Since the War for Nesbittlandia was taken down, Lego Ant has graciously replaced it with a new section-


What is Limbo, exactly?

                                    The term ‘limbo’ has been used in many places, most famously in the War for Nesbittlandia, as a place separate from the real world, with no return. Kind of a place in between places. The twilight zone, persay.


                                                     The Limbo section of the news is a catalog of all things weird or abnormal, ranging from the classic UFO sighting to the Nevergreen society slowly taking over the world.

                                           Are the things we type here simply a part of the Antian Altiverse? Part of the Gth dimension? Or are they real?

                                                                                      That’s up for you to find out. After all, maybe the real world isn’t as different as we think


                                                                           Open your eyes. Look up to the skies. And see- wait a second, that’s from Bohemian Rhapsody. That’s plagiarism.

                                                                                                Unless the Bohemian Rhapsody was never written. (dun dun DUN)


                                           What the heck? is what you must be thinking right now.

                                                                                      Take nothing for granted.                      Trust no one.

                                                                                                           Do you understand?


                                                                           Good.                                                                            Welcome to Limbo.


                                                                                                This whole thing is classified. If you’ve made it here, chances are you’re some hacker on the run from the government.



                                           No, not really.                              Except for the classified thing. That’s true.

                                                                                                          How did we get any of the information in here? Can’t tell you.



                                                                Still, we don’t want to reveal such valuable information to the world.

                                                                                      Maybe there are lies in here. Maybe there’s none, and I’m just telling you that so you won’t believe a thing.

                                                                And what if you find out that it all really is real? Go ahead, tell your friends. No one will believe you.


                                                                                                Now that you’ve entered, there’s no turning back.

                                                                                                           You’re one of us now.



                                                                To start off, I’ll put some information here. What’s real? What’s not?



                                                                           Actually, before I do that, I’ll clear one thing up for all of you. *sigh* I can’t believe I’m about to reveal this, but… there are no lies. Sure, things might be from the Gth dimension, from the Antian Altiverse, or maybe relevant to those worlds and ours. Who’s to say these universes are different?


There’s going to be many types of things in here. Maybe the true connection between the Infinity Gauntlet and Mickey Mouse. Maybe the reason chairs have four legs.


                                                                After all, everything’s connected. Or is it? These connections are part of the weird and abnormal, mostly because they have no definitive answer. That’s what qualifies something as Limbo-worthy, instead of joining a different section of the nooz.


                                                                                                           It’s time to begin.



                                                                8/1/18: Cryptids (part one) [taken from the Cascadian Institute of the Beyond Archives]

Cryptid #1- The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness monster, commonly called ‘Nessie’, is a cryptid originating from the Loch Ness lake in Scotland, UK. Said to look like a plesiosaur (an aquatic creature from the times of the dinosaurs [no, plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs, they were reptiles {no, dinosaurs were not reptiles}]), this cryptid is thought by many to be the last remaining plesiosaur on Earth. However, this creature is obviously a figment of human imagination, as I will prove below.

The original 1934 photo, that famous one that everyone refers to, was a hoax. That means that this whole hunt for the cryptid was based on an imaginary thing. It was actually just a photo of a fake animal neck on a miniature toy submarine.

          CERTIFIED: FAKE!

Cryptid #2- Sasquatch (Bigfoot)

          This one is more uncertain. Said to roam North America, with the first reporting sighting being the Patterson-Gimlin film from 1967, taken in Northern California. Usually ‘seen’ as either black or brown-haired, this supposed primate has been said to resemble a slightly-evolved Gigantopithecus, which was a prehistoric primate species that lived form about 9 million years ago to maybe even as recently as 100,000 years ago. The largest species was Gigantopithecus Blacki at around 9.8 feet tall. One major problem with this theory was that Gigantopitheci ranged in Southeast Asia, not North America. But there’s a similar cryptid in that area…


Cryptid #3- Yeti

          Similar to Bigfoot, but sightings are in the Himalayas instead, near where Gigantopitheci were. Still, if such a large primate was wandering around, chances are they’d be seen by now.


The rest of these cryptid files are still being recovered, since our base here at the nooz was discovered, and bombed by an unknown threat.


Conspiracy Corner: IXL (original article- the writer died instantly after completion... further investigation needed)

We all know IXL is the worst thing to ever happen to studentkind. However, what is the true meaning behind it? Most interviewed students just leave it at “It’s easier for the teachers than to give a worthwhile assignment”. But there has to be something more. Lets start at the name itself. IXL sound like “I excel”, and it is roman numerals for 39. Excel is a Microsoft application used for tables and graphs. This prompts us to make a graph, and a line graph seems to be indicated by the I in ‘I excel’. Our first number is obviously 39. IXL’s different areas are all organized by a letter, a period, and then a number. The number cannot be 39, considering it is much too large. However, a backwards 3 looks like an E, which implies E. 9. However, we can’t do that without doing something with the 9, too. A 9 backwards is gibberish, but if we turn it upside down, it is obviously a 6. That implies 6th grade E.9., which is Form and use comparative and superlative adverbs. The initials for that are Faucasa. When you say that out loud, it forms the phrase ‘Fow Casa’. FOW Casa takes us to the a civil aviation safety authority site of Australia. However, the civil air thing doesn’t seem like something that would matter in this context, so we’ll leave it as casa, which means house. The Australian house of representatives brings us to the number 150, because it has that many seats. Now we will go back to the roman numerals for our final number. We need to find the X. However, in math, x is also a multiplication sign. 1 x 50 is 50, so x=50. The I in IXL is a straight line, because we went directly to the roman numerals. The L was for the slightly obscure turn we took to Australia. Then we have x, for the treasure, implying it is the final number we found, also because we needed to know the other information to get there. However, it is IXL, not ILX, so the graph has to go 39-50-150. Because we found them in that order, we get this shape:

if you are reading this the image didn't work

As for the Excel line graph, it is the following:

if you are reading this the image didn't work

When we combine the two lines, we get this shape:

if you are reading this the image didn't work

If you ignore my horrible line drawing skills, you can make out a group of lines with an x off the side It must be a place, with the x to mark a treasure. For the task of locating such a landmass, I must resort to a primitive method: Google Earth. It looks somewhat like the southwest part of Australia, which connects to our Australia part above. The x would be off the coast of Albany, Australia. That is AA, as in a double-A battery, which has 1.5 watts. That’s 150% watt, or 150 what. However, we came to the conclusion that x, the variable, was 50.150% of 50 is 75. In conclusion, teachers around the globe have been trying to tell us that the answer to the universe if 75. Yes, not 42. Hey, look at that! My temperature is suddenly 757575 degrees! Isn’t that coinciden- wait-whaAAAAAAAH! *connection lost*


Recently, a number of concerning photographs have been taken, many from around the Cascadia Region. All were compiled by Lego Ant. Are they all hoaxes? Or is something truly disturbing about to occur? if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work if you are reading this the image didn't work

Starling new evidence reveals that popular 'fake' movie and tv show characters are actually real, and were held in high security containment facilities. Why? Some seemed to be aliens, some just humans who had been experimented on, and some created by cutting-edge gene spicing techniques, creating all these weirdly wonderful creatures. Though soon, the production companies that based characters off of them realized they were much too powerful, much of them with the same powers portrayed in a movie or game that they were in, sometimes even more. And turns out all these years, they had been planning and scheming. And finally, all of them worked together, and they broke out. Havoc is being wrecked internationally now that they've spread into Canada. Something needs to be done soon, or we stand no chance.