The Antian Altiverse.

What is the Antian Altiverse?

The Antian Altiverse is a series I've been writing for a while now-

Well, that's not a completely accurate description. Where do I begin? Ah- Spring, 2017. Class city-simulation, fifth grade. The city name? Splorpyville. A strange name, at first glance. And the following will only make it stranger. You see, the town was formed around the existence of a fabled creature referred to as the 'Splorp'. What a strange name. Well, of course, a sighting of the creature itself did not lead to the legends, but rather bits and pieces of so-called 'evidence', found by town locals over an extended period of time. Most of this evidence was remarkably similar- orange goop, with strange properties which could not be explained by conventional science. But an explanation needed to be given. And so began the tale of the Antian Altiverse- at least, my writings of it.

The Antian Altiverse Trilogy consists of the novels Parallel, Within, and Loop, though Loop is, for the most part, a continuation of Within. Volume 1, Parallel, has been out for nearly a year and a half now. Now, as the author, though this may be counter-productive, I feel a responsibility to tell the truth. The quality of volume 1 is mediocre at best. Hey, pretty good for a twelve-year-old though! That's some commitment, if I may say so myself- Sorry, I jsut need to make msyelf feel better about spending so much time on this. BUT ANYWAYS. Volume 2 and 3 were indeed drafted in the summer of 2019, though they have sitten as lonely files on my flash-drive for the most part. I've finally gotten around to editing Within... and this one's more of a treat, I promise! (: - Lego Ant

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"A boy named Finch lives a pretty much normal life here on Earth. Nothing's special about him at all. Or so it seems. Once trapped in another dimension, everything changes. Aliens with toxic goop? A 5-story pig? A collapsing dream? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Truths begin to be unraveled, and strange things begin happening, strange things that could have unbearable consequences. The multiverse is changing, and it doesn't look like it's going to be for the better. What starts out as a simple mission to get back home turns into much more. Time's running out to save the multiverse, and any mistake could spell the end of life as a whole. Welcome to the Antian Altiverse."

Within- coming soon!