month. It would be cool to beat it by Friday, as that would be a week since I started it, however that is realistically never going to happen. Because no one really wants to hear me talk about kowa in fragments of sentences any longer, I might circle back to school; I feel like I am falling behind in it, even though I very obviously am not. I complete nearly all of my assignments on time, and certainly don't have bad grades. But I just can't shake the feeling that I am doing something wrong; sometimes in classwork I may not finish one question and never actually come back to it; other times I may altogether miss a one-point assignment. Usually when I do this, though, it is infrequent and I simply choose not to do it instead of forgetting. I should really apply myself more, and I already keep a poster on the wall that just says "YIKES!" in massive red text to remind me to keep my grades up and actually do those assignments. It has saved me a few times, although my own laziness has won over a few times as well. If I just shut my trap and stopped playing Geometry Dash as much, I think I would get some better grades and I would feel a lot better about things in general. Now, anyone who has read this far might be wondering what I mean by "my teeth". Well, I had a dentist appointment a week ago, and I do need to brush more. The good news is that I don't have any cavities, however I allegedly need to brush along my gumline more. I don't know why I am mentioning this only in this entry exclusively, however it has been on my mind for the past day or two for some reason. The last dentist appointment I had, I got better acclaim for my teeth than this one, which is strange because I brushed less back then. Maybe I should stop brushing. Or, maybe, I should just brush better. I really did feel out of it today, so hopefully with some sleep I can regain my senses and maybe write here again tomorrow.
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02/23/2021, 07:25: BTD6, school, and my teeth

I really should stop naming these "small entries", and although I have said this many times in the past, I feel like a decent solution would be to keep the title color, so that it signifies it as less important, but still title them. Actually, since I have a decent idea of what I will be rambling about, I have changed it for this entry. Hopefully I can hold myself to this standard in the future instead of doing what I usually do. The last two days were very, very boring, however I did buy a new Steam game: Bloons Tower Defense 6, commonly abbreviated BTD6. I have had only a little bit of experience with the series; it is a game about monkeys throwing darts at balloons, which might not seem that interesting, but there are some cool parts about it. My first glimpse of the game was during a bus ride in late 2015 where I was sitting next to my younger friend Miguel, who was playing the newly released BTD5 on his iPod. He played a few rounds of it and told me what all the balloons were, and I thought it was a pretty cool game, although I never actually downloaded it on my own device as I only had an iPhone 4 at the time. I still have that iPhone 4, actually, and it can still be charged and ran. It most likely belongs in a museum, though. I continued watching Miguel play the game during bus rides, along with Geometry Dash sometimes as he had that on his phone as well, so I could beat some levels for him as I wasn't awful at GD at the time. Then, only in the past month or two, I saw some of my friends playing BTD6 and didn't even know that the next one in the series was out. I watched them play some co-op rounds, which were similarly mesmerizing to watch just because they were so good at it. On Sunday I finally bought the game for I think $10 on the Steam store, and played one or two rounds of it, either not even getting past round 20 or getting all the way into the nineties. I had seen people who were alright at it play a few rounds, so I sort of knew which towers to use and things like that. After two more games on Monday, I got kind of annoyed because I always got to the same round and lost to these massive black blimps that were very fast and took little to no damage when I tried to hit them. There are probably ways to defend against them, however, as I am sure that BTD6 is an actually well-balanced game, because if they put in something that simply kills you every time it appears they would have to do something about it. I would like to look up "btd6 how to take out ddts" as that will probably give the answer, although I just cannot bring myself to look that up for some reason, so I might just ask my friends as they know what they are doing and have gotten quite a bit farther than me.
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02/20/2021, 16:46: February is nearly over and more Geometry Dash things

Absolutely nothing has been happening for these past few days, which is something that I start a lot of these entries out with, however it really does apply here. I would've liked to have written here on Thursday night or Friday morning, but there was just nothing to talk about other than me being lost in my own thoughts. Something a little bit interesting, though, happened on Friday, and I feel like it would be a good idea to mention it. I verified the level Cocaine County (now just coke county) by koko43 in Geometry Dash. Which I am honestly very glad about as it is a good level that I am glad to have done and verified. If you would like to see it for yourself without playing it, there is a video of it on my YouTube channel with a fairly cool-looking thumbnail. All of the thoughts on the level that I could have put here were in the description of that video, which I feel like is a good thing so people don't have to scroll for miles to find it if they are watching it in the future. I was thinking of releasing a full, 20,000-kbps showcase of the level on a different YouTube channel so that people could see the whole level in good quality and good bitrate, without the handcam taking up the entire bottom-left corner of the screen. However, as the handcam doesn't take up as much of the screen as I envisioned it, it was not too much of a deal. The video was in decent enough quality, as well, so making another video would just be redundant. The next tricky part about Coke County's journey is getting it rated, as it is hard enough to place on Pointercrate's top 150 hardest levels, however the chances of it getting rated are more slim than I would like. Koko and another person are very much trying to get it rated, though, and there still is a chance of it getting rated. At times, I think about what would happen if in-person school resumed and it was figured out, through one way or another, that there was another person who was not terrible at Geometry Dash who went to the school. Frequently, in middle school, I would see people playing Geometry Dash before school started on their phones or something, but they were never all that good and usually hadn't even beaten all of the main levels. In high school, I feel like there is a higher chance of meeting someone that actually is good at the game, as those people tend to be in the age range of high school and early college. I don't know what I would even do if I met someone like this in my very own school, but I would probably just send them a friend request on Discord or something. I think about this happening a little bit too often, which is kind of concerning. Because this one game is my main "interest" and not that many people actually like it and regularly play it, and I suppose it is just me trying to look for people who play the same game. I have found plenty of those people on Discord, which is great as they are fun to talk with and actually play the game. Currently, I am racking my brain for anything actually interesting that happened other than that, and it appears that I have actually found it: more things to mald about that are related to the things that I mentioned on the 16th's entry. LA/SS class on Friday was the strangest that I have felt in a long time; I was playing I Wanna be the Guy as well, so maybe that contributed to it. It was the class period that I felt like my class was rubbing in the things about the colonization of Haiti a little bit too much. Over wednesday night/thursday, I did a reading packet all about the colonization of Haiti and all about how terrible it was. I felt like I got the point of it fairly well, and that there was a lot about it that seemed a little bit too harsh, however the colonization really was that bad, so I just rolled with it. On Friday, however, we spent an hour learning all about how even the packet wasn't harsh enough on these colonists. To me, it seemed like the packet was alright, it was just that it could have been more concise in a few areas and maybe spelled correctly in others. The packet also repeated itself many times, stating many of the same facts over and over. It just felt like a shock to me that my teacher and the curriculum considered even that as not harsh enough, holding up the connotations of a few words as evidence. This I can kind of understand; connotation is important, and if it is done wrong it can mess up the meaning of a sentence. The sentences that they were attacking, though, only had one word that seemed suspicious and was surrounded by other words that had horrible connotations. I just was not buying the fact that the packet was "going easy" on how the colonists were treating the native Tainos. We also looked at some images on Friday, and this was the part that made me just kind of put my head in my hands. The image on the left is described as being from the perspective of someone who defended the native population and stood up for them. This shows the colonists as commiting massive acts of violence against the natives. The right image was probably from the perspective of people in Europe. Now, am I going senile, or is the right image simply a map with some people surrounding it? That image looks to be literally just a map, with some famous explorers in the corners. It maybe glorifies them a little bit, but the point my teacher was making was that this image treats the explorers as gods and acts like there is nothing wrong with the colonization. Which is crazy, it's almost as if the image was drawn in Europe and with the European agenda in mind, just like the left image was probably drawn with a different agenda in mind. The right image still feels like it had the intent of being just a map, which is what bamboozled me so much about my teacher saying it was discriminatory or something. To me, these images say nearly nothing about how the colonization of Haiti really was, as they both portray different opinions from their artists and both probably have some political agendas in mind. They can both be considered a primary source, as well, which is most likely the reason why the colonization of the Americas was taught in such a rose-colored light back in the day, as all the educators and people fabricating the curriculum only looked at these kinds of sources. They are credible, but they might not portray what really happened. Which brings me to the point that I have wanted to make: Everything we know about what happened then, everything we know about what happened in any time, all came from opinionated sources like these. To get a "correct" view of the events that actually occured, it is imperative that you look at both sides of it; seeing what Japan thought about WWII and what the Nazis thought happened in the Holocaust. For what the colonists and explorers were concerned, they were being heroes, finding new land and pulling their home nation out of poverty by making the people there work their asses off to get as many resources as possible out of the land. It just seems like my class might be a little bit dishonest with what we are learning about these events, and even though it might be strangely put in some ways I will do my best to listen to it and eke out meaning from what I am being told. Well, that was me malding about something, expect more about this topic in case I remember something that I forgot to talk about. I might as well clear one thing up: I do believe the colonists were in the wrong in that situation. This entry took like an hour and a half to write, which might have been because I was scrolling through the Bird App a lot while writing it. But yes, maybe I will write here again on Sunday.
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02/17/2021, 21:09: Small Entry #015

Today went very quickly, as Wednesdays usually do. Because they are asynchronous, I have not too much to do and find myself doing things like doom-scrolling Twitter and checking Discord but not actually sending any messages. Today, the thing that I mostly did was make custom icons for Geometry Dash, which is pretty interesting considering some of the things that people have made. The skill ceiling for that game is so high that some of the best players find themselves making different textures for the game because the current ones seem too limiting or something, squishing some of them to more accurately represent a hitbox or something like that. I just like adding dumb things to the icons and sometimes making things look very cool. This was what I did for a large chunk of the day, repeated cycles of looking through the gamesheet for things that I wanted to change, opening them in Photoshop, and saving them and compiling the gamesheet, then dragging it into the game's texture folder. If anything was awry, some secondary color or small detail, I had to move the sprite a few pixels in Photoshop and save and try again. This happened quite a bit, but it was fulfilling ironing out all the details and making everything look very nice. If you would like to download the texture pack yourself and are unfortunate enough to play Geometry Dash, you can download it in the "mestupid's pack" link on the homepage. Other than doing a lot of things in Photoshop, nearly nothing happened today, or at least nothing to mald especially hard about. The Smash Reveal, though, was today, along with a Nintendo Direct, something that has not happened since September 2019. It was refreshing watching it with my friends, as it was something that hadn't happened in a while and it was good to hear more news about entertainment. I might actually still have the screen recording of the last Direct, as it wasn't all that long ago although it does feel like forever ago. It was at six in the morning, and as my computer setup was in the middle level of the house rather than the sparse basement, my father heard me talking to ZetoMax and came down in his underwear to see if there was a radio turned on or something. That was when I realized that the computer room my setup was in then really didn't close sound out all that well, so everyone could hear everything I said while streaming, all about how I didn't figure out the correct stroke for masturbation until the sixth grade and all my other strange habits. My father now has his computer in that room, the exact place where mine used to be, and I can hear him talking and all those things while he is working. He swears quite a bit more frequently than I thought he did, although that is more of a good quality of him. There was this one kid I knew in seventh grade who I could sometimes hear flapping his piehole at lunch, and he used the word "fuckin'" more times per sentence than I had ever heard someone do before. It was used as verbal stuttering, a replacement for "uhh" or "er", as well as many other swear words. Maybe he did it to sound cool, maybe it was just a bad habit. I am just glad my father doesn't swear that much, and I sure do hope I don't develop that kind of habit in the future. Vocal habits like those, or really just saying any word way too much, such as my experience with certain words, can get very annoying to people listening very quickly. Back to the previous Nintendo Direct: I think the characterer revealed at that event was Joker or someone, as our friend group thoroughly enjoyed his presence in Smash all through late 2019 and early 2020. There were other Directs in 2020, however none of them were very interesting as it was an underwhelming smash character and not too much else. People were seriously considering the possibility of an Among Us character being in Smash in any form, maybe not just as a fighter but as a mii soldier or something. It would be hilarious, but it did not happen, something that I am thankful for. Among Us was a decent game, and then once it started falling off in popularity, it became a massive point of irony. This was funny for maybe a week, until everyone got very tired of everyone else saying things like "when the pretender is acting untrustworthy" or "when the imposter is sus". Now, the big thing is people pointing out random objects, such as trash cans and likening them to an Among Us character. This was also pretty funny, similarly until the joke absolutely died when my Twitter timeline turns into nothing but people pointing at soda can tops and the capital letter A and saying they are sus. All of these things will most likely go through another cycle of irony again, and they really were funny for a few days there. But yes, that was another rambling entry, I will see anyone reading this soon, I suppose. I am kind of impressed with myself for keeping this blog running for 4-ish months now, as it has nearly died many times now and it really didn't last that long in 2019, either. But with any luck, I will keep this blog running with an entry at least once a week until my sophomore year or whenever I feel very overloaded with school. Since I signed up and committed to XC this coming season, I might not even have time to write these, but I think XC will mostly detract from my Geometry Dash time and not much else, which is partly a good thing.
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02/16/2021, 01:26: Small Entry #014 Part 2

---continuation from previous entry---
Okay, I am back, it is 01:26 on February 16, 2021. I am in LA/SS class. Because yesterday was Presidents' Day, we had a lot of short classes today instead of the usual schedule. The day was uneventful, up until right now. We are beginning our whole unit on racism, about Haiti apparently, and we have just done an exercise about what we do know and don't know about this unit. It looks like this, and we are tasked with circling things based on how much we know about them. For the middle two, I feel like many, nearly everyone my age knows all the details about these events. It is good that our school system has done a good job educating kids about what Columbus was really like, and it seems like enough people know that he was very brutal and not what all the textbooks say he was. From the fact that most of the students in her class knew everything about the middle two, my teacher drew the conclusion that our school system was not doing a good enough job of teaching us kids about these things. Which makes sense. We even had some guiding questions at the bottom, not pictured in the image, to have us ponder why we didn't know these things about all the details of the Taino people and Haiti on the whole. Now, this really didn't seem all that strange to me, that I didn't know a lot about the history of Haiti. It is probably quite interesting, just as the history of any country, and there are most likely many years of college-level research I could do about Haiti; all the different civilizations that might have developed there, Maya maybe, and on and on and on. The same thing, it seems, goes for the indigenous Taino population; the reason I haven't heard of them is because there are simply things that the school system thinks that I, as a child, need to know before that. My teacher, and a few other kids, pointed at that--the fact that I, along with many other kids, did not know a lot about the Taino nor Haiti--and said that it is wrong that us kids are not being taught this. Well, I suppose, but you could also point at why the Line of Cancer is drifting southwards a little bit every year, or maybe all the stages and designs that the U.S. one-cent coin has been through, and say that not teaching children those things is bigoted and wrong. There might be something wrong with me not knowing these things by, oh, the age of 30 or something, but it just seems very strange that my teacher and some students think that not knowing all these small details is discriminatory or wrong or something. I suppose that is the thing that I am all malding about currently, which is good, as I have not had one of those in a while. I would rail on people who are obsessed with Minecraft YouTubers, however I already did that in a previous entry and there are plenty of people to rail on them nowadays. For some reason, in late November when I made that entry, no one even really cared about "mcyttwt" or all the other things, and people only really discovered the horrors of it a bit ago. It truly is a strange fandom, but not really a bad one. Anyway, I might write here again today, or I might not. There is not really anything that I can get fired up about now. In hindsight, this entry probably doesn't read all that well, so I might clear some things up in a future opporitunity.
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02/15/2021, 19:43: Small Entry #014

I am writing this a few minutes before my parents will have me come upstairs to finish watching Romeo + Juliet (1994) for Valentine's day, so I suppose I might just start writing this and finish it when the opporitunity presents itself. I got some work done on the assignment, so with any luck I can wake up tomorrow and finish it or get some more work done on it tonight. It shouldn't take all that much longer, and I don't envision myself taking any more than an hour on it if I actually focus. Usually I get distracted by Twitter or something related to Geometry Dash, but I am determined to actually get it done before it is due. I still do not fully regret only doing a small bit of it on Wednesday, as there is not really a pressing need to get it done very early as it is not a massive assignment anyway, it is just undesirable to have it hanging over my head for five days. Yesterday was pretty darn good, with me making progress on the current Geometry Dash level that I am trying to do now that Spectrum Cyclone is out of the way, as well as having a good time in the snow. It is nearly all gone now, the snow that is, as rain has come to wash it all away and make things more dreary. Other than just the snow, nearly nothing has been happening these past few days, which is partly very nice, as it is a break after all, but it does make the time pass faster. There have been zero major world events practically in the last month, so everyone has gone back to their own personal things, which is good for some people. I don't really have any personal things to get caught up in, so it just feels like it makes things more boring. I did, though, talk to one of my friends who I haven't talked to in a while over Whatsapp on Sunday, which was nice as we hadn't talked in some time. If only the actual group chats on WhatsApp were active again, as that was where the real fun was. There was one group chat in particular, called Friends of Friends, that is coming up on four years old now, made on November 21, 2017. I have had quite an experience with that chat, and in 7th and 8th grade I would wake up very early in the morning just to eat cereal and catch up on all 800+ messages there had been from the night before. That really was great, and there are probably still some active chats around nowadays, but maybe not in my age group. Sometimes I do wonder how much catching-up everyone will have to do when we all go back to school some day, but there really might not be that much to catch up on. At times, I feel like it will never go back to normal, that I will keep missing out on the high school things that everyone goes through and all the cool things that might have happened during this year. The school year is more than halfway done, and the only memories that I have of it are of talking heads on Teams and of assignments about things that I already know. I could probably organize some sort of social gathering with myself and my friends, however I doubt it will be the same as actually hanging out in one of ours's basements and doing very fun things. But, eventually, everything will slide back to normal, which is comforting I suppose. I just cannot shake the feeling that I am missing something, some sort of crucial experience socially.
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02/13/2021, 16:17: The Snow Day

Surprisingly enough, it did in fact snow today. It was not as much accumulation as the forecasters predicted, or at least not as much as they predicted in the morning. This was mainly because it was very windy overnight, so not a lot of the snow got the chance to stick and instead was whisked away by the wind to other places. The wind also made the snow look simply less pretty, as there was none on the trees or rooftops or lampposts, the main places where snow looks nice. But at the end of the day, I am really not complaining about it, we only get snow maybe once a year where I live, and it either hits or it misses; this snowstorm, I must say, is a hit. Sometimes we only get half an inch or so when a massive snowstorm is forecasted, and it did seem like that earlier in the morning, however more snow kept coming down during the day to give maybe four inches as I am writing this. I should probably take some pictures, as well, for posterity or something. There is a very good chance that this will be the only snow this season, and I feel like I must catalogue it in some way, however I am sure that there will be enough pictures taken by my parents and everyone else, as well as this blog simply mentioning it. I still have not touched the assignment that I have to do that is due on Tuesday. I have it all planned out, and I feel like if I actually sat down to do it, it would just write itself. It will most definitely be a long task to do though, and it is not even a massive assignment points-wise. I should have just gotten it done on Wednesday or something so I wouldn't have it hanging over my head all this break, but I really did enjoy Wednesday just how it was and it would probably have been muddled a little bit if I had spent two hours telling my teachers all about how I know things that I already know. I might just get it done on Monday, but that is the day that I have a guitar lesson conveniently right in the middle of the day, so even that I am not sure about. It will, though, get done before the due date, and I can nearly gurantee that. Hopefully my teacher will not mald at me for completing it on time when she made the due date a week earlier. Now, for something more interesting, I have been considering doing cross country (XC) for this season. I did it all three years of middle school to mixed success and enjoyment, but I feel like breaking the streak would not be desirable, either. It is from 4:00 to 5:30 in the afternoon every weekday for four weeks, which is a smaller season compared to the other ones I have had however might have more rigorous practices and more practice on the whole. It seems like a commitment, but if I hate it I only have four weeks of it. XC wasn't so bad for the other three years that I have done, so hopefully it will be better this year as it is in the spring and it will not rain as much. There is also the good social aspect of it, as for a year now I have been craving social interaction with kids my age, and this seems like not a bad place to get it. On the other hand, 4-6 in the afternoon is the usual time that I unwind and try to spend some time away from screens during the week, and although exercise usually is part of that, I will indeed miss reading. Yesterday I had the best experience reading I think I will ever have, which is listening to music and reading Michael Chrichton's Timeline on my bed with all the lights on. I have some lights strung around my room, and they are hard to turn on due to me having to physically plug them into a hard-to-reach outlet, but sometimes when I feel very cozy I turn them on for an extra feeling. That really was nice, and I might do it again today. For the past few days, I have realized that sometimes I feel quite happy, and other times I just feel hollow and without purpose. These might be the "mood swings" of angsty teens that I have heard so much about but never experienced. I am just glad that I feel pretty decent most of the time and do not feel suicidal at all, which some other people my age, particularly in my Geometry Dash circles, are experiencing. Most of the times that I feel down are times that I question things too much or try to find a greater meaning in everything, and end up feeling without purpose and sad. I have come to the conclusion--or at least, for now--that life is pretty darn crazy, just the fact that I am lucky enough to have a consciousness and a place on this earth, and I might as well live it and enjoy it. It might have its ups and downs, however just the fact that I am alive is pretty crazy, and I most likely have 55+ good years still in my life before I go senile or develop dementia or something. 55 years to do whatever I want, accomplish things, and maybe make a mark on the world. It still does fascinate me, consciousness and all that, but I might not think about it as much and just kind of roll with it. Part of this thought process is from what my father told me, that not every day needs to be a very deep, introspection day, which I can see. But sometimes I do have to remind myself of that stuff and enjoy things, and after all it is still crazy to think about. But yes, that was another rambling entry. Hopefully I asserted myself more confidently than last entry. I still probably do have more thinking to do.
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02/11/2021, 18:59: Small Entry #013

Today I beat that Geometry dash level that I had been going at for some time. What irks me, though, is that it took me a few months but it wasn't even a new hardest, which is what I mostly try to spend time on. Constantly beating harder and harder levels can be draining, though, so I feel like this level and the one before it was a nessecary break. There is not much that I have to say about it that hasn't already been said in the YouTube description, and it really was an enjoyable level to practice and satisfying to beat. There is another level, though, that I would like to talk about, called Still Life by Empiika. It is probably my new favorite level, just from how everything is pulled off so well and how well the song fits with the level and the art style. Every single thing about that level is good, right up to the pulsing of the lines. If you would like to see a video of it, there are many videos of it on YouTube of it uploaded by people with more clout than me. If you have Geometry Dash and have beaten a hard-ish level, I would recommend Still Life, as I have beaten it more than three times and all of the attempts I have put into it were enjoyable. I have felt out-of-it for the past two or so days, not in the usual sense with me just feeling kind of ill, but that I have been living mostly autonomously. By that, I mean that I am just going with the flow and not really questioning things all that much or processing them; just completing assignments, playing Geometry Dash, reading and walking, and talking with my friends some of the time. None of this includes thinking about things and just contemplating things on the whole, purposefully being aware of things and stopping to smell the roses; that is what I call lucidity. Being in a state of lucidity all the time is tiring, and eventually leaves you feeling hollow if you are just pondering everything and realizing how strange it all is for the 53rd time. Being autonomous is more enjoyable, but after a while you snap out of it and realize how much time has passed. This probably made zero sense, but at least it makes sense to me, or at least currently. Something that might make more sense is the fact that there might be a snowstorm in the near future for my area. On Wednesday, it was forecasted that there will be three major snowstorms through this weekend, the second being the biggest and up to a foot of snow in some areas. Now, there is only like six or seven inches predicted, but it is better than nothing considering my area only has snow maybe once or twice a year. For some reason, the snowfall always is in the second or third week of February and is either massive or nothing at all. It will surely be exciting, as it will give kids like myself and my sister something to actually do, as well as just being very pretty. I am on a break from school from today until this Monday, so hopefully I can enjoy myself as well as the snow before school starts back up. My sister is off from tomorrow the 12th until the 21st, having that entire middle week off, which I suppose is because she goes to a private school. I, looking back on that, am very glad that I didn't go to a private school this year, as it would just make me feel very guilty for some reason that every minute I spend looking at talking heads costs money and that there may well be less than 180 days in the school year. I was accepted into one, and it really wasn't a hard decision to decline, but I would be very unhappy if I had chosen to go to it. There is this one assignment for school that I have that was due Wednesday night, however everyone I know has it due on Tuesday morning. I suppose my teacher thought she was being kind to us when she set the assignment as an earlier due date, possibly to alleviate stress or something like that. Teachers like to do that, for some reason, saying that they are trying to minimize stress and then either saying that they were wasting time by talking about it or then proceeding to assign a lot of things. I usually do not get stressed over school, even when it is a massive assignment, as in the back of my head I know that there is a way for me to carve out time no matter how late it gets for me to to it. This strategy has proven time and time again to be effective, but draining. Nowadays, I try to get things done early-ish or at least more on-time than they usually are. My teacher will probably only check for said assignment on Tuesday, as well, so if I get it done before then I will have little to worry about aside from nitpicking. On a different note, even though I am sure I have changed "notes" or subjects many time in this entry, I have noticed the "voice of reason" mentioned in a previous entry not speaking up as much when I am thinking about things, or not having as much of a say as to what I am thinking about as it should be. Sometimes I make strange, far-right assumptions about things, and that voice of reason is the only thing keeping me from me thinking about them more and accepting them as legitimate. Maybe it is because I have been doing less thinking on the whole lately, or maybe it is because of something else. I should just try to take longer walks and stay more hydrated, probably. Man, this entry really did seem like a long ramble, but hopefully it was at least vaguely interesting. There is just not much to talk about aside from me speaking in fragments and pondering things.
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02/09/2021, 16:38: Small Entry #012

Literally nothing has happened today in terms of school, but there is one thing that I would like to mention which is why I am writing this at such an odd time. That thing is that I have been listening to more of The Caretaker/Leyland Kirby's stuff, and some of it is as hard to listen to as EATEOT, but some of it I actually like quite a bit. I tried listening to nearly all of his stuff--once again, only in fragments--but the ones that I liked and tried to listen to more of were this one and this one. I suppose this was mostly because they weren't trying to convey any kind of message or theme, and were just nice ambient albums with some nice landscapes and kind of a warm feel, specifically the first one. The second one I just thought was cool because it was only a few instrument and had very drawn-out notes. I also antiicpate myself chewing on them in a way, thinking about them all the time when I am laying in bed, but since they don't have the message that some of the other works of his do, this might not be the case. Another nice thing is that they don't have the same kind of internet stigma EATEOT has, making them more comfortable to listen to for me for some reason. I don't feel like I am listening to an art form--even though it is good music--but rather just some interesting things Kirby made.This might be all I will write today, as that is really all I wanted to say and kind of release for posterity, in case college-age me rediscovers this blog and decides to listen to some of these albums in full while drawing or taking a walk or something. These, by which I mean all of Kirby's work, have also gotten me thinking about just the rest of my life as a whole, and I know that is kind of a tired topic. I am fourteen, a somewhat young and spry age, but this is only for the moment; I will eventually turn fifteen, and then sixteen, and then so on until I get very old and realize how far I have come. It is only in the past month or so that I have realized how valuable it is to have a life and consciousness and all those things, so I feel like I should try to squeeze out as much meaning as possible from these years that I have on the planet. This is not a great realiziation to have in your forties, which is why I am partly thankful that I am having it now. The one thing that I would really like to happen is that, on my deathbed, I can look back on a good 60+ years of things done and an impact made on people around me and maybe even humanity on the whole, and be content in knowing that it was a life well lived and that I did nigh everything I wanted to do. I think I heard that from a self-help book my mother was listening to on the way to B[-----] in 4th or 5th grade, and I guess it just stuck with me; there is something about a life wasted that is very disheartening and hard to think about. I think the book was called Unfuck Yourself, if anyone is reading this and is wondering what it was. So with any luck, I can take these sixty or so years that I have left and do something great with them, like helping people on a larger scale than simply volunteering or innovating in some crazy new field. I do not think playing Geometry Dash will help do that, however it is an incredibly fun game and part of a way for me to express myself and simply relax and have something to do, so I do not forsee mysels stopping playing it anytime soon. Oh--also, if you do play Geometry Dash, I have updated the texture pack in this page to be more accurate and include all of the textures I use.
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02/08/2021, 19:30: Small Entry #011

Today really wasn't bad, but it was just very uneventful. I had an orthodontist appointment today, which usually are not that interesting; however, this specific appointment was unusually interesting. This was because there was some kind of assistant or intern person who stood by the person who actually knew what they were doing. Although this might seem uninteresting--and it was at first--it became really darn cool to listen to the professionals use all their lingo, tell the assistant what the names of all the instruments were, and refer to me as "the patient". I never actually remembered any of the terms that they were spitting out, but it still really was a cool experience, and gave me a greater understanding for the field of orthodontics. Maybe it is not actually just yanking on people's teeth after all, and requires some forethought and planning ahead. When I was not wasting away looking at talking heads via Teams or just scrolling through Twitter, I was just sitting in the basement of the house and thinking about things. It is a nice, wide area with a massive carpet, and although it is far from luxurious, it is still a very nice space. A few times during the week, I have sudden cravings or strong urges to go lay on that carpet and contemplate things, and contemplate I did. Mostly it was just about human consciousness and things like that, as for some reason that is especially nice to think about and ponder. I might not go into all the details, as they are most likely really, really boring, however I did think about how I haven't had the "stomach-droppy" experience of really realizing how alive I was for a few weeks, and how much I have thought about it since then and that the feeling never came. I guess I have just had it in the back of my head since then, and sometimes I snap out of whatever I am doing during the day and into that strange state of lucidity. These short bursts are really not bad, however sometimes they can get on my nerves when I am actually trying to focus on something and just want to go about my life autonomously. Instead of rambling about that for who knows how long and talking to a wall, I might get around to the thing I was hoping on talking about: my playing of the guitar. I think the only instance of this that I have mentioned, or at least with a Visual Studio Ctrl+F search, is on March 26, 2019. I have been playing the guitar since sometime in 6th grade, and it is something that I do enjoy. I have lessons every week on Mondays at 6 in the evening, and I think it is fair to say that I have improved quite a bit since I started the instrument all those years ago. It might also be worth mentioning that my teacher has changed; ever since sometime in late 2019 or early 2020 I have had a different teacher; my old one moved to Florida to pursue other things. The new teacher still does teach me things, but it feels like he doesn't know his way around the instrument as well as the old teacher and doesn't focus on method or the actual way of practicing as much, it feels like the new teacher simply reads things from the notebook or textbook and guides me through them. This still isn't really a problem, as I am still learning things from my lessons and do like the new teacher a little bit, but I can't help but miss the old teacher and his way of teaching things. Another issue, one that I feel has persisted all through since I started playing the instrument, is that I am learning only a little bit at a time or generally going around in circles. This can be chalked up to the fact that I only have one lesson per week and only practice in small increments at a time of small music peices at a time, allowing for only a little bit of actual skill increase each week. It does add up, though, but I just feel like I could be spending more time with the instrument. There is a whole website dedicated to guitar tabs, and I feel like I could go there if I wanted to play some song that I heard or a cool riff or something. I suppose I am just seeing all the people with instruments around me learning so fast and improving so much, on pianos or violins or something, and then look at my minimal progress with the guitar and sigh. Something that I mentioned in the previous entry is the abundance of free time that I am lucky to have at my age, so I might put that to good use and start actually using the guitar more or something and just becoming more fluent with it. I suppose that is it for this entry, actually, as I only really wanted to talk about the guitar things. Hopefully my tone wasn't too much different in this one, as I found myself using many more repeated kinds of phrases to get around to my actual points. If I am at a dry spot in ideas, expect a lot more "however"s and "of course"s.
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02/07/2021, 19:59: Small Entry #010

I feel like I should stop naming these "small entries" and just start making them full titles, as it shouldn't be all that hard to muster up real official titles for all of the things that I talk about. Making the titles gray, too, has become redundant as well as they are still as important as "full" entries. All the format nitpicking aside, this weekend and Friday was pretty darn uneventful. Friday was fun, as it was my friend MonkyDe's birthday party. I am once again using the online usernames for my friends, as I do not think that they would appreciate having their entire name put in something public. He was turning 15, which is still pretty crazy to me considering I can remember my 10th birthday pretty darn well, as well as the fact that I will be turning 15 myself soon, and most likely learning to drive as well soon. All of these events seemed like massive landmarks when I was younger, and now they are creeping up on me very quickly. Part of that is nice--as, well, the events are actually happening--but part of it makes me worry about how fast the rest of my life is coming up. I might just ramble about this later, as there is a birthday party to describe. Anyway, all six of us were there with our cameras on in a Discord call; myself, MonkyDe, Bio, waymond, Twiddle, and Zetomax. It was quite a nice crew, and the even-ness of the number allowed us to do many fun things together, mostly on Hypixel or Good lord, Hypixel Bounty Hunters is a very underrated game. It is fun nearly everyt time you play it, the rounds are long enough for you to actually enjoy yourself, and it is even better with friends. The adrenaline does get kind of tiring after awhile, which is why we only took the rounds one at a time, as our heads would just explode if we did any more. We were going to have cupcakes together, but it ended up being everyone except me having the cupcakes, as my dog ate the entire cupcake, including the candle. It was at the bottom of the goodie bag that MonkyDe's mother dropped off at my family's house, so I am very surprised that she managed to rifle through everything to pull out the cupcake at the bottom, disregarding everything at the top. She threw up the candle Saturday morning, of course, as she can digest nearly everything except rubber or plastic or metal; she once actually had an entire bag of mini M&Ms without anything coming up. The party really was fun, although it was not a whole lot compared to what it was last year; February 8th, 2020 I think it was. That was the day that we all had a sleepover and played Smash Ultimate until we eventually went to bed at 3:30-ish in the morning. Of course, not until we played truth or dare for a very long time and just generally had a good sleepover. That was also around the time when Twiddle had a girlfriend, so I got to keep a tally of the number of times he whipped out his phone during the sleepover to use Snapchat or something. The total tally turned out to be something around 60. Things really were so much better around a year ago--so many fun social gatherings, things were actually getting interesting for once--if only this whole pandemic didn't happen. There has, too, been a good side to this pandemic; for one, I resumed writing this blog. If I hadn't, who knows what events would be lost to time from around this time-frame. I really will try my best to keep doing these posts into hybrid school--and maybe even in-person school, if the world doesn't end before then. I also probably would not have beaten all the Geometry Dash levels that I have in these past nine months, as I have had so much excess time from school that all the time that would be normally used to go to and from school or to other things such as extracurriculars or riding my bike somewhere just goes to playing Geometry Dash. Which is fine, however this is something that my father has told me time and time again and that I think is very valuable advice: the one (of many) gifts I have at my age is that of time. Lots and lots of free time to, presumably, do interesting kid things like, oh I don't know, actually go somewhere and hang out with my friends somewhere interesting. These high school years will most likely be regarded as some of the best for me when I am in college or something and maybe even married, and missing out on a whole year of that just seems like something undesirable. It just seems like so much of a waste that I am playing a square game instead of actually doing things with all the potential I have to do things, however I really do like said square game and it has proven to be a good pastime for nearly 6 years now. I just wish I could actually do something for once, instead of just being home on a screen for 12 hours a day; going to some kind of park with a lot of friends on bikes and just having a great time on the whole, I really do miss those kinds of things again. Now, instead of wallowing in these things more, I bring good news: this HTML document has passed 1000 lines. It might not seem like much, but if you open this page source in Chrome or something it really is quite a lot of lines. To me, it is just crazy that I have managed to make these entries somewhat consistently for two or more months now. But yes, for any people unfortunate enough to read this, thank you for reading and giving me a way to express myself that doesn't just feel like I am talking to a wall.
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02/04/2021, 18:53: Small Entry #009

I thought about this quite a bit on the walk that I took today, and it is probably just a normal human experience, but I wanted to write about it here just to discuss it and get all my thoughts in order. When I was going past a pond--really not any important kind of pond; just the normal one in my neighborhood with ducks in it sometimes that is low in the summer and high in the winter--some kind of instinct inside of me wondered, "wouldn't it be hilarious if i threw my phone out of my pocket into this pond?" Of course, as these frequent wonderings often are, the consequences immediately played out in my head and I came to the very quick conclusion that it probably wasn't a good idea to throw my phone into a freezing pond. These thoughts aren't really all that abnormal for me and probably other people; among them are things like "what if i shouted racial slurs at the top of my lungs in this crowded assembly?" or "what would happen if i pushed someone over this balcony?" These thoughts come very suddenly, and they are scary when they happen, but they really are not realistic. I don't think I have ever followed these kind of thoughts, and if I did, I would most likely be in juvenile detention right now or very monetarily indebted. Some other kinds of thoughts that I have are ones that are simply instinctual or pleasure-seeking, another side of myself that I didn't even know I had, similarly scary but in a different way. A lot of these thoughts I will, uh, refrain from disclosing, however they are very strange things like "hmmm, doesn't *close relative* look attractive?" or "man, maybe bestiality isn't all that bad after all." These are things that no sane person would ever think, however they come into my head at seemingly random times and are kind of pervasive. Usually, a good night's sleep makes me realize that these are what they are. Sometimes I find myself drifting off and contemplating these kinds of thoughts, and then I realize that I am doing this and slap myself in the face, briskly, then tell myself, "what the fuck was that? why was i thinking about that??". This kind of relationship between these instinctual thoughts and the actual viable reasoning that usually happens I like to think of as the angel and devil on both of my shoulders, although a lot more pronounced. The bad/strange thoughts I immediately label as bad, and the decent ones happen most of the time. I really do not think it is multiple personality disorder or being plural or anything like that, as to me these seem like just normal strange thoughts and instincts and not literally multiple personalities. Sometimes they do seem a lot like voices in my head, however, and sometimes even have bouts of arguing, but this is more just me arguing with myself and being perplexed over things. For now, I think a decent name for these thoughts are the "voice of instinct/pleasure-seeking" and the "voice of reason". This is really the only thing that I wanted to talk about today, although there is one other thing that I would like to mention. I think it would be a decent idea to get together with some of my friends and make a weekly, two-page .docx document about our opinions and policy reccomendations for political things. We really do have some opinions, and if I do say so myself they are quite based most of the time, so having us actually articulate them on some sort of official document/issue/magazine kind of thing seems like a good idea. A decent name might be "The '24 Think Tank" or something like that, although the phrase "think tank" kind of does have a negative connotation. Anyway, that is what was on my mind today, if any poor souls have read this far, thank you for reading what I wrote here. If you have any Spotify reccommendations or playlists you like listening to, please do not hesitate to send the links to them to or, as I am eager to listen to anything that doesn't sound like grinding metal.
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02/03/2021, 17:11: Small Entry #008

Today was not too much different from yesterday or the day before, however I did not have syncronous online classes and was just kind of tired throughout the day. When I went upstairs at 2-ish in the afternoon to read something and just to generally decompress, I felt very overwhelmingly tired. This does happen to me sometimes, usually on Monday afternoons, so I laid on my bed and scrolled through Twitter for a while, eventually succumbing to the tiredness and taking a nap. It was quite a nice nap, without the usual aftereffects of feeling woozy and nauseous, however I had one of those strange sudden sore muscles in the middle of it--I think those are called "charlie-horses"--which I have never had happen during a nap before. It really was unpleasant, and just from how sore it was, it prohibited me from taking a walk or actually getting places quickly. Which is fine, I suppose, as all I am really tasked with is just sitting at a computer and telling my teachers things I already know, however it is just a bummer that my leg is at reduced functioning capacity. I have been doing more listening to Everywhere at the End of Time, reading more about it but only listening to the actual music in fragments. Even though I have only dipped my toes into it, I still find myself thinking about it and wondering about it quite a bit. That is the point of the entire album, though, to make the listener think about alzheimer's and dementia and things like that, and I must say it does that pretty darn well. I really should listen to it in full, 44100-hz, mp3 format on Bandcamp maybe when I am in my twenties and have actually grown some balls, as I can't listen to more than a few seconds without being very scared or worried when I go to bed that day. This is something that both me and my mother have noticed for things that might be scary, haunting, or chilling; they are fine--even interesting and invigorating--when you are first looking at them or reading about them, and then their actual scariness is delayed until when you are trying to go to bed. I suppose this one is particularly haunting because I have tiny-ass balls, and am still too much of a scaredycat and/or pussy to watch any kind of scary things. However, EATEOT is not really all that scary, I guess. Like some people have said in the Bandcamp reviews, it feels like it is more beautiful than scary if anything; there is just something about the album that gets you and makes you think. Alzheimer's itself is not an incredibly direct threat to myself, either, as I am the young and spry age of 14 and have at least 70 good years to go before I inevitably die, maybe even 80. Even if memory loss/dementia is not a threat to me, it is still a threat to my grandparents, who are in their seventies and eighties now. By now, I have come to the conclusion that the album really is very cool and does its purpose very well, even though I have not listened to more than a few minutes of it, which kind of feels like an incomplete opinion to me. I will, though, eventually listen to it in its entirety in the next ten or so years, so I will be sure to keep any unfortunate readers of this updated. It also is unfortunate that there is at least one person on Twitter who is obsessed with Al Bowlly--a musician from the 1920s who mostly played ballroom jazz and that some say had a better voice than Bing Crosby, and died in WW2 from a bomb on his house--who the composer of EATEOT sampled a lot from. I will still never get over the fact that there is someone out there who is in love with a dead, depression-era musician; it seems somehow worse than being in love with a fictional character. But to each their own, I supppose. Anyway, that is really about it for this entry, I got a lot of thoughts out about Everywhere at the End of Time that I have been mulling over for some time, so I might as well call it here, and if anything else pops up I will address it in future entries. I have probably made numerous grammatical and spelling errors in this entry, as the "brain rot" from the 23rd has gone back into full swing again.
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02/02/2021, 20:17: Small Entry #007

Very nearly nothing happened today, however the fact that I am able to sit down to write this is good, so hopefully I can think of something to talk about. However, as it is somewhat late in the evening, I might as well talk about how the day went. I woke up in a daze to my alarm, as the night had been unusually pleasant and I had forgotten what morning it was. Apparently, it was Tuesday, although for a split second I was convinced it was Monday. I started the school day in no time, and I am sorry to say that nothing interesting happened. I got a pretty darn good grade on my biology assessment, however, better than the score I got in November: a 32/36. This is good, as I will no longer have to mald as much as I used to, as well as just generally being happier with my grade. Still not an A--at least for the semester--but I still am glad that it's not a C or something. For the rest of the afternoon I ruminated, taking a walk in the rain, and read some of Timeline by Michael Crighton. I think the first page was the only spot that I felt genuinely hesitant to keep reading, and it will, with any luck, be interesting to resume reading tomorrow. The thing that I was planning on talking about today just seemed like way too much of a touchy topic, so I might just leave it at this for today, as there really is not any burning issue that absolutely must be discussed today. One thing that has been irking me, however, is that there has been nearly no word from the White House for the past two-ish weeks. There are, of course, the daily press briefings, but I did not watch those either during the Trump presidency. It just seems as though no information or usefulness is coming from D.C., which there used to be plenty of when Trump was president. There also is the concerning amount of executive orders being passed by Biden, however the thing for me is that I didn't hear about that, either, until my father mentioned it. Maybe Biden just isn't as loud on Twitter as Trump, and that might explain the silence from the White House as well. I might as well wrap up this entry, as I am getting on to rambling. Sometimes rambling is a good thing, however most of the time it feels like a practice I would like to avoid.
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02/01/2021, 10:16: Small Entry #006

Yesterday I successfully watched Groundhog Day on my father's Prime Video account, and it really is a good movie. Not much really happened yesterday on the whole, as I for the most part worked on a project and slogged through chores and homework. I am quite grateful, though, that I don't have all that many chores that I have to do, as some of my friends and people I have been acquainted with are always loaded up with housework on the weekends. All that I usually have to do is do my laundy, clean my room, clean my workspace, take out the trash, and on occasion do the dishes. It is unpleasant, but not nearly as unpleasant as it has the potential to be. The one interesting thing that is happening in school is this project me and a few others are doing on the U.S.'s relationship with Chile, which I wasn't really excited about initially, but the more digging I did and the more Wikipedia articles I looked at, it turned out that the topic did have some depth and is really quite an interesting topic, although kind of a nasty one considering all the bad things about Pinochet's rule and takeover. Aside from that, there is literally and absolutely nothing else interesting that is happening in school; all of my other classes are either at a standstill or the things we are learning are just not all that interesting. On Sunday--this is the main thing that I was going to talk about--I recharged my very old phone for the first time in a while, mostly to look at some old messages and wallow in how good everything used to be. That is, as it happens, exactly what I did; mostly scrolling through myself and Twiddle's SMS message history as well as some old WhatsApp images and videos.
It turns out that today, February 1st, was the day that me and him and I think MonkyDe went to a specific mall in a specific city, with the intention of simply playing arcade games until we fainted. It really was quite fun, and I could probably supply a blow-by-blow of what happened if needed. I think we arrived there in our respective parents' vehicles around 1 in the afternoon, and then all met up together in the second or third floor, below the movie theater that was on the mezzanine level, and above all the smaller shops. There was a fountain that stretched two stories down, and the entire wall behind the escalator was a massive window. At the top of the escalator was some white tiles, and straight ahead was the massive arcade/bowling alley/bar, however the latter two options were for people with a lot of excess time, money, and sobriety. Us kids just went to the arcade, and I still have the card I used to play all of the games. A lot of them were busts, in face most of them weren't all that interesting, but the ones that I remember very well were the coin-pushy ones where you were tasked with putting a coin in at the right time so that it would push all the other coins down into more coin trays. That one was just very fun to watch, and if you put enough coins into it something was guaranteed to happen. After maybe 30 to 45 minutes of pouring our hard-earned money into these coin grinders, Twiddle told us that he was going to find a restroom, in fact I think it was those exact words, and then walked away into the abyss. Upon closer inspection, all you had to do was turn left from the arcade place and walk a few paces, and the bathroom was right there. Me and MonkyDe played quite a bit of Donkey Kong and 1941 on the retro arcade thing that they had, for around long enough to realize that something was up; Twiddle had not returned from his bathroom expidenture. It gets very complicated after that, and there was talk of a movie--as a matter of fact it got very complicated after that, so much so that I feel like I shouldn't actually get into it. By around 5-6 in the evening myself and MonkyDe got some Jamba Juice from a nearby shop, and it indeed was very tasty. I think he still owes me a dollar-ish. All three of us then walked down a street and back, and even into the nearby Container Store, thinking of a way to remedy the situation that had arisen, that is still undisclosed. At 6, Twiddle's father came to pick all of us up and drive us home. That day doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it was very exciting in the moment, just because of all the interesting things that happened and the whole situation.
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01/30/2021, 11:05: Friday, February, and other things

I broke the streak, even though I was very close to actually writing here yesterday. I was, as last entry predicted, very occupied in enjoying myself through Geometry Dash yesterday afternoon, which left nearly no time to do anything other than killing brain cells through video games. It would have been nice to do an update in the morning, as that is where most of my actual free time is nowadays, however the DVD that I was planning to watch and comment about (Goundhog Day) wasn't recognized by Windows, so I ended up drinking iced tea and eating popcorn while ruminating and stewing. Yesterday really wasn't a bad day, mainly because it was the last day of the work week, and the main enjoyment came from doing things other than school. School itself really was not all that interesting, and by now it really doesn't even feel like school, even though I have said and restated that many a time. I also watched the second half of Episode II: Attack of the Clones with my family yesterday, and it really is quite a lot better than Episode I. Episode I simply feels like it fills in space; someone could watch only the last 5 episodes of the original 6 and have a good understanding of everything that occurred. I might as well stop talking about things that make zero sense and mention the main thing that has been irking me: the coming-up of the next month. This might not seem like that big of a deal, which it really is not, although to me going to a next month in general is just kind of crazy. Initially, months start out very "young"--in the first few days, it is hard to believe that the next month will even come. Sometimes, it is hard to get used to the fact that it is actually the current month, and sometimes typos are made and quickly corrected that refers to the date as that of the previous month. This is usually in the first five-ish days of the month, and these effects were even more pronounced with January, as I was adapting to the new year as well as the new month. Then, suddenly, the days of the month become double digits. This is sudden at first, however it is possible to get used to it. One-third of the month has gone by already. Then, the days trickle into the mid teens, then into the late teens, then the early twenties. By around the 25th, the end of the month is in sight and there is still only around a week to go. Looking back from around this point, it is hard to believe that nearly the entire month has already passed and nothing really memorable has come of it. Or at least, this happens for most months. Usually at the end of each day I can name something at least a little bit interesting, be it good or not good, but there is nearly nothing interesting on the scope of a month most times. And then, it is the last or second-to-last day of a month and the cycle repeats all over again. In 7th grade, I used to remember what number to add to a multiple of 7 to get the Friday of each week--this sounds kind of dumb, but it was useful, and it changed every month to add some spice to things. For January 2021, that number would be 1, as the Fridays are on the 8th, the 15th, and so on. Good lord, I really am rambling here. A lot of the stuff in this entry is only interesting to me, and I feel like I am articulating myself worse here than some of the other entries. Dogecoin is another word that is on everyones' lips these days, and my father has actually been thinking of buying some. I had wanted to put like $30 or $50 into it back when it was like less than a cent, but all the Robinhood sign-up things and the fact that I needed to be 18 to buy any made it quite a bit less alluring and accessible, and most likely illegal if I were to actually buy any associated with myself. That was a few weeks ago, and suddenly my father is interested now that it is actually relevant. There is a small twinge of "i-told-you-so", but now is still most likely a good time to buy it. If only I had been born four years earlier, then I might have been able to squeeze some profit out of the funny dog cryptocurrency. GameStop is also falling out of relevancy, it seems, as it is still hovering right around $325 per share, but it feels like it will plummet any day now. That seems like about it for this entry, even though it is barely longer than some of the "short" entries, I still feel as if it was solid.
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01/28/2021, 21:10: Small Entry #005

Absolutely nothing interesting happened today, or at least nothing interesting that is worth removing from the petri dish of my thoughts, so I might as well talk about world events, or at least the goings-on on Twitter. Most of the reason I am writing here today is because I don't want to break the nearly week long streak that I have of writing here every day, so with any luck I can pull through until Saturday and complete the cycle, then do it all over again. If I had to pick one thing, maybe the most interesting thing that happened to me personally today was that I had a sore throat and still do; I think something was said about it in January 27th's entry, and it is in fact the same sore throat. Now, the thing that I came here to talk about was GameStop, which is the brand name that has been on the lips of every sane person since maybe the 25th. I have very good memories of GameStop as a brick-and-mortar store; blowing my parent's money on Skylanders in 2013 and riding in the car when my father went to buy the XBox (Xbox?) One and the controller, and just it being very close to my house. It is not there anymore, since maybe 2016, and there have just been less and less GameStops throughout the country with the onset of digital gaming. The company was going to go out of business very, very soon if people didn't realize that they could foil many hedge funds' shorting plans by buying as much of the stock as they could. They really couldn't have picked a better stock to do this with, as GameStop is a recognized name and was at, like, $3 a share when it started to first rise. What happens after that is well-known; GameStop reached its highest that it has ever been in just a few days, with 8,000% increases since December, causing a national brouhaha and making everyone very scared of r/wallstreetbets. In hindsight, of course, it would have made sense to buy it very early and then sell when everyone on Twitter was shouting for it to "hold the line". If Reddit does keep doing this, it really wouldn't hurt to put like $30 into one of the things they're trying to pump up and just see how it goes. From the backlash, however, what with Michael Burry and Robinhood itself and just the disregard for all this by any people with sense in them, this GameStop thing is most likely a oneoff.
I also read the Wikipedia article for The Caretaker's Everywhere at the End of Time, as I am too much of a pussy to listen to the whole thing. It just seems too haunting, and by just listening to a little of each part, I still think about it a lot and some of the melodies are catchy enough to go around in my head for some reason. The Wikipedia article was a good read, though, as it was cool to see everything behind the albuma and what was put into it. Apparently, just old ballroom jazz wax cylinders and lots of effects, and it really did turn out, or at least the very few fragments that I did listen to. Wax cylinders themselves are very cool, and if they aren't too expensive it would be interesting to buy some old recordings in a pawn shop or something and see what they sound like. But yes, that is really about it for today. Tomorrow is Friday, and as I usually am way too busy enjoying myself and impairing my vision playing Geometry Dash on Friday afternoons and nights, I might do that day's entry in the morning, if I ever get around to it.
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01/27/2021, 20:15: Small Entry #004

Today went past very, very quickly for some reason. On Wednesdays, which is what this day happened to be, I have no school classes and instead am tasked with some homework for every class. These days are mainly made up of me either playing video games or watching my friends play video games, and on some occasions even playing games with my friends. That is, of course, after I have finished most or all of the assignments. Today was really not that different, I slogged through my homework in an hour or two, even though that amount of work could most likely have been done in 45 minutes. Then I played some Geometry Dash, playing the level that I had been working on for a month-ish and only making minimal progress. The main interesting thing was when me and my friend played G'ta, or, as some people call it, Grand Theft Auto V. It was quite entertaining, and we did that for two and a half hours. Its enjoyability was drastically increased because I re-downloaded it on my cool new SSD that I got for Christmas, so it was able to load faster and not randomly lose a lot of frames. GTAV really has not aged a bit in its whole 7 years of being out, with the graphics still being amazing and really the whole experience still being very good. It's not even the online content packs that are appealling, just the actual game and how vast it is. With any luck, GTAVI will be even better, although since V is already 94 gigabytes who knows how big VI will be. There is also the question of whether it will even be released, which might just never happen. The rest of this day was spent having a sore throat, presumably from looking at my computer for hours on end. I drank some sparkling water and some glasses of milk, and it is still here--with any luck it will vanish overnight. This day feels like it has been not completely used well, to be very honest. Not much of it was actually doing things other than simply wasting time, and even though I do enjoy a little time wasting, things must be done other than sitting around and doing nothing. The thing about this is that I just have so much free time nowadays that it seems like a shame not to be using it all. My sister has one or more extracurriculars a day, and has to juggle that all along with her schoolwork. She is in 6th grade, and I am in 9th. Eventually, I will be as loaded-up as her, which will be most likely interesting if I am actually doing things that I enjoy and am interested in, but it will leave less time for me to do what I actually would like to do. If I could, I would be going to malls and places with friends and meeting new people and actually having the teenagery experience. However, for the past nearly a year, I have been stuck at home and have not seen my friends since sometime in March. It really does seem kind of wasteful, just squandering an entire year like this, but I suppose this is what everyone is going through. It is comforting, a little bit, that I am at least writing these things and putting some of my time to good use. The rest of it just goes to playing Geometry Dash and telling teachers all about things I have already learned via assignments, and a small fraction goes to thing like reading or thinking, which at least are useful and not just mind-numbing. Speaking of which, and I mentioned it very briefly in the last entry, I have been thinking about human consciousness and free will and things lately, and they really are crazy topics, as once you start realizing "wait! wait wait wait! this place is actually real!" and things like that, it is very easy to ask other questions that lead to more thought. All this thinking has already been done by philosophers millenia ago, but it still is kind of fun to do it all again. Some of the strangest feelings I have had as a person is pondering this kind of stuff, things like "hold on, what makes me able to have this experience?? this is crazy! all of this stuff is real! if i wasn't born, i couldn't have been here to see all this!" which leads to even stranger feelings and stomach-droppy stuff. I really could go on, but it would most likely sound like rambling and make me sound entitled or condescending. I might go more in-detail on these things if I am washed up in later entries.
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01/26/2021, 20:33: Small Entry #003

The problem with doing these smaller entries, I think, is that eventually I will forget how to write larger entries. There is also a possibility that I will put off writing the longer ones for long enough that this blog is only made up of small entries. I do think it is generally a good idea to put things that are less of a big deal here, such as malding and nitpicking over brands, and things that are bigger on large entries. I might just do those on the weekends, specifically Saturdays, as that seems like the only day that I can coax myself into sitting down and writing things out. Today, for the most part, was pretty darn solid, with it being refreshingly normal school-wise and also pretty normal when it comes to things other than school. I woke up at around 5:40 in the morning to my alarm as usual, a blue digital clock that I have had since 2011 or 2012. Some of the display is broken, although that really doesn't matter, as I only use it for its alarm and face it towards the carpet when I'm asleep so it doesn't brighten up the room. The strange thing about this morning especially is that the alarm kept ringing in my ear for, like, ten minutes after I switched it off. This usually doesn't happen, and it certainly was strange that it happened today. Eventually it was gone after a while of checking Twitter. The school day was uneventful, and I found myself distracted for much of it, although still retaining important information and listening to things that seemed important. For some reason, the period right after school, around 2 to 4 in the afternoon, was especially pleasant, as I really did not feel like being at my computer, so I walked around the house and checked things out, ending up flipping through some magazines, checking the mail, and daydreaming about what I could spend the coupons that came in the mail on. I also was reading How To by Randall Munroe, which is quite a good book and just as good of a sequel to What If, full of cool ideas and things that I would never try at home. Then, at around 5 in the evening, I took a walk. It was not an especially different kind of walk, just the loop that I usually take, but I found it very fulfilling, as walks I take usually are. When I got back I scrolled through the Bird App more, and thought a little bit. Today was an above-average day mainly because I didn't find myself being appalled at anything that happened or annoyed with myself in any way, which usually happens at least once most days. Instead of rambling more about how uneventful my day was, I might just cut this entry here and see anyone reading this tomorrow, or really whenever. With any luck, tomorrow will be even more alright and fulfilling.
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01/25/2021, 06:54: Small Entry #002

They rebranded Snapple. Not a complete rebrand, like they didn't change its name or anything like that, however the packaging of the bottles did in fact change. From what it used to be, this is an alright change, and I could mald harder. It's not like they actually changed anything about the drink itself, too; the ouncage is still the same and the drink tastes the same. But like, just look at the packaging. It is almost as if it's the 1990's again, and even though I didn't experience that decade firsthand, to me some things still have a nineties feel to them. I certainly would be able to judge it better if I was alive then, though. So yes, I am certainly not exactly happy, but I could be more mad over an iced tea drink. The one thing that is very annoying about this new packaging is that the bottles are plastic instead of glass, presumably to be more recyclable. This, by itself, is not bad, as plastic bottles are a lot lighter than glass bottles and from what I could see on the package, they are more environmentally friendly. The thing is, they decided to plaster the entire thing in the transparent wrapping, which can flake off and be irritating if anything scrapes it in the wrong way. It does feel better for the most part, and it would be even worse if it was just the bare plastic, but the bottle I have has a lot of prickly bits in the plastic that were probably caused by something during manufacturing. There were good things about the glass bottling and the old logo, however this new one does have a more clean feel to it, and even though it does somehow seem like an oldish style, at the same time it is refreshingly modern.
For some reason, making the number of comedic videos go up is very motivating to me, so I guess I will keep doing these entries until I am happy with how massive it is. With any luck, I will still be able to write long detailed things, as this shorter style is just one topic and most likely uninteresting to read.
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01/24/2021, 11:39: Small Entry #001

I went for a walk yesterday, leaving at around this time, and I wish I could have worked up the gusto to write this right after I took the walk. It was quite a nice day, clear and sunny for late January, and I started the walk with the intention of getting something from McDonalds or Taco Time. McDonalds was open for only drive-through, and Taco Time looked like it was open for takeout however the two employees looked like they were busy enough with the massive drive-through line. I ended up going all the way back home without any fast food, which was alright because it still was a nice walk. On the way back, there were these birds that looked like gray spheres with beaks and flew around like bugs all over one of the trees, which I found notable. That was really the only interesting thing about the walk, and when I got back my father offered to drive me through one of the places, so it had a decent ending after all. Today I am occupied with thinking about doing homework and doing some of my laundry/chores. The Geometry Dash level I've been working on, Spectrum Cyclone, is still very enjoyable, and I feel like I am becoming consistent at a few of the harder parts.
Well, that was it: the first small entry in here--mostly made out of short sentences and boring things, although I think it did its job, providing a small update. Hopefully I don't get too used to writing like this, as I would like to keep making detailed entries in the future.
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01/23/2021, 10:44: Brain rot and the Biden Administation

There were a lot of things on my mind this week, if only I could have sat down to write this while they were fresh in my head. As nearly all of the human world knows, President Biden was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20. To me, it is still pretty crazy that I remember Election Day 2016 and the inauguration of Donald Trump, and just the general fear of whether he would be elected for a second term. Part of me is pretty darn happy that it actually happened, that Trump was booted out of office, however, and it kind of feels strange to say this, but I can sense that things will be drastically less interesting now that Biden is president. For the last four years, there was nearly two massive scandals each month, and once in a while something very interesting happened, such as the outbreak of the coronavirus or the first impeachment. Now, it seems like the simple fact that a reasonable person is elected will slow things down and make everyone come to their senses. I, for one, am ready for no major bombshells for a few days, what with the insurrection and the second impeachment and all these things that have been happening in the world for the past week or two. Somehow, they don't even seem all that notable to me, as it seems like everyone will forget about them in a few days and forget they ever happened. This kind of happened with the impeachment of 2019: it was super, super relevant for around three months, then when COVID hit it suddenly became old news. Now, the name Nancy Pelosi only rings a distant bell in my head, and for a while there I forgot that Trump was even impeached in the first place. The news this time around will hopefully be slower, and relevant for longer so people can actually remember it.
This is sort of an extension of what I talked about last post (last week???? jeez it really has been that long), however the past week has really exaggerated this feeling, something that myself and ZetoMax have nicknamed "brain rot"; probably caused by too much screens or spending too long on the Bird App. The feeling is simply pronounced clumsiness, both in my hearing and in typing sometimes. Let me explain. When I was walking down the sidewalk on Tuesday or Wednesday, minding my business and getting outside for a change, when I heard a couple padding behind me. They were taking a run, and later in the week I realized that they take that same running loop on many weeknights. They were talking to each other, as well, and at first it seemed like gibberish; literal incomprehensible moon runes, however as they began to come closer I realized it was just plain English, although I couldn't be completely sure. Part of it might have been that they had an accent, and kind of a strong one at that--of some European language like German or Italian--however it was strange to me that I couldn't be sure that they were speaking actual English. This has happened to me on a few other occasions, sometimes when I am coming upstairs for dinner or when I'm in school; things people are saying sound incomprehensible until I actually focus on them, when they turn back into English. This doesn't happen all that frequently, although it is scary when it does. To me, this is just concerning because it is something very abnormal that most likely should not be happening, and some days it really does feel like my IQ is ticking down by the minute. Throughout the past week, I have also noticed myself making plentiful typing and spelling errors when I am typing chat messages or school assignments, although it has sort of fixed itself by the time I am writing this. Mixing up vowels in words or just making typos were common errors, and it was another scary thing that could probably be chalked up to being at my computer for 12 hours a day. To fix this, and to make it feel like my brain is leaking out my ears less, it would be a good idea to simply take longer walks or spend less time on my computer or phone. Other than these things, there has been no major events in my small little secluded suburban world, so I might just leave this entry at this. Like I said in the previous post, I think it would do me well to make a lot of shorter posts--under smaller headings or something so that people don't take them seriously--about more temporary things that are on my mind or are irking me.
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01/16/2021, 19:50: Hybrid school and being out-of-it in general

This week, somehow, was even more boring than last week despite the impeachment things when it comes to politics. School was at least a little bit stimulating, with some interesting projects being announced and math being interesting as usual. I also am tasked with signing up for more courses for my sophomore year of high school, which by itself is very surreal; that I'm actually going to be in 10th grade in a few months. This is also where the reality of having to worry about colleges comes in, as I have to take a substantial amount of AP classes to even consider getting into some of the more prestigious colleges. However, this might not even be a massive problem and I will only really have to worry about completing everything I am assigned to the best of my ability. My school has some very cool classes, some of which I really do have an interest in, so hopefully doing homework won't be all that painful as long as I enjoy it. This last week is the first one where I have realized just how massive Spotify's music library is, and so I have mostly listened to some ambient music and cool jazz things. The genre I would like to find is the kind of music that my grandmother on my mom's side plays in her apartment, jazzy kind of music with no major drum beats. It goes well at any kind of event, and she usually keeps it on in the evening, or at least when my family's over there. Spotify really is cool, and sometimes I just find myself browsing music and never really settling on anything. If anyone who is reading this has any sort of taste in music, I would love to hear suggestions at or
At last, it feels like the transition to in-person school is happening. My sister, who goes to a private school, is starting her hybrid-kinda-routine in February. Which is pretty darn exciting, especially for people like me who never would have thought that they were going to see someone in-person again. Mine is set to start sometime in March, which makes sense as they are most likely starting the hybrid model for the elementary schoolers, seeing how it goes over, and then moving it up to the middle and high schoolers. The thing is, as far as I know these models are very loose; I don't even know the exact schedule for mine yet, and it seems like the worst of both worlds from the diagram that has been shown for the schedule of the elementary schoolers. This seems like the students would have to move from school to home mid-day, and then from home to school the next day. This seems just really wack, and I can imagine it being even more strange with multiple classes to work in. Overall, there is a good chance of it being less efficient than online school--which is really saying something--however I think this might be a nessecary tradeoff considering just how desperate some people are for in-person interactions. I, too, have found myself very in need of actually talking to people I know in-person, as it has been more than ten months since that actually happened in a school environment. There are many symptoms of this, especially for me, but some I feel like I might not disclose. There is a good byproduct of being at home all the time, and that is me actually being good at Geometry Dash and realizing that I could actually be good at it. When I was still in in-person school, I did play it quite a bit, but mostly hopped around between hard level and hard level, and I just couldn't beat anything to save my life. Then, suddenly, I actually beat something somewhat hard, and have been impressing myself with the game ever since. That might be just that I have had more free time, and it is kind of worrying that I have made the decision to squander it all on a 2D game about a square. But I'm having fun with it, so I suppose that is what matters.
Oh hey, wait, something interesting actually did happen this week! Not in as large a scale as politics, but not my personal nitpicking either. That thing is the fact that the power went out on Wednesday the 13th. According to my mother's analysis, it went out at a little bit after midnight on the 13th and stayed out until 6 PM that night. During that time I got absolutely nothing done and flicked many a light switch to no avail. It did give me a lot of time to think, which I suppose is a good thing, but not really enough time to work on my humanities project that I had due later that week. I suppose it was good to have all of the deadlines pushed back a day or two because of it; my teachers seem way more lenient than I expected them to. But yeah, that was my week. Hopefully I will write here more frequently, although this vow is never actually accomplished. Maybe I could make some shorter entries about how my days are individually, as I frequently have ideas for those but they never make it into these posts.
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01/09/2021, 17:28: Nearly nothing interesting has been happening

I have procrastinated on this entry for a while now, which really isn't a good thing, as usually these entries are fun for me to write and they are something for me to do in my free time. In the past week, there has just been nothing interesting that I feel strongly about. Yes, all the Capitol things that occurred on the 6th really did happen, however there's not really any opinion I have on that because it was more of an event than a pressing issue. All I really have been doing is playing way too much Celeste and Geometry Dash, as well as sitting through school on occasion and taking walks on occasion. I think it's also my dog's birthday today, which is pretty interesting, but literally and absolutely nothing happened this week. Thursday, though, was a pretty solid day. Usually my Thursdays are a little bit better than the other days of the week for whatever reason, and this particular Thursday was mediocre until the evening. For some reason, at around 9 at night, after having a very tasty dinner generously prepared by my parental family member, I felt the very strong need to go on a run. For whatever reason. I had already taken a walk that day, so a run really was unprecedented. Me and my father ended up going, and it was a really darn enjoyable run, and I felt especially motivated for whatever reason. That was the only semi-interesting thing that happened to me this week, and I doubt anything will happen today. I should have written here at like 1 in the afternoon on Wednesday, that was when I really did have a lot to say about the events at the Capitol. Eventually, though, it all got figured out by the press, which is a good thing.
I suppose I should also update on the things I am doing in Geometry Dash, for whoever cares about those things. Around three weeks ago, I beat Plasma Pulse Finale by Giron and xSmokes; the description of which can be found somewhere below this entry. It was enjoyable, but it took me ages because I didn't play it much. A week later, I beat Rage by xGen26, which is less hard than PPF, but still quite difficult. That took me a week, which I am still astounded by. I guess it might have been just because I had so much time over winter break to play the level, and so much motivation because I legitimately enjoyed playing the level. Then I picked up Spectrum Cyclone, and I am still playing that. This week was just so uneventful that I really am speechless; there's just nothing to talk about. I do apologize if this entry was abnormally short, I had to kick myself to write it. I really do want to keep writing this blog, it's just weeks like this slow everything down.
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01/04/2021, 17:14: 2021 and Steam games

Again I find myself lagging behind quite a bit when it comes to writing entries, I guess I'm doing them close to weekly now rather than the ideal of nearly daily. However, it is what it is, and the last weekish of winter break really did blow by. Today is a Monday, the first day I have back to school after the two weeks I had off. The two weeks might as well have been on-school days, except for maybe the 24th and 25th of December, as I found it to more throw me off my routine rather than actually give me a break. However, if we really did have school, I would very likely just mald about it, so I will take whatever breaks I can get. And still, it was a nice relaxing break and hopefully my routine will grow back as the weeks go on. This fucking shit-dicking spacebar is squeaking again, but because it did kind of fix itself last time (see 12/21's post) in a few days, so hopefully it will do that again. It might also have to do with the weather or day of the week or maybe it just goes back to making the squeaky noise every now and then. Luckily enough, I do have a redundant keyboard of the same make and model that I can use if I really and truly can't bear the squeaky sound, but until then I will most likely continue using this one. The tail end of this break was spent playing a large amount of Steam games, as well as doing my best to beat some more Geometry Dash levels. With a generous $50 Steam gift card gift for Christmas, I have been able to buy all the games I have ever wanted and still have like $30 left over. This included Super Meat Boy, Celeste, VVVVVV, and Goat Simulator. The other games weren't on Steam or I simply already had them via my father's extensive Steam library.
Super Meat Boy I already had some practice on from playing it on the XBox (xBox?) so I really just had to get used to the slightly different colors. After not too long, I A+'d every single level in both the light and dark world in all chapters, and while there is still more to do in the game, such as getting more collectibles or getting deathless runs of the chapters, however this just seems very grindy and boring. So after I did that, I moved on to VVVVVV, where I was able to finish the game, but not 100% it, in around two hours. Those two hours really were enjoyable, but after I finished the game I didn't feel especially motivated to complete more things or do everything that there was to do. After a few days of playing Geometry Dash, I tried Celeste, a game that I have heard a lot about but never tried. It was a pretty baller ass game, and I finished chapters 1 through 8 A-side and 1 and 2 B-side in around 7 hours. I am still working on chapter 9, but stuck in the massive room with all the keys and locks that is in subchapter 2. I haven't been playing it that much today because the last few days I played it I really played it, and couldn't get my mind off it when it came time to sleep, playing the game in my head and imagining new scenarios. If I could get past that dumb room--I just don't know where to go--I might be able to actually beat chapter 9 or something. But alas. I might leave some embeds below this post if you would like to buy these games yourself and/or are too braindead to just look them up on Steam.
I have also made a somewhat funny drawing. I have ideas for these every now and then, but only act on them rarely. Knowing me, this will not be a regular thing, but seeing how the comedic videos of the day went I might as well try this one too. I have also finally uploaded and censored some pages of the Newsbook. This is just a taste of what the full tome has in store, but they are so full of cringe I might only leave the first ten here. It was also a pain to censor everything, and it kind of does degrade how it reads--"S[-----] did this and A[-----] said that" really doesn't read that well. So yes, there will be a lot of things linked at the bottom of this, although it might just look like a lot with all the space the links to the Newsbook pages are taking up. So yeah, here they are.
The Newsbook - pages 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
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12/29/2020, 18:30: The Newsbook, and more thoughts I suppose

I really would have liked to write this entry at least a few days earlier than this, as I kept putting it off and just couldn't find adequate time, but at least I got another entry in before the new year. When I made the title for this one, it was kind of eerie as I actually sat down and pulled up Visual Studio at 18:29, the exact same time as I wrote the last entry. For some reason, this meant way too much to me, and kind of said something about my routine and how similar my days are getting, especially with break. I suppose I should fill everyone in on what happened since the 23rd, as really not too much happened that would be worth remembering a few years from now, but things happened nonetheless. 12/24: Christmas Eve. Spent doing very little, wrapping presents, and the like. 12/25: Christmas Day. Mostly hung out with my family a lot, which was nice. This was also the day where I sat down at my computer to play Geometry Dash and noticed that my right hand was closer to the alt key on the spacebar than it usually was. All my excess time on Christmas was trying to see why this was the case, moving my hand around to different positions and always it slipping back to near the alt key. The left alt key, that is, now that I actually look at it there are two alt keys next to the spacebar; one on the left and one on the right. The bottom line is, however, that my hand was slipping towards the left of the spacebar, and for some reason I chose to dwell on it and obsess over it. Soon enough, it righted itself, and now I can comfortably play Geometry Dash again. 12/26: Saturday. Myself, my immediate family, my mom's mom, my mom's mom's husband, my mom's brother, my mom's brother's wife, and both of my mom's brother's kids went to the zoo in a city close to mine. It was entertaining and we all saw a lot of cool things (including monky, however I am sure that it would be more fun had we been able to enjoy it normally. We had to get timed tickets and everything, and we could only walk in one direction around the main walkway of the zoo. It still managed to be a nice outing, and I am glad we went. 12/27: Sunday. Me and my family did absolutely nothing that day, other than cleaning the house and ruminating. 12/28: Monday. We went on a hike, leaving around 1:00, and when we were nearly at the top of the mountain, the lookout point, the destination of the hike, it was declared too dark to keep going so we turned around and headed back. The sunset was quite nice to watch, and although it really was unfortunate to not get to the top, the hike managed to be enjoyable. I also broke in my hiking boots a small amount more, which is desirable because they were an absolute pain the last time I took a hike. 12/29: Tuesday. Also happens to be today. I went to the drug store and the supermarket and got some donuts (six in total; one apple fritter, one chocolate frosted without any sprinkles, two chocolate frosted with blue, dark blue, and white sprinkles, and two vanilla frosted with blue, dark blue and white sprinkles) as well as 1 L of 7up. I really do like 7up, and I have been seeing less of it in stores lately which is a shame.
I also finished taking pictures of the newsbook, I might actually upload them tomorrow or next entry, as they are quite nice and just looking at them makes me feel at least a little bit socially compotent. This would, however, require cropping each and every one of them in Photoshop 2019 as to not reveal my desk, a task that will take quite some time. But I would be up for it, as long as I wake up earlier than 09:00 tomorrow. I was hoping to actually document them today, but I feel like catching up is still nessecary. But yeah, that should end it, if I don't write here again for 49 hours and 15 minutes, see you in the new year I suppose.
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12/23/2020, 18:29: Looking through a lot of my old stuff (+ more transcribing?)

I really didn't have too much to do today, and as people were planning on coming over to replace the house's furnace, I was planning so just sleep in and go to the bathroom once in a while, then actually wake up and take a shower at 1 PM. But no, they had to tape the vents in my room up with something and then remove the tape within thirty minutes, so I ended up waking up at 8:30. Which isn't bad nessecarily, I suppose I was just planning on sleeping later. Throughout the day the only things I did were play Super Meatboy, read, and watch Fight Club. I could not really play Geometry Dash well because my hands were ice cold as the furncace was off, but Super Meatboy proved just as good as I remembered it. Man that game is good, although it really did tire my right pointer finger after playing it for some time. However, the interesting thing was that I found this old notebook from 7th grade, one that I only remembered existed after I found a massive pile of old notebooks from elementary school and 6th grade. The notebook is blue in color, and has many, many things inscribed in the cover in many shades of marker, and has a light blue sticky note on it signifying that it is the newsbook. This is where myself, and a few other kids, kept every single event that happened at school from around December 11th, 2018 through sometime in January, January 18th to be exact. I think I had the idea for it in something like September 2018, but I only evidently didn't do that much of it because there are only 3 pages missing (67 out of 70) and those probably just got ripped out. The original news thing from September is lost to time, and I might have done more of it, but for now all I have is the notebook. Every day in that period from December to January I would come home with a chock-full notebook of juicy things that happened that day, and I would type them up on my school computer and send them to the WhatsApp chat that I had going for people who wanted to read this news thing. It would be really nice to actually have those WhatsApp messages, but I either left the group chat or something or they just didn't save. Actually having the notebook itself, though, really is a nice benefit, as I can see the scrawls of myself and my friends. Man, that was fun. I might transcribe it for a second time, and probably give up midway through it, but to me it is worth a shot in case I lose the notebook for whatever reason. I might also take pictures of the notebook pages, as they really are something special, at least to me. I could go on and on about how great this flimsy old notebook is, but I should really give it a chance to show how great it is by itself when I actually get around to typing it up again. This might happen tomorrow or the 26th, as both sound like decent times to do a project like this.
As a side note, the file that this blog is on has finally surpassed 100 kilobytes. It really will seem important when it surpasses a megabyte, although I doubt that is going to happen before 2022. And finally, the thing literally no one cares about: while looking through the old things, and I mean the really old things from like 5th or 4th grade, I came across a wrapper of organic, off-brand goldfish that had expired on December 25th, 2017. Two days from now, while the whole family is celebrating Christmas, I will be celebrating the 3rd birthday of this goldfish wrapper's expiration date. It was most likely manufactured sometime in May 2017, though, as goldfish really do have a long shelf life.
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12/21/2020, 20:13: Christmas break as well as everything else

As most likely anyone who has been reading this knows, I did in fact beat the Geometry Dash level that I've been going at for some time now. Although I did talk about it a lot in the blog post before this one, so I am not sure if anyone would care about me talking about it in this post. Just recently in the past few hours, I have had this unbearable problem with my spacebar, the key that I press the most, and it has a very high-pitched squeak when I release the key. This happened out of nowhere, and I don't really notice it when I'm playing Geometry Dash, but it is incredibly awful when I'm typing this out, as I am listening to nothing but the sound of my key presses. I would have looked for a new or the exact same keyboard, however it would be very hard to find the exact same model that I have currently when looking for a new one. Since it hasn't happened yet, I might ask for one for Christmas, although who knows what my parents will get for me. Actually, now that I looked up the exact model number, Amazon does have it, and at a 30% discount for the holidays. I might send my father the link or something if I remember, or I could just buy it with whatever money I might receive. This squeaky sound really is unbearable though, and I have tried dustering it off a few times, to no avail. Apparently I could fix it with some lubricant I don't have, so I might as well order a new one for Christmas. This keyboard sure has served me well, as I have owned it since the end of the school year in 2016. I called my father down to assist me with the keyboard thing, and his first instinct was to pop the key right off and see what was wrong. There was a lot of hair in there oh fuck never mind it still is squeaking. There was a lot of hair in there, and we cleaned it all out, and at the end of the day it is still squeaking. I might just get another one with my allowance or something, as I have access to Amazon and have ordered myself things many a time in the past with semi-stolen gift cards.
So yeah, that was that. On to Christmas break; literally nothing of note has happened after I beat the Geometry Dash level. I have mostly just been hanging around on Discord and Twitter, playing Geometry Dash, and walking the dog. I have also been reading Fight Club by Some Guy, which really is a good book that I most likely only superficially understand. I haven't even seen the movie yet, and people say the movie is worse than the book, so maybe I haven't missed much. It has also been snowing a little bit in the past few hours, although it has kind of calmed down by now and the snow on my driveway has melted. I really would write more, but this stupid fucking squeaky spacebar is really making me more tilted than it should be. These entries are somehow becoming steadily shorter--although maybe not--but trust me, there probably is a lot to talk about that I have been ignoring because every time I press space a small bomb goes off.
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12/19/2020, 23:09: The Plasma Pulse Finale Video Description

I might just make this a Pastebin or something, as in the future it would be a massive pain to click on the link in the video description and scroll all the way down here. This is meant to be less of a regular blog post, and more of just a long discussion of how this level was for me. Overall, I really did enjoy it. I started it sometime in September or maybe even October, just because I think I saw it on Pointercrate while browsing and thought it looked fun and enjoyable. Well, it was really quite fun, but kind of a pain to learn. The first few weeks were just me getting used to the level and learning the duals, the 33% one being very hard to get down. The spider one was easier to learn, but incredibly hard to actually be consistent at. On September 13, I got 66%, which was pretty not bad considering I had been going at the level for a short amount of time. Getting back there was quite hard, and I kept dying to really dumb places in the slow part instead of getting past the robot jumps. This was also around when the deco and gameplay revamp happened, fixing the timing skip I didn't know existed as well as the robot jump skip at 65% that nearly every victor did. For some reason, in this update the decoration on the slow ball part was changed a bit, which threw me off there from 0 more than you'd expect. Around sometime in November or December, I realized that I'd never beat the level if I didn't take it seriously and kept doing requests. So I turned requests off for good, and started keeping track of every time I died at the "slow part", or past 56%. The total times I died there was probably more than 150 or 200, as it sure seemed like a lot and I died to the first dash orb and THAT FUCKING RED ORB quite a bit. 50 to 75 percent of all of my slow part deaths were probably to those first few really strange timings. However, the rest of the slow part really wasn't too bad, and got pretty darn consistent once I actually took it seriously. The slow ball, though, had a few strange timings and tap patterns that I swear were different from 0. The last cube was also really awful from 0; 89 never got consistent and I frequently died before 89 due to nerves and an incredibly high heart rate. Somehow I died to 96 twice as well, but no times between 89 and 96. Also, thankfully, no 98 death.
Overall, this level was a lot better than I have heard it was, way too many of the victors absolutely hated it, which I can honestly really understand. On stream, too, and I nearly beat it off stream a few times because I was going from 1. I really don't have much else to say here; I thought this would be a lot longer as in the moment I had quite a bit to say about this level, but suddently I guess I don't have too much to say.
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12/17/2020, 19:25: It happened! Although probably not for long

The thing that I have been waiting for for LITERALLY 5 years has finally happened. Since sometime in 4th or 5th grade, I became somehow fascinated with coins and how they are made, and I suppose I still am. With this came a lon-lasting interest in obtaining money without having to do anything more than just waiting; the way to do this, to me, was coins. Buy a roll of coins for $10 (when it's worth $10), crack it open, see if anything is worth something. If nothing is worth anything, just give it back to the bank you got it from. There is literally no way to lose. That is, if the bank actually give out rolls that were packaged by real people; often they just get a shipment of the very newest and best coins that aren't worth anything more than face value. So somehow I stumbled upon an article about how nickels are going to be worth more than $0.05 very soon, simply that the metal it is made of--75% copper and 25% nickel--will be worth something in the future, making the coins worth more. I obsessively checked this page about all US coins' melt values for a good portion of 5th, 6th, and 7th grade. I was not too good about checking it in 8th grade, however, although nothing really happened that year. However, me and my father went shopping today, for the purpose of getting some hiking shoes, and we went on a detour to get some groceries. While at checkout, I noticed a sign saying how customers should pay in exact change or use credit cards, as there is a national coin shortage. National coin shortage? I had never heard anything about that until then. So I went home and Googled it, and apparently it has been a problem since June or July or something. And just for fun, I checked the website again to see if any change had happened in the melt value of a nickel, and somehow, miraculously, it was $0.0514 dollars at the time of writing, or 5.14 cents. That, to me, is just crazy. When I saw it for the first time on the website I really did actually jump for joy, and kind of whoop a few times. This was something I expected to happen years from now. However, this most likely won't be permanent, which really is kind of sad because I would expect it would only go up from here. Looking at this picture, it seems like the price of nickel is unusually high right now. It might keep going up, then go down and correct itself, or just go down right now. The point is, I should probably wallow in my slightly overpriced nickel while it lasts, because I doubt it will last long.
This one was kind of short, however it surely wouldn't have happened if I didn't check some very obscure number on the Internet. My tone was also a bit off for this one somehow, but I say that every time I post.
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12/16/2020, 18:47: The gum market, Geometry Dash, and the worst take on Twitter

I have currently halted progress on transcribing the 5th grade diary, as it was already hard enough to type up the first third of it, and I have read the other two thirds and they really aren't that much more interesting than the first third. If you are interested, the link is between the paragraphs of the last day's entry, in bold. I also think that reading the diary and writing it down has somehow made me more like my 5th grade self, although this might (and probably is) just another kind of Placebo effect. If it's true, it's really up to you to decide if it is good or not and whether reading my thoughts from back then has rubbed off on me, as, well, the reader of this is a third party.
Now, this is something I have been thinking about for some time now, but Wrigley's--a subset of Mars--nearly owns all the popular gum brands in the world. At least in the supermarket nearest to my house, Wrigley's gum brands take up quite a bit of shelf space, with Extra, Orbit, and Wrigley's Originals being very prevalent. I think Ice Cubes are also owned by Wrigley. However, this argument does fall thin at a point, because Trident, another massive gum brand that takes up a lot of shelf space, is not owned by Wrigley. To me, this is still a problem, as the gum brands that people argue over, such as Mentos Gum or Orbit, are all owned by the same company, which does seem uncanny at times. Although I suppose this is just part of being a big company without being a monopoly; owning a lot of the brands in a makret space. It does seem like Wrigley is pretty darn close to being a monopoly, however, which is kind of scary, but then you must realize that it is after all a chewing gum brand and they really do make some good gum. If Wrigley ever buys Trident, it might go under some people's noses but I think that might be the tipping point of Wrigley becoming a monopoly, as Trident themselves owns quite a bit of different types of gum. Then, of course, there would be a court case and such and such and such, and if I were to choose one Wrigley brand that would have to split off if this ever happened--if Wrigley did buy Trident and become a near-monopoly--it would have to be Extra, as it would be very cool to work there. I have great memories of picking out strange flavors of Extra gum when myself and my mother were checking out at the supermarket, such as Watermelon or even french-toast flavored gum. It did sound weird when I bought the flavors, but whoever concoted the recipe for making infinitely chewable strawberries must be a great person. If I ever get into chemistry or something in college, it would be really cool to work at a gum brand.
Something semi-interesting has been happening with myself and Geometry Dash in the past week or two. When I mean Geometry Dash, I mean strictly Geometry Dash; the $4 2D game about a square. None of the drama or anything, simply my experiences playing it. The thing that has been happening is that I have been coming closer and closer to beating the top 25 level Plasma Pulse Finale, which I currently have 96% on. I really have been enjoying playing that level, even though I began practicing it in September or something. I also have 11-100 on it, meaning I set a start position to be at 11% and beat the level from there. Doing the run actually was not all that hard, mostly I have just been trying to maintain my consistency at the second half as I become more consistent at the level as a whole. I could go on and on and on about this, however I'm willing to bet nearly no one would care as well as my Discord friends being ready to commiserate about this very level. So I suppose i might just shut up about it for now, if you are interested in watching me beat the level there is always my Twitch stream, if you ask I will be more than glad to explain it all.
This last one is this absolute garbage take that has been making its way through the replies of everyone's favorite bird app lately, and it is this: "white people can't be discriminated againt // you can't be racist against white people." I do kind of see where these people are coming from. Black people have been discriminated against for literally millenia, so in these people's heads that justifies calling white people "toothpaste" and "white cockroaches". Which, again, isn't completely crazy. But how far people are willing to go on this is just absolutely insane to me. I would like to make one thing very clear: Reverse racism is still racism, and prejudice against white people is still prejudice against a race. In nearly 99% of all cases, this doesn't happen in white people's case, and black people really do experience this more than white people--being discriminated against in everyday life, such as going out to buy something or walking across the street. This doesn't, however, mean that it's okay to tell white people how bad they are on Twitter because they disagree with an opinion or a hot take. Saying "shut up you are literally white," to me, will always be as bad as saying "shut up you are literally black" or "shut up you are literally Indian". Making things exclusive to a single race or at least acting like things are also really does get on my nerves, even if it is bait a lot of the time. By saying that "bruh" or "fuckin" is language exclusive to black people or black culture is still very divisive, and just makes people even more mad at one another. Instead of pushing up people who have been discriminated against in the past to, or even higher than, people who are in the majority, we as a society should more be focused on having everyone be considered as equal, and treating everyone nearly the exact same no matter what they are. Everyone can use the same set of language, wear whatever hairstyle they want, and racial and homophobic slurs of any kind are still awful in any context. However, I am white, so I suppose I can't really speak for all that.
On a different, non-hot-take note, I have made some changes to this blog page that contribute to the beige-brown color scheme; I made the links have different colors and highlights when they are moused over/clicked, as well as making it so that even when you are hovered over a link, the mouse cursor remains the same. To me, this seems fine, but might also be a little strange. If anyone reading this has anything they'd like to see or has an objection about the mouse cursor thing, please let me know at or (poggers is my more personal twn account, us is shared.) I am always looking for ways to make the site and this blog look and feel better, and really any contribution or suggestion helps. We have also reached 10 whole comedic videos of the day, which seems kind of late considering I started making them a kind of long time ago. But yeah, I'll see anyone reading this in a few days.
comedic video of the day #010 (!)

12/14/2020, 05:53: SPECIAL EDITION: Transcribing my 5th grade tome of a diary

I was going to write about something leagues more boring than this, such as maybe the whole controversy of Dream cheating in his speedruns or Microsoft Edge. Last night, however, I re-discovered this diary that I kept from early December 2016 to around March of 2017. It is short lived, however I personally have forgotten everything that I wrote there, so writing all of this digitally will be an experience for myself as well. For some reference, the book that I used to write it in was meant to be a "ten-year diary", each day of the year had a tiny slot for every year from 2014-2024. This was a cool enough idea, but it made me have to write nearly all of the interesting entries on "carry-over pages", pages at the end of the book meant for extended writing that, in time, would also fill up. The words are written in blue ink and in a mix of script and cursive. Everything that is here is what came exactly from the book; I won't be changing any capitalization, spelling, grammatical errors, or numbers of exclamation points. Any comments that I have will be in bold and will have "||" or a "ⁿ|" preceding them. Anything or anyone personal will have the first letter of their/its name written, then the rest of it like this: [-----]. I will also probably write the thing in a sans-serif font such as Arial, so that it differentiates itself from the rest of this blog, as it is after all 4 years old. Now, without further ado, here is my 5th grade diary in its entirety.

the link to it

Well, it's 8 AM and I've been going at this for a good two hours now, and I have probably already turned into a reflection of my 5th grade self. My comments are especially cold and dry so that I can maybe retain my tone. I will probably keep writing this tomorrow, or maybe even today if I have time or am bored during class. A lot of this stuff I remember, and some of it feels like filler entries--which it most likely was.
comedic video of the day #009

12/13/2020, 19:14: Emptying the list of blog entry ideas

This entry might be more unconventional, as I am anticipating it being simply me having short thoughts about each of the things on a list that I have prepared. I might spend quite a long time talking about each of these things, or I may simply go one right after the other and elaborate minimally. Today as a day wasn't incredibly notable, as it was mostly spent as me gorging myself on cake that I made last night--my excuse was that I made it--and finding out how much homework I didn't have to do.
The first thing on the docket is the solution to the problem I mentioned in the last post about how I felt I was flexing my shoulder too hard to reach the spacebar while playing Geometry Dash. Luckily, my monitors had left markings and stains from where they had sat for over half a year, so all it took was the realization that those could be useful, and a video that I had recorded for my Biology class in September confirmed that the placement was correct and the stain hieroglyphics were credible. After I moved my keyboard back to its position, I still felt the problem. However, it didn't take much to prove to myself that the pressure I felt on my right shoulder was simply a placebo effect, and since I had had this position for nearly three-quarters of a year without contracting any bad muscle syndromes, it must be fine for my arm to sit there. I worked this out a few days ago and have had no problems with it since. This does somehow say something about how nitpicky of a person I am in general, and although I say this about myself a lot, I think it might be especially true in this case.
On December 10th, on the evening since I finished the blog post, it turned out my father's well-anticipated hot sauce advent calendar arrived through Amazon. We opened the first day's hot sauce, and it went very well with the soup we were having. The next few days, we caught up the best we could on the backlog of hot sauces; and they all proved to be very tasty. Some, though, were white/translucent or in one case completely transparent, which was always offputting, but it still was a good hot sauce. None of them were particularly incredibly spicy; they all seemed to go for actual taste and flavor rather than really spicy, which I thought to be a good thing.
The game awards also happened to happen on Thursday the 10th, for which myself and ZetoMax endured until the smash reveal, which was the only thing we cared about, until we stopped watching. Apparently The Last of Us II got Game of the Year, however people would be mad about it even if it didn't, as there really is no way to please a gaming crowd which likes different kinds of things. According to some people on Twitter, an among us musical was shown at the game awards, although it might have also happened on some kind of YouTube rewind. It sure is awful, and I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole 61 seconds of what was in the mp4. Speaking of which, Among Us as a game has been on somewhat of a decline lately from simply looking at the Google Trends graph, which I personally am kind of relieved about as it really was horrible to go on Twitter and be faced with people whining about electrical and spelling "impostor" like "imposter".
Over the past fer days, I have been doing my best to improve The Weekly Nooz as a whole, specifically this page and organizing some of the files in the FTP. On this page alone, I added a title, a custom favicon, and a custom scrollbar all of which I think look pretty nice. If anyone reading this has any suggestions regarding the website as a whole, this page, or simply just want to email us, I check the inboxes of and maybe once or twice a week. If you do have any slight suggestion for the way things look other than "ooh it's just bland html" I would really appreciate it if you did email me/us, as any way to make this website at least a little bit better is greatly appreciated. Currently, there is no good way to donate to us without actually having to donate, as the Google Adsense thing I have been using somehow stopped working after a few good months of $0.15 per day, so I will eventually have to figure something out for that.
I still probably have some things to talk about, as I didn't go through the whole list, however they are really half-assed topics that either require more thought or aren't developed enough as they stand in the news. With any luck, the next time I update this there will be something released about those topics and I will have something to talk about. I do apoligize if this seemed rushed, as it kind of was; I am still figuring things out with email addresses and custom scroll wheels and such.
comedic video of the day #008

12/10/2020, 14:18: Overwatch kid, Shakespeare, and probably other things

Two or three weeks ago, when I was taking one of my longer walking loops, I looked up into the second-story window of one of the houses on the right and saw that it was open. Inside, there was a kid around my age playing what looked like Overwatch or CS:GO. Some first-person shooter game with minimal HUD and a very clean look to it. It might even have been Valorant, for all I know. I come by another time a few days from that occasion, detouring in the hopes of seeing this kid playing Overwatch, and the window was closed. Just yesterday, the window was open again and he was going at it again. There was something comforting about this, being able to see someone else playing a video game on a setup very similar to mine for only a short glimpse, then walking on and wondering if they still are playing. I suppose this isn't really super notable, however in the moment when I was taking the walks it was very important to see this kid play his first-person shooter. Yesterday, or maybe even Tuesday, I posted an image of a guy peeing in a sink on the group chat that me and a few other friends have. This sparked this wonderful conversation between myself and Twiddle, which eventually lead to him talking about how his sense of humor was multiple centuries out of date and how he didn't see how the "classics" weren't being taught in classrooms at my age. A lot of his points I see, as when things like Shakespeare's plays were written, the average human lifespan was something like 30, so if you were my age you really had to get cracking as you were done with half your life. However, I began to really question whether he was being satirical or not when he mentioned how he had read three Shakespeare plays, half of Dante's Divine Comedy, and memorized a few sonnets. Now, I wouldn't be surprised if he, well, actually did that because he really seems like he knows things, however I hadn't been given any information about these things nor had he mentioned them at all in the 3 months we've been frequently talking online. My guess would be that it takes kind of a long time to read, well, three Shakespeare plays and memorize things, however the argument he gave me was persuasive. I actually tried reading a few chapters of Dante's Divine Comedy, and I understood about half of it. However, it does seem pretty well written, I just cannot tell what's happening. I think a guide would be useful so that I could know what is happening, but I might just never touch the book again. It is online, so even if I do read it, it is kind of hard on my eyes. To this day, I still don't know if he was being satirical or not when he said all those things, however that is not saying much as he only said them two days ago. It still is pretty cool if it's true, though.
I suppose now is as good a time as any to nitpick about Geometry Dash. Two-ish weeks ago, I had a strange issue with my monitors that my father kindly fixed in 2+ hours by switching a lot of cords around and moving the monitors around. The placement of my monitors is very important to me for some reason, as my keyboard is pushed up against them to maximize Geometry Dash skill. However, this is really only minimal; I could probably play 99.5% as well with my keyboard in a completely different place. I just really do like my keyboard in that position, so it took me a good 5 minutes to get everything back to where I thought it used to be. For some reason, after this happened, it felt like I was flexing my shoulder quite a bit to get my fingers to their correct position on the spacebar. No matter what I did, no matter where I moved my monitors, keyboard, and chair, I still felt like I was flexing my left shoulder an abnormally large amount to reach the spacebar. This, as you might imagine, was pretty annoying as I just couldn't keep my mind off it. This for some reason only happens in my right shoulder, and only when I'm playing Geometry Dash, and only after my monitors were moved around. Today I realized that I could use my left arm to reassure myself that I wasn't actually flexing my arm that much, but the feeling remained. Even though it sounds minor--and really is minor--it is really very annoying to me. I suppose I might only fix it by either sitting up straight because that somehow fixes it, however I'm just not used to playing this way and my monitor getts really strange, or by just training myself to ignore it. This really does say something about how nitpicky I am and/or how specific my geometry dash playing strategy is.
Somehow, I felt like I was especially mean and angry today in particular, although that might just have been my mood or something about how I slept. Anyway, see anyone who is reading this next time I post, I am sure it will be a doozy if I have anything to talk about.
comedic video of the day #007

12/08/2020, 09:01: Things in general, I suppose

Yesterday I felt more out-of-it than I have in a while. In school I was fine, as engaged as I was all the other days, however I just couldn't focus or actually think. After school I took a nap, and somehow after the nap I felt very, very nauseous. I then went up to my room, tried to read Bloom County to no avail (not that I literally couldn't read it, I just was really darn sick) so I just slept until the morning. I woke up at 6-ish AM, and I felt a little bit less sick and a lot more clear-minded. I don't even know what caused this, but it has a very high chance of being the fact that I nearly ate an entire tub of Funfetti Vanilla Frosting, the green kind that they had for Christmas. It was really very tasty, and even if it made me nearly throw up and be miserable for a day it was a joy in the moment. I then did yesterday's assignments this morning, and I think I actually understood them, however I had a problem with the math thing that I had. In the video, it was showed as not too hard a concept, which it might have been, and the first problem was able to be worked out in the exact fashion from the video. In the other four problems--each was pretty long, so there was no need for a lot of problems--it was quite a bit harder to see exactly what to do because the problems required different things than the video, such as having remainders. In the problems in the video, no remainders were being dealt with. If I could actually solve the problems, I would still get them wrong because I couldn't format the remainder. As I write this we are doing some of this in class, this problem type, so that's good I suppose; with any luck I will understand it better. The reason I actually care about this is because I didn't get the best grade on earth on the last math test I took, and as there is no retake policy as far as I can see, I have to actually work to get a good grade on the test.
Somehow, I feel like my personality is changing. I get this feeling every two months or so, because I guess my personality just naturally changes and I notice it every few months. Specifically, online I use apostrophes less because in HTML when you type an apostrophe, Visual Studio puts a second one right after it because it thinks you're making a string or something, and as I type right onto Visual Studio, I have to press delete every time I type an apostrophe. So instead of actually being intelligent and pressing delete, I just avoid typing them altogether, only using them for words like "you're". This makes me appear more cold-hearted and brisk when I talk online, which I try to remedy by using words like "fr" or "naw". Which works. However, I feel like I am being more condescending and mean in general, which, again, is a feeling that I have every so often. I guess it just might be natural, and as I have observed this many times, I don't think it is too much to worry about.
Now, I think I might take this extra space/time to talk about things that I haven't mentioned in previous posts. On Thursday last week, I picked up two Pokemon cards off the sidewalk when I was taking a walk. Somehow, I thought it would be a good idea to take them all the way back to my house and see if they were worth anything. I ended up sending my friends who actually know things about Pokemon a picture of the cards, and if they weren't just run over by a car, they would have been worth about $5 combined. Which is pretty cool, I suppose, but actually making money off of them is very far out of reach. Speaking of which, the Volcanic Island Magic card that I have stowed away is still stowed away, and rising in price apparently. I got the card in, like, 2018 when I went to an East Coast beach with my family. Because I was from the northwest and had the sunlight-avoiding properties of a vampire, I stayed in the shops while my parents burned their skin off at the beach. One shop in particular had a big box full of old Magic cards, mostly from Revised and Unlimited, and I took a few hours to rifle through each and every one of them for something valuable. It took a very long time, but eventually I found something; the Revised Volcanic Island. I bought it for 50 cents, along with a basic Swamp to compare with, to see if they had the same texture and feel. I remember the attendant saying I got a steal on it when I was checking them out. It turned out that it was in fact real, and because the card was on the Reserved List it meant that it would only go up in price, unless Magic as a whole fell out of favor. At least I have one card that is worth at least something and isn't completely crumpled.
In LA/SS this weekend, I was tasked with recording a podcast for an issue that I cared about. We had a lot of preliminary steps of dubious necessity, but the end result was a 7-minute clip of me talking, along with some Peggle music, that I think I'm proud of. It is linked below, along with the comedic video of the day and an image of the Pokemon cards. This post seemed somehow cold and lifeless, which is kind of what the other posts feel like as well. But yeah, maybe I will write here again a few days from now and not just next week.
comedic video of the day #006
image of the pokemon cards
the podcast

12/06/2020, 15:16: My identity and the Backpack Pebble Problem

First, I suppose I should acknowledge the fact that I haven't written here since five days ago, which really does seem like a long time. I guess last week we got two entries, and they were just right next to each other. I still haven't lost motivation for writing things here, I just never get around to it as much as I'd like to and when I do, I always forget what I was planning on talking about. Six months ago, I started wondering whether I really was male. And now, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, I am in fact male. It has been on my mind for quite a bit, and I guess it might just be something that everyone goes through at one point or another. It started out superficially, and I really did begin thinking about it more. After quite a while of thinking, I came to the conclusion that it was mostly just me wondering what being the opposite sex would feel like, something, again, everyone goes through at one point. I realized that I wouldn't be comfortable at all with being reffered to as the daughter of my father, and that female pronouns would be really strange to be referred to by. So yeah, after what feels like ages, I have finally made the assertion that I'm still male. It really was kind of weird to be thinking about this and questioning it, as if I made the wrong decision and committed to it, it would really be drastic. But now I know, and I'm happy with my identity I suppose. It just took a really long time. The whole subject is still kind of hard to talk about for me, even though I'm not even talking and simply just writing this.
Now that that's all cleared up, I think I should mention the second thing that has been on my mind lately. Similarly, I have been thinking about this for some time, although this question is arguably a lot dumber than wondering what gender I identify as. The question is this: How many BBs, those things that are the ammo for BB guns, could fit inside a backpack? Of course there must be a hard limit, as there isn't room for infinite BBs inside a backpack. Or is there? If you poured a massive amount of them into the main compartment of the backpack, considering it only had one compartment for simplicity's sake, once it got full you could zip it up and start putting only one BB in at a time, in between the zippers. After a while, I guess, the backpack would just break or it would become impossible to fit another BB inside the backpack. However, there would most likely be other optimizations for fitting "one more" inside the backpack: stretching it out beforehand, among other ways. If you could always fit one more into the backpack, then that wouldn't work because infinite couln't fit. But it sure does seem like you could. It would depend on the backpack, and a small discrepancy in manufacturing could lead to one or two less BBs fitting inside. I suppose this question would only be able to be answered in practice, as there would most likely become a point where you wouldn't be able to fit another BB inside the backpack, but of course this might not be able to be accurately modeled, because backpacks are stretchy and BBs are a little bit compressable. Sorry for the braindead post, however, hopefully next time I will have more interesting things to discuss.
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12/01/2020, 17:55: Poggers: The Game, floorplans, and time in general

This may or may not be a long one, as it really depends on how inclined I am to actually write and not just laze around on Chrome. The first thing that has been on my mind lately is Poggers: The Video Game or just Poggers. I initially heard about it when ZetoMax (a friend who has been mentioned in the past) gifted the game on Steam to Twiddle for his 15th birthday last Saturday. I was just shocked that it was on Steam in the first place, as it cost $1.50 at a discount and looked like it had been made in Scratch. The game itself is played as a rabbit, whose name is Bun-Bun Poggers if my memory holds, who is tasked with dodging snakes and navigating across logs to reach six caves at the top of the screen. This game would have been awful and not fun at all if it was just that; however, there is a pretty cool mechanic to allow you to regain time. After you score at the top of the screen, a carrot powerup spawns. Upon eating it, you are able to kill select snakes. For every three snakes that are killed, you get 25 more seconds on the clock. This makes for strategic cycles of running across the map to score in the caves, and then eating the carrot and trying to kill as many snakes as possible before the powerup runs out. The game was more fun than I had thought, and I invested a good hour and a half in it before dying in some pretty stupid ways and getting #52 in the world at Poggers: The Video Game. I should probably put that on my resume, it would impress employers. If you are wondering what the game actually looks like, you can buy it yourself, or, alternatively, without spending $1.50 on Frogger with a twist, simply look at the hyperlinked images below this post. When I first opened the game and clicked on a button, I really could not stop laughing as the "pop" sound effect for the button presses was just way too funny for me. It still does bamboozle me that this game is on Steam (and successful too!), however to give credit to the developer, it really is a fun game. Kind of.
Floorplans are kind of an obscure subject, however after some mulling it over I think they can be quite meaningful. It sounds crazy, and I'll probably give up in a few hours if I actually attempt this, but I think it would be a cool project to draw out the floorplan of every single notable indoor place I have been. This could include my own house, friends' houses, the schools I have been to, the places I stayed when I was on trips with my family, the stores I have been to, and probably a lot more. Every floorplan would be in a seperate PNG image, and ideally I would post them all here. The reason for floorplans specifically is because many, many of the memories that I have happened indoors, so drawing them out and saying "this is the place where x spilled her drink" or "this balcony is good for throwing things off of" would bring back a lot, and also make sure I never forgot them. There is something about remembering a place that you know well, and memories seem to stick especially well if you can remember where they happened. This project, if I ever start doing it, will be a massive undertaking and will take geological eons, so it is unlikely I will actually start it without some massive motivation. It still would be a cool project to do for school or something, if I ever have an assignment that I need to do something meaningful for.
This last one encompasses this entire year; how much time I have been lucky to have and how exactly I am spending it. At the beginning of summer, maybe like June 21st or something, my father talked to me and my sister about how lucky we were to actually have time to do things. This really did stick with me, as it had never really occurred to me before that time was a luxury, and that I'd be using it for a lot of other things later in life such as college work, my job, or caring for kids. I would have less unstructured time in general, and I would have to spend it as well as I could while I still had it. After my father was done, I turned right back around and headed to the basement to play Geometry Dash again, comprehending everything he was saying and knowing the point of it. Now, it is December, and I have spent the majority of my free time playing either Geometry Dash or Minecraft, and on occasion reading something. I haven't done anything "productive" in my spare time for the past 8 months, other than I suppose writing this blog and very infrequently updating this website. I really should start doing something, however every time I try there is always one hiccup in the process that makes it impossible to do anything. That wasn't true for The Weekly Nooz and I suppose my streaming hobby, so I guess that's good. But playing a $4 2D game about a square that jumps doesn't seem like the best use of time. However, I really do enjoy it, and it is rewarding, with it introducing me to many other great people and giving me a new outlook on the world. I might even have been the best in my middle school at Geometry Dash, which was pretty cool. The thing about the game is that it's not really incredibly competetive--there aren't, say, Geometry Dash e-sports leagues. Just people who are very, very good at it.
I might talk about social media again tomorrow, as there is always plenty to get tilted about and it festers more every day.
comedic video of the day #004
a screenshot of what it looks like in-game in Poggers
the menu screen of Poggers

11/30/2020, 06:48: My thoughts on neopronouns

This has sort of been a controversial issue for the past, well, two years, and I think to talk about neopronouns they first must actually be defined. A pronoun is something like he, she, or they, that is third-person and refers to a person based on their gender; if the person is female, use she, if they are male, use he. Simple enough. A year or two ago, when he was driving myself and my sister to a movie, my father talked about these new kinds of pronouns, ones that didn't have to be gendered. I think he only mentioned they/them and xe/xem, however there are more in this list nowadays. These "official" ones I am on board with. It really is up to anyone to say what they identify as, and if that isn't one of the two genders, I am totally ready to call them by that as long as they remind me to. The advantage to these neopronouns is that they really do sound like the original few; "ze" kind of sounds like "he," but not exactly, and "ey" kind of sounds like "they". These can be used comfortably in day-to-day language, which I think is great. However, in the past year or so, people on Twitter and most likely other social media sites have been identifying as, well, other things. Some people LITERALLY identify as "amongusgender," "monsterenergydrinkgender," "bunnygender," as well as other things. They aren't really hurting anyone, I suppose, but it is just so insane to think that they identify as dogs and cats. These people, often, are also not even 15 yet, which makes it feel like they just chose whatever their identity is simply based on their interests. It feels more like a race to be the quirkiest, if anything, as people are constantly putting slashes between meaningless words and phrases and calling that their identity. For these people, I suppose in 10-20 years they will look back on their old Twitter posts and maybe even be embarrassed, as I really cannot understand how someone identifies as a Monster Energy Drink. The people who actually use the neopronouns that I linked will probably disagree with this "minecraft salmon gender" thing more, as taking an inclusive concept, shitting all over it, and calling it "better" really isn't great. There are many aspects of the neopronoun and xenogender movement that are great, and there are many, many parts that I disagree with greatly.
On the other hand, there are people unsatirically trying to legalize incest, pedophilia, and zoophilia on the same social media platforms, which I can't say I agree with any more than this stuff. However, the people pushing for pedophilia to be recognized as a part of LGBTQ are quite insane, and everyone simply loves to hate them, so I think it would be redundant to talk about them here.
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11/26/2020, 20:31: Thanksgaming and other things

I suppose I should start with thoughts I had on Tuesday, as that was the day after I updated this blog last. Tuesday I had school, and like every day that I had school, I was only superficially listening to everything. The thing that was of importance that day was this cool artist I found, by the name of Jean-Jacques Perrey. I was looking at Geometry Dash videos on YouTube one hour when, all of a sudden, I heard a song that really did appeal to me. I checked out the description, and apparently the song was The Little Ships by the man of the hour, Jean-Jacques Perrey. I found it on Spotify and really couldn't stop listening to it, as there as something about the melody and how the instruments fit together that made it a very funny-sounding, but also good, tune. The thing about it, as I later learned was that it was made in 1968. 1968! This Perrey person was decades ahead of his time in music, and this was unlike anything I had heard from the sixties. I found more of his music, and they all sounded the same way; cheery, but a good song. So that was interesting. There was probably more that I just didn't remember, as I'm writing this on Thursday and all this happened on Tuesday.
The things other than Thanksgaming that I have been preoccupied with for the past two days are mostly Geometry Dash and a specific Minecraft server. And no, it wasn't 2b2t. The reason I am playing on that one less is because the owner patched the only good method of transportation, boatfly, so now everyone has to walk 400,000 blocks to their base, getting around is a lot slower, and it is just a general pain in the ass. So I'm stopping play on that server at least until I can get around. Some guy on the Geometry Dash Twitter community made a Minecraft sever, so me and a few other friends from 2b2t are playing on that until something interesting happens. In fact, I might even go into more detail about it because I have quite a bit of time and I really do need an explanation for what I've been doing for the past two days. This server was marketed as "anarchy, but on a vanilla client" which me and a few others agreed was sort of a strange concept. So I log on, using my client, and haven't gotten banned yet so I amass some stuff and then die in lava. I do that again, this time tunneling at y level 120 in the Nether and running into some lava. This really did demotivate me, until I heard that someone had access to a duplication glitch kind of thing. Filled with motivation, I got as far out as I could and our crew built a shitty cobblestone shack together. I tried to look around for any signs of good things, and found a few villages. That day as well, I tried to dupe some items and apparently the specific method was patched. I found a few donkeys, which was nice as they were notorious for being good to dupe with, so I logged off for the night. When I woke up, everyone was rich somehow because some guy had duped a ton of things with the donkeys. We now had a double chest full of shulkers of tnt, diamonds, and obsidian. We agreed that we were going to try to become the richest people on the server. We started amassing everything that might be needed, such as end crystals and experience bottles, and put them in a chest to dupe. Some of the admins tp'd to us, and they seemed to be doing no harm. However, suddenly, a few people presumably found the base and blew it to high heaven, which seemed very suspicious as a lot of the admins were flying around mere hours before. I also got banned for supposedly using killaura, although I was not and got unbanned after I asked some people about it. I then walked in the Nether a little bit, making sure not to leave any tracks, made a portal, and made an attempt to find some donkeys. One of my team members from before came as well, and he found some llamas--a worse alternative to donkeys, but we could still work with them. We made a duping setup there, and I walked a very long distance to get some experience bottles. This time it would be discreet, and hopefully we would succeed.
And that brings us up to right now, a very longwinded explanation of exactly what I did in a block game for the past two days. Nobody probably cares, but I at least find some interest in it. I also saw a movie yesterday, one that is my father's friend's favorite movie: The Big Lebowski. The premise seemed incredibly strange, but it really was a solid movie. I would encourage watching it if you're alright with watching R-rated movies. I might also watch it more times in the future, as it really was a good movie, but kind of hard to digest. Something else I should mention was the other meeting with my science teacher over the different assignment that I got, like, a D- on. He gave me some really darn good feedback, and while it does seem sort of cheesy I do think I understand what I did wrong. Part of the fault might also be on his side, as I really did follow the rubric exactly, and suddenly I am having the realization that I did a lot of things wrong. If the rubric had been more detailed, chances are that I wouldn't have scored as badly on it. It will also be kind of a pain to correct it in full detail, as I'll have to go over it all again and add a lot of extra things, but I suppose it will be worth it because high school grades, unlike middle school grades, actually count towards college and other things. I suppose there's not really a lot of other things to talk about, school this week wasn't really that eventful, and I have zapped out what thinking power I had left by playing a 2D $4 square game and a block game for the past two days--that might be why everything in this entry is a lot less thorough. But yeah, hopefully tomorrow there will be things to talk about.
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The Little Ships by Jean-Jacques Perrey

11/23/2020, 21:25: Twitter

Oh boy.
Now, if you actually have spent any time on Twitter over, well, the past few years then you are probably already sick of what I am going to say. But ZetoMax wanted a blog post, so blog I will. What really got me thinking was this one post about someone showing off their hair style in Animal Crossing; two buns that were on opposite sides of the head, probably rendered within minutes by a Nintendo employee, probably forgotten about after they were rolled in with the countless other AC hairstyles. The caption, too, was simple enough; just something about "look at my space buns!" or something like that. By no means offensive, even within scrutiny. However, like many other Twitter posts, people started throwing a hissy fit about it in the comments section, with numerous people accusing the poster of stealing the hairstyle from black culture; apparently black people were the first to have the hairstyle, and allegedly this hairstyle is called "afro puffs" instead of "space buns". Which makes sense. Probably. However, people don't have to fight to the death on a bird app about pixelated hair in a children's game, which is exactly what everyone in the comments was doing; arguing over whether this hairstyle was cultural appropriation or a hairstyle. The thing is, there seemed to be no middle ground; the people aren't crazy for thinking that certain people came up with a hairstyle first, but that doesn't mean that they have to take it any farther than simply thinking that. The view itself isn't even that extremist; sure, there are some hairstlyes that are more common in certain cultures. But they don't belong to certain cultures. If someone was criticizing a person on Twitter over using a hairstyle that was common among white or Asian people, they would be blown off the face of the earth with the cancelling and the mad people. Which is what really does get on my nerves about all this stuff, the double standard of so many people on the site. I don't know a lot about "blackwashing," either (mostly because I can't bring myself to look it up on Twitter) but I do know that it's as bad of a double standard as whatever this is.
On a different note, there is a whole other side of Twitter that constantly gets on my nerves, that being the MCYTTWT side of Twitter. Now, yes, I have ranted and raved about Minecraft YouTube for a good long time now, but this area feels a little bit different. With a simple search of "mcyttwt" on Twitter, you are instantly bombarded with people who are new to the community begging for mutual followers. Every single one of the tweets that I find here is the exact same, but different. It's all people trying to display their uniqueness with a massive list of all the Minecraft YouTubers that they watch, typically including every single one of the top 15-20 Minecraft YouTubers. They are all formatted slightly differently, and everyone's bio looks very similar as well: sexual orientation, pronouns, who they watch (usually with a "twt" at the end for some reason) and some other stuff to make them unique. The irony of all this is that with their constant efforts to seem more unique, they all look the exact same. It's very hard to describe, but it sure is kind of nasty once you really reach in deep. I even made a collage to show how all of their bios constantly read "i am unique || i am unique || i am unique." It really is a strange phenomenon, and honestly a little bit depressing, and if you would like to know more about it a simple Twitter search will supply you with all the lowercase, fullstops, pronouns in bio, and "#BORINGYOUTUBER" to last you a few decades.
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11/22/2020, 18:43: More moaning over how boring everything is

I went on a walk today, which really isn't too special, as whenever I feel like I should go outside I just go for a walk. Mostly I just think about how great things were a year-ish ago, hum to myself, and blink a lot. However, it was today when I had the realization that I hadn't seen anything other than the interior of my house as well as my neighborhood (sometimes) for the past eight months. I haven't gone to any stores, been to anyone else's houses, or gone anywhere remotely interesting for all that time. Before that, I was given a constant stimulus of being somewhere; school, home, the car, the outside of the school, the [redacted] Town Center, a lot of places that I could walk around and appreciate how cool they were or how cozy they were. But just staring at the same two monitors and the growing cobweb in the corner really does make me think. Then again, I really am pretty darn fortunate to even have a house in the first place, and even more so to have just financial stability, but things have just been grinding to a halt in the past few months. I have had no social interaction with anyone outside my immediate family, and all the interestingness of school is gone, and replaced with people's tones being dictated by whether they use caps or not in their Teams messages. It really would be nice to just go inside a store for once or be able to see the carpets they have in schools again. This sounds really dumb and priveleged, again, but everything being so dull and boring, really anything out of the ordinary would be amazing. Although, while this is true, I'm not completely out of power for making things interesting. There are plenty of things that are around the house that I live in which are interesting in some way, but for some reason I always find myself coming back to my computer and wasting away on Twitter. Hopefully things will get more interesting in 2022, when this whole virus thing ends.

11/20/2020, 21:49: Finally some stuff other than school (I think?)

Well, the aforementioned meeting happened, and while I do now know a lot of things that are expected in the class I still don't know exactly what I got wrong, or how all the points accumulated to warrant me a D-. However, my teacher said that if he told me it would give away the rewrite, as we are supposed to revise it, which made sense. The whole interaction went well and I am glad that it happened, although it seemed to be missing something. I'm just glad to have the whole thing at least a little bit worked out, and now all I have to worry about now is revising it and the other big assignment, as well as the other homework for all of my classes. And now, at last, with all of my railing on my classes over with, I can talk about, well, other things that might have been on my mind other than school.
Of course, this wouldn't be interesting without me just ranting about something, and as a relevant issue and constant trouble, I think it would be nice to discuss my YouTube reccomendations and modern popular culture as a whole. In the past month, I have noticed a trend of reccomended videos that showed up very frequently in my reccomended list. It was nearly all videos that had something to do with Dream, Among Us, fake Minecraft speedruns, shitass, and a whole lot of other things that used to be fun/funny. I have had no interest in these videos, and have never clicked on any of them, and yet somehow my YouTube feed is always clogged up with "666 IQ Among Us Plays" or for some reason one specific video named "Hey shitass, wanna see me speedrun shitasses?" I have no idea what this title means, but I am nearly 100% sure that it won't be funny. A lot of the videos are either the same things but in different formats--a few weeks ago I was being reccomended massive amounts of barely-ten-minutes-long videos of Dream using boats to hop over lava. They came from different channels with different names, and all had something to do with Dream. I have never watched a Dream video, or a video with his name in the title, since around October 2019; more than a year ago. More and more videos in my reccomended these days are in all lowercase, supposedly appealing to the hip preteens and teens that write their WhatsApp messages in all lowercase and have emojis between the different parts of their Twitter bio. These all-lowercase titles, with lowercase white text in the thumbnail, are really about as clickbaity as the all-caps ones from 2014, you just have to look hard enough. If you open up an incognito tab and go to YouTube, you can fill your reccomended page with all sorts of these videos, as well as many videos from tommyinnit, Tubbo, and others which have the same undescribable atmosphere to them in only three clicks. I really don't know why YouTube keeps reccomending myself and others these awful videos, but I suppose they just appeal to the lowest common denominator. This is also why whenever I see a non-Geometry Dash video that I'm interested in, I open it in an incognito tab as to prevent my reccomended page from filling up with random garbage that I'm not interested in. Looking at my YouTube homepage right now, there aren't really as many of these videos as it sounds, but there still are enough to warrant annoyance. There are also, unsurprisingly, a lot of Fit videos in my reccomended as whenever YouTube sees you click on something with "2b2t" in the title or description, it reccomends you all the Fit videos in the world.
Geometry dash videos also aren't the greatest thing on Earth either; this one guy who has been beating easy challenges on his phone with, again, all-lowercase video names and thumbnails, has gained 10,000 subscribers in one or two months, which I feel is just crazy for someone who might not be that good. He includes 2013 SFX in his videos, too, featuring such classics as "oh baby a triple" or "mom get the camera" or even the Call of Duty hitmarker sound. I really don't know how anyone can subscribe to him and stay sane, but if it works it works I suppose. Content in general, especially really popular content, has become kind of mindless lately, with everyone trying to be more hip, memey, and funny than everyone else. Putting random, unneeded twists into the vanilla survival Minecraft gamemode seems to be a common theme, too, as well as making "POV" and "when you ___" videos. I don't really know where this post went, as it's just me complaining about things as usual, but at least it wasn't me complaining about school.

11/19/2020, 19:05: Thinking more about the biology things

I really do not know how to start this one off, as I have had a lot of time to think about this one class and just school in general. At the end of the day, I will in fact have to correct the lab report thing and the other assignment, which may or may not be a pain in the ass. Everything I said in the last entry I still think is true, and I still think holds up. But I at least have to give my teacher some credit. The stuff he is teaching us, both in the counting plants unit and in the one we are currently on about doing math (mostly), really might not be interesting. However, there still is some things that my teacher has to teach me, as odd as that sounds. This is, after all, his first year in the whole online school gig, and he might have made a lot more sense in his part years. I feel like I have to cut him some slack for that. Even though this class might not be the most interesting or seemingly fair, all I can really do is try my best in it, find meaning in the assignments, and make sure that I have a decent grade, as this is in fact high school, and I don't want to be kicking myself when I'm trying to get into a good college.
This still, however, doesn't change the fact that I have no idea why I got the grade that I did. I mean this in two ways; one, I fully and completely did not get a fragment of feedback included in the email that was copy-pasted into my inbox, and that when I went over the lab report yet again with Word's underline tool, I found only a few things that could be penalized. I was doing this not in my own will, but to prepare for the meeting with my teacher tomorrow at 10:00 where I will undoubtedly hear all about how I followed the rubric incorrectly and how my procedure for counting plants was incorrect. I, very simply, am completely confused about how I got less than a 65 on this assignment. Less than, like, an 80 would be understandable because it certainly wasn't perfect, but getting a D on this thing really doesn't seem right. Apparently half the class got less than 70 on this, and another half got less than 70 on the other big assignment. Still the lowest score in my friend group, which shouldn't be that big of a blow, but it is. With any luck, tomorrow's meeting will be informative as to why I got a D on an assignment I was at least a little bit proud of, and hopefully will explain some more things about the class and how to get above a 70 on the next one. Tomorrow or even Saturday I will maybe ramble more about how the meeting went and what happened, as I have a list of what to ask that will hopefully inform me more about the class and how to interpret the information better. It's not really a bad class, per se, I just feel like it's not being taught in the best way. I still might be wrong, however, as there are still three quarters left in the year, and maybe we will get to some interesting things and not just math and counting plants.
extra chat logs from myself twiddle and zetomax

11/17/2020, 14:48: Nothing happened today, again

Well, it's my second entry in a week, quite a rare occurence, however today I have something to talk about. Sort of. Mostly it will be me going on and on about how bad of a job my science teacher is doing on nearly everything. To start off, we have had to do a lab report in this class on the subject of counting plants, but in a more glorified manner: Deciding which site had the highest level of biodiversity. Or something. It made sense once I mulled it over in my head a few times, but to an outsider it most likely makes no sense. We all had to take pictures of our backyard and count how many plants there were, and draw a conclusion. The problem was, we spent three months doing just this, as it was supposed to be an introductory unit. That part helped; I felt more, well, introduced to the class. That didn't really take that long, however, as I found myself familiarized with the concepts in not too much time. The concepts of how to write a lab report, conclusion, or really anything else could have been taught in a unit where we actually had evidence and data to work with, not just people's 1-megapixel backyard pictures and a task to count plants. With this in mind, we were expected to drum up a full-length, in-depth lab report about counting plants and drawing conclusions. This would have been very vague, difficult, and an awful assignment if it had no rubric. However, luckily, a rubric was included with the assignment and it allowed me to look at the rubric and vomit up exactly what I thought would reach the criteria in the "4" category, maybe even more. After I was done, I checked the rubric again to make sure that I had hit everything. This seemed like a good idea. Then, in class the day it was due, I was lectured on how exactly to look at the rubric and lab report on counting of plants and the exact process I should use to check that everything was there, as if I hadn't done that the first time. Somewhere after that he emphasised the importance of thinking critically and how the inquiry process of learning was useful. This I thought was sort of strange, as in my head he couldn't just tell us that and then turn back around to treat the rubric as the equivalent of the Bible. But I suppose that was how the class was being taught. Later that week, maybe even a week later, we were tasked again with a similar large assignment; this time telling the Word document all about how much we had learned in the unit and how we planned to change it this year, and how we were fundamentally flawed the year before, and how valuable the concepts we had learned in the two months of doing nothing were. To me, I hadn't really learned a lot other than how to write a very specific kind of conclusion that I would likely never need in my 7 years of doing science to come. So I just put down what I hoped to learn, what I thought I had learned that might have been new, and a lot about the learning strategies that had been mentioned. Coming away from writing it, I felt like I had processed the "learning" in a new way; it wasn't really as bad anymore and it had more value in it. It still was a shame that I probably would forget everything I wrote in it within a few weeks, because that second assignment was something that I was proud of, like very proud of. I had put a lot of time into it in a few days, and it turned out nicely, and I might have gotten something out of it. After the unit, I felt sort of good about those two big assignments, as they were polished and followed the rubric nearly exactly. With any luck, I would get a good grade on them.
I think I turned those in in, like, late October and early November, respectively. The day I turned the second one in, they would both be graded sometime in the near future. The near future came, and they would be graded by the next Thursday night. That, too, passed, and they were put off until the weekend, and at last on Monday night at 22:00 my friend ZetoMax (pseudonym) got his grades and on Tuesday morning I got mine. This brings us up to today, when the grades came in. Just like everything in the class, they were quite vague and low. Zeto got a little bit more than 70% on both of his, and I got, like, a 58 and a 61 on mine. Not the best grades, to say the least. This teacher, unlike literally every teacher I have had in the past, allowed students to correct their major assignments up to 70%, rather than 85%. Which made sense, after all; this was high school, and even though we were being treated like 4-year-olds in PullUps, they had to make it feel like high school somehow, I suppose. I don't know if he thought 70% was a good grade, or if he just wanted us to feel especially bad if we got below 70. The threshold won't change, though, as it was included in the syllabus. Zeto got very tilted over this, and I can't blame him. Our teacher sent out this seemingly manipulative email, and it very maddened all of us. Here's some of the discord conversation between ZetoMax and Twiddle, one of my other friends, concerning the email.
[08:33] Twiddle: there is so much wrong with this email
[08:33] Twiddle: so very much
[08:33] Twiddle: first of all, 70% is not a failing grade. 59.99 is a failing grade.
[08:34] Twiddle: second of all, reach out to parents? really? like that will make any sort of positive change? "You seem to be struggling in this class. How about I call down the wrath of your rich helicopter parents!"
[08:35] Twiddle: Third of all, you said you werent putting in grades until everyone was doing their best work. by capping all of this at a 70, you ensure that no one is going to do their best work, because the reward is going to a slightly higher bad grade
[08:35] Twiddle: no one works super hard for a slightly higher bad grade
[08:36] ZetoMax: if you want to teach us a lesson tell us it
[08:36] Twiddle: Fourth, this email comes across as super condescending and patronizing
[08:36] ZetoMax: I'm not sure if he knows but grades yeah those, colleges look at. I'm not quite sure how to explain to UW that oh in 9th grade, yeah that C in s1 was due to having a teacher that wanted to teach us a lesson
[08:39] Twiddle: a lot of the time I feel like with teachers its like being around a toddler, you have to be very careful not to say anything that might get their panties in a twist, walk on broken glass around them, do everything they say without hesitation, or they throw a hissy fit
[08:39] Twiddle: except they have the power to make your life a lot harder
[08:40] ZetoMax: which makes me real frustrated. how am i meant to make a c+ into a grade im satisfied with
This entry has already taken me like ages to write, and I might continue it tomorrow, but I'm sure there will be another pressing issue. I was mostly just very tilted about our teacher expecting us to read his mind as to what was actually expected for these massive assignments, and just how awkward it feels to be told to innovate but stick to the rubric at the same time. Another thing is that our teacher treats the subject like there are multiple right answers, but it feels like there really only is one, at least one answer that he will give credit for and give a good grade for. One of the teachers I've had in the past did a very good job at this, was blunt at the right times and pressed us for an answer at the right times. This just feels clumsy and monotonous.

11/16/2020, 16:11: Man!

Okay, so both a lot of things, and absolutely nothing, has happened since I last updated this page. I vowed to keep the blog going, and it's still going I suppose, although with 7-month intervals between each entry. Maybe since I have oodles of free time nowadays and really don't know what do do with myself, I'll write here more. This didn't really work out the last eleven times I tried doing that, though maybe this will be the time. I suppose I should recap what's been happpening in the past half a year because there may be someone out there who actually wants to know this kind of stuff. Once March 11th--the day that Gov. Inslee functionally closed the entire state--hit, I only really though we'd be locked down for at most a few months. Even my father's higher-end guess was two or three months of no school, and then it would be back to normal. The strange thing is, I had actually been following the virus as a whole since early January, as the prepper in me had always been concerned about what would happen if the virus got really bad. Which it didn't, thank goodness, but it's been eight months and we only have a fragment of a vaccine. That still is incredible, considering us as humans have found a virus, researched it, and made a possible viable vaccine for it in a little bit less than a year. It's also incredible looking back at the blog entries from 7th grade and remembering how fast it felt like news went, with all the Trump exposure, the Mueller report, the impeachment (although that hadn't happened just yet), and how quickly America disregarded seemingly groundbreaking things only weeks after they hit the media. From March until October, the really only story on anyone's mind was the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications. Nothing else happened, and America got some time to think. Most of my non-staring at my computer time nowadays is just reminiscing about how much better and more open, colorful even things were 11 months ago. It seemed like everything was just getting interesting, and then a sudden 9 months of literally nothing happening. This has been my schedule since early September:
07:00: Wake up
08:30: Consume some cereal, probably Kellog Special K: Red Berries or General Mills Strawberry Mini Wheats
09:00: Log onto Teams, stare at a talking head for an hour
10:00: Blink a few times
10:10: Get into another Teams meeting, look at another talking head for an hour, browse Discord and Twitter
11:10: Snap out of it a little bit, look back on how much I didn't learn in the past two classes
11:15: Plan to have lunch at 11:40, instead play Geometry Dash for 30 minutes
11:45: Get back into another Teams meeting, drool a little bit
12:55: Final Teams meeting of the day, sigh more than once throughout the whole thing
13:00: Comprehend lack of learning that the day brought, plan to take a walk
13:01: Play Geometry Dash, look at Discord, and dwell on the past until 16:00
16:00: If its's Monday, go to debate club (on Zoom this time) and stare at juniors and seniors who actually know their way around the school (the physical building) tell us all about terms we don't recognize -- if it's any other weekday, plan to read for an hour from 16:00 to 17:00 but actually read from 16:30 to 17:15
17:00: Stare longingly at the Leave Meeting button for debate as the sound of people talking stretches for another half hour more than planned -- if it's not Monday, take a nice long walk around the neighborhood that I've already walked around more than 100 times
18:00: Attempt to complete homework, but if there is none, look outside and see how dark it is, sigh, then wish the walk had been longer
18:30: Think about dinner, keep playing Geometry Dash and looking at Discord
20:00: Actually have dinner, probably something very tasty that my mother took hours to make that I don't thank her enough for
20:45: Take out the trash
21:00: Sigh again and play more Geometry Dash
21:30: Plan to head upstairs at 21:45
22:00: Actually go upstairs
22:10: Get in bed
22:30: Fall asleep
That really is what I do every single weekday, and I doubt it will change. Every day feels the same, and is filled with me planning to do something and not doing it, then realizing that I haven't done it. It's not that I'm unhappy or depressed--I'm maybe more happy than I've been in some time--but I just feel like I sigh a lot, if that makes sense. Nothing is really happening at all, and the only interesting current events happen on 2b2t, the server I've been playing more of recently. My whole family is in a spot that one could only hope for both financially and socially, but somehow something doesn't feel right. The summer, too, was just full of me lazing around. I suppose I just never do the productive things that I plan to do, and end up doing those things very half-assed and late. I can, however, probably change this, but it will certainly take some effort.
With any luck, I'll update this in the near future. That's the problem, though, nothing really interesting is happening socially nor in general. Last year there were many interesting things happening at my school, and now there's just teachers talking at us and us students pretending we care. This really does sound kind of melancholy and maybe even nihilistic, as well, but it's not meant to be. Everything has just ground to a halt, and things are getting very boring and slow. Next entry I might talk about Geometry Dash and what's happening in that community, because hoo boy there is a lot to talk about. That is, if I remember.

04/08/2020, 13:27: Holy hell, has it really been almost a year since I wrote here?

Yes, it has. Coronavirus has ravaged the nation, and I'm stuck at home without school until probably October, so Lego and I agreed to re-re-re-reboot the Nooz. I have a Twitch channel now, and it's actually somewhat large. I stream on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at this place.

04/20/2019, 14:44: VIDEO RELEASED, YAY!

I managed to get Media Encoder to work. Here's the link (it's my first video so go easy on me): copy and paste that into Chrome or something and it'll show up. Man, that Media Encoder thing was a nightmare...

04/19/2019, 08:55: I’m bored again in first period

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: The last time I updated this blog was on Tuesday, which also happened to be the day of my NJHS induction at my school. Now, I’m no nerd, but my parents wanted me to sign up for it. So I did. And somehow I got in. So suddenly, in eighth grade I will be tasked with both a lot of homework, pressure for getting into a good high school, AND ten hours of service each semester. Now, I’d like to clear something up. I don’t exactly think community service is bad, and it gives me a good feeling when I give back to my community, but it is just too time-intensive. Wednesday was my birthday—I am thirteen whole years old now—and my mom is already scared about me being a teenager. Wednesday was also the day that I got back into “Factorio,” the factory-building/tower defense game. I had forgotten how good the game was and kind of wasted my afternoon and morning with it. Factorio is very fun and if you can afford it, you should buy it. Thursday nothing really of note happened, and today, of course, was the great big press coverage day about the Mueller Report. I only glance at the newspaper and don’t read terribly many articles, but today I plan to read a lot of the summary of the Mueller Report.

04/16/2019, 08:30: Batteries, MP4s, and other cool things that I didn’t write about

On Sunday, I found a very big stash of used batteries that were kept in a sandwich-size Ziploc baggie that was on the top shelf in the laundry room. A very sealed-away place, to be honest. The batteries smelled funny, most likely because they were stowed away for that long. So I took them out and tried to figure out if they could still be used. The triple A’s were easy, as I had a pocket “Sudoku” machine that ran on AAA batteries. I used LED lights to test the other ones. I’ve also been trying to upload a video I spent a few weeks on to YouTube, however I’m having trouble with Media Encoder. The video is complete, but Media Encoder is being a jerk.


Well, I'll tell you what happened. I went with my family to go to [EXPUNGED] city, and saw my grandma there. We went skiing and mostly just laid around the house. However, one notable thing did, in fact, happen over that trip. A rather painful notable thing, acually: I got sunburned. All over my face. I got it from skiing and not wearing sunscreen below my goggles, so it left a nice "5 o' clock shadow" (as described by my grandma) on my face and lips. My lips are now red and ugly and swollen, and chances are I'll never hear the end of it at school. The dead skin is peeling off now, and my face is in much better condition than it was yesterday, so I suppose that's good.
WHAT'S ON MY MIND: I was reading an article yesterday about how four sweat bees lived in a woman's eye for four hours until the woman got them removed. Thank goodness there wasn't an accompanying picture, but the article described the woman's eye being all infected and full of pus. The article was hidden in the bottom right corner of page A3 of The New York Times, perhaps the editor put it there so that readers wouldn't see it. And yes, of course I saw the black hole picture, all of the media was obsessing over it like every girl in my class obsesses over a puppy. Speaking of puppies, I have a dog (this isn't a new establishment, I've had a dog for like six years). I just thought that would be worth pointing out. If you read the post before the last one, the one about my Geometry Dash account, and you actually looked at my account page, then you'd notice I'm decent at the game. Which is why I'm trying to make money off of it in two ways: One, a YouTube channel (I've already made the video, I just have to convert it to mp4 and upload it) and two, making a business out of completing people's levels for them before school in the commons. I've done it for free before--I usually hold up a sign that says "IF YOU'RE PLAYING GEOMETRY DASH, I CAN COMPLETE SOME LEVELS FOR YOU" before school, and of the slim percentage of people who actually walk up to me and test their luck, I complete maybe Clutterfunk or Electroman Adventures in one attempt and they're like "WHOA DUDE YOU'RE SO GOOD" and then I make friends with them. So now, after my decentness at GD has been publicized, maybe I can get away with charging $0.50 for every level I complete, prices increasing according to the difficulty, and subtracting 5 cents from the total for every failed attempt. Another thing that's on my mind (heh, sorry if this post is a long one) is the NJHS induction that's happening on Tuesday (today is Friday, so that's about 4 days away). If you're in middle school like me (or maybe even the exact same school as me--that's where I get most of my views from) then you'll know what NJHS is; it stands for National Junior Honor Society. It's a wannabe National Honor Society. A few hours ago I went shopping with my very nice mom to go to a clothing depot and get some nice clothes. As I am 5 feet 9 inches at the age of 12, all of the nice clothes that my mom got for me when I was 11 are five sizes too small, so we had to go shopping again. I acquired a nice shirt and some very comfortable slacks, as well as two ties that I learned to tie a few minutes ago.

04/01/2019, 10:58: I’m bored in WOODSHOP this time! Woo!

WHAT’S ON MY MIND: We’re learning how to use the band saw in woodshop today. I paid attention. It seems like safety videos more like scare you than actually help you. When our class was watching the chop saw safety video, the video people made the tool sound more like a tool of mass destruction rather than a tool to cut wood. They were like, “Make sure you do this, and this, and this, and don’t forget about this, or else you’ll lose a limb and die from blood loss.” I must admit, they weren’t that blunt about it, but there still was that message. The safety video for the band saw, however, was much less worrying, even though the band saw is a scarier tool. Perhaps it was because that video was by a different author.
My friend in woodshop was reading Lego Ant’s IXl rant, and he couldn’t find the skill—R.5. I told him to shrug it off, and showed him the best IXL skill, the one in third grade math where you multiply by 0. All you have to do is just put in 0 and then press enter, and you’ll win in under a minute. I used to do that over and over and over again in sixth grade for no apparent reason. I regret that.
I just got back from taking a drink of water, for some reason the water fountain in the North Wing doesn’t work. I don’t understand why. I signed out from class with, I kid you not, the stubbiest, most sorrowful pencil I’ve ever seen in my life. It was precisely half an inch long.

03/27/2019, 15:20: W has a Geometry Dash account!

Yes, that's right, I do have a Geometry Dash account. The username is "Elemeno" (capitalization on the first "e" only) even though it'll show up as "HaiHowzYerDay" when you click on it. I made the first username, "HaiHowzYerDay," when I was in the second grade--I hope that explains the immaturity of it. So yes, if you are an avid Geometry Dash player like me, feel free to go and look at my account and play my levels.

03/27/2019, 08:42: Do I even have to explain this one?

I don’t have that much work to do. I feel like I need to say that considering I mentioned it last time.
WHAT’S ON MY MIND: Yesterday, after I finished my test in Language Arts, I started making a flowchart that was supposed to make choosing what to do after school easier for me. It began with a simple question: “Is it a Friday?” and kind of spiraled downward from there. I’ll post a picture of it soon—it has two sides, and it took a lot of work to fit all the bubbles into the first side.
There’s this one person who’s in 8th grade—a grade ahead of me—who has 11k subscribers on YouTube. Everyone in his class almost worships him. I don’t understand why, and the whole thing kind of annoys me.
In first period (just so you know, I have first period science) we’re learning about how to make new energy—the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. I came up with an idea for a car that runs on its own exhaust; I could put little wind turbines at the end so that when the smoke goes up, it turns the turbines, creating energy. It would be a tiny bit of extra power, but most likely enough to make a difference.
Yesterday I burnt “Hedwig’s theme—loud” onto a CD. I wrapped it in paper and labeled the paper “DON’T PLAY THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS, PLEASE!!” I plan to play it in the middle of next period, because that’s the only class where I have access to disk readers. I’m almost positive that when I was downloading the mp3 (from a YouTube to mp3 website) I downloaded a virus, but I checked with Reddit and it seems safe. YouTube to mp3 websites are illegal, as well, but I’m assuming it’s fine because I’m not passing it off as my own. Also, anyone can get those mp3’s… Arrest the website creators, not me!

03/26/2019, 08:44: I’m bored again in first period…

This one will be shorter because I have work to do.
WHAT’S ON MY MIND: It’s been really sunny for all of last week. Yesterday and today have been kind of cold and rainy. I thought the weather was supposed to be sunny in spring, and the days are supposed to be nice and long and sunny. Yesterday, because it was raining, after my guitar lessons we got takeout from a pho place. It was actually really tasty, because on an overcast day at 6:45 PM, all you are hungry for is some nice hot food. I was thinking about how I could patent my own brand of pho, naming the restaurant “Pho King” and our slogan being “Wow, this pho is so ‘Pho King’ good!” I might get sued for when small children try to pronounce the name, but I still think it’s a fairly good idea.
A few months ago two of my friends were convincing me that a third friend was going to space. Here’s how it went down:
W: Hey, where did F1 go?
F2: He’s going to space.
W: Wait, really?
F2: Yeah.
W: Ha-ha. Funny. Where did he actually go?
F2: No, I’m not kidding, he actually is going to space.
It kind of went on like that for a while, him trying to convince me that F1 was going to space—sort of like that “you’re a wizard harry” video that got taken down from YouTube. Then I eventually started asking for details, thinking that that would take down their argument. Long story short, it didn’t. They made up names for the other kids who were going to space. At the end of the two periods that we were arguing about it, I came away thinking that my friend was going to space. It was only two weeks ago that I asked him and he said “wait, you believed that??” and then I realized it was all a hoax. They seemed so convincing.
Change of subject: When I was in fourth grade (my friend tells this story better) I was vegetarian. I don’t remember why I switched, but by the start of sixth grade I started eating meat again because I needed the protein (and meat is delicious). So it would make sense that I had picked the slice of bologna off my sandwich and put it on my plate—I had just eaten the cheese and bread. Suddenly, disaster struck—my milk spilled—chocolate milk, all over the table. I was too lazy to get the napkin, and some kind soul had already gotten out of their seat to get a napkin. You’ll never guess what I did instead of using a napkin—I picked up the bologna and rubbed it around in the chocolate milk, under the delusion that it would mop it up like a towel. It didn’t. Then, as my friend describes it, I picked up the soggy piece of ham and ate it, then exclaimed, “MMM! Tasty!” however that can’t be true because I was vegetarian at the time.

03/25/2019, 09:08: I’m bored in first period so I may as well write this blog

We’re supposed to be doing worktime, but I’m so edgy that I don’t do work during worktime, unless I really need to. Over the weekend and on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week, I was grinding homework almost all day and got exactly 7 hours of sleep each night (except for the weekends… thank goodness for weekends.) So I felt like I could be able to relax a tiny bit and write this. Now, the first thing on my mind is that why the heck do pop songs overuse the word “baby”? Whenever I turn on my pop music radio station, the first word I hear is either a conjunction, “love,” or “baby.” Then I usually shudder, cringe, and turn on NPR to listen to who got kicked out of the white house today and maybe how the Mueller investigation’s going. Speaking of which: I heard that the reception of the Mueller investigation was this: NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION. It’s really underwhelming. I was hoping for a bit more.
Every day after lunch, I go to my locker—it’s shared with my friends. We can usually stuff three or four backpacks in there at once, which is impressive, considering how my locker is one of the half-size ones, like 3 feet tall. Maybe I can make money by renting my locker out to threesomes who want to use it for like $1.00 a backpack. I could buy other people’s lockers, too (if they were willing to sell, of course) and I could create a locker empire. At my school, lockers are kind of up-in-the-air; not many people use them except for classes with teachers who don’t like backpacks.
Oh, right now in my class we’re discussing how Victoria, Canada is getting shoes washed up on their beaches—but here’s the catch—the shoes have feet in them. I don’t want to call it “creepy” and overuse that word like I did in fifth grade, but it’s creepy.

03/18/2019, 15:45: I feel bad for Jeff Kinney

Everyone knows the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. If you're in 7th or 8th grade like me, then you know how many people read those kind of books. For me, I never really saw what everyone liked in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I don't see any fun in seeing a poor kid get beat up and get embarassed in front of everyone and just do plain dumb things. Unlike a lot of people who read the books, I don't like watching the world burn. Sure, I liked the books in 3rd grade, but they were more like easy reading for nights that I couldn't sleep to make my eyelids tired. I never enjoyed reading about suffering. However, I'll bet there's someone whose salary depends on it, and that's the author of the series, Jeff Kinney. I have no personal relationship with Mr. Kinney, nor do I know how he feels about the series. But I do know that it must not be the best job in the world to write about a poor kid's sufferings all the time. Now, one of the many possible careers I have is a novelist, and I can say that I enjoy writing stories and novels. However, Mr. Kinney has dug quite the hole for himself by writing the first few installments in the series. Because the first three books were so good--even I can agree on that--Mr. Kinney's audience wanted more books. So the author was forced to write and draw more, trapping this poor Gregory Heffely in middle middle school (by which I mean the middle grade of middle school) and making poor Greg suffer over and over. This explains why the quality of the books deteriorated over time; either because Mr. Kinney was running out of good ideas or he just wanted to stop writing about this poor kid. I haven't read the latest few books in the series, and I'm not that sure I want to. By the time that I read about this kid getting teeth knocked out and eating garbage stew at a hellish summer camp in the tenth book (or was it the eleventh...?) I knew the series wasn't for me anymore.

03/15/2019, 22:13: People do this way too much, and it annoys me

A few days ago I was walking through the halls of my middle school with a pair of jeans on. Now, that might not sound that bad, but here's the clincher: my fly was unzipped. Having one's fly unzipped is quite a fashion faux pas, and usually I try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't usually wear jeans, but on the rare occasion that I do, I often leave my fly unzipped.
At my school, people are usually polite and there aren't that many intentionally mean people. Someone who had looked at my crotch could have just said, "oh hey dude, your fly's unzipped" and I would have blushed and zipped it back up. But, alas, someone just told me, between third and fourth period, that "oh hey dude, you know your fly's unzipped, right?"
Now I REALLY don't want to sound spoiled, condescending, or lazy in any way, but I absolutely hate it when people say things like that--things like "you know you're wrong, right?" and "You know your shirt's inside out, right?" and, of course, my example of an unzipped fly. What am I supposed to answer in response, something like "oh yeah, it's just a fashion choice, makes my jeans look more jean-y"? No, because it is socially incorrect to walk around with your underwear showing. Like, if I knew that my fly was unzipped, I wouldn't hesitate to fix it. Again, I don't want to sound like a terrible person (which I kind of am), but when people say stuff using the "you know you're [bad thing], right?" format it just sounds really condescending and impolite. I try to avoid using that format, usually just by straight-out saying "you're wrong" or "your shirt's inside out," but still that seems condescending and impolite. There really doesn't seem to be a good way to tell someone that they're doing something right... What do you do? Send answers and complaints to !

03/14/2019, 19:08: W isn't dead! Yay!

Now, yes, I know you all have been simply begging for me to do something like this (you know, the handful of you who read the website) so here I am. I thought I might do something special for the 3rd birthday of the Weekly Nooz. It sure isn't much, but by now I know how hard running a newspaper can be. Especially because in early 2016--right about now except three years back--Lego Ant and myself were in the fourth grade, and we were bored. Sure, we had enough homework, but we felt like we needed a greater purpose in life, a greater meaning to fulfill. So we just shared a MS Word document between the two of us, and started writing about whatever we felt like. Lego Ant chose the border, which I still use to this date whenever i create something for fun. To begin with, the Nooz was printed out, I still have a crisp memory of myself stapling all the copies of the first Weekly Nooz edition into 20 packets, asking Lego Ant "are you sure these are gonna sell?" They didn't, of course, because they were free. Then the Apocalypse happened.

Even though it wasn't an actual apocalypse, there still was an aroma of fear surrounding the whole thing. By "the whole thing," I mean the email chain Lego Ant and I used to distribute the Nooz to everyone in our 28-person class. It started humbly, with only making an email once every week so that everyone could read it (we stopped printing it out because printing was too much work), but then people quickly realized that they could reply to things and, to be frank, it went straight downhill from there. For most of the school year in 4th and 5th grade, Lego Ant and I released an issue of the Weekly Nooz every few weeks, sometimes months. We forgot about it over the summer of 5th grade, then soon revived it in January of 6th grade. We then made the website in the summer of 2018, and have been editing it daily (usually) ever since.
There, that's an overview of the Nooz. I'll probably be back with more tomorrow, hopefully a longer post.

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