About the 'Nooz'

The Weekly Nooz, or at least the predecessor of what it attempts to be today, was initiated in early October 2016 by [redacted], and was soon joined by co-writer, 'W'. What started out as an attempt at a class newsletter that would actually be interesting quickly became a hit in the class setting, and by the next year, it had gained such a following that this website was started. However, as school and middle school life caught up with the writers, the weekly publishing effort was quickly abandoned, to great regret. This website was rebooted various times, and each time to an ever-growing audience. but there simply wasn't time for two writers to provide the quality content needed to uphold the Weekly Nooz title.

But it's about time we try again.

As you well know, there are two pseudonyms used often on this site- [redacted] and 'W'.

You know me as the former. I'm the [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted, [redacted], and most importantly, a resident of Planet [redacted]. And now, once more, I am a writer for the Weekly Nooz.

These pseudonyms are used for a reason. The vast majority of content on this website is extremely outdated and must not be considered to represent the authors beyond an author's explicit consent.

W has yet to update this section for himself. He streams on Twitch, and is the creator of the Gth dimension.

2021 update: THIS SITE IS NO LONGER IN USE BY [redacted]. For any questions regarding the site or its content, please contact W- if contact info has been provided anywhere?