Splorps- theyíre a species that defies all expectations of alien life.

††††††† Well, besides the tentacles. Everyone assumes tentacles. Theyíre the smartest lifeform in the Antian Altiverse- yes, surpassing even the average human!


†††††††† Ok, never mind. They donít defy any expectations. That just sounds cool.

To learn about Splorps, contact the leading world Splorpiologist Maanit Goel at maanitgoel@gmail.com. In case you're wondering, the email's a join email used by both Lego Ant and Maanit Goel. Because of this, writing who you would like to speak to at the top of the email will greatly decrease the time it takes to respond.


†††††††† Donít want to go through the trouble? Want some basic resources to know about Splorps?

†††††††† Below is ĎA Brief History of Splorpyvilleí, the unanimous winner of the 2017 Blorb award. Itís a short informational booklet about Splorps, written at the mere age of 11.

A Brief History of Splorpyville PDF

Brief History of Splorpyville printing instructions

'A Brief History of Splorpyville' is intended for personal use only. Printing instrucitons are as follows:

The first page (the green stuff) is the booklet jacket. Fold it towards youself, so that when you put it on the outside of the rest of the pages, both the cover and the back are visible. For towards yourself for all pages. The ends of the pages should be inside the book jacket, the part you bended on the outside. This way, there are no blank pages when complete. Finally, staple the 'spine' of the booklet together, so that all the edges of the pages are stapled to the book jacket and cannot fall out. Neither the author of this booklet nor The Weekly Nooz are responsible for any consequences (including injuries from Splorps, fatal or not), that occur from usage of this booklet. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or all your money back (which is none, since this is free). This is intended as a public resource, and as such is not available for resale, and no money may be made off of it. The final condition is that only one copy may be printed per person, and once use is complete, it must be disposed of by recycling, or sending it back to the home dimension of the Splorps as a greeting present, if a pathway to their planet is ever discovered.


†††††††† Splorps also star in Parallel, a novel about the Antian Altiverse by Lego Ant on Amazon.com. Please support him and consequently the Nooz by buying it. Thanks!


Hereís a field sketch of a Splorp by Maanit Goel himself:

If you're seeing this the image didn't work