Heavens sakes, where did it all START?!

Goodness’ sakes, where did it all start?! (article by both W and Lego Ant) (atn)

        The Weekly Nooz was initiated in early October 2016 by Lego Ant and another boy, who shall go by the name of The Other Boy from here on out. Lego Ant, a 5th grader at the time, and the other boy, a 4th grader, were in the same class, since the class was a mix of 5th and 4th graders. A small group of mostly 4th grade girls had made a one page newsletter with two-to-three short articles released most Fridays. Most people in the class did not like it very much, and just threw it away. Lego Ant and the boy said they would make a better, more entertaining newsletter, and called it the Weekly Moooooos. This was the beginning. Lego Ant, being quite excited about it, mentioned it to best friend W at recess (yes, these were the good ol’ elementary days when we had recess). They decided W could work on it too. However, by the end of the first week, the other boy (who was supposed to draw comics) for some reason didn’t do his job. He faded away into the background, the business falling into the hands of Lego Ant and W. Lego Ant then passed on nooz of the Moos not having comics to W, who decided to write a few more articles instead of comics, equalizing the number of articles he and Lego Ant wrote, eventually making them equal partners in the business, ultimately leading it to the success it is today. The first issue of the weekly nooz was made on October 29th, 2016. It was a six-page long issue (‘twas comprised of two hard copies that were circulated around both W and Lego Ant’s classrooms) and all the articles minus the images can be viewed here. Then, in January 2017, Lego Ant and W decided to do another issue, then a few more. Those issues have been lost in the depths of W’s computer, though many remain in Lego Ant’s OneDrive. Then, in November 2017, more than a year after the initial issue, W had the idea to start The Weekly Nooz back up again. Lego Ant was hesitant at first. You see, the previous school-year, they had quickly shifted from hard copies to email to conserve paper. But then, as with all emails to large groups, the spam began. It was chaos, and the creators had to shut the whole thing down. If W had not gotten Lego Ant to open the Nooz up again, you would not be reading this today. W’s plan for 2018 involved printing them out, etc. etc., but over time the idea developed and he and Lego Ant just decided to make the Nooz a website. So that is what you are reading right now.

                At first, since Lego Ant was really the original creator, he was in charge, but as mentioned above, time has passed, and W was quickly promoted up to an equal business partner. Lego Ant does mostly scientific articles, and is the creator of the Antian Altiverse, a series in which the first book will hopefully be published in around October of 2018. He also does some assorted articles, and takes artistic photos. W does mostly political things, along with rants. He is the creator of the Gth dimension.