The Nevergreen Report, brough to you by [DATA EXPUNGED]

A Secret Society in our very own Cascadian Community?!


If some of you readers have learned from our plentiful articles that not everything is what it seems, then most likely you have noticed a gathering of anonymous people around the region. Always meeting in small empty parts of busy places, they talk to each other, telling inquisitive passerby just one thing: “It’s a Nevergreen thing.” What is this so called Nevergreen? It is obviously a play on the type of trees in the region, Evergreen. We here at the weekly Nooz received an anonymous tip that most, if not all, of these Nevergreeners are around the age 9-14. However, we know just one member for sure. Our very own Lego Ant here at the nooz (you know, the one who claims to be from a different universe, sometimes even a different multiverse) had suggested repeatedly that his Battle of the Books/Math/etc. teams (for school competitions and such) should be named Nevergreen, but no one obliged. He was recently observed passing around a ‘constitution’ starting with the phrases “We the children of the United Nevergreen Association”. Now the mystery is who else is in it, and what is it for? To find out these mysteries, we will send a RECON mission to ‘Nevergreen’ turf and see what we can find out.


              Mount Nevergreen?

Ok, this is going to sound real crazy, but a man- no, a mere child, dropped out of the sky this morning. Somewhere near Florida, I think. Hey, we don’t have enough money here at the Nooz to actually go get front line reports! Anyways, it was all government classified, but from what I’ve found out so far, the kid claims to be from the future, and was trying to say something about ‘the Horror of Mount Nevergreen’, whatever that is.

              EDIT: So I’ve done some research, and looks like way back in the past, there was this civilization that flourished in the Pacific Northwest of North America called Cascadia, around the same size as present-day Cascadia, and their religion was centered around Mount Nevergreen, or modern-day Mount Rainier, in Washington State. Could it have to do with this? And what about that old article about some Nevergreen secret society in the area? It can’t be a coincidence. Actually, it probably is. But that wouldn’t make a very exciting nooz story.

Currently, I'm trying to collect some information about the ancient Cascadian civilization. I'll keep you guys posted if I find anything interesting.

              Nevergreen Kid Gone?

Okay, so last night there was news of the supposed time-traveler running away, with no sightings of him as of 11 am today, 8/2/18. Could it be possible that he was just some crazy guy? Ordid he just time travel away again, to warn someone else of the supposed 'horror of Mount Nevergreen? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Still haven't gotten much information of the old Mount Nevergreen yet. By the way, Lego Ant said a friend of his is writing a book talking about the multiverse, and there were rumours that Mount Nevergreen, whatever it is, was a big part. I guess those rumous are true, since he asked me to collaborate, and now I'm getting information about Mount Nevergreen that I share with him online. We're working together on his second book, though I haven't read the first yet. I think the first one's called 'Parallel'? I don't know for sure. Anyways, if any of you readers find any information about Mount Nevergreen, whatever it is, please directly email Lego Ant's friend at Tell him [DATA EXPUNGED] sent you.

Stay tuned,